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Lee Camp and Legendary Journalist John Pilger on Assange, Ukraine, & More

Lee Camp and John Pilger dive into the Assange trial, Russia and Ukraine, and the U.S. empire

Lee Camp has a very important guest this week. John Pilger is a brilliant journalist with a long history of award-winning reporting. They discuss the show-trial faced by Julian Assange and the current situation on the border of Russia and Ukraine. Julian Assange recently received some good news after a decade of torturous detainment when a British court decided that he could appeal his extradition into the hands of a government who had tried to assassinate him. They then dive into the current reality of a collapsing U.S. Empire and how it’s leading into a dangerous period of nuclear brinkmanship between the falling empire and the world’s other nuclear powers.

Lee Camp
Lee Camp

Lee Camp is the host of the hit comedy news show “Redacted Tonight.” His new book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines” is available at and his stand-up comedy special can be streamed for free at

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