Censorship Video

Censorship in America

Questioning the dominant narrative in America receives repercussions.

By Free Speech TV

Empathetic coverage has become more accessible to reporters. Lack of information controlled people’s lives when speaking up about the war in Afghanistan and Iran. Reporters such as Jeff Cohen speak up about the transition of clarity over the past decade.


  1. Empathetic coverage? More like letting up on the leashes of reporters to exploit crocodile tears and get target audiences to cry bloody murder. Propaganda has no empathy.

    Censorship in Amerika? Where have those decrying crimes of war been with crimes against humanity in the ongoing global war of the Great Reset? Cracking down on ‘misinformation’, ‘conspiracy theory’, ‘domestic extremism’, and other crimes of the police state? Censorship, like empathy, is a convenient commodity of controlled criticism.

  2. USA= most censored society on earth
    Assange in in an anglo prison; Snowden is free in Russia

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