1. The sad thing is that every person who stood for peace and equality, love and compassion, and had a following, was killed by someone who felt that they could not live in a world with these virtues. And perhaps demonically motivated, because who in their right mind would want anything less?

  2. Issue and identity politics, or how to divide the general population into a limitless maze of oppositional positions to render them irrelevant and powerless, has been all the more augmented by cultivation of cult-like consciousness in digital echo chambers and consequent antagonism outside them with others who are not true believers.

    It’s also gotten tricky in a comprehensively colonized world of pseudo-events and psyops to tell whether anything is not subject to all the world being a stage.
    Whether or not in cyberspace you’re chatting with a bot or paid troll or member of a military intelligence unit (call him Q). Whether everything we believe is false, as CIA director William Casey hoped for.

    Take that sensational scene from the recent Academy Awards, Will Smith’s smackdown of Chris Rock. Now alopecia has become more of a household word, a health condition that anyone with a heart might care about, regardless on what side of the scandal s/he stands. And BioNTech/Pfizer, proud sponsors of this year’s ceremony, are ready to roll out their latest line of pharma poisons for alopecia.

    Con-fusion of plot lines into an agenda of total dominion is our ‘reality.’ Wake up, before all the pieces of the puzzle are irreversibly in place.

    1. To know if you’re conversing with a military intelligence person known as Q, ask him about how to custom-rig Aston Martins.

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