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Lee Camp: This War is Actually About Central Banking

In order to maintain their grip on the world, the U.S. ruling elite are willing to set fire to the economies of just about anyone.

By Lee Camp

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  1. The central banks of the west have been courting the USD and market gold to the alter of debt-free market based transactions since Bretton Woods in 1944. Bretton Woods was the beginning of the end of the fixed price peg on bullion which was a breach to debt-free transactions that might also be complemented by fully scalable debt-free liquidity. The fixed price of gold had to be dissolved so that pricing could be properly relinquished to the free market.

    The law of weights and measures rules and the manifestation is now coming to fruition by the hand of the free market consumer. Better days ahead if we choose our own debt-free money along with real-time USD pricing to measure the trade value !

      1. I wasn’t aware that the showgirls studied monetary law or monetary history, Zach. Can you fill in the blanks for us ?

  2. Very informative. Great big pic encapsulation. the humor… kinda cringy. and, sorry, maybe unnecessary… Could I be too sensitive? Perhaps. But, I’m 60 and still remember the lyrics to John Valby’s “Eat, Bite…” song. And sometimes, when my wife is away, and the dog’s outside, I sing that song out loud. For fun. And to confuse Siri. And the NSA. Anyway, thank you… and I very much appreciate the information.

  3. To get really a clear picture concerning this subject, please read Ellen Hodgson Brown’s ‘The Web of DEBT: The Shocking Truth about Our Money System and How We Can Break Free’ Highly recommended!

  4. So, Putin is in fact an American patsy who started an American proxy war that is meant to eliminate Russia as a threat to the predominance of American dollar?

    I am not sure Putin would approve, Lee…

  5. It’s incorrect to say that U.S. wars, including proxy wars, are about any one thing. When the U.S. military/intelligence/industrial complex engages in military operations, it’s about multiple things. U.S. currency, geopolitics, resources like oil and natural gas, pipelines, etc. are almost always all reasons for these military operations. Don’t discount or minimize the currency issue that Lee discusses here, but it’s not the only issue that causes the U.S. war machine to go into action.

    1. It’s perfect correct from the central banking viewpoint because without liquidity none of that other stuff matters. Economic activity of any sort relies on liquidity to grease the wheels. Keep in mind that debt is only one version.

      USD hegemony is a necessary evil in this “script” until the free market brings debt-free trading into vogue with the use of the USD pricing model that now supports debt-free trade. Yes, Jeff, the USD now supports debt-free transactions from the pricing model. It’s the free market’s job to take that and scale it up.

      The economy is the mother of all markets … 100% of them. Take care of mom and the kids will be just fine. It doesn’t run on good wishes.

      1. @Michael G
        The basis for almost all wars is resources, not currency. This has been true from the beginning of civilization. But it doesn’t matter which issue you or I think is more important; it almost always takes multiple issues like this for the U.S. war machine to attack.

        Your constant posts about your single issue of currency makes you a perfect example of the saying that to a hammer, everything looks like a nail. You can’t be objective about anything if all you see are your currency concerns.

      2. You’re saying the same thing without distilling the problem in full. Suffice to same we can say that the problem is economic.

        Unbridle debt-free liquidity is the platform for peace and prosperity on the basis of abundance. War is the symptom of over-leveraged debt and the creation of scarcity.

  6. Silver and gold re-imagined – yup, straight out of someone’s imagination.
    Twenty first Century Emperor’s New Clothes

    1. The elite have nothing to do with the re-monetization of gold and silver now that they utilize real-time pricing for their trading values, because they are not permitted. The process has to be organic and strictly market driven. Render unto Caesar ….. Render unto God

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