Chris Hedges mr. fish Video

Mr. Fish and Chris Hedges Wrote Bob Scheer a Birthday Ballad

And we have the video to prove it.

The Ballad of Bob & Tracy

by Chris Hedges & Mr. Fish

Robert Scheer was born 86 years ago in the Bronx on April 4, 1936.

Dwayne Booth, aka Mr. Fish, and Chris Hedges made this video tribute for him.

They urge you to support ScheerPost through its Patreon.

Hedges sent in the video with this note:

We play two beat poets (beta vulgaris is the Latin name for beetroot), complete with berets, bongo drum solos by Dwayne and a script we wrote with apologies to Bob Dylan.

Happy Birthday Bob!


Chris and Dwayne

To learn more about Bob’s amazing life, check out the documentary “,” currently free for a few days to celebrate his birthday:

Robert Scheer – Above the Fold documentary


  1. Love you – Chris, Dwayne and Bob. I’m only 78 years of age, so I give great respect to my elders….ha ha….Happy Birthday, Bob – the intelligence comes from you!

  2. Thanks, I needed that. I’m still laughing. I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying. Ok, i’m going to go watch it again.

  3. Happy Birthday BOB! I hope you get a better present than that video….btw ..they DO look like those guys from TruthDig. Probably ruski spies!

  4. What a hoot! I really needed that belly laugh this morning! ❤️👏👏😂🤣👏👏❤️

  5. But out in Detroit here’s what they found
    And out in Frisco here’s what they found
    And out in Pittsburgh here’s what they found
    And down in Bethlehem here’s what they found
    That if you don’t let Red-uh, Russian-baiting break you up
    If you don’t let neolib media break you up
    If you don’t let the Ivy D mob break you up
    If you don’t let race hatred break you up–
    You win. What I mean,
    Take it easy, but take it.
    Ya dig?
    Truthdig dug for the Ivy Ds
    Got dirt on themselves.
    Ya hear?
    Signifying Chris and the flying fresh Fish
    Sweet speech of sugar beet poets.
    Cookin’ root music
    With sound soil symbiosis
    Swing low, carry us.
    Home in on those scoops that
    Union hands once grabbed
    By the Linotype lovin’ spoonful .
    Don’t matter that now it’s
    Just drumming in the ether–
    Transmuted truth
    Is still
    And we’re still
    Talking Union.

    —Sampling from Seeger by Simonton

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Robert Scheer!

  6. So two of America’s greatest independent journalists also have musical talent. Well, don’t quit your day jobs, gentlemen, but the earnestness of your performance inspired me to push my Patreon pledge up a notch in hopes that you will spend some of it on singing lessons! Who the hell is Tracy and Happy Birthday Bob!

  7. Well, in the spirit of truth and dig, don’t give up your day jobs you two…

    Happy Birthday to Bob, I just became a contributor.

    PS the word bollocks (kinda) rhymes with Botox.

  8. Only an act of true love could be this awful. 😛 JK nice touch, fellas!
    Happy birthday, Bob!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Mr. Bob..I’ve read your work since ‘RAMPARTS’ in the 60’s…the only journal writing about the truth on the ground in Vietnam…read it in Canada no less….met you in Santa Fe with the Truth/dig get together….great time during interesting times… a thousand years, Sir Robert…..with good Health….

    Susan E. Steffner
    Cortes Island, B.C.

    1. Timely reminder, thanks. I was a Ramparts subscriber too. Dating from 1966 as a high school senior in Seattle.

  10. Chris was a Fish out of water….hillarious! Now go form a union somewhere else!

  11. Wonderful! I had no idea Chris Hedges could be funny. ;-p Happy birthday Bob!

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