Chris Hedges mr. fish Video

Mr. Fish and Chris Hedges Wrote Bob Scheer a Birthday Ballad

And we have the video to prove it.

The Ballad of Bob & Tracy

by Chris Hedges & Mr. Fish

Robert Scheer was born 86 years ago in the Bronx on April 4, 1936.

Dwayne Booth, aka Mr. Fish, and Chris Hedges made this video tribute for him.

They urge you to support ScheerPost through its Patreon.

Hedges sent in the video with this note:

We play two beat poets (beta vulgaris is the Latin name for beetroot), complete with berets, bongo drum solos by Dwayne and a script we wrote with apologies to Bob Dylan.

Happy Birthday Bob!


Chris and Dwayne

To learn more about Bob’s amazing life, check out the documentary “,” currently free for a few days to celebrate his birthday:

Robert Scheer – Above the Fold documentary

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