1. Amazon is just the culmination of American consumerist culture. Humans as a whole partake in this, but Americans are the worst, as usual.

  2. I boycott Amazon … refuse to buy from it. Frankly, I don’t quite understand how folks, once they are aware of what Amazon is doing, can continue to patronize it ..

    Once we agree to live in the United States of Amnesia (Gore Vidal), we seem to have no trouble living in the United States of Amazon

    1. To Mark,
      Thank you for that ….
      I think all of this was telegraphed (ah the good ole days when there was still a telegraph …) back in the ’90s when Personnel Dept, were renamed Dept of Human Resources, HR for short. In Personnel Dept.s employees were “Persons”. In HR Dept’s employees are “Resources” – and what do we do with resources in this country – we mine them, process them, fabricate them, sell them, use them up then throw them away. Once we become Human Resources our fate is foretold

  3. I worked in the Amazon.com hellholes known as Fulfillment Centers, the horror stories are real. I was a member the union organizing committee for 3 & 1/2 years, drove management crazy (wrote a satirical novel about life inside an Amazon warehouse- the fictitious company being Com.com- commerce online mechanically- title of the book is ‘Zen & The Art of Masturbation: Experience the End of the Aeon at The Spank the Money Cafe’ – it’s a hoot as you’ll laugh until you cry). I too refuse to buy anything that comes from these before mentioned “Hellholes” as I understand the pain and heartache these workers go through, and so I’ll finish with a quick Amazon “Hellhole” story involving a co-worked I called ‘Papa-Luke’ I called him ‘Papa-Luke’ because his wife just had a new baby, and my wife sent a baby gift to for Luke’s wife. My wife gave an oversized outfit since babies generally grow fairly quick-like, and the new mother waited for the day the outfit could be worn- excitement to say the least. Meantime, Luke’s back, do to far too much tote stacking, caused Luke to move slower and slower, a fatal condition in an Amazon warehouse. In order not to be terminated, Luke transferred to quality-control where they don’t have to move constantly, and there’s a lot of time spent sitting. Anyway, everything was going fine, the baby was getting bigger, and the day had nearly arrived for the outfit to be worn. One day I saw Luke picking (customer orders, the roughest job in the warehouse), I asked about the baby and also about him picking, he said his wife was so excited about the outfit and that he was continually being sent to “pick” and that he couldn’t keep up because of his back and he was afraid that he was going to be terminated (which he was). Papa-Luke had fallen off the earth, and this’ exactly what the Amazon people do to workers like you and me. They wear you down with their “speed” doctrine of efficiency, which it isn’t (anyone reading this, please look into Mark C. Taylor’s ‘Speed Limits: Where Time Went and Why We Have So Little Left’) as due to the speed with which the workers are forced to endure, mistakes become the results of the system whereas Amazon online retail rarely if ever makes a profit (a lot of sales but it’s mostly a break-even or in the red part of the Amazon Empire). The end results: Workers torn apart by the “speed” doctrine; disposable people thrown, like Papa-Luke, to the curb, thrown off the earth.

    Never, ever, will I purchase a damn thing from this “EVIL” company. When I buy online, I buy only books, and only from third party book sellers. And because of Amazon.com, thousands and thousands of bookstores across the nation have gone under: This is a national SHAME!

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