1. How in the world do you take down something that doesn’t exist, i.e. “Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction”?

    1. Every war the U.S. government has foisted on the American people (and Congress) over the last 60 years has been based on systematic lies and misrepresentations, starting with the Tonkin Gulf incident that was used to gain congressional authorization to escalate the War in Vietnam. Why do we believe anything our government (and our jingoistic media) says when it goes on the warpath. The “communists” in the Dominican Republic’s popular uprising in 1965, the endangered medical students and “Russian” airport expansion in Grenada in 1983, the Kuwaiti babies ripped from incubators in the first Gulf War in 1990, the supposed need to immediately invade and occupy Afghanistan to capture Bin Laden when the Taliban were negotiating to turn him over in 2001 and, of course, Saddam’s non-existent WMDs in Iraq in 2003. (Scott Ritter was right about them then and he’s very likely right now in 2022 about Bucha likely being the work of Ukrainian police rather than the Russians. This caused him to be banned by Twitter.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv4g0SFm–o

      1. You think Iraq bankrupted us in Desert Storm? Ukraine will be the mother of all expense:

        Ukraine’s forex reserves, net of debt, as of Nov 2021 (prior to war) were said to be……ZERO.

        Never mind the cost to rebuilding Ukraine (which will prob come from US in some way), it takes money to run an economy (like a working capital) ie RESERVES.

        Plus it takes more money to arm it.

        Plus it takes more money to supply it with necessities so that it can operate. (It doesn’t just “produce” wealth, it must be supplied inputs).

        The above are all significant costs. and growing every month.

        Ukraine’s GDP prewar: ~$150Bn.

        (1) IF(!) Ukraine were completely un-damaged, and

        (2) IF(!) Ukraine had all its land and productive capacity in tact,

        (3) IF(!) it had rocket growth of 10% per year, …

        IN THE ABOVE BEST CASE SCENARIO: IF(!) *ALL* that growth went to the US, as tribute, ALL of that amounts to a small “return” of ONLY ~$15Bn per year to the US which is a 20 TRILLION economy! 100 TIMES UKRAINE.

        True, Yellen confiscated ~$300Bn Russian reserves. At the rate of Ukraine is requesting money, all $300bn will be spent in 2-1/2 or 3 years!

        You think only Russia is losing? It’s costing US exchequer too!

        All our Ivy League representatives in Gov sure can’t add. Where was the sense to not engage a peace? To pursue this line we are now stuck in?

        Please spread the above math to anyone with an inkling of critical thinking skills. Thankyou.

  2. amerikans never change—they admire liars—
    gulf of Tonkin
    WMD’s in iraq

  3. “The First Casualty of War is Truth”

    Yes. Truth is, steel skyscrapers have never before collapsed at free-fall speed into their own footprints due to office fires!

    Have you ever seen building 7 fall?


    Truth is, the buildings were rigged for explosive demolition starting many months in advance. The corporations running building security we’re in on it. Tons of explosives and military grade nano thermite charges were delivered on pallets through the bay doors of our towers months in advance.

    Boom boom boom boom!

    Hundreds of ear witness accounts!

    Watch out for the official story mafia!

    Truth be damned, disappeared, tortured and killed.

  4. Big Tech needs to be broken up. I expect that this will not happen, because Big Tech is playing ball with the Executive and Legislative branches in their demands to censor content. The gov’t cannot censor, so Big Tech fills this role, this system must end, but how to achieve it? Mass protests by a alcohol/drug/media-addicted and addled population? I just don’t see it happening any time soon.

  5. I haven’t finished it yet, but I do hope he mentions what another post asserted: that mercenaries, private military is fighting and “staging” the war in Ukraine.

  6. If ‘The first casualty of war is truth’, I’d be a fool to believe YOUR lies about it.
    If it isn’t, why should I even bother to listen to a word you say, period!?

    The title of the podcast perfectly encapsulates the entire left-ish, Neo Progressive demagoguery: catchy, self contradictory phraseology that sounds good and attractive but means next to nothing, is more provocative than informative and is ultimately ignorance-inducing and self defeating…

  7. Scott Ritter introduced himself except he forgot to mention he is a pedophile and spent time in prison for that. And now, he is a registered sex offender in Pennsylvania. I would never trust a guy like him. Would you?! 🤮🤮

  8. Yeah, Scott Ritter is a pedophile! He has no credibility from people who are actually intelligent!

    Scott Ritter is a registered sex offender in Pennsylvania!

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