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Lee Camp: They Just Admitted They’re Lying to You

The U.S. has a long history of lying to its people — Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Panama, Haiti, Guatemala, Chile. Ukraine is the latest example of that.


  1. Unfortunately, some people already know this, and the rest won’t care. Kudos to Lee for publishing this video, but George Lakoff was right, we need to change people’s attitudes and emotions, because that’s how they make decisions. Facts don’t matter to most people, as weird as that is.

  2. Think it’s normal in a society where a majority chose a clown like Trump and a senile old man as their president. And where the budget for the army is much much bigger than the budget for education, health care, etc.

  3. The best thing about all this crap is that nobody cares.

    Ordinary people have worked out that Joe is a joke only not anywhere as funny as Trump.

    I’m an ordinary person and I don’t give a stuff about Ukraine. After Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria most people have given up listening to the self serving BS that comes out of Washington.

    The only people who think Joe is different from Trump, Obama and that other guy, is Alan Nairn of Democracy Now. He decided not to publish Biden’s laptop because Trump was an existential threat. he forgot that because Biden will do nothing for ordinary people like, raising the minimum wage, taxing the rich, forgiving student debt and providing medicare for all, Biden will be lucky to survive one term and when he’s gone Trump Version 1.0 Beta will be back.

    At least Trump didn’t start a war with Russia, but Biden and the Wicked Witch Nuland and her court jesters, Sullivan and Blinken did.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up. If Shakespeare, Melville and Oscar Wilde witnessed this stuff they would throw away their pens and commit suicide. Life would be without meaning.

    Nuland makes the three witches of Macbeth look like the Vestal Virgins.

    These people make Vlad the impaler Putin look like the psychiatrist in charge of the insane asylum.

    I think I’ll go with Vlad, at least he isn’t senile and he can sniff BS from 11,000 Miles away.

    1. @Robert Garnett
      Right on and spot on! The problem is that people are now so brainwashed, they don’t listen to reason like this. When I try to explain what you wrote to people with TDS, all I get back are comments like, “But you don’t understand; Trump is an existential threat to [fill in the blank].” The vast majority of people in this country have totally lost their ability to think clearly, let alone critically, as is obvious by their Pavlovian yet baseless response to U.S. and western propaganda regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I have no idea how to fix this, all thoughts and ideas are welcome.

      1. JEFF – I (alone) know how to fix it. Kneel down and pray (something I never do) for a giant meteor to put us out of the misery. /s seriously

  4. How come the US can invade any country they want to with impunity, but when another country (Russia) invades because they claim to want to protect their citizenry (700,000 Russian Citizens were shelled in the Donbass from 2014 on) they’re “not allowed” to? Guess one-world order means the US will do the ordering.

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