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Ralph Nader: The Dems Are Totally Useless Against the Trumpian GOP Onslaught

The Democratic Party can’t seem to figure out how to go on the offensive against the overtly lying, cruel, corrupt, law-breaking, Wall Street over Main Street, Trumpian Republican Party.
Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), who is in charge of the Senate November campaigns, wants to tax 100 million low-income Americans and sunset Social Security and Medicare. [Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0]

By Ralph Nader

There is something about entrenched bureaucracies that transcend nations and cultures. When bureaucracies are confronted with unanticipated or new challenges, they freeze – like a deer facing headlights.

Sears, Roebuck and Company saw Walmart coming out of Arkansas for years and spreading all over the country, but the Sears bosses could not adjust to deal with this swarming business model. Sears, once the premium retail and mail order company in the nation, is now almost gone.

The lumbering General Motors (GM) had years to confront the electric car challenge of Tesla. Tiny Tesla took on giant GM, which built electric cars as prototypes long before Elon Musk was born. GM launched the much-troubled Chevrolet Volt and other converted model brands, but Musk isn’t losing any sleep over competition from GM or the other giant auto manufacturers. He just reported last quarter sales of over 300,000 electric vehicles, which means expected sales of well over one million dollars in 2022 or 50% over the previous year. Tesla’s profits are skyrocketing as well, as more Tesla manufacturing plants open. The GM bureaucracy, under CEO-engineer Mary Barra, just can’t put it together no matter its bold promises to convert to all electric vehicles.

Similarly, the national Democratic Party bureaucrats are inept or bewildered. With its record-setting campaign fundraising, the Party can’t seem to figure out how to go on the offensive against the overtly lying, cruel, corrupt, law-breaking, Wall Street over Main Street, Trumpian Republican Party. GOP fictions are fabricated and reinforced with wild falsifications – e.g., critical race theory being taught in elementary schools, Democratic politicians wanting to defund the police, Democrats being “socialists,” and the latest, that Democrats support teaching gay rights and gay lifestyles to early elementary school children. These accusations have left the Democratic apparatchiks tongue-tied. They can neither come up with easily pummeling rebuttals, exciting slogans, nor even authentic boasting about delivered and proposed social safety net and infrastructure programs that provide necessary assistance. How hard is it to boast about the $300 per month to over 60 million children cut off by GOP Congressional callousness? Or a $15 minimum wage? Or good-paying jobs repairing and expanding public services for all workers also opposed by the GOP?

Article after article in the mainstream media depicts the Democratic Party as depressed, discouraged and predicting their own defeat in the November election. They are searching for effective “messaging” by looking over each other’s shoulders.

Bear in mind that many of their Republican opponents are political crooks, law violators and voter suppressors. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), who is in charge of the Senate November campaigns, wants to tax 100 million low-income Americans and sunset Social Security and Medicare. (See, Senator Scott’s An 11 Point Plan to Rescue America).

Democratic political operatives are frantic and down in the dumps. Yet they cling to their corporate-conflicted consultancies that are making it worse for themselves. Facing their self-fulfilling prophecies of November doom in the Senate and the House, they are still not welcoming the advice and know-how of the civic community, which fifty years ago worked with the Democratic Party to enact the fundamental consumer, environmental and worker safety legislation.

GOP strategists mock the Democrats regularly as not having a clue as to what ordinary Americans want. Unfortunately, whether it is arrogance, stupidity or historical ignorance, the Dems rarely return calls of civic leaders who know how to connect with Americans where they live, work and raise their families.

Of course, it doesn’t help that the mainstream media has excluded the activities and reports by these national and state organizations. They gave coverage to the work of these groups in the past.

Can, at the very least, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and its network of related federal and state committees, pollsters, fundraisers and consultants learn from Harry S. Truman in his underdog 1948 presidential campaign against the former prosecutor and New York Governor Thomas Dewey? Pollsters and pundits described Truman as a sure loser and a has-been. Southern segregationists or Dixiecrats walked out of the Democratic nominating convention and formed their States’ Rights Party.

These setbacks just got “Give-Em Hell Harry” underway. He called Congress back into session so he could show the public the differences between his policies and the retrograde Republicans. As related in Robert Kuttner’s new book, Going Big, Truman pushed “…legislation on housing, aid to education, a higher minimum wage, development and reclamation programs for the South and West, increased Social Security, and expanded public power.” With these popular hammers, Truman provoked the fierce opposition of what he repeatedly called, the “do-nothing 80th Congress,” controlled by Republicans, and set the stage for highlighting sharp differences with the GOP in his presidential campaign.

Come September 1948, Truman spent 33 days covering 21,928 miles on the railroad campaign trail, attacking the Republicans and their “big money boys.” In Dexter, Iowa, Kuttner reports, “he told a crowd of some ninety thousand people” (outdoors):

“I wonder how many times you have to be hit on the head before you find out who’s hitting you? …These Republican gluttons of privilege are cold men. They are cunning men…They want a return of the Wall Street dictatorship…I’m not asking you to vote for me. Vote for yourselves.”

This was the language of class warfare that still resonates as well in 2022 as it did in 1948 or in 1933. The Democrats can even quote mega-billionaire Warren Buffett who candidly said there is class warfare in America, “…but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

The Democrats have memories of many inept races for the White House and the Congress that they should have won handily over the last 25 years. What they should remind themselves of now is how the FDR, Truman and LBJ Democrats won their elections against much more tame Republicans than the now vicious, snarling, anything goes GOP candidates that have turned themselves into Trumpian lackeys.


  1. The Democratic Party is unable to claim to represent the interests of the people because it does not represent the interests of the people. It refuses to support Medicare for All. It supports the slow death of Social Security via the illegitimate failure to support increases equivalent to inflation. Since the Clinton “third way” shift, it has joined with Republicans in full support of neoliberal economics which provided the 2008 crash. The final nail in our democratic system coffin was the adoption of the “legalized bribery” system we now have, also fully endorsed by the Dems. Could or would Truman have been able to run his campaign the way he did under this bribery system” ? I don’t think so. The Dems differ from the Republicans only on the most extreme right wing issues, e.g. racism, xenophobia, misogyny, etc. And those differences are manufactured by the party elites of both parties in order to manipulate their respective clans to vote for them. On the core economic and foreign policy issues (what I call the “money issues”) there is no substantive difference. Both parties represent the 1% and receive their marching orders from them. They know how to collect their bribe money.

    1. Spot on assessment, Ralph gives too much hope to the possibility that the Democratic Party can return to times long forgotten. The Dems needs to fracture and restructure as the GOP has done. The MSM narrative is on the broken elements of the GOP but portrays a mostly unified front from the other party and coverage of third parties and voting reforms are nonexistent. Hope is good Ralph and I do respect you greatly !

      1. I can see that, that leftists have a false hope that the Dems can return to olden times. However I think the more exact characterization of leftists is that the suffer from Anemoia (a nostalgia for a time they never really knew). If that’s the case, all they long for is a return to mass delusion.

      2. I went to grad school with low interest student loans plus assistantships in the ‘60’s and early 70’s. Vietnam war was on and so were mass protests. Rents were reasonable. The tenor of the time was far different until Gingrich and Reagan and the Tea Party showed up. Then unadulterated meanness and the ugliness characterizing public discourse, the extremes of sociopathy predominant today, the corporatization and misinformation and disinformation, the obscene wealth gap, the oligarchic corporatist coup of governance did not exist. That is no delusion.

      3. @Selina Sweet
        I think that we can all agree that the ’60s were a much better time in this country except for some environmental problems like DDT and air & water pollution. But what Marble Rye was referring to was people deluding themselves into thinking that there was a time that the Democratic Party used to be a force for good.

      4. To Selina,
        Why do you suppose Ralph ran in ’96 and ’04? Because while
        the Rs showed up with Gingrich and the Tea Party, the Ds showed up with Clinton and the New Dems …

      5. SH,
        …and the Clintons turned out to be the two evils who led us, more than anyone, to this moment in time. The ousting of Puin has been their major evil goal since the 90s. Notice the news of Putin’s “war crimes” and the US’s clean hands? Hillary’s Ukraine coup is never mentioned.

      6. @Marble Rye
        The best the Democrats ever did was when FDR was in the White House, and he wasn’t all that great (refused to help German Jews, wanted to save capitalism, not create a more equitable society, etc.). It’s been all downhill for this lame party ever since it cheated Henry Wallace out of the vice presidency.

    2. To Jim,
      It seems a bunch of us have noticed – we have had other choices, 3rd parties, on the ballot for decades – so why haven’t enough people voted for them?

      1. To SH,
        I think the bunch of us that have noticed are so atomized that it isn’t cohesive. It’s too scattered, probably by design. Take a close look at Green party versus Libertarian party as an example.

      2. @Scott & SH
        How about because most people either actually support the Democrats or Republicans, or because they’re too scared that if they vote for another party beside the one they’ve supported their whole lives, the other party of the duopoly will get elected. One of the problems is that we have a rigged system. If we had proportional representation, fear of the greater evil getting elected to a legislative body wouldn’t be a concern. If we had instant runoff voting, aka ranked choice voting, it would not be a concern regarding elections to executive positions like president and governor. We need to not only support and vote for parties other than Democrat or Republican, we need major systemic changes to unrig the system.

      3. To Jeff,
        You have just described LOTE (you remember what that stands for, right?) voting – and none of your “fixes” will change that ….

      4. @SH
        Of course proportional representation and instant runoff/ranked choice voting would fix that, what are you talking about? In a proportional representation system, each party gets the percentage of representation in Congress and the legislatures (and county boards and city councils) that they got in the election, thereby eliminating the lesser-of-two-evils argument or voting that way. Same with RCV, because you can rank the candidates, so that if your No. doesn’t qualify, you can vote for your lesser evil for No. 2, though I don’t advocate ever voting for any evil, lesser or otherwise.

      5. People haven’t voted for them because they AREN’T on the ballot. I am in Kentucky and had to write in Howie Hawkins in the 2020 election.

    3. Great response couldn’t have put it better myself. And to Ralph Nadar, who I truly love and respect, his call to arms to the Democratic leadership is the wrong approach to the problem, which is, our national duopoly. A strong, actual opposition Third party (I’ve left the Democratic Party after 45+yrs and joined The People’s Party- look it up online) needs to take hold and rally the nation with the message which Nadar outlined in his piece, a message which will appeal to those on the left as well as the right, and possibly in the middle. Coalitions must be built around those very same issues Nadar has brought forth (“Going Big, Truman pushed “…legislation on housing, aid to education, a higher minimum wage, development and reclamation programs for the South and West, increased Social Security, and expanded public power”). And here’s the rub: Who will listen to if not believe Democratic politicians preaching this message (didn’t that happen in the last election?), I know that I don’t. And besides, Republican voters will NOT vote Democrat, no matter who. It has to come from elsewhere (the before mentioned strong, opposition Third Party). So many say this cannot be done, that’s a falsehood preached by both sides of the duopolistic coin, “Red” and “Blue”. In short, we can turn the electoral map from red and blue to a bright PURPLE which truly represents We the People. It can and will happen quickly, and why? Because We the People have had ENOUGH!

      1. @Mark+Oglesby
        Nader used to call it the duopoly, he may have even coined the term. I can only assume that age has diminished his mind.

      2. Mark+Oglesby you are going down a fools road supporting a People’s Party that calls themselves an alternative to the two bodied, one headed duopoly. What you don”t quite understand is that there is no Democratic or Republican Party, there is only Capitalism. Explain to me how the People’s Party will offer their alternative within the hell bent destructiveness of a capitalist system? All I see the People’s Party offering is their brand of a more nationalistic ” humane ” capitalism which is a complete fantasy. Early on they were championing Jesse Ventura as a Presidential candidate who preached his Libertarianism of small government, i.e., less for the working class who are the real government while Brana and his ilk were too naive to see the contradictions.
        Brana, the former staffer for the Democrat apparatchik, Bernie Sanders may have his heart in the right place, but his head certainly isn’t. He, and his Party, will go nowhere because he refuses to address the elephant in the room, and that elephant is the eradication of the capitalist system and the creation of an international socialist system of the working class. Our survival isn’t going to come from Nadar, Brana, Ventura, the current thugs leading the countries of the world. or any other nationalists, it will only come from the international working class rising up and eradicating their antiquated nation states and their exploitive, amoral capitalist systems.
        How do you suppose the country will turn PURPLE with no message other than, we need a strong opposition third party because We the People have had ENOUGH?
        Until we address our having had enough from an international working class perspective all other avenues are dead ends. As the ruling class continues to gut all power from the working class and consolidate it to their advantage the working class internationally must come to the realization that the power resides with them by taking control of the means of production and distribution of their labor. There is no other way forward then this international juggernaut that can free us from the destructive nihilism of the ruling class and its religion of profit over people.

    4. Right you are. If the Democrats do not return to their roots as the people’s party, they are toast, and democracy is likely toast unless a third party can form and provide an electoral alternative to a kinder, gentler fascism or the real thing.

      1. To Ted,
        And just how long do you want to give them to “return to their roots” – they left those decades ago and show no sign of going, or more importantly, wanting to go back to them
        We have had a third party as an alternative to them on the ballot for decades as well – of which Ralph himself has been a candidate so where have you been all these years?

      2. I do confess to having sometimes entertained the fantasy that the Dems might be reformable and gave money to Nina Turner, for example & continue to send a few bucks monthly to Ilhan Omar; frankly, I have now been disabused by Nina’s loss.
        So far, I have not been able to identify the third party I could support other than the Green Party, which I give money to and list as my party affiliation . I suspect there are millions out there with the same inclination. Maybe the Green Party is the ticket, maybe the People’s Party, we will see…

      3. To Ted,
        I think Turner was/is under the same rather bizarre delusion as Sanders, and Kucinich, for that matter – that TINA (there is no alternative) to the Ds if you support what we the people want and need, in spite of all the crap the party has thrown at them – and in spite of the Ds betrayal, over and over, of (referred to now as “reneging” on) their promises – more blatant now than ever, why this absurd loyalty to a crappy party? Perhaps because they, and apparently too many of us, are convinced that TINA.

        In ’16, when it was clear what the party was doing to Sanders (thanx to the Wikileaks revelation of the DNC e-mails which, btw, I think is the real reason for the continuing persecution of Assange, this is about revenge) – Stein invited him to join her in the GP – their platforms were so similar, though hers was better on FP – he never responded, he had said earlier he wouldn’t go 3rd party because he “didn’t want to wind up like Nader” – instead he wound up supporting someone (Clinton) whose platform was almost diametrically opposed to his. So a better version of his platform actually wound up on the ballot, with Stein’s name, but he didn’t support it and, apparently, a majority of his supporters followed suit – they voted for what had been Sanders opponent instead of his ideological ally.

        Why? It has been my belief and contention, for some time, that it is because the DP, primarily, has been so successful in implanting 3 memes (in this case, lies) in people’s minds that they are now considered “common knowledge” 1) we must choose between the LOTE (lesser of 2 evils) because 2) TINA, which is nonsense because we have had another choice for decades but, of course 3) 3rd parties can’t win – which is absolute BS, anybody on a ballot can win if enough folks vote for ’em . Then throw in the “spoiler” charge, which makes me laugh – why on earth would we want to “spoil” the chances of a party that, along with the Rs, has spoiled just about everything else in our lives …
        The ironic thing is TPTB (the powers that be) know all this stuff is a lie, and perhaps, themselves, are pleasantly surprised at how well it has worked – but they know what will happen when/if enough of the rest of us figure it out – so they are doing their best to keep 3rd parties 1) off ballots (note ridiculous #s of signatures required of 3rd parties, which are then challenged by Ds, especially), 2) out of debates (note FEC imprimatur of CPB, a private org run by D/Rs, to run the debates), 3) from accessing Fed’l Matching funds, which were originally intended to help candidates not awash in corp dough (note “poison pills” tucked inside of proposed voting rights legislation)
        Until we decide to vote for what we want and need instead of what the duopoly tells us is “the best we can get”, as Biden has assured us “nothing will fundamentally change”
        We are told by “our side” we can’t do it until we get “proportional representation” or RCV (ranked choice voting) or “election finance reform”, but we won’t get any of those with the duopoly in power because the status quo suits it just fine.
        In the meantime we have to use what we have and make it work for us – lots and lots of 3rd party voting and here’s a good place to start in ’22 – Matthew Hoh is running for Senate as a Green in NC – has a few more days to get enough of a ridiculous number of signatures – he’s a great candidate, and if he wins there will at least one non-corp Senator who isn’t beholden to either “major” party or corp “sponsors” – what a win, for a number of reasons, that would be – Check him out …

      4. @SH
        I fully agree except for how to get other parties in office, which we’ve argued about constantly and we’re going to have to agree to disagree about.

        As to Sanders, I’ve never been that big of a fan, though he’s obviously way better than the Democrats. As I told a friend about him in 2016, he’s no Dennis Kucinich, both policy-wise and integrity- and gut-wise. I was a little surprised when Chris Hedges informed everyone about Sanders’s statement that he wouldn’t go 3d party after having the nomination stolen from him by the Democratic Party because he didn’t want to end up a pariah like Ralph Nader, but I guess I shouldn’t have been.

      1. Re: Kurt Parlow MAY 3, 2022 AT 11:23 AM

        What most thinking(?) adults in this country
        do not realize is this: Democracy and Capitalism
        are mutually exclusive….and an international
        Socialist system is the only way to get our
        governments back on track in aiding all people
        they are supposed to represent.

        But, since so many people hold the position
        that their beliefs are facts, and, consider
        Socialism to be such a bug-aboo, I hold
        little hope for our country…or the World.

        ‘Critical thinking’ should have been taught
        alongside the 3 R’s.

        I never thought I would be glad to be 82
        and not younger…good luck to all.

  2. Oh, glory be, right on Ralph! I have been 100% flabbergasted at the potential political thrashing opportunities the Republicans daily are gifting the Democrats on a platter with but what happens? Nada! Except for maybe Jamie Raskin, the whole Democratic crew including “good ole self-vaunting bipartisan Joe”. Silent. Silent on the very few things they’ve managed to do to actually improve the material lives of us. Silent before the constantly new revelations of the Republican betrayals, even their traitorous stomping on our Bill of Rights and Constitution, (didn’t more than a few vets die in WW2?), and their unending cascade of viciousness toward our own people, their blatant bullying, their criminality. Endless. And where is the Congress person or Senator with soulful outrage and disgust to counter this scourge. Cool platitudes from Obama no where near match the vigor (albeit contaminated bilious ness) of the Republican voice. But a pin prick to the Sherman tank barrage from the Republicans. Could this silence actually be the reflection of corporate success in purchasing their legislative synchophants? Gottheimer ready willing and able to assert corporate interests, Ms Sinema, Manchin. Who expend their juice to quash legislative victories for the vast amount of us to service their big Pharma/ corporate masters but go palid and ghostlike before the attacks on the very foundations of our democracy? They have manifestly demonstrated their loyalty is to money over the material betterment of hard working people. Like old skin flakes away, , in the next election cycle we must insure progressive voices in place of the deadening ones.

    1. To Selina,
      If you want to ensure Prog voices in the next election, ya gotta vote 3rd Party, like Matthew Hoh in NC … he’s working on getting enough sigs to get on the ballot – something no D/R has to do …

  3. “With its record-setting campaign fundraising, ….”

    There you go … if they did what you suggest that “fundraising” would diminish considerably – and that’s the point – they really don’t care if they “win” or “lose” elections as long as the money keeps pouring in …

  4. Ralph, great article. Couldn’t agree more on all points. I’ve been saying for years, but especially now with sadly, the most inept Dem prez since Carter hastening the return of Trump, that we should refuse to any longer bring a knife to a gunfight which is evidently a butter knife no less The game and all the rules have changed in the last few decades but sleepy Joe still thinks he can create “bipartisan consensus”. How embarrassingly utopian or more likely pathologically senile.

    The more the left embraces the corrosive identity Woke politics the more permanent the loss of power will be a guarantee for decades to come.

    Also wanted to alert you to what I hope is a typo.
    Based on your statement on Tesla:
    “He just reported last quarter sales of over 300,000 electric vehicles, which means expected sales of well over one million dollars in 2022 or 50% over the previous year. ”
    Tesla’s revenue rose to $53.8 billion in 2021, from $31.5 billion a year earlier. Deliveries increased 87 percent, to 936,000 cars.

    What I assume you meant to say is expected sales of over million “units”

    1. To Eran,
      The Dems have done a marvelous job of “bipartisan consensus” – they agree with the Rs on anything that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer …. and selling lots of weapons to kill people “over there”

    2. “”… the most inept Dem prez since Carter …”? Bullshit! Jimmy Carter was the least bad president in my lifetime. You mean being inept because he didn’t start any wars, because he called out Americans for being consumerist pigs, and because he told people to rein in their materialist desires?

      At least 90% of what presidents do is immoral and evil. Carter did very little, and that’s a good thing. What the rest in my lifetime have done is prosecute wars and other mass murders by the evil U.S. military, and prop up corporations at the expense of the Earth and everyone else. Yeah, they were really competent at those things, I guess that makes you happy.

      1. Thanks, Jeff.
        P.S. well, Jack Kennedy did prevent the Pentagon from nuking Cuba, so there’s that.

  5. The problem with your advice to the Democrats to use the rhetoric of class warfare is that nobody believes them. The Dem leadership are the same and serve the same Wall Street & Corporate masters as the GOP. They can’t do anything to help people – min wage raise, child tax credits, healthcare, drug price reform etc – because the donors won’t let them and the Dems are not willing to choose the people over the donor class and Wall Street. The only reason Trump won, and may do again, is because he is seen, however misguided it is, as an outsider and not part of the establishment. A fake populist. The Dem leadership are no longer trusted, especially after Biden’s broken promises, and the voters won’t vote for them just because they’re “not Trump”. Biden could pull it out the bag, if he got out his pen and signed a pile of popular executive orders : Student loans forgiven, which he has the power to do, is HUGELY popular and would be in effect a stimulus to the economy and money in people’s pockets. Re-classification of cannibis is another, releasing all non-violent drug offenders another. Make all treatment for COVID part of Medicare. But he won’t, not because he can’t but because he doesn’t want to.
    They’ve only themselves to blame. Although it won’t stop them blaming everyone and everything but themselves, just like Hilary did.

    1. I question the popularity of Student loan repayment and if it would be significant in benefiting the DEMS. Plus, it’s just a BAD idea.

      1. @Pete
        Free college is very popular, if I remember correctly even a majority of Republicans support it. Why do you say it’s a bad idea?

        Furthermore, free public school to all levels of education is the right thing to do. That would be a much better use of our tax money than things like the military or subsidizing harmful activities like driving or rich corporations like oil companies. Do you think that only rich people should be allowed to go to college, or that everyone else should have to take out massive loans and be saddled with huge debt?

    2. To Army,
      You nailed it in a nutshell – what we have to do is keep repeating Biden’s promise, as it were – “Nothing will fundamentally change”. That’s basically the only truth he has told …

  6. Can you imagine Biden making train stops across the country, assuring the American people? Assuring them of what? Neither Biden nor his mainstream quasi-followers have a single plausible idea in their heads. And the handful of progressive democrats, previously called The Squad, who do have workable ideas, have been shut out.

    1. shut out or they’ve been invited to Obama and Hillary’s table.

    2. @Blackorpheus
      The Squad is a bunch of phonies. Their job is to shepherd progressives into the Democratic Party so they can be neutered. The Squad refused to “force the vote,” and has collaborated with the Democratic Party establishment on votes to ensure that the results went the way the establishment wanted. And many of them have also voted the wrong way on issues.

      There is no hope from the Democratic Party. Even when a real progressive gets elected to Congress saying that they’ll change the Democratic Party, what happens is that the Democratic Party changes them. We need other parties in office beside the two gangs that we now have, and we’ll need to change our electoral system to proportional representation in order to get it. We’ll probably also need a constitutional amendment providing that money is not speech and that corporations are not persons so that the rich & powerful can’t continue to buy elections.

      1. To Jeff,
        And how do you propose to get proportional representation as long as they are in office?
        What we have to do is simply to vote 3rd party in large numbers – forget the TINA bit, the LOTE bit, and the 3rd parties can’t win bit and vote 3rd party lickety-split before the duopoly makes it impossible – and they are working on doing that even as we speak …

      2. @SH
        When you write, you should always define acronyms the first time you use them. It’s bad form to just use them like you did, and it’s really annoying to have to look them up. As to the substance of your post, I’m not going to continue to endlessly argue this with you. If you think that proportional representation isn’t important, we have nothing to talk about regarding this issue because you simply don’t understand how rigged the winner-take-all system is.

      3. To Jeff,
        Seriously? It seems to me that anyone who doesn’t know that TINA, LOTE, memes have been the predominant means of crushing resistance to the duopoly (do I have to define that, too) for decades now needs to take a crash course in “how to crush a political resistance” – tell me, do YOU know what they mean?
        I have defined these terms before in various comments in various places …
        And whether or not I believe in proportional representation – the question, that you keep dodging, and distract from by critiquing my failure to spell stuff out, is how do we get there with D/Rs in control ….

      4. Far more offensive than not identifying acronyms (which, I agree, should be done with the first use) is misusing the word, “meme(s).” No one, apparently, knows the meaning. A “meme” is not an image or photo or picture. It takes a LONG time for a meme to develop in a society and spread across the country, sometimes around the world. A long time, and the beginning is a slow start.

      5. To Rob,
        “A “meme” is not an image or photo or picture. It takes a LONG time for a meme to develop in a society and spread across the country, sometimes around the world. A long time, and the beginning is a slow start.”

        I made no mention of “image or photo or picture” – those “memes” i referred to have been developed for quite some time now and have spread across the country ….

        So you never heard of There Is No Alternative? Lesser of Two Evils?

      6. To: SH,
        Simple sayings or adages are not memes. Meme are cultural and something one can see with the eye. A perfect example of a meme is the baseball cap worn backwards, with the eyeshade at the neck. Another is grunge wear that began in Seattle and slowly spread across the country until it became so mainstream that now people buy jeans that already have holes in them. How do I know I’m correct? Because I heard it explained by the person who coined the word. Cheers, Rob

      7. To Rob,
        “meme: [noun] an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.”

      8. That’s not the meaning given by the person who coined the word. It leaves out the time element. It takes a long time to become a meme, and it is not a saying or adage, as I have mentioned. It is a concrete thing, such as the examples I gave.

      9. To Rob,
        The person who coined it be who? Was it Merriam or Webster?
        A concrete thing that takes time – time to become concrete, how much time before it does? Is this fast or slow drying concrete?
        Seriously, are you going to waste time debating whether TINA, LOTE, “3rd parties can’t win” are “memes” – doncha think maybe debating the substance of the phrases and their effect on voting behavior is more important than whether or not you can call them “memes”. This sort of silly discussion is emblematic of why we are in the pickle we are in ….
        I like silliness, too, occasionally, which is why I bantered so far, but c’mon, Rob – so just tell the “person” who coined it to sue me …

      10. SH,
        A “meme” is not an adage or a saying It’s something one can see, an objective thing, A perfect example is a baseball cap worn backwards. Another is grumge clothing, started in Seattle, worked its way across the country to the point it became mainstream, and jeans now are sold in stores with holes already in them. That’s what becomes of memes…they become mainstream. How do I know the meaning of the word? I heard it from the guy himself who coined the word.

      11. To Rob,
        “meme: [noun] an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.”
        I think my examples qualify …

      12. @SH
        I’ve heard of those acronyms but don’t remember what they mean. Nevertheless, it’s bad writing form to use acronyms without defining them. I’m especially bad with social media acronyms because I don’t live on social media like most people seem to do.

        As to your question, I’m not dodging it. I’ll ask you the same thing: How do you propose to get a significant number of “third party” candidates elected in this system that’s totally rigged against them? The answer to both questions is that you work for what you want. Devise strategies & tactics, build a movement, etc. Every democracy in the world beside the U.S. and U.K. have proportional representation, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to get it here too. Of course all developed countries have single-payer health care, so …

      13. To Jeff,
        How do you get them elected? You vote for ’em – any candidate on a ballot can get elected if enough folks vote for ’em
        As to organizing and building a movement- OK and then what – march, sign petitions, make phone calls? They could give a hoot – the only non-violent threat they would take seriously is a loss at the polls …

      14. I comprehend people not believing in conspiracy facts when people like Icke give their theories which are nonsense, and when Hedges, who has a degree in divinity (my book THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY debunks the bible thoroughly, proving the true author of the New Testament) shows Icke correctly to be full of crap. But the true problem is when people refuse to acknowledge that there is truth within the lies. My books have done what nobody else has, separated the truth from the fiction, and give scientific facts. I show in ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH that Chomsky, whom i once admired, is a gatekeeper, he assures that people remain deceived, he promotes the democrat party as being legitimate. Unfortunately, Hedges who I also once admired, is allowing rare truth to fall through the cracks as he shows the ridiculous meanderings of Icke, while not addressing my truth and finding out for himself the authentic truth. I am nothing like Icke. I AM a conspiracy factist, but of a true and real character. I find Hedges and his belief in an invisible sky daddy who is all-good to be as ridiculous as ICke, when we see war, drugs, the most evil people given power and fame,,,,, and I am ridiculous?? Come on HEdges, come on Scheer, give me an interview, read my books and try to find fault.

  7. Give em hell Ralph!! Democrats..and Democratic “leaders”…wake up and smell the coffee….be the change that is so needed…we the people are tired of the lies, corruption and underhandedness of the republicans…

    1. To Kathleen,
      Frankly I am “tired of the lies, corruption and underhandedness of both “major” parties …
      So we all need to “wake up and smell the coffee” – the change that is so needed won’t be found in either pf those parties – it hasn’t been for at least the last 30 years – it’s time to look at those 3rd parties hanging in there waiting for the rest of us to finally figure that out …

      1. Yes, support voting reform’s at the state level, RCV is gaining traction.

      2. @SH
        It’s not about the result, it’s about what’s more representative, and instant runoff voting aka RCV is more representative.

      3. Again – how do you propose to initiate that with D/Rs in power?…
        So you think that Eric Adams represented the true voice of the majority of NYC folks? – if so, we have a bigger problem than I thought …

      4. @SH
        You fight for it, just like any other changes you want.

        As to Adams, I live 3,000 miles from New York City, I have no idea what most people want there. All I know is that instant runoff voting is more representative for multiple reasons. Do you really think that our winner-take-all one-dollar-one-vote system is in any way representative of anyone but the rich?

      5. @Pete
        Ranked choice voting would be an improvement, but for bodies like Congress and legislatures, we badly need proportional representation. THAT’s how we can get people into office who aren’t Democrat or Republican.

    2. To Kathleen,
      PS – Biden himself told us “nothing will fundamentally change”
      Ralph himself realized that when he ran as a 3rd party – I voted for him 4 times, unfortunately not enough of us did

      1. @SH
        And we’re still getting castigated for voting for Nader instead of Gore in 2000! I quit what I previously thought was a national progressive attorneys group over their denunciation of Nader for having the temerity to run in 2000 and blaming him for Bush II winning. Shows how well their propaganda and brainwashing works.

  8. I believe we are past all of this now. World war will begin before the next Presidential election. Every day that goes by reinforces my opinion on this. The western leaders are no less then unhinged, totally drunk on their own propaganda and thrilled to have a scapegoat in Putin and Russia to blame all their evil and incompetent actions upon. We are at the end of life as we knew it.

  9. So true! And frustrating. But you said it: “corporate-conflicted.” They’re raising grass roots money but they cling to their corporate sponsors: including Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big Arms.

    1. To Patricia,
      Why the heck the grassroots would want to contribute to these guys is beyond me – they just keep getting mowed down …

  10. The DNC are dumb as rocks and have been for decades. They will not allow a good person to become president, not Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Jill Stein, Tulsi Gabbard who each could have been president if the Democratic Party had gotten behind them, but, no, they had to get behind a senile war-monger who loves war, wall-street, the MIC, corporations and spreading hate and lies about “known enemy” or “known adversary” Russia, and China, too. They are so disgusting that we will see the Congress and presidency turn Republican next round. The US citizens deserve this mess because they believe(d) the New York Times, Washington Post, etc., and mainstream American television news who elected Biden and won’t be able to stop Republicans no matter how bad they are because the people know they were tricked into fumbling, mumbling Biden. Harris? Knows nothing as proven every time she opens her mouth. The good people who have run (see above) scare the pants off Democrats and Republicans who don’t want wars stopped, don’t want free healthcare and education or public infrastructure (schools, bridges, roads) rebuilt instead of weapons of war. War is America’s business. Look how eagerly they blame Putin for his invasion instead of themselves. Putin offered his hand in friendship many times to be rebuffed. Then the US stepped over the last red line. What else could he do? The CEOs of US weapons manufactures are in hog heaven.

    1. To Rob,
      There seems to be an echo chamber here 😀
      If only it would reverberate “all over this land” (PP&M)

    2. @Rob Roy
      “Dumb” is not the right word. “Corrupt” would be a better description. Your comment about the Democrats being dumb falsely assumes that they want to win elections more than they want to represent the ruling class.

  11. While I appreciate all Nader has done for us, this essays seems almost willfully blind. The Democratic party is a fully owned subsidiary of the one Property Party, so named by Gore Vidal. It gets its money and its orders from the same funders as the GOP. It isn’t interested in doing anything aside from retaining its position and getting more money from the same sources. To pretend that the Democratic party is just befuddled just beggars belief.

    1. Exactly so. Ralph doesn’t seem to understand that the Dems will NEVER turn into something they never really were, and certainly are not now. They are doubling down on War (boy are they ever!), austerity, and abject fealty to Wall Street. That they installed the demented old war monger and mediocrity Joe Biden, knowing full well about his diminished mental acuity, tells us about their great contempt for the voters in their own Party.
      And what of Ralph Nader? The Dems’ hatred for Nader is still white-hot and unabated; he is still falsely blamed for Gore’s loss to Dubya. This phony meme is part of the Dem Party’s myth-making, now joined with their crazed and irrational and murderous hatred for Putin in particular and Russia in general. It takes an immense amount of self-delusion at this point to think the Democratic Party is anything other than dangerous and useless–they are, in the words of the late, great Glen Ford, “the more effective of two evils.”

      1. @TimN & D
        Wasn’t Nader the one who coined the term “duopoly” to describe the Democrats & Republicans? Some people just don’t know when to retire. Like with Chomsky, I think his brain is too old and he just can’t think clearly any longer.

  12. The Dems’ real power was in dividing and conquering the former “masses,” middle class vs. poor, workers vs. their “brothers and sisters” who get phased out of the job market. They shine a spotlight on the hypocrisy if the liberal bourgeoisie, who insanely cheer as Democrats try to lie us into a nuclear world war.

  13. Notice every time a good person runs for president and are getting some traction, they are accused of being “Russian agents?” (Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard.) That seems to work. Americans are easily duped every election, not being able to separate lies from truth, and especially not being able to see Russia was never our enemy. Americans seem to think Russia is still the Soviet Union (thanks, Hillary), crazy as that seems.

    1. To Rob,
      Yup – the MIC needs an enemy to keep it in business and Russia is always a convenient one to pull out – The War on Terror hasn’t worked too well, once it became rather obvious that we were funding, on multiple fronts, the terrorists we were ostensibly fighting – we kept getting confused and changing our minds as to what groups were on the Terrorist Watch List – too messy. Russia, otoh, is always a straightforward target that doesn’t move around …

      And the D/Rs are always happy to supply the MIC with an enemy in return for $$$$$

  14. Ahh, the dirty one party system of controlled opposition and collective schizophrenia. Over at Consortium News, there we go — more of these felons, PayPal, doing their Brave New World game in plain sight.

    Gotta go back to cash in sacks and checking accounts.


    No Prior Notice or Explanation

    There was no prior notice sent nor was Consortium News afforded any due process. A PayPal customer service agent confirmed in a telephone call on Sunday that the “back office” gave no specific reason for “permanently limiting” CN‘s account other than that an “investigation and review” of CN‘s “history found some potential risk associated with this account.”

    She said the “potential risk” from CN is “not exactly specified by the back office.” The agent said, “It has something to do with the history of this account.” Asked whether any agency, government or private, or any individual had complained to PayPal about CN, the customer service agent replied, “I don’t see any existing case.”

    The agent could not explain why Consortium News was given no notice or any due process, but promised to ask the “back office” to contact CN to explain.

    Regarding the $9,348.14 balance in CN‘s PayPal account, the agent said that after a 180-day review PayPal would decide whether to return it. “If there was a violation,” she said “it is possible” the money could be kept as “damages” to PayPal. Violations under the Restricted Activities of the User Agreement include providing “false, inaccurate or misleading information” to PayPal, other PayPal customers “or third parties.”

    Given the current political climate it is more than conceivable that PayPal is reacting to Consortium News’ coverage of the war in Ukraine, which is not in line with the dominant narrative that is being increasingly enforced. Last week PayPal also froze the account of the alternative news site MintPressNews.

    PayPal was sued in California in January in a class action for similarly shutting down accounts.

  15. It will be very difficult, if not impossible, for the current incarnation of the Democratic Party to pull themselves out of their self inflicted death spiral. They have become what the Koch brothers and the Birchers planned for them since the 1960’s, a loyal and incompetent opposition. In a sporting parlance, they are the Washington Generals of politics.
    But it’s actually far worse than that eh? For they are not incompetent at all. No, they have been assimilated.
    Americas conservatives have always known that their electoral days were numbered. That is, unless they managed to make their opponents disappear, and they have. Since before the ink was dry on the civil rights act, Americas poor and middle class white trash have flocked to the GOP in droves. Despite the GOP being clearly anti-worker, white men have voted Republican by a nearly 3 to 1 margin since. And equally inexplicably, white women, whose reproductive and working rights are trampled upon daily by the GOP, regularly vote for conservative candidates.
    Why do they do it? Because they have depressingly accepted their fate. So long as democrats and Dixiecrats alike were getting them higher wages and better working standards (and continue to slow walk civil rights issues) through their powerful union base, these rubes were willing to put their racism aside to vote against the rich men that had run the nation into the ground, twice. But once LBJ signed the civil rights act, all bets were off. The Dixiecrats changed sides, northern union labor rose up against not only civil and equal rights, but the youth and the counterculture movement as well. In the next 15 years, not only did the GOP steal a third of the democratic base, it depressed another third.
    And now, after forty years of reaganomics and and neoliberalism the worst has happened. Political discourse in the USA has moved so far to the Right that republicans have become proud fascists, democrats have become republicans, and progressives are ostracized as commies.

      1. @Jeff
        Amen! The only way! I really like the idea of “proportional representation,” since I see it as the only thing I can imagine that would get us out of the trap we are in. Two parties that win by getting huge amounts of money from corporate and wealthy donors, who then buy the legislation they want and need to get even larger and wealthier. There is now no other solution. We are on our way to Totalitarianism by those with the most money.

  16. All that Truman did was great but he lived before Citizens United. Now both parties are owned by big business/special interests. There is no choice, Ralph.

    1. To Carol,
      Yes there is another, much better, choice and has been for decades – so why not choose it …

    2. @Carol Booth
      Are you kidding? Truman was an establishment hack. Henry Wallace should have been the vice president when FDR died, but he was illegitimately replaced by Truman by the party establishment because he was too progressive. The entire world is much worse off because Truman became president instead of Wallace.

  17. Ralph Nader ..who I voted for in 2000 and 2004 is now out
    Of touch with the crapitalist censorship advocating pro -mandate fascist plutocrat party he is appealing to.
    Harry Truman should have been Henry Wallace.
    Harry Truman’s bathetic letter to the WAPO on 11/23/1963 admitting that the CIA should never have been allowed to have a foreign regime change function is a sad
    Epitaph to all that Truman did wrong.
    To appeal to Truman’s memory is why Nader appears to suffer derangement similar to Chomsky and of course the man who stole the 2020 election with CIA/MEDIA assistance -the completely illegitimate Traitor Joe Biden


  19. There’s the proverbial bureaucracy which gets you nowhere but down never-ending dead ends, to speak in the Kafkaesque spirit of so many anonymous authorities we live under. But behind this curtain, there’s the wizard of Oz, the bureaucratic institutions of the corporate state, routinely operating in the shadows of public awareness, which buttress the interests of ruling classes. Accordingly, when it comes to us victims of their organized crime, we get results like ‘inefficiency’ of purported public welfare, while elites are always just a call away from having their bought-and-paid-for governance mobilize for war and other killing agenda without such problems (by design).

    Both political wings of this bird of prey have traditionally served ruling class interests, including within welfare capitalism’s compromises with and co-optations of working class populations post-WW2, predicated on third world war upon the poor by Pox Amerikkkana. That an elites’ executive committee like that of the Truman administration, distancing the DP from its Dixiecrat heritage in PR at most, might get away with being representative of this era rests largely on its Cold War continuity with the advanced imperial bureaucracy which had arisen with Wilson in WW1.

    Call it the 1% vs. 99% rule: partisan political theater for us amounts to divide-and-rule issues that keep stringing us along while the wizards of Wall Street and other bizzness as usual keep grinding along to grind us down deeper into total subjugation. However long one dates the slow motion coup of this nation, and world, by elites, for them it’s now come time for us to reap what’s been sown in bureaucratic rule which no longer carries any pretense of representative government, as direct dictatorship by the technocratic state emerges from the shadows to replace the old with the new abnormal radically resetting human society as no more than machinery to be hacked. This is no time to be fooled by their con games.

  20. Anybody who still puts any faith in a politician or the political process, is frankly, stupid. NOT ONE good one will ever happen again. No republican or democrat politician gets any significant position without proving loyalty to the globalist agenda. They are all actors and entertainers. Bush family owns the ballot machines which are operated by the CIA. We don’t know who we voted for in many decades. We are given a choice of a few politicians and rich men given by politicians. The message is that they put who they want in positions of fame. There are no representatives. A total myth= American democracy. Politicians spend their time making speeches, appearing on tv, press conferences, charity dinners, giving awards, golf outings, vacations, campaigning, etc.. where is the time for creating legislation and reviewing proposed legislation, debating on it, and voting on them?

    It is all a fraud. THe COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS creates the legislation. Politicians are front men. Rockefeller founded the CFR and appoints all members. John Rockefeller (grandfather to DAvid) created the alopathic medical system and the universities as we know them today.

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  21. While the establishment press should certainly be lynched for pretending to be journalism, and instead have been promoting bullshit and given us skewed values, mindsets, and worldviews; the conventional reporters are at fault also. The real heroes are those on Youtube who have been pioneers and have exposed matters that are imperative for the public to be informed of, and instead of finding avenues that compensated them and gave those copyrights, they published it in video form and made it public for all to view at no cost.

    There is another reason for our ignorance. The Bush administration created the Office of Global Communication (OGC). Its mission was to “ensure consistency of messages that will promote the interests of the United States abroad, prevent misunderstanding, and build support for and among coalition partners of the United States, and inform international audiences.”

    The operation of this agency included the daily dispatch of an email of communication points to administration officials, US embassies, congress, and others. They also organized daily telephone conferences, goals coordinating foreign policy messages among US government agencies and representatives of Britain.  This ensures consistency, making the lies more convincing.

    It was established in such a way as to make it possible to continue the practice after the OGC was dismantled. Emails and phone calls do not need to be credited to the OGC. This maintains and enforces a “party line,” muffling any message contradictory or opposing to the official institutional message. The OGC and other government agencies spread disinformation – false statements under fabricated sources to mislead, confuse, and to discredit opposition who pick up these messages and distribute them.

    This type of operation is propaganda, which is defined as: attempts to manipulate or coerce the thinking of an enemy or captive population, the communications imposing the propaganda’s ideas into the minds of the target population. Truly democratic agents do not use propaganda, no, a democratic approach is “dialogue,” between assumed equals. This kind of propaganda’s goal is to indoctrinate efficiently. US citizens are that “captive population.”


  22. Well you reap what you sow.
    We just saw two years of total lying bullshit crap, non science, nonsense…. and it’s still going on.. total disregard for reason…. and now you want to plead ‘be reasonable’ ?

  23. Democrats don’t appeal to the poor and working classes because they don’t want to; they represent the rich & powerful just like the Republicans do. Look at who donates large amounts of money to the Democratic Party and who runs it. This is very naive for Ralph Nader, who should know better. I think that like Noam Chomsky, Nader has gotten old and his mind is not what it was.

  24. I have been disappointed and discouraged for years by the inability of the Democratic Party to campaign successfully. They give up before they start.

    There is evidence that a clear vision of what is needed (like a livable minimum wage and affordable health care) can succeed.

    So, perhaps candidates should quit TV stunts and get back on the train for cross-country stumping!

    1. To Susan,
      It’s not that they need better messaging, it’s that they need better principles – It’s not that they don’t know what we the people need, it’s that they don’t really want to give it to us, for all their pretty speeches ….

      Frankly, it’s getting rather depressing – after all these years (decades) enough folks don’t seem to have figured this out – is this a generational thing – a new generation, without historical memory, gets bamboozled every time?

  25. I am totally disappointed that democrats have absolutely no clue as to the truth regarding their rule. THey continue to play the game, have not learned as have so many conservatives that politics is the entertainment division of the government. They consider themselves to be intelligent, but are gullible stupid sheep who have no ability to discern truth from fiction, they probably watch television for their news, having absolutely no concept of evil and deception. The world is doomed, so many are still sleeping and have no idea of the war going on for the minds of the people. Liberals have lost… they lost their minds, their brains, having such empty heads that they are under a spell that they cannot break. With all the division caused by television and the rest of the media and university systems, we have no chance when half the people let down their guard and are hopelessly deceived.

  26. Truth well spoken, Mr. Nader — but I fear, sir, yours will nevertheless prove as pointless as my own censorship-slain effort to turn your unforgettable 1964 gift of an “Unsafe at Any Speed” preview into a major news story.

    What too many of us refuse to acknowledge is that today’s “Democratic” (sic) Party — probably eternally compromised by its role in the aftermath of 22 November 1963 — has since then repeatedly proven itself to be nothing more than the Neoliberal Fifth Column of the now-wholly Nazified Republican Party.

    (Why “Nazi” rather than “fascist”? Because to call white supremacy “fascism” is to sidestep white supremacy’s genocidal – therefore “Nazi” — intent. Though perhaps – I have not decided yet – I should lower-case the “n” to make my usage more obviously generic, a proper noun become common.)

    Whatever, a quick review of the implicitly Nazi politics propagated by every one of the Democrats’ post-JFK presidents brings the party’s function as the Republican Fifth Column into sharp focus:

    — Lyndon Banes Johnson: triumphantly reversed national policy to set in aggressive motion the Republican-favored global-conquest strategy literally only hours after the Kennedy assassination; engineered the false-flag Tonkin Gulf incident to escalate an incipiently pro-Nazi colonial struggle in Vietnam into a full-scale Southeast Asian War;

    — James Earl Carter: condemned all U.S. lower-income women to reproductive slavery by his self-righteously fanatical Christian approval of the Republicans’ Hyde Amendment; google “Lebensborn” without quotation marks for the Nazi equivalent;

    — William Jefferson Clinton and his “two-presidents-for-the-price-of-one”: Clinton himself served the Nazi cause when he transmogrified welfare into slow-motion genocide; the second “president,” his wife, the unreconstructed Goldwater-girl Hillary Rodham Clinton — not to be out-dog-whistled by the Republicans — made the Democrats’ own Nazi-style white-supremacy absolutely clear with her “super predator” pronouncements;

    — Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barack the Betrayer: his ultimate betrayal, the all-time Big Lie of “change we can believe in,” may yet prove to be the most progressive-voter-discouraging (and therefore Nazi-empowering) deception in U.S. history; and he may have been a prime mover in deliberately scheduling SCOTUS retirements to enable the permanent Nazi takeover of the Court;

    — Hillary, again: predictably campaigned to enable Trumpite victory — and thus the permanent Nazification of SCOTUS by lifetime appointments that guarantee the U.S. re-creation of Hitler’s Third Reich;

    — Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., aka Biden the Beguiler: a tyrannical soft-shoe puppet disguised as a sometimes-doddering grandfather who weaponized the pandemic into anti-Working-Class genocide; savaged us with genocidal termination of the children’s tax credit; won office by feeding us innumerable lies claiming he would expand Medicare and Medicaid, liberate our children and grandchildren from lifetime student-loan slavery and rebuild our looted infrastructure; maliciously conned the youth vote by falsely pledging to legalize marijuana; now gleefully mongering World War III, which our Masters – Neoliberal even unto the extinction of our species – apparently believe will restore the victories of the Third Reich, complete Hitler’s intended conquest of the world and elevate the white aristocracy to permanent imperial hegemony over a plantation Earth.

    While a great many essays have proven “Neoliberal” is neither “neo” nor “liberal,” none – at least so far as I know – has dared point out the extent to which the term is (yet another) damnably clever, ruinously deceptive Big Lie. Not only does it hide its menace by exploiting the common usage of “liberal” as a synonym for “humanitarian”; it also suggests a newness obviously intended to pander to Moron Nation’s mindless fadism.

    But we need only look at U.S. Imperial Puppet Pinochet and his “Neoliberal” maximization of Capitalist savagery to see it isn’t even really “Neo”; that in repugnant truth it is merely (another) localized application of Hitler’s original Nazism, which in turn is derived from the original U.S. proto-Nazism, its economic tyranny now academically endorsed by the University of Chicago and popularized by the Ayn Rand fictions that make Nazism’s existential gateways absolutely irresistible to the denizens of the USian Neo-Confederacy, the 39 states of the white Christian “under god” theocracy, each already gerrymandered into permanent Nazi (i.e., Republican) conquests.

    Given these and so many other such dismaying indications, perhaps we should take the suddenly skyrocketing threat of thermonuclear extinction as our Neoliberal Masters’ mid-fingered declaration they now believe they and their vassals are bunkered well enough to survive whatever horrors they might bring down upon us.

  27. The contest between the Democratic and Republican Parties is like two teams playing a game in a football league. Neither side likes to lose but it doesn’t matter much because they will both be back next season to put on another show.

  28. Voting has no effect. It’s making a wish at best.
    I’m thinking the USA may have a blistering hot 2022 summer on top of fires and drought, so I’m hopeful the frogs will not boil, but jump out the pot (Duopoly) before November. Of course there could be a big flash… then permanent silence. Wouldn’t make much difference to senile party leadership to go out with a bang. So don’t be worrying about your 401K… it’s assuredly toast.

  29. To Ralph Nadar, who I truly love and respect, his call to arms to the Democratic leadership is the wrong approach to the problem, which is, our national duopoly. A strong, actual opposition Third party (I’ve left the Democratic Party after 45+yrs and joined The People’s Party- look it up online) needs to take hold and rally the nation with the message which Nadar outlined in his piece, a message which will appeal to those on the left as well as the right, and possibly in the middle. Coalitions must be built around those very same issues Nadar has brought forth (“Going Big, Truman pushed “…legislation on housing, aid to education, a higher minimum wage, development and reclamation programs for the South and West, increased Social Security, and expanded public power”). And here’s the rub: Who will listen to if not believe Democratic politicians preaching this message (didn’t that happen in the last election?), I know that I don’t. And besides, Republican voters will NOT vote Democrat, no matter who. It has to come from elsewhere (the before mentioned strong, opposition Third Party). So many say this cannot be done, that’s a falsehood preached by both sides of the duopolistic coin, “Red” and “Blue”. In short, we can turn the electoral map from red and blue to a bright PURPLE which truly represents We the People. It can and will happen quickly, and why? Because We the People have had ENOUGH!

  30. This goes MUCH deeper than the sellout of the formerly reformist Democratic party.

    We are the subjects of an oligarchy that’s neither competent nor legitimate.

    The US’ basic institutions are fraudulent.

    “Our” elections have been rigged for some time now — Iran has a theocratic filter for participants, the US has a money filter. Both Obama presidential campaigns and that of Joe Biden cost one billion dollars each. Anyone think the payees got some bennies in return?

    Rot is inherent.

    The way the Senate is structured virtually assures white minority rule, and control by the most out-of-touch elements of the population. As a last resort, the filibuster.

    Gerrymandering of Congressional districts tops off the structural fraud, this is all a con game.

    The Constitution is an outmoded, 18th century structure that inhibits progress and assures minority white rule.

    Separation of powers is a Rube Goldberg Machine.

    Major politicians are easily corrupted, because they spend much of their time running for office, which takes a lot of money.

    Former Ohio Democratic Party chair: Current generation of politicians have ‘never been in a democracy

    The US government is hamstrung by legal and de facto power limitations that gunk everything up.
 Division of tasks makes sense, but setting up conflicting interests is dumb.

    The Supreme Court, which elected George W. Bush and OK’d Citizens United, is transparently political.

    Amy Barrett re-issued Nixon’s “I am not a crook” statement, underlining the truth about the Supreme Court.

    Amy Coney Barrett says the supreme court aren’t ‘partisan hacks’. Oh really?
    Never mind the court’s wildly rightwing bent and secretive ‘shadow docket’ – or Barrett’s refusal to recuse herself from a case involving a fossil fuel giant that employed her father


    Breyer issued a similar muddled liberal version of this nonsense, and the Court’s ever-miniscule intellect, Clarence Thomas, said the same.

    Once you stop thinking of these things as sacred texts, their idiocy becomes clear.

    The states are also a damaging and incoherent anachronism. They bear little resemblance to the actual social and economic structure of the country, Duplication, waste, incoherence, places where backwardness can thrive.

    Some 80 million non-voters agree.

    A majority said they believe it makes no difference who is elected president and that things will go on just as they did before. Two-thirds agree, for example, that voting has little to do with the way that real decisions are made in this country; they are 21 points more likely to say so than people who voted.

    They are correct.

    Here, from a foreign policy expert


    Putin realized that despite the lofty rhetoric that flowed from Washington about democratic values and liberal norms, beneath the surface, the United States was beginning to resemble his own country: a place where self-dealing elites had hollowed out vital institutions and where alienated, frustrated people were increasingly open to populist and authoritarian appeals. The fire was already burning; all Putin had to do was pour on some gasoline. […] The polarization of American society has become a national security threat, acting as a barrier to the collective action necessary for combating catastrophes and thwarting external dangers. (Fiona Hill at Foreign Affairs)

    Once the GOP voting apartheid laws go into effect, only a minority of voters will accept the outcome of any election their side loses.

    No one can vote against the interests of the corporate oligarchy, both “parties” are totally bought-and-sold.

    There are no peaceful options available for necessary change.

    1. I fear you are right…about everything and especially about “There are no peaceful options available for necessary change”…emphasis, on”peaceful.” Unless a significant number cohere together with steely purpose and intention fueling creative strategic action to fasten themselves irrevocably to the results they want to see materialize. Energy for the creation of the “new system” as distinct from being against what is. The intensity of energy required must match and exceed the value of corporate payoffs of legislators et al. This is a matter of shattering the crystallization of status quo mind maps. Family therapy works because the intervention is done by someone outside the family system, someone not trapped by and in the distortions of the family group mind, someone with a broader, deeper scope of reality. Why wouldn’t the same theory apply to changing the organization of our predominant system? I read somewhere only a single protein remains of the caterpillar in the “systems” of the butterfly – all other structures have been transformed. Perhaps, there’s a butterfly expert among the readers here who can give us a more complete image of the processes involved – to spur creative thought at minimum.

    2. I just got this “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!” What I tried to post was in no way a duplicate. In fact it was very different. This cancellation “failure” infuriates me…enough so that I don’t feel like adding my contribution – it’s disrespectful and undermines good faith in this substack.

    3. If, indeed, it has made “no difference” – as to whom is elected, it is because we have insisted on electing the same ole, same ole, time after time – when we have other better choices and refused to vote for ’em – we got what we voted for – if we want something different, we have to vote for it …

  31. Curious, not a single mention of the brain addled man the dems offered up to voters for president.

  32. It seems as though the old dictum of “those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it” runs rampant in our society. The neo-liberal model crammed down our throats by the likes of Reagan and Thatcher, and swallowed whole by our clueless politicians has been a colossal failure for the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, that same model has been a resounding success in its war on education. The gutting of our once vaunted system of learning by both parties has left us with a population unable, or unwilling, to see the spots of the Leopard eating them alive.

  33. Sad irony that Nader invokes Truman, a man who set this nation on the awful course, upon which we suffer today, whereby the government is justified to lie to the public, because well it has grand projects that would not be popular if they were stated in plain terms.

    The Truman Doctrine is a root cause of our modern overseas troubles. It’s the precursor to neoconservatism and world finance neoliberalism’s love of war. It’s also the dealer of the military industrial complex job creation heroin, on which American is hooked. In what little history I have read (sarcasm) Truman is a disaster for human progress, whether or not he started a couple programs. He loosed the American Wild West Cowboy on the Planet riding Red Scare, at exactly the moment in history when nobody could do a damned thing about it.

    It’s Truman’s naive and paranoid view of the world outside the US that gave rise to the religious fundamentalist bigots the Dulles Brothers operating the CIA as a clandestine US Gov. Murder Incorporated, establishing in bureaucratic bedrock American Imperialism and hegemony. The result was endlessly rationalized pornographic levels of defense spending, overthrow of legally-elected governments and non-stop military actions of choice. Truman epitomized Bertrand Russell’s warning that, “Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear.”

    Who Nader should have invoked is Henry A. Wallace, FDR’s VP during WW2, who was pushed off the 1944 ticket by yes you guessed it, right wingers in the Democrat Party.

    The saying goes, “When all you own is a hammer everything looks like a nail.” When all you own is a narrow mind and a sense of your own national exceptionalism, every other nation on Earth looks like prey. This is America in the 1950s, a racist, bigoted, self-righteous place with zero sense of world history or respect for the dreams of people who did not look like us. The American public are still paying Wall St, to relieve us from Truman’s folksy paranoia. P.S. Disclaimer: I voted for Ralph, I say today it was the only worthwhile Presidential vote I ever cast in 45 years of going to polls.

  34. Exactly right. The Democrats are totally useless. There are exceptions (Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley Rashida Tlaib) within the party, but they get (increasingly) little attention.

  35. I agree with Ralph Nader’s depiction of Democrats as pusillanimous corporate-controlled losers, but not with the notion that the GOP are “Trumpian lackeys”; rather Trump is the perfect embodiment of the GOP’s fascist tendencies. He is more the lackey of the Right, even with all his bluster.

  36. I agree with every word you say except calling the GOP “Trumpian.”

    No, this is the same old Republican Party that has existed forever, long before Donald Trump was even born. This is the Republican Party that has wanted to repeal the New Deal since the year it was passed, to bring us back to the halcyon days of laissez-faire economics of the 19th century. This is the Republican Party that has wanted to repeal Roe vs Wade since the day it was passed.

    They haven’t changed.

  37. Idiots talking politics. Do you really want to support either party? There is no political solution.


    Arm yourselves, it is being embraced by tens of millions who have done so already. The powers have a world population goal of 500 million by 2025. Vaccines, world war, internment camps, famine.

  38. I’ll never understand Ralph’s insistence that the reason the DNC “can’t” take on the Republicans is because it’s incompetent, or tired, or confused, or whatever. No! They’re not incompetent, tired nor confused; they’re flat-out corrupt! All these decades and Ralph has yet to fully realize this.

    I used to listen to his Radio Hour show. During the Trump years, every week he was blasting Trump whether the topic was him or not. It’s a derangement syndrome, a near hysteria many times. But when Biden gets elected (after breaking every campaign promise mind you), he went right back to civil issues. Where was his obsession with the lying, corrupt, cheating, cruel, sexual predator Biden? Or his weekly hammering on the intensely corrupt, Wall Street over Main Street Nancy Pelosi? Or blasting The Squad for their chronic failures? Or AOC’s enormously tacky photo-op at the Met Gala?

    Ralph is normally a master at identifying problems and articulating them, when it comes to civil issues. But his take on the Democrats and why they’re the way they are is naive to say it politely. His approach to the Republicans is entirely different than his approach to the Democrats and it shouldn’t be. I got to the point I couldn’t listen to him anymore.

    1. Oh, no great love for Biden — “Ralph Nader is not going to be welcome anywhere near the corridors,” Joe Biden told the NYTimes back then. “Nader cost us the election.”

      What that oft-cited factoid leaves out are the inconvenient truths laid out by Jim Hightower in Salon way back when, including the fact that only about 24,000 registered Democrats voted for Nader in Florida, whereas about 308,000 Democrats voted for (wait for it…) Bush! Further, approximately 191,000 self-identified “liberals” voted for Bush, as opposed to the fewer than 34,000 who went with Nader.

      The conventional thinking goes like this: Nader voters lean left and Gore is to the left of Bush, therefore votes for Nader would have gone to Gore. But leftist academic Tim Wise pushed back on this summation in 2000, writing that “Exit polls in Florida, conducted by MSNBC show that Nader drew almost equally between Gore, Bush, and ‘None of the above,’ meaning his presence there may have been a total wash.”

    2. People I respect told me to vote for Hillary, otherwise I’d be voting for Trump. I didn’t vote for either because Stein was the best candidate, voted for her. Same people told me I’d better vote for Biden. I asked why would I vote for a war monger and wrote in Tulsi Gabbard. Darned if I’ll ever vote for a bad person. It’s NOT a case of the better of two evils. I won’t vote for either evil. What Nader has not grasped yet is the Democrats and Republicans are exactly the same, both rotten. The Republicans let it all show, while the Democrats pretend to be better but aren’t.

      1. Well said. The Republicans are cynical while the Democrats are insidious. In other words, the only difference is stealth. But even then it’s not that great of one.

      2. And, Rob Roy, you know the real world could give a shit about Gringos and Yankees, and their hurt feelings tied to lesser evilism. Really, Rob Roy.

        For Example — real people in the service of their people!

        quoting, https://thesaker.is/chinese-foreign-ministry-spokesperson-zhao-lijian/

        Here is some information from China, as to how China sees the US/NATO. This is the very clever and eloquent Zhao Lijian, one of the spokespeople from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

        There are two specifically interesting questions that he answers in this presentation. The one is on the visit to China, specifically Xinjiang, by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet. In her post-visit presser, she explained that she was free to go wherever she wanted, her visit was not coerced or managed in any way, and she could speak to whoever she wanted to speak to. Of course, this is not how the visit was portrayed in the western press. Take a look at how Zhoa Lijan takes down the western message, spelling out the hypocrisy factually and in detail.

        The second very interesting answer is to a question on the Biden visit and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken yet again speechifying that China poses “the most serious long-term challenge to the international order” and that the US “must defend and reform the rules-based international order”.

        Drawing attention to the precision of the answer, here is a partial quote: “This speech misrepresents facts with a long list of lies. The attacks on China mirror exactly what the US has been doing. It is no other than the US that poses “the most serious long-term challenge to the international order”. The “rules-based international order” it touts is actually the “US rules-based international order”, a hegemonic order to dominate the world with the house rules of its clique. Last week my colleague already responded to the speech. Today I would like to take this opportunity to further reveal the hypocrisy of the US by debunking some of its lies and fallacies with facts and figures.

        To start, the US has zero reverence for the international order underpinned by the UN Charter and international law. Throughout its over two-century-long history, the country has only witnessed 16 years free from war. It is the largest source of disruption threatening the international peace and stability and the greatest destabilizing element in the international order. The US claims that it will defend “concepts like self-determination, sovereignty, the peaceful settlement of disputes” enshrined in the UN Charter. However, it always says one thing and does another. As William Blum pointed out in his book America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy, since the end of World War II, the US has attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments and grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries. According to a report by the Brown University, since 2001, the US-waged wars and military operations in the name of counter-terrorism have claimed over 800,000 lives and turned more than 20 million people into refugees in countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria alone.

        Take a look at what is important and topical in China.

        Zhao Lijian: At the invitation of the Chinese government, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet visited China from May 23 to 28. China believes that this visit has enhanced understanding and cooperation, and clarified misinformation. After meetings and talks, conversations and field trips in Guangzhou and Xinjiang, the High Commissioner had a deeper understanding and recognition of China’s path for human rights development, and had first-hand experience of Xinjiang’s reality with social security and stability, sound and sustained development and people’s well-being.

        All lies and rumors related to Xinjiang have fallen apart in front of facts and truth. But as the saying goes, “You cannot wake up someone who is only pretending to be asleep.” Turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the facts and truth about Xinjiang, the US rehashed the false claims that had already been debunked countless times in an attempt to smear and attack China. Ridiculously, this time they made up new lies that China has restricted and manipulated the visit. In fact, all the activities and arrangements of High Commissioner Bachelet during her stay in China were decided in accordance with her will and based on full consultation. The High Commissioner also said at the press conference that she had unsupervised and extensive meetings during the visit. Where is restriction and manipulation to speak of? Look no further than the US to find the one trying to manipulate this visit. It is the one and the same US that was most vocal about the High Commissioner’s visit to China at first, imposed various kinds of conditions for the agreed visit, and ultimately attacked and slandered the visit after it was made. This once again proves that the US does not care about human rights conditions whatsoever. What it really wants is to use human rights as a pretext to constantly denigrate China and hold it down. Such hypocrisy and political scheme of the US has long been seen through by the whole world.

        By contrast, the human rights conditions in the US are like “the emperor’s new clothes”. The recent mass shooting at a school in Texas is particularly heart-wrenching. The right to life of ordinary people, including children and teenagers, cannot be guaranteed. I’d like to share some figures with you. Since 2001, the US waged wars or conducted military operations in about 80 countries in the name of counterterrorism, which killed more than 800,000 people including about 300,000 civilians. The US set up black sites like the Guantanamo Bay prison across the world, where people are arbitrarily detained without trial for long periods of time and subject to torture and ill treatment. Racism in the US is deeply entrenched and racial minorities like African Americans and Asian Americans have to live with systemic racism. Shutting eyes to grave human rights violations at home, what rights does the US have to act like a patronizing judge and interfere in other countries’ affairs? We ask the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to conduct investigations into and submit reports on US’ human rights problems.

  39. The only thing the Democrats have accomplished is stopping Bernie Sanders. I believe they are working with the Republicans.

  40. After I ran for office in Maine in 2012, I realized how ineffectual the Democratic party had become. I ran in a rural Republican district which covered many square miles. However, the party gave the vast majority of financial assistance to the larger communities in this rural area. Since 1968, it appears the Dems have neglected the rural areas & given those areas to the Reps so they can concentrate on urban voters. Since the US senate is not a representative body (60 members represent 14% of the population) & the Presidency is determined by the Electoral College (both Rep presidents in the last 20 years didn’t win the popular vote), the Supreme Court has been taken over by Republican conservatives. The Dems will not control those 2 branches of congress until the realize their mistake. I have left the Democratic Party & moved to the more progressive Green Independent Party.

  41. No democrat or republican politician achieves any significant position without proving loyalty to the globalist agenda.

    Let me make it very clear. Those people who have ruled America, as well as most leaders of every nation, have been intelligent. Most are lawyers, and in the United States, all were Christians, and virtually all were also freemasons. They all made false promises. They all have seemed to make mistakes or could not seem to find good solutions to various problems and difficulties. Read the editorial and opinion pages of newspapers, especially intellectual ones like the NY Times, where you will find educated and credible solutions to many of these challenges, more equitable than the ones the politicians offer. These op-eds always seem to think that they are more intelligent than our “well-intentioned” but “mistaken” leaders. That impression is mistaken. Our leaders are not making mistakes. They are very intelligent. They are deliberately and intentionally using clever deceptive wording in legislation for their profit and to serve evil purposes. They are convincing actors pretending to have the public’s interests as their own. They serve an evil entity, and most people don’t want to believe that. Let me make something clear. A genius can act, and they can act stupid, confused, ignorant, caring, and innocent. An ignorant or less intelligent person cannot appear intelligent, nor can they act convincingly. That is what the difference is. Think on that.



    1. @MIchael Lewis Kahn
      I agree. I really hate it when people call politicians “stupid” when in fact they’re doing exactly what they intend. They’re evil and unevolved, not stupid.

  42. People haven’t voted for them because they AREN’T on the ballot. I am in Kentucky and had to write in Howie Hawkins in the 2020 election.

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