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George W. Bush Condemns the ‘Unjustified and Brutal Invasion of Iraq’ in Telling Slip

"Nothing will erase the memory of war criminal George W. Bush laughing—yes, laughing—about his grievously apt slip of the tongue."
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By Jake Johnson | Common Dreams

Former President George W. Bush on Wednesday inadvertently condemned “the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq” as he delivered remarks criticizing Russia’s assault on Ukraine.

Recognizing the slip, Bush—who in his memoir described the catastrophic Iraq invasion, which he launched in 2003 under false pretenses, as “eternally right“—quickly brushed it off with a chuckle and blamed his age.

“I mean of Ukraine,” Bush told an audience gathered in Dallas. “Iraq, too. Anyway. Seventy-five.”

Much of the crowd appeared to get a kick out of the 43rd president’s blunder, laughing as he moved on with his speech.

“I’m not laughing,” Mehdi Hasan said in a brief MSNBC segment Wednesday night. “I am guessing nor are the families of the thousands of American troops and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who died in that war.”

Journalists, activists, researchers, and ordinary Iraqis have struggled for years to document and articulate the horrifying extent of the destruction caused by the invasion, which the Bush administration carried out with the approval of both chambers of Congress.

Death toll estimates vary widely—ranging from hundreds of thousands to more than a million—and countless Iraqis were wounded and displaced by the invasion and accompanying bombing campaigns, which have had lasting effects on the country and its people. Thousands of U.S. troops are still in Iraq, nearly two decades later.

“Stuff happens!” Donald Rumsfeld, Bush’s defense secretary, said flippantly in April 2003 as reports of mass chaos and civilian deaths rolled in. “And it’s untidy. And freedom’s untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes. And commit crimes and do bad things. They’re also free to live their lives and do wonderful things and that’s what’s gonna happen here.”

Bush, Rumsfeld, and other members of the administration have been called war criminals over the invasion and occupation, a label that observers repeated in response to the former president’s comments Wednesday.

Spencer Ackerman, a journalist who has reported from Iraq, wrote on Twitter late Wednesday that “it’s hard to get past the nihilistic evil of killing hundreds of thousands, making millions into refugees, and turning it into stand-up to defuse the awkwardness of your hypocrisy.”

The peace group CodePink added that “nothing will erase the memory of war criminal George W. Bush laughing—yes, laughing—about his grievously apt slip of the tongue.”


  1. Darn darn darn. All those war criminals, from West Pointers, MIC, media, state department, others, and every single POTUS and their congressional and senatorial troops. Economic sanctions. Oh, the war criminals, and it’s all just a har-har-har joke mother you know what society.

    Something pretty disgusting the entire Western morass.

    Bush Baby or Ray-gun or Carter or Nixon or LBJ or Clinton or George HW or Obama or Trump or Biden . . . . . Criminals, the lot of them! So it makes sense more senile folk say more insane things and it just runs off their backs like DDT infused water!

    May they all die slow painful deaths? Asking too much? Not printable here at Scheer Post?

    They are all money laundering systems, including now, Ukraine!

  2. Although it will be of little consolation to the surviving relatives of the countless number of people that have never had a personal stake in the prosecution of the barbaric cruelty of war, it has to be repeated that these craven warmongers are also congenital liars. A perfect illustration of this can be found by going to Ray McGovern’s web site, where you will find him facing up to Donald Rumsfeld presenting him with statements he (Rumsfeld) made earlier but now denies, in respect of decisions made which led up to the Iraq war. It is that great lie of innocence and moral superiority upon which not only is this whole edifice of deceit is constructed, but also the oratory employed in justifying it. At least Pompeo was telling the truth when he said “We lied, we stole, we cheated”. If the offspring of these corrupt elites were required to be conscripted into the prosecution of these wars, we would quickly see an end to all this corporate funded, organised mass murder. The good people of all nations are exhausted by all the greed, vanity, lying and corruption that comprises this noxious cocktail of iniquity. Whilst we must continue to hope that it will not have to be brought to an end by the extinction of life on earth, we can have no doubt that there are those so possessed by evil who would countenance such an outcome. And in their righteousness, they will claim it is done in the name of god.

    1. Beautifully stated, Mr. Holland. Hope you don’t mind I copied and shared with as many groups as I could without using your name, but with quotation marks.

    2. This is a commonplace that unfortunately, even if put to the test, would not hold up – “If the offspring of these corrupt elites were required to be conscripted into the prosecution of these wars, we would quickly see an end to all this corporate funded, organised mass murder.”
      They would, like Bush, find the least risky and most prestigious positions in the military, regardless of qualifications.

      1. RIP William Blum,

        William Blum: I don’t think US foreign policy will change at all, regardless of who is in the White House, Bush or Clinton, or who else is running. Our policy does not change… I can add Obama to that. It wouldn’t even matter which party it is, Republican or Democrat, they have the same foreign policy.

        SS: Why do you think it’s the same policy for both parties? Why do you think they are not different from each other?

        WB: Because America, for two centuries has had one basic, overriding goal, and that is world domination, at least from 1890s if not earlier, one can say that. World domination is something which appeals to both Republicans and Democrats or Liberals or Conservatives. The idea that we’re the exceptional nation and have something very important to impart to the rest of the world, our marvelous values, American exceptionalism… Each party believes in that very strongly. They don’t argue about that at all, except through their campaign debate, they’ll take certain opposing views just to appear different. But, in power, they have the exact same policy – world domination.

        SS: Now back in 2009 President Obama made it clear that the missile shield in Europe would no longer be necessary if the threat from Iran was eliminated – and nuclear deal with Iran was struck. Now, historic deal is close, but NATO is saying there will be no change in missile shield plans – why not?

        WB: Because NATO shares America’s desire to dominate the world. NATO is just an arm of the U.S. foreign policy, there’s no point actually in making a distinction between US foreign policy and NATO policy – they are the same. If US were not in NATO, NATO would not exist. US founded NATO, US is its main supporter and financial source, there’s no distinction between US and NATO, and they share the same view of American world domination. So, it doesn’t matter whether Iran is doing this or that – they know that Iran is not a lover of an Empire, and anyone who’s not a lover of the Empire has a short life span. Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, whatever. That is the test, do you love Empire or not.


    3. ey, at ye, @bernie
      fuck the past… i mean it can be learned from, but no one ever does it seems……
      ye noticed some wee mass-murder going on in, err, UKRAINE? care to share yer philosophical musings on dat? no? did not think ye would,,,, shilling for those who do the shelling?

  3. I agree with Glenn Greenwald, the universe rarely delivers a tongue slip of such perfection. Indeed it may be the greatest slip of the tongue ever. Delivered by the only human other then Joe Biden who would be capable of it. I revel as I drown in the Empire of Lies.

    1. if ye speak truth ye need not drown… participation in the empire of lies is BY CONSENT, ye hear me? invasion of UKRAINE just as evil and brutal and unnecessary as that of IRAQ. is what Dubya said. for once, possibly the first time ever, i concur with da bastard…..but ye don’t? in yer feeble mind, da invasion of Ukraine good, Iraq bad? selah!

    2. All the while the FBI was preparing an ISIS plotted assassination.
      Shrub Bush knows how it works behind the curtain.
      No wonder he’s nervous.
      Paint us a “pitcher”, Dub.

  4. Let’s cluck over another news story about another scandalous slip revealing more than the usual PR from crime bosses of the state on its way down the memory hole with all the rest while these creeps keep laughing all the way to the bank.

  5. Unaccountable, unprosecuted, unrepentant war criminal, pure and simple.

    1. @force of haveit: ye speak of putin? hitler? stalin? pol pot? assad? menacing begin? netanyahooooo? bush? ye need to work on being specific! there be a wealth of unprosecuted SOBs, sad as it were…

  6. They say that people get the government they deserve. When are WE going to do something about this? And I’m not, like many commenters on the Internet, saying, “Oh, somebody (else) needs to do something about this”; I’m naming names: the American people. We can’t expect that a flock of heavenly beings (or whatever) are going to descend to the US and do it for us. Machiavelli described what happens to people who want someone else to do their job for them.

    Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary and read From Dictatorship to Democracy the book by Dr Gene Sharp. This is how I’m trying to organize the people to stand up and fight.

    1. @Susan, mercurial ye might be, but kindly try to understand that the parents of kids killed by the illegal, immoral, cruel, unnecessary, colonial war on Ukraine have somewhat more pressing issues than yer musings on whether we have the government we deserve to have….[no doubt with trump in charge this would have never happened, RIGHT?]. cause, in case that weren’t clear, them have a WAR they don’t deserve..like, ye have any of yer kids killed by indiscriminate russian shelling lately? i did not think so…but do wax on…

  7. “The good people of all nations are exhausted by all the greed, vanity, lying and corruption that comprises this noxious cocktail of iniquity.” One would hope so (I used to hope so) however, in the US, we continue to vote for the R’s or D’s (have essentially made third parties illegal / impossible) and fall for their brand of BS, while expecting a different result that will never be realized. It’s the same old shit-show again and again and again . . . Amen !

    1. @johnr,: if only the folks in UKRAINE could have yer luxury of idle musing about ’tis damn rotten world, but them dealing with, like, DEATH from shells and missiles…
      but don’t ye fucking dare say AMEN when ye are waxing idly whilst there be CHILDREN dying in Ukraine during yer practice of yer empty rhetorical self-pleasure..
      AMEN be a sacred word , ye hear me?

  8. OK, so Bush screwed up again and mis-spoke — I / we expect him to – and we can laugh at him. What isn’t funny is the political record of 44 – a smart and well-spoken POTUS, that to this day, seems to elude any criticism from his true Blue supporters – I don’t think his record is funny at all.

    1. If you’re talking about Obama, you obviously haven’t been reading much here, or at places like the WSWS, CounterPunch, Consortium News, etc. etc. etc.

    2. JohnR: yer talent for making false statements is astonishing… Dubya did not “mis-speak” , no he acknowledged that the invasion of IRAQ was just as evil and unjustifiable as the invasion of UKRAINE. [which, incidentally i said first. some months ago….no need to thank me, i am just ANTI-WAR for real…]

  9. Anyone of whom drank liquor for years and near routinely drank to a state of
    unconsciousness, has incurred irreversible brain damage.
    As such, for a mindless sociopath, as evidenced by his alleged brutal treatment and
    torture of animals as a youth (if true) and his whimsical aspiration’s to be a “war
    president ” , in absence any necessity, PARTICULARLY NOW, with a planet armed to
    the hilt, places our entire planet in a state of dire emergency.

    I urge all journalists who care for the fate of mankind to use every opportunity to
    slam and unmask and expose all prospective political operatives of whom ALWAYS
    gravitate to positions of opportunity to exercise abusive power as a means to
    mismanage their mental problems.
    Lets stop ecocide and nuclear Armageddon in its tracks !

    1. ye seriously need to work on yer translating. ..it sucketh!!! big time!!!

  10. Recently, George II stated he didn’t play golf during the Iraq war, concerned the mothers of soldiers seeing him out playing golf while their sons were dying on the battle field. We all noticed him, enjoying himself, sitting on front row stadium seats watching his Texas Rangers playing. Such a travesty!
    It’s past time we joined the International Criminal Tribunal . I believe that would help give us pause before bombing a country.
    Think of the death and illicit destruction under the descriptive “Shock and Awe.”
    George II has taken to painting to help him forget. There is no statue of limitations when it comes to being guilty of war crimes.

    1. “We” aren’t going to get a tribunal any time soon. “They” run things–that is, the Ruling Class and their servants in Congress and the courts. They love Bush.

    2. yeah,@ edwin racine, i concur but wish to mention that while there be no means to make them Iraqi kids who died from an unnecessary brutal illegal war ALIVE AGAIN, there is a window to keep Ukrainian kids from dying… yes, i hear ye, them all NAZI kids, unworthy victims, fuck’m, praise be to putin the magnificent, nazi nazi nazi nato nato nato blah blah blah, but still- THEM KIDS. THEM CHILDREN. not guilty of whatever propaganda ye throw at them… care to mention them in yer next post. like acknowledging them be HUMAN BEINGS? ye have that in yer heart?

  11. For some excellent work concerning the subject of this article (war crimes & crimes against humanity, please read Rebcca Gordan’s ‘American Nuremburg: The U.S. Officials Who Should Stand Trial for POst-9/11 War Crimes’ extremely insightful and well presented.

    1. @mark and oh? correct ye are on the past . now waiting on yer righteous indignation concerning well-documented looting, torturing, raping, murdering done by russian troops and their ‘contractors’ in Ukraine. or ye blind on that eye? why is good eyesight so exceedingly rare on this website?

  12. Human stains, so many tens of millions in USA, UK, Klanada, EU, Australia . . . . Truly. The reality is the Urkaine deal would end, with the Empire of Hate, Lies and Chaos (USA) just tells the ZioLenskyy, nyet, enought. Then neutralize the country, end Nato, and work work work on the global issues of our time.

    In the terrifying opening to his 2020 novel, The Ministry for the Future, Kim Stanley Robinson depicts an intense heatwave in India. In an ‘ordinary town’ in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, people are struggling to cope with unbearable heat and humidity. It is the combination of the two, measured by the so-called ‘wet-bulb temperature’, that is potentially fatal. When it approaches the core body temperature of 36C, sweat cannot evaporate and humans can no longer cool themselves down. Dehydration rises to dangerous levels. Vital organs become seriously stressed, especially the heart. Unless the body temperature is reduced, death follows in a matter of hours.

    In the novel’s opening scenes, there are shouts of:

    ‘Go to the lake! Get in the water!’

    One man shakes his head:

    ‘That water is in the sun. It’s as hot as a bath. It’s worse than the air.’

    Nevertheless, people jump in the lake, hoping it will help. But a catastrophe is unfolding.

    ‘People were dying faster than ever. There was no coolness to be had. All the children were dead, all the old people were dead. People murmured what should have been screams of grief; those who could still move shoved bodies out of the lake, or out toward the middle where they floated like logs, or sank.’

    It is a nightmare vision of what may lie ahead for humanity in the very near future.

    This month, an intense heatwave did indeed hit northern India with temperatures reaching a record high of 49.2C in parts of Delhi. This was the fifth heatwave in the Indian capital since March.


    1. @paul&hater
      me: off grid for twenty-plus years. in other words, me live da solution…
      and ye? shilling for putin’s war… oh please, please, stop looking to others for solutions. be the solution. selah….

  13. Right, the deep Bush, as deep as a slug.

    Lieutenant Colonel Jacques Guillemain: “Ukrainian Soldiers are Entrenched in the Cities”

    Why is the German practice of creating “Festung” – fortress cities with civilians as “human shields” – visible in the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU)?

    Urban warfare is the response of the weak to the strong. It is estimated that in open terrain, the balance of power between the attacker and the defender must be 3 to 1 to ensure victory. But it increases to 6 or 10 to 1 in an urban war. An exorbitant cost for the attacker. A suicidal option that Putin refused in Kiev. There is no question of conquering the city district by district, house by house. There is no question of razing a city of 2.5 million inhabitants and adding up the civilian casualties, as the enemy does not hesitate to take over inhabited buildings, hospitals and even schools to protect itself from the Russian artillery.

    It is obvious that the Ukrainian army has no chance of resisting the Russian army in a frontal clash in open terrain. The Ukrainians have never carried out any large-scale attacks and have totally suffered the invasion of the first three days of the war. Since then, the front has stabilized over 1000 km long and 150 km wide. The Ukrainians understood that urban warfare was their salvation, and this is what they practice, which explains the destruction in many cities, even if the Russians target only military objectives, not wanting to raze the cities and kill civilians.

    In 1944, Hitler proposed the idea of “Festung” in cities that had operational or strategic importance. The enemy had to occupy these “strongholds” first in order to free up transportation routes for a new offensive. In August 1944, American troops began the siege of the French port of Brest. It was turned into a “Festung” by the German general, Bernhard Ramke, who held the defense for 43 days before surrendering. Many inhabitants of Brest were killed, starved to death or perished under the rubble.

    Can we see a similar military strategy with the Ukrainian army?

    Warfare in the shelter of fortresses has existed since the dawn of time. Messada, Alesia, Constantinople, to name only the most famous sieges. The Middle Ages were built around castles, these fortresses that were most often besieged, waiting for famine and disease to do the work instead of weapons. Therefore, it is understandable that the Ukrainian soldiers are entrenched in the cities. But, we must not forget that the Russians are perfectly informed about the targets to be destroyed. When Ukrainian soldiers hide in a civilian building, it becomes a military target, with the risk of collateral losses. The Russians fear that in the Donbass, the Ukrainians will generalize an urban war like in Mariupol, which would lead to inevitable destruction and civilian casualties.


    1. @paul +hater: yes, the israeli ‘defense’ forces use the same argument…. why, them palestinian ‘terrorists’ hiding out between civilians, those cowards? why them no come out with their sticks and stones [and, yes, kalashnikows] out into the open, where we can hit them with the missiles and helicopters and jets them don’t have? now that would be what WE call a FAIR fight…
      ye ape what the pentagon said about the vietcong, why them cowards hide amongst civilians? yeah, why would the invaded hide? ye have any, i mean ANY, ethical evaluation left? no? did not think so…

  14. It gets worse, or better, with Bush Baby. These Americans are insane. The lot of them!


    Infamous Russian prankster duo Vovan and Lexus received a candid video call interview with George W. Bush by convincing him that he was speaking to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The pranksters have been releasing clips from the interview, revealing Bush’s role in NATO’s expansion, Ukraine’s “mission” against Russia, and more.

    Former president George W. Bush offered some advice to ‘problematic’ former Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili, and confirmed his administration’s work in creating the network of Pentagon-funded biolabs dotting Ukraine in the final two parts of his interview with Vovan and Lexus.
    “You know, he’s a rambunctious boy at heart,” Bush said, after being informed by the fake ‘Zelensky’ that the Ukrainian president had to fire Saakashvili as an advisor over his rampant drug use and exorbitant salary demands.

    1. yeah, @paul&hater, it would be so much better to be ruled by the benign noble PUTIN whose domestic opponents do tend to die in alarming numbers by, err, FOOD POISONINGS? [or shootings – google boris nemtsov, he did not wanna eat his food so they had no choice but to shoot him – i mean, why did he not just eat his food, that troublemaker?]
      so yeah wax on do tell us what a horrible country is Ukraine nazinazinazi blahblah blah except the obscenely zionist JERUSALEM POST stated – and i quote – “Ukraine today boasts the lowest rate of antisemitic sentiment in eastern Europe and probably most of western Europe too.” [end quote] so where is yer nazinazinazi? blahblahblah?
      Ukraine is far from perfect, there be oligarchs hoarding wealth [unlike the USA where wealth is fairly distributed, que no?] but ye have some fake balls presenting Russia as the better country. gentle reminder : if ye, or Hater, uttered the word “war” in russia. to describe the , well, FUCKING WAR currently going on in UKRAINE, why ye could go to prison for 15 years. do test me on this, i’d love to get yer dispatches from a russian prison – still singing the praise of putin, no doubt, cause ye true believers to the core……

      1. Good stuff here,

        Civil government, so far as it is instituted for the security of property, is in reality instituted for the defense of the rich against the poor, or of those who have some property against those who have none at all.

        — Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

        We live in a nation founded within a prevailing story line that characterizes the United States as being an exceptional, enlightened and charitable nation. A nation that is a “beacon of light…in every corner of the globe,” generated by the ethos of the American Dream, based on the values and ideals of liberty, justice, fairness, equality and democracy for all.

        We also live in a nation that was established to be an empire, whereby imperialism and settler colonialism are endlessly justified and promulgated by an underlying cultural narrative which ascribes whiteness to morality, and by extension a nation bestowed with a divine right to lay claim—at will—to the lands, resources and bodies of Black, Brown and Indigenous people. A nation where private property rights are akin to natural rights, therefore framing capitalism, no matter how brutal, with benevolent intent and thus inviolable. These structural foundations, which are rooted within the barbarism of chattel slavery and the brutality of gender oppression, constructed an enduring national culture defined by genocide, dispossession, white supremacy, anti-blackness, heteropatriarchy, misogyny, social inequity and wealth inequality. Over three centuries later, despite significant efforts by resistance movements to transform it, this underlying national culture persists; entwined within an era where mass surveillance, mass incarceration, unprecedented wealth inequality and unending militarism are perversely justified as imperatives to preserve freedom, democracy and the mythical “American Dream.”

        The contradictions between the nation’s mythologies and actual practices are inherent to—and effectively serve to preserve—the cultural, political and economic foundations of the United States. They are indicative of a nation that was founded by an opulent minority of white men who believed that they alone had a God-given right to freedom and prosperity and thus constructed the structural means to protect their wealth and power from a dispossessed demos and to justify the subjugation and exploitation of entire groups of people. Their design for the new nation was based on what economist Joseph Stiglitz refers to as the “interplay between ideologies and particular interests.” As such, the white supremacist and patriarchal ideologies of the wealthy, slave-owning Christian men who founded the nation were fused with free market ideology, the engine for the emerging interests of industrial capitalism. Within this design and from the outset, the founders intended for government to serve as the executor of these violent and undemocratic ideologies and interests.

        As many political, legal, and history scholars have acknowledged, the U.S. Constitution was constructed to be an ideological and legal document intended to secure the interests of the virtuous and enlightened gentry who—like royalty—considered themselves to be ordained with a natural right to rule the nation in perpetuity. The founders’ declarations and ensuing constitution promoted an overriding myth or “origin story” that defined the new nation as a unified whole, engaging in a virtuous republican mission whereby, according to John Adams, “all men, rich and poor, magistrates and subjects, officers and people, masters and servants, the first citizen and the last, are equally subject to the laws.” Democracy was therefore (falsely) equated with the ideology of republicanism, whereby the nation’s citizenry was promised equal rights under the law and the inalienable rights to liberty. It is within this context that individual sovereignty and private property were intended to be protected, according to John Adams, from the “tyranny of the majority” (i.e., the “mob rule” of a direct democracy).


        Foundation to the racist Amerikkka!

  15. But we are an Empire, what ever we want, we get… Legal or not, then make no apologies or accountability.
    Dubya giggles and makes light of millions of Browns damaged, destroyed, or displaced into Europe but that’s their problem now isn’t it.

    It’s nothing new, we had lots of practice in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos.

    The Iraq War was 100% approved and supported, especially by our media, only B. Lee objected and she was regarded as a traitor.

    Our wars are great and fantastic for our economy, arms manufacturers, weapons production, Pentagon budgets, lobbyists for M I complex, and of course our politicians who receives funding from these war profiteers.

    Iraq does not matter to majority of Americans as they are not blonde, blue eye Ukrainians, just as Buffalo ‘s Tops supermarket shooter was peacefully arrested whereas Blacks are routinely killed in ordinary traffic stops.

    Why should we treat Browns/Yellows thruout the word any different from our own Blacks???
    We are an Anglo-American Empire that must be supreme, so get over it or cry about it or counter it as best you can.

    How ever America could self destruct into civil war and split up the nation this century as the Red-Blue divide, and Urban – Rural divide is very worrisome.
    … Or the numerous mass shootings will decimate American strength.

    1. Civil War? Come on. Mask up, vaxx up, hit the ER, Ma’am!

      Quit monkeying around!

      So, what’s going on here? Why does the Pentagon have over 300 bio-labs spread around the world conducting secret gain-of-function research on pathogens that pose a clear threat to all of humanity? And why has the Pentagon partnered with notorious elites whose links to the eugenics, depopulation and climate movements suggest the research may be shaped to a particular strategic agenda that could involve significant casualties?

      And what if Monkeypox is not, in fact, a natural occurring virus but merely the next phase of a relentless war on Constitutional government, individual freedom and the basic institutions of modern civilization? Perhaps, we are being prepared for a different civilization altogether, a civilization in which all of our decisions will be made for us by enlightened elders, corporate stakeholders and well-meaning philanthropists. Is that possible?

      It’s certainly worth thinking about.


    2. also, there be a colonial war on Ukraine, imposed by some other EMPIRE . ye blind in that eye, so methought i help ye out, mate…

    3. yeah, @paul&hater, it would be so much better to be ruled by the benign noble PUTIN whose domestic opponents do tend to die in alarming numbers by, err, FOOD POISONINGS? [or shootings – google boris nemtsov, he did not wanna eat his food so they had no choice but to shoot him – i mean, why did he not just eat his food, that troublemaker?]
      so yeah wax on do tell us what a horrible country is Ukraine nazinazinazi blahblah blah except the obscenely zionist JERUSALEM POST stated – and i quote – “Ukraine today boasts the lowest rate of antisemitic sentiment in eastern Europe and probably most of western Europe too.” [end quote] so where is yer nazinazinazi? blahblahblah?
      Ukraine is far from perfect, there be oligarchs hoarding wealth [unlike the USA where wealth is fairly distributed, que no?] but ye have some fake balls presenting Russia as the better country. gentle reminder : if ye, or Hater, uttered the word “war” in russia. to describe the , well, FUCKING WAR currently going on in UKRAINE, why ye could go to prison for 15 years. do test me on this, i’d love to get yer dispatches from a russian prison – still singing the praise of putin, no doubt, cause ye true believers to the core……

    4. @keithmac: yeah, and when ye’re done gazing yer [our] navel do let’s talk about kids dying in UKRAINE, shall we? i mean some of ’em ain’t dead yet, so there be chance to change trajectory?

  16. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that while Bush II was in office, Darth Vader, aka Dick Cheney, ran foreign policy (and U.S. energy). Bush was more of a figure head than anything. This is not at all to excuse Bush — as president, he was ultimately responsible for U.S. foreign policy — but he was just a partying frat boy whose family told him that he had to do some work and got him some god. I don’t think that Bush II really cared about anything except not losing out on the family fortune and maybe not pissing off his family. Cheney, on the other hand, is one of the most evil people on the planet, if not THE most evil. That’s where our focus should be regarding all this.

    1. why, Jeff, unexpectedly we find ourselves united again on considering dick cheney in the top three of most evil people ever. imagine that!!!

  17. Liz, however, [given she started out in the dumps] is taking some baby steps towards becoming a human being, though.

  18. hear me,hear me, oh all ye shills… george dubya done confessed the invasion of Iraq was a a brutal, unjustified invasion. at long last. i meself be saying this since day one… cause anti-war i am, for real,…
    so, ye shills, ye noticed that him say JUST LIKE PUTIN WAR ON UKRAINE, it were unjustified? JUST LIKE?
    so if Dubya can confess to IRAQ being unjustified, err, ye gonna lag behind a BUSH? meaning ye won’t, for crying out loud, timidly, cautiously, cowardly, finally, over-due admit that the invasion of Ukraine with da rapes, da torture, da looting, da murder, why all dat justified cause of nazinazinazi putin have his period-him done put down red line natonatonato blah blah blah? kids are dying in UKRAINE, not russia, kids that ain’t got shit to do with nothing, kids who just want to live?
    while – looking at ye, JEFF, maintaining ye are ANTI-WAR?
    right now, a BUSH is more honorable than ye. if that don’t shame ye, nothing will…
    @paul&hater, do respond! please do! riddle me why Ukrainian kids deserve to die while russian kid s are safe, i can’t wait for yer spin! gimme yer wisdom!

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