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Nuland-Pyatt Video Restored to YouTube

The video, with more than 181,000 views, in which top U.S. officials in 2014 discuss changing the Ukrainian government, had been removed from YouTube after more than 8 years.

By Consortium News

A video of a leaked conversation between then Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the then U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, which had been removed from YouTube, has been restored. 

In the video, the two discuss changing the Ukrainian government weeks before the democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovych was violently driven from power.

The video, posted on April 29, 2014 had 181,533 views before it was taken down on Wednesday, was among the most viewed versions of the conversation on YouTube. Eight years worth of viewer comments on the video had also been removed.


  1. Wonder what caused the reversal.
    Internal politics at YouTube?
    Massive complaints?

    Chris Hedges would be an expert of this, but I get the sensation that there’s some kind of internal struggle at the NY Times, between editors and writers with very different political agendas.
    For example, they just did a fantastic exposé of French and US barbarity toward Haiti.
    On the other hand, their Ukrainian “coverage” is untreated State Department sewage, including positive coverage of the Nazi Azov Battalion.

    Left wondering about their internal conflicts.

    1. What’s to wonder about?

      It was obviously another, as Victoria would say “Eff the EU” ‘Kagan-PNAC’ Nuland “Quiet American” EMPIRE deal — with max assistance from AIPAC, DMFI, and Bye Bye Byeden support.

      As the NYC cops on the street say:

      “Keep on walking folks. Nothing to see here”

      Just another little issue for the Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Racist Propagandist Criminal Ecocidal Children-Killing & War-Starting EMPIRE, controlled by the ‘Ruling-Elite’, UHNWI, <0.003%ers, TCCers, arrogantly self-appointed "Masters of the Universe", and "Evil (not-so) Geniuses" [Kurt Andersen], which hides Empire behind their totally corrupted dual-party Vichy-facade of faux-democracy — to cover-up under the grass-clippings.

  2. Thank you, Sheerpost, for notifying us of this. You give me hope for the possibility of true world Democracy.

  3. Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt are a pair of hired guns employed by the US Empire. The problem is there can be no Pax Americana as long as some sovereign states resist.

  4. How did the “right” to determine what happens in Ukraine devolve or accrue to the US? Helping to overthrow President Yanakovych with impunity seems to be regarded as part of that uniquely US characteristic called “exceptionalism”. Now it seems they have President Putin in their gunsights. WW3 is around he corner. Pity.

    1. A snug bungalow has already been prepared for the Zelensky family in Eldorado (a special community near Santa Fe). Once when I was photographing rock art in New Mexico a “retired” CIA couple let me stay at their house there, and they showed me where Pervez Musharraf lived. They said ,”He has a post office box in Dubai,” and laughed. It’s true that if you do a good job, “The Company” will provide retirement, or at least put you in storage until needed again. I expect Ukraine will need a more muscular puppet dictator before long.

      1. RH – I live in Eldorado and seriously doubt that Z will reside here. The only thing special about Eldorado is that it’s an affordable and quiet alternative to Santa Fe. Don’t recall his name now but years ago there was a spy that lived here and left without notice.

  5. One of the great videos that exposes Ukraine regime change by the US. Another is “Biden blocks a billion dollars” (until his son’s prosecutor was fired). We ran that one on The Left Coast recently.
    – Jim

    1. The Nuland conversation of course reveals US control over post coup Ukrainian cabinet appointments and hence confirms confrontational policies US wanted from those people. However not many really and correctly understood why Nuland said: F.. EU.

      What was that EU wanted to do and was dismissed by Nuland with expletive.

      EU and concretely Poland and Germany, signing on to Yanukovitch political agreement with opposition in February 2014 to call for new elections on EU ascension in September 2014, were under wrong impressions of Maidan spectacle thinking that vast majority Ukrainians desperately wanted to join EU and hence snap elections would take care of regime change in Ukraine US and EU desperately wanted in order to weaken Russian political and military position as almost all Russian Navy was based in Crimea.

      That impression was not based in reality.

      Nuland knew that more than half of Ukrainian population are ethnic Russians who actually were supporters of Yanukovitch and already voted for him as a counter balance to Western Ukraine Nazi ideology permeating much of center right Ukrainian politics.

      And hence she knew that Yanukovitch would likely be re elected again and his Party of Regions would gain more parliamentary power.

      So the “democratic path” or “Kiev Spring path” to regime change in Ukraine for Nuland would have been closed if EU curated agreement was to be implemented.

      A coup d’etat was the only way that remained. And the coup d’etat it was. Presidential guard mutinied and CIA infiltrated SBU began hunt for President to charge him with treason and theft of national treasury.

      Yanukovitch fled to Donbas but when he learned that he would be detained at the border crossing with Russia he moved near Russian border east of Kharkov to be picked up by FSB helicopter and transported with his family and two bodyguards to Russia.

      The big question is why Putin did not quickly re installed Yanukovitch to defeat the coup on 2014? Why Yanukovitch did not come back to Donbas that rejected the coup and new Kiev regime and declare Marshall law, suspend parliament, order military back to barracks and dissolve SBU.? Why he did not sign security agreement with Russia allowing Russians to legally enter Ukraine Denazify and demilitarize it?

      Short answer is that Putin hesitated did not want to hurt financial interest of his supporters among Russian oligarchy while he understood imperative of reunification of Crimea with Russia which would’ve been politically difficult if Yanukovitch stayed in power.

  6. i sometimes think there’s something happening on youtube for the better…. maybe wishful thinking.. but a number of times recently I’ve viewed stuff that they would have taken down previously. I think. I hope. I may well be wrong..

  7. The lord giveth, and taketh, then giveth again…and so on and so forth, while captive audiences watch, wait, and die, never having lived, except online.

  8. The guy mentioned called Klitch, or something like that, I believe he was I.D. as a Nazi leader in one of the Oliver Stone docs on Ukraine. Worth checking out. Thanks.

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