Max Jones Media Criticism Original

Corporate Media Hypocrisy Revealed in Buffalo Shooting Coverage

The corporate media's contradictions in covering nazism exposed in Buffalo shooting coverage.

By Max Jones / Original to ScheerPost

In the midst of the news coverage of the horrific May 14 Buffalo shooting by 18-year old Payton S. Gendron, there has been much discourse centered around the dangers of white supremacy and the importance of combating such ideologies. This reaction is understandable; a lone gunman killed 10 Black people in a racially motivated terrorist attack. The call to decipher which ideologies drove this gunman to such vitriolic hatred in order to root out those ideologies is a stance with which most people can at least empathize. 

But the mainstream media has taken a political approach to exposing the ideologies, rather than searching for objective truth. At first, the predominantly liberal media’s unified blaming of the attack on Tucker Carlson appeared reasonable. Carlson for years has alluded to the ideology that most predominantly inspired Gendron’s attack—the “great replacement theory.” Carlson consistently claims the Democratic Party is allowing swarms of undocumented immigrants to enter the country as a way of replacing “legacy Americans” with new “obedient voters” from faraway lands. Connecting Gendron to Tucker seems not only easy, but logical, knowing the main thesis of Gendron’s manifesto is that “White birth rates must change” because whites, or Europeans, as he most often refers to them, are experiencing “ethnic [and cultural] replacement.” 

However, digging deeper into Gendron’s manifesto, it becomes at least questionable whether Carlson had anything to do with inspiring the bigoted and hateful views of Gendron. For one, Gendron makes it clear in a chapter of his manifesto titled “CONSERVATISM IS DEAD, THANK GOD,” that he despises American conservatism and he describes conservatism as “corporatism in disguise,” proclaiming “[he] wants no part of it.” 

Moreover, Carlson is not mentioned once among the plethora of people Gendron lists as having inspired him, while naming instead other mass shooters he believes were combating “ethnic and cultural genocide.” This, and the fact that the great replacement theory has existed long before Carlson, makes his connection to the attack more uncertain than it looks at first glance. 

What we do know from Gendron’s manifesto is that he cites Brenton Tarrant, the 2019 New Zealand mosque shooter who killed 51 people as “the person that radicalized [him] the most.” Tarrant’s inspiration is felt all throughout the document, mostly because the majority of the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto is either directly plagiarized from, or inspired by, Tarrant’s writings. Entire chapters are plagiarized, including almost every major ideological take that Gendron claims. At times he rewords certain parts of Tarrant’s manifesto, usually only to give background information on himself or update a fact that has changed since Tarrant wrote it. Everything from the format of Gendron’s writings, the ideas, to the actual words, are either directly inspired by or taken from Tarrant’s writings. 

The hypocrisy of the media’s coverage of this story, and their weaponization of it to demonize Carlson and Fox News, was exposed in journalist Michael Tracey’s Twitter thread a day after the killings in Buffalo.

He noted TIME magazine’s coverage of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion more than a year ago, describing the battalion’s role in transnational white supremacist networks as “unrivaled,”and as having “no rivals on…its recruiting power.” The TIME piece made it clear that Tarrant spent time in Ukraine, where he was in contact with far-right groups, and that during his mosque attacks he wore a vest with the symbol used in the Azov Battalion’s logo, “The Black Sun.” The symbol was also featured in Tarrant’s manifesto. 

First Image in Tarrant’s Manifesto
Vest Tarrant Wore During the Attack
Azov Battalion Logo

This declaration of the Azov Battalion’s power and influence in global white supremacy, and of the group’s possible influence on Tarrant’s attack, was written before the Russia-Ukraine war, in which the U.S. has been actively providing arms for the Ukrainian military, which includes the Azov Battalion. The mainstream media has been consistently downplaying or omitting the role of Azov in Ukraine, and has even suggested that the paramilitary group is not fascist or neo-Nazi. This is despite claims by the Ukrainian neo-Nazi party leader, Yevhen Karas, that Nazi influence in Ukraine is strong, and his dismissal of the West’s diminishment of Nazis in Ukraine as propoganda: 

Tarrant’s connections to Ukraine are well-documented. In his manifesto, he speaks of being radicalized “Over a great deal of time, and over a great deal of places,” and proclaims, “You will find no reprieve, not in Iceland, not in Poland, not in New Zealand, not in Argentina, not in Ukraine, not anywhere in the world. I know, because I have been there.” 

We also know, according to Andrew Little, the Minster of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, that while Tarrant was in Ukraine “he was making contact with far-right groups.” 

While Gendron’s potential ties to Azov are not nearly as strong as Tarrant’s, both his inspiration from Tarrant, his sporting the Black Sun that Azov uses, and his inclusion of the symbol in his manifesto, are undeniable. 

Gendron wearing the Black Sun:

Black Sun in Gendron’s Manifesto:

Despite this, the Azov Battalion’s connection to Tarrant (and therefore Gendron), and Gendron’s use of the Black Sun, has been almost entirely omitted in corporate news. In the few times the group’s possible connection to the shooting has been brought up, it has only been to denounce any people drawing a connection to Azov as “Pro-Kremlin influencers” seeking to undermine Ukrainian war efforts. Suggesting that there is any connection to Azov’s influence and recruiting power, which again, TIME magazine described as “unrivaled” only a year ago, in the Buffalo shooting, is not a conspiracy, but merely an assumption made through investigation of Gendron’s manifesto and its connection to Tarrant’s manifesto. 

Before the Russia-Ukraine war, making connections to the Azov Battalion’s role in white supremacist attacks like Tarrant’s was noncontroversial. But now, any suggestion that connects the Azov Battalion to the Buffalo shooter, is dismissed as having come from “Pro-Kremlin influencers,” conspiracy theorists, Russian puppets, etc. 

It’s doubtful, but perhaps Gendron has no idea what the Azov Battalion is. Maybe his use of the symbol commonly used by Azov—the Black Sun—as well as his inspiration from the Ukrainian far-right-connected Tarrant, is entirely disconnected from the Azov Battalion. Perhaps Gendron was only influenced by the Azov Battalion indirectly through his idolization of the possibly Azov-connected Tarrant. Or maybe the Buffalo shooter was directly inspired by the Azov Battalion, and his inclusion of the black sun and idolization of Brenton Tarrant roots straight back to the Azov Battalion. The truth is that we cannot know to what degree the neo-Nazi militia influenced Gendron, just as we cannot know to what degree he was influenced by Tucker Carslon, on whom the corporate liberal media was quick to blame for this entire tragedy. 

The question we must ask is this: How—despite neither Carlson nor Fox News being mentioned once in Gendron’s 180 page manifesto, as well as Gendron’s clear disdain for the conservatism Carlson represents—is it accurate to assign Carlson blame for this attack, while the mainstream media has labeled any connection between the shooter’s ideology and the Azov Battalion as pro-Russian propaganda whose only goal is to undermine Ukraine’s war efforts. 

Is it true that those curious enough to look into a possible connection between Gendron and Azov are arms of the Kremlin? Or is corporate media doing a horrible job at presenting all the facts and possible connections of this case? Should we also consider the media’s actions as an attempt to steer the discourse of the tragedy in a direction that is politically/financially advantageous to corporate media, by disavowing any perspectives that are inconvenient to their advertising contracts with BlackRock/defense contractors? 

We cannot know for sure. We can only try our best to decipher the “loosely” connected dots leading to a larger truth—just as we must in discerning the true connection, if any, of Gendron to Tucker Carlson or the Azov Battalion. 

As we focus on connecting the dots in the specifics of any story, we should never lose sight of the macro connections that events have, especially relating to violence, to American culture and government. In the wake of the recent school shooting in Texas, liberal media has used the story to suggest that violence in America is solely an issue of guns, ignoring the shortcomings of states with the most gun control. Conservative media has used the story to suggest that the violence of mass shootings is a problem of “evil,” and not one of guns or systemic failure. 

Both sides refuse to question whether the rot of the American people’s economic security, or the violent culture some believe has manifested through Western imperialism, plays any role in making the United States, and the very few other Western nations that have experienced mass shootings, so unique in regard to the consistency of these violent acts of nihilism. As with the specifics in this individual story, we must give our best effort to connect the patterns of trauma our society endures with the cultural pathologies and systemic structures that make the United States what it is. We might not ever find a direct answer, but the search that confronts even the most ingrained and normalized aspects of our society’s existence is what will bring us closer to the truth.

Max Jones

Max Jones is a student at USC studying communications and screenwriting. He is a staff writer at ScheerPost.


  1. I only glanced at the media reporting surrounding the shooter, so I only saw the Tucker Carlson connection reported. Thanks for looking more closely and pointing out the possible Azov battalion connection.

    I think you’re absolutely right about the deeper roots of these mass shooting tragedies in the alienation and nihilism, injustice and cultural pathology that seems to have been growing slowly for decades, and exploding in recent years.

    1. any web search of “gendron azov” will result in it is now being discussed all over the place. and by “good people on both sides”

  2. With the recent ‘passing’ of any nuclear “Bomb Power” [Gary Wills 2010] , the current power of superior propaganda has become the most powerful destructive weapon on earth and in this worldly Empire:

    Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Racist Propagandist Criminal Ecocidal Child-Killing & War-Starting EMPIRE, controlled by the ‘Ruling-Elite’, UHNWI, <0.003%ers, TCCers, arrogantly self-appointed "Masters of the Universe", and "Evil (not-so) Geniuses" [Kurt Andersen] — which hides Empire behind their totally corrupted dual-party Vichy-facade of faux-democracy.

  3. Oh, such an emblematic piece tied to the A in the United States of Amnesia. As if today, these younger people are somehow “discovering” what the rot of Amerikkka is.

    Some of us have been teaching you all, and some of us have been teaching and journalists.

    We’ve peeled back the simple truths in classrooms and in community meetings, and in planning circles.

    You are what you read: That reality is as messed up as anything — most Americans do not read books. Most Americans have never read a book (quality) of fiction after high school. Most Americans do read the Black Mirror’s pronunciations as they flip from screen to screen. So, after 40 years of illiteracy and functional stupidity, here we are.

    You are what you watch: Well, since we do not read, we do watch. Countless hours a day just in infomercials and blatant PT Barnum crap, in between all the perverse shows, perverse narratives, all those ugly fictional lives or documentaries showing ugly lives. The millionaires run the uncreative Holly-Dirt products, and we know who they are. Weinstein is not an aberation.

    You are what you play: And, if we can’t get through even a half-decent fictional movie or redeemable documentary, then we go for the violent, racists, sexist video games. And there are amazingly dirty and violent ones out there, not just the tepid Grand Theft Auto XX.

    You are what you do: So, all those hours in front of a screen, all those hours and FU Book and TikTok. Even the gilded ones, the Ivy League liberal arts grads, their lives are consumed with virtual life, and they are knowledge (sic) workers moving this piece of shit around that piece of shit.

    You are what you eat and drink and breathe: Well, there have been countless and countless exposes on the toxins, poisons, filth, junk, cancer-causing, fetus-damaging stuff Capitalism feeds the world. From birth to death, cradle to coffin, even during gestation. Hence, we have nervous ticks, amazing amounts of youth with ID-PD-DD, and chronic illnesses on average you can count on two hands by the time Johnny or Juanita get to age 21.

    You are what you hope for: Ahh, the audacity of hope. Imagine that fat lie. Working for Obama. Working for Bernie. Or McCain. Or Trump. Or Biden. All the hope wound up in the poison parties — and these criminals. Again, goes back to you are what you DON’T read. A thousand sources out there that youth could have been tapping into to give a sense of the scoundrels in big business, in government, in politics, in the military-financial-banking-insurance-ag-pharma-ed-prison-legal-education-AI-AR-VR-surveillence complex. All that hope is buttered to let Americans believe they will be the Lottery Winner, that they can flip a California shit home and make a million.

    The lesson goes on and on, until we have these pricks, these undeveloped humans who want to murder, maim, and maul. And then, they watch and listen to the criminals in capitalism, all the freaks like Carson who are multimillionaires for their own stupidity and lack of skills, which defines media and the press or journalism.

    Imagine, how many Jewish people in the Biden family and in the administration who are gung ho about sending the most weapons in one fell swoop EVER to a Jewish Imbecile running (sic) a corrupt, deviant, Nazi-filled country.

    These Ivy Leaguers with priests and rabbis at their beckon call are perversions of humanity, and they are incapable humans, that is, they are not skilled to be part of real communities of place and communities of purpose. They are money grubbers and power hungry Faustians.

    You are what you don’t do, don’t hope for, don’t dream, don’t say, don’t make, don’t believe in. Welcome to Capitalism. USA style.

    1. @paul&hater: oh ye are such miserable shills… in Ukraine, ye cheer on the russian soldiers,, “these undeveloped humans who want to murder, maim, and maul” [yer quote, not mine].who in a medieval way flatten whole cities civilians be damned, ye cannot wait for putin the noble, the great, the merciful to have his victory and the dreams of Ukrainian independence crushed, and then ye pull this stunt where ye cry yer crocodile’s tears over human lives snuffed out in a mass shooting in Buffalo…. ever heard of BUCHA????
      yer hypocrisy is truly sickening…
      why is it that the JERUSALEM POST, which can be accused of many wrongs but not of being ANTI-JEWISH said this, recently, about Ukraine: “Jan 13, 2022 — Ukraine today boasts the lowest rate of antisemitic sentiment in eastern Europe and probably most of western Europe too.”…
      ye miserable shills, Ukraine is not a “Nazi-filled” country, the proof is right in front of ye in the free and fair elections they have had in recent years where nazi parties fared “miserably” and did not get any mandates…. this be historical fact, ye liars….any child can look this up so why try so hard with these stupid lies?
      but go do yer GOEBBELS and repeat a lie ad nauseam hoping it will become a “fact” but to use the existence of Nazis in Ukraine, where yes there are some, just like everywhere else, [even yer noble russia has them,.] – to use this LIE to justify the indiscriminate slaughter of CHILDREN, of the OLD, of non-combatant mothers and grandmothers in the colonial war of aggression in Ukraine, that is a moral low that few nazis have ever reached…. yer soul is truly black, and yer tongue forked. and people see this….they see ye for the corrupt [in EVERY sense] shills that ye are….

  4. This is a very well written piece of work by young Mr. Jones, which will most likely serve him as an aid to thinking through who we are and what we do as humans, ie our human nature, than it will serve readers like myself.

    Readers like myself do not question the value the of mainstream media news, it’s insulting poison. We lend it zero authority, & we don’t watch it, period. We don’t do either/or or have inner struggles over whether or not msm is a vacuous den of lying talking heads. We simply no longer expose ourselves to it’s advertising of artificial positions, we reject it out of hand as a grossly distorted child of entertainment media’s endless effort to dynamite money from the wallets. It’s ways are not worth our time, and certainly not worth our angst. Shut it off and it goes away. It is a real problem that so many do still pay attention to msm, but life is full of problems, and people stare at shiny objects.

  5. Well-done and well- said:

    “we must give our best effort to connect the patterns of trauma our society endures with the cultural pathologies and systemic structures that make the United States what it is.

    We might not ever find a direct answer, but the search that confronts even the most ingrained and normalized aspects of our society’s existence is what will bring us closer to the truth.”

  6. Thank you Max for this does of sanity and to Sheerpost for holding up the memory of what journalism is supposed to be.

  7. Fantastic essay, Max; thank you. The cognitive dissonance of neo-liberals knows no bounds.

  8. It really isn’t complicated at all. A sick and twisted society creates sick and twisted people.

  9. I guess I missed the point of this article. What exactly is the liberal media hypocrisy that is displayed in the coverage of the Buffalo Massacre?

    Who exactly is the “liberal media? Do I guess correctly that the author is referring to just liberal political commentators and not, say, the news desk of the Miami Herald?

    I think we can all agree at this point that we do not know if the Buffalo terrorist even knows who Tucker Carlson or the Azov Battalion are.

    It would have been helpful if the author included some actual quotes of any members of this liberal media he claims are blaming Tucker Carlson for causing the Buffalo massacre and some examples of a conservative media doing a better job.

    I don’t think it is blaming Tucker Carlson for the Buffalo massacre to correctly point out that he and other Fox News commentators have been pushing a replacement theory lite for a long time.

    1. @WDD – thanks for yer post, man, a fresh breath in a dark cellar filled with the stinking verbal flatulence of those whose dogma has drowned out all intellectual curiosity, and who are stuck reciting the same old lies again, and again, and again.. looking at ye, paul &hater…

  10. WDD may be right that Tucker Carlson is a follower of Payton Gendron and not his model. Tucker maybe need to go a little farther east than Hungary and be fraternized with by the true Nazis in Ukraine. They could strip off his preppy duds, tattoo his tender butt and dress him up like GI (gastrointestinal) Joe. Tucker is self-deceiving as well as audience-punking.
    He’s a pendajo.

    1. @redhornyet: methinks it be spelled “pendejo”, but otherwise, am in full agreement with ye. my contempt for tucker the prince of lies “just asking a question here” carlson is limitless….
      i know, first time we agree on something…

  11. The author seems to be trying too hard to suck up to his bosses at Scheerpost by posting yet another regurgitation of the company line. That is to say, never miss a chance to blame the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and their subsequent slaughter of tens of thousands of civilians, on some brigade of half assed nazi-wannabe mercs that Mr Jones is now trying the most convoluted of literary contortions to link to a couple of clearly nihilistic and anarchist kids here in the good ol’ capitalist USA.
    And exactly what do the folks at scheerpost mean by Liberal media? Since there is not a major media outlet in the US that could be called even remotely liberal these days (the two largest, CNN and MSNBC are both center/right, moderate news corporations at best) I’m not sure where you folks are going with it. Let’s face it, outlets like Raw story, DaileyKos, the Nation, even mother Jones, on most days read like a Clinton foundation press release. Even Free Speech Tv features two personalities, Thom Hartman and Stephanie Miller who ride so straight down the middle of the road all they ever see are yellow stripes and dead armadillos.
    While the Clinton and Obama administrations did everything in their power to accentuate the old russkie threat and destabilize Ukraine, and bring back the Cold War, trying to link the actions of a dumb trigger happy kid in Buffalo to that complicated PNAC endeavor is like blaming Bigfoot for killing Jesus.

    1. So, the B in Big B stands for Bigfoot?
      Thanks for the killing.
      Maybe it also stands for Bosses @ Shearing Post.
      (as if there were )
      You’re somewhat incoherent.
      Why are you trying to disassociate obvious connections?
      There’d have to B an unstated agenda.
      Talk to your Bosses.

    2. @BigB… having followed Bob Scheer for a bit, and seen him catch flak from all sides, just recently cause he published a gal named Katarina [methinks] who done dared to say the russian invasion was wrong, and brutal, methinks yer anger is a bit misplaced.
      i recommend pau&hater as a worthy target. just above they called ukraine a ‘nazi-filled’ country quoting the following evidence:. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….[just kidding. them don’t do evidence]

  12. I have been following some podcasts that make a very clear connection between the United States’ ingrained militarism and the uniquely American scandal of mass shootings.
    I have been convinced by their arguments – which never occurred to me before they brought them up – that these two (formerly) separate issues are one and the same way of life. I used to believe that the domestic problem was an issue of gun control.
    We need to confront this American illness more forcefully than we have done in the past.
    “Thoughts and prayers” aren’t working.

    1. Susan Mercurio: The Selling of weapons in a conflict zone follows the same recipe overseas and at home.

  13. ‘what makes America what it is?’…. The straight forward explanation is mostly it is Money.
    Profits from the gun industry is donated to willing politicians who prostitute their power for money, no matter how many kids, folks are murdered.
    The majority of Americans are against mass shootings but over powered by well paid politicians who very much rely on gun lobbyists’ funding for re election. .
    Our forever wars are almost the same, money is the chief motivation for our constant wars. Wars are dreadfully profitable and war lobbyists easily find polit-tutes who are more than willing to go to war for re election donations.
    War heroes and war hawks will always be elected as compared to peace peddlers.
    Big money will buy : “power”, which determines our fate.
    Back in the 1950s, there was not too much – – – money, guns, mass shootings, school shootings, forever wars, and crimes, homeless, graffiti, or hopelessness.
    But we really made new records in these areas now adays and the future looks like more and more new records.
    The greed for Money is a terrific persuader.

  14. The pointing out media hypocrisy on the subject of Ukrainian Nazi connections to violence worldwide is good but it is hardly anything new as such Nazi connections existed before and since WWII ended.

    Until 1955 German children under supervision of Nazi trained teachers read history textbooks where Nazi ideology was taught, Hitler was characterized as a good German patriot a victim of worldwide Jewish conspiracy while death camps and Holocaust were erased, suffering of Germans under Soviet control was exaggerated.

    The Removal of such glaring whitewash of Hitler (while still canceling horror of Holocaust and exaggerating grievances against Soviets) was required condition for 1955 German admission to NATO and final settlement and reparations to state of Israel in the same year paid from Nazis National gold confiscated by US while all US and western reparation claims against Germany were annulled.

    By his own admission author can only offer conjecture a strong hint but in no way any solid criminal justice like evidence of Azov Nazi influence on Buffalo murderer.

    However this is not necessary as ideology is rarely subject to criminal designation except for war tribunals like Nuremberg where if I am correct, first time in history ideology itself was on trial and as a result legal institutions acting upon existing laws, unprosecutable in country courts including courts in countries of victors of WWII were considered as criminal, violating international law and delegalized .

    The key is understanding what Nazism actually is.

    The Nazi ideology was always global in reach and always was a part of slew Fascist ideologies related to imperialism and colonialism worldwide. Roman Empire was an example of modern fascism turned militarism.

    Almost no country in the world except for Germany herself codified Nazi ideology itself as criminal. The Nazi ideology or any other ideology in vast majority of countries was never considered criminal while some legally banned communist ideology.

    There are fascists in almost all countries in the world including Israel and since specific Nazi ideology is Germanic offshoot of global Fascism, there are Nazis everywhere as long as they buy myths of global superior race of Aryan Nation under attack from impure races.

    More correctly Nazis are not necessarily of common visible genetic traits but of common higher state of Aryan consciousness of superior race allegedly ruling ancient world regardless of physical attributes like skin color or physiognomy as long as they have required physical and/or mental strength.

    Even African can be a Nazi as long as he is not completely black black meaning no shred of white race in him. In fact colonialists and Nazi in Africa cultivated racism among Africans what Malcolm X discovered personally while touring the continent.

    Definitely Jews or Arabs could be Nazis as long as they demonstrate ancient Aryan Nation consciousness whatever it conveniently may mean.

    Pure Aryans of Nordic type were still considered inferior genetically mixed race if they did not demonstrate Arian consciousness in practice by… supporting Hitler imperial programs and policies which included future global rule of scientifically “resurrected” pure genetic Arian Nation. Hitler trusted genetic science on that.

    There is unfortunately common confusion spread by media such as mixing right wing nationalism with Fascism or Nazism that are global not national concepts.

    The American fascists which are not automatically white supremacists but in many cases American racially and ethnically agnostic supremacists and that prominently includes neocons, are as imperial as Nazis, claiming American exceptionalism, superior commercial and technological culture and ability to rule over the entire planet of two legged creatures who must be taken care of, told what to do, be controlled and policed for their own good. It is a staple of fascist US foreign policy since its inception in 1789.

    In such context Ukrainian Fascists are pure Nazis following Bandera infatuation with Nazism of Himmler, considering themselves as descendants of Aryan race or, while they recognize that they are genetically mixed, at least they practically demonstrate Aryan consciousness of domination.

    The Volhynia and East Galicia genocide was political and systematic creation of pure nation of Ukrainian Nazis who supposedly show Aryan race consciousness of superior power.

    That’s why this genocide of 250,000+ was a test for Ukrainians if they are able to express their Aryan genes and kill neighbors of inferior races like Jews, Poles, Russians (Rusins) , Hungarians etc., including children without feeling of any human compassion and without any moral judgment that is supposedly alien for superior races.

    Unfortunately about 60,000 of ethnic Ukrainians did not measure up and were put down as much as other inferior races. It was not only about ethnic cleansing but about building Nazi dystopia of Aryan race via genocide.

    Such genocide was being prepared by NATO trained UkroNazis for four millions of People of Donbas which includes 30% of ethnic Ukrainians considered traitors mixed with ethnic Russian inferior race.

    Even considering UkroNazi as some kind of nationalists as merely wanting to build independent democratic nation state, which is what is being taught in schools in Ukraine is simply outrageous lie as UkroNazis are all aggressively imperial, allowing all the nations, including Americans into their Nazi ranks and that’s why they are being funded and helped by the west for their militant antiRussian Nazi hatred.

    German Nazis also enjoyed western support for exactly the same reason.

    However make no mistake if for same miracle they would March to Moscow and get hold of nukes they would, like Hitler, point their power against western weaklings and decadent impure, LGBTQ run west.

    It is clear to me that even if Buffalo murderer never heard about Azov Nazis or other shooters manifestos or even Hitler it is irrefutable that he was driven by Fascist ideology that prays of individual socioeconomically driven desperation and hatred of whatever he considered unjustly thriving inferior people who must be corrected or eliminated as they are supposedly infringing upon lives or even existence of people he thinks he represents like “real” Americans.

    Many on the left are righteously indignant, want to connect mass murders in US to White supremacists, fascists and lacks gun control especially assault rifles clearly designed for murder but connection they quote is highly questionable, rationale weak, solutions nearly nonsensical that hide core reality of violence.

    While American daily massacres are being mostly perpetrated with use of guns, 2nd amendment should be addressed urgently but separately from fascist context as this constitutional law was adopted to serve ruling class interests of nurturing inherent to capitalist system of imperialism social division and violence that is amplified by gun technology.

    The key point is that no violence with guns or without them has no place in civilized equal, equitable and egalitarian society we do not have .. yet and this desperation driven hatred resulting in violence is what’s destroying people.

    Hundreds of thousands were slaughtered by UkroNazis with only very few shot. 99% were butchered with sickles and knifes. We know that banning sickles and knives would not solve anything. Eliminating fascism, organizing peaceful society of caring and sharing would surely do that.

    1. @Kalen, i done tried. looked up yer claim german teachers had to change their textbooks in order for germany’s nato ascension. found nothing…not even in german “musste der deutsche lehrplan geaendert werden fuer nato in 1955” no, that was a fact-free statement, kinda yer trademark…
      let me leave ye with a quote from JERUSALEM POST, known the world over for their anti-jewish views…
      “Jan 13, 2022 — Ukraine today boasts the lowest rate of antisemitic sentiment in eastern Europe and probably most of western Europe too.”
      ye should call them up and help them out since clearly ye know much more about nazis in Ukraine than they do… in a fact-free way, but still,…

    2. The UN tried to deNazify Europe, but the US and Ukraine voted it down.

  15. While you are correct in that mainstream media in the U.S. is not covering the origens of Putin’s claims of Nazism and it’s origins in the Ukraine thoughly enough, the fact that Tucker Carlson is spouting the same crap is very much worth worrying about.
    Most radicals in the U.S. aren’t world travelers. Most get their misinformation FROM FOX “NEWS”.
    While a society cannot blame an individual for a group’s actions, or assign guilt randomly and servive, we must not overlook FOX’s role in this terrible scourge of nationalism and racism.
    This may be the wrong moment to Blame Tucker, his removal is OVERDUE.

    1. @Joe Smith
      How much does the Democratic Party pay you to post this BS here? ALL mainstream, corporate, or establishment media is propaganda, not just FOX. And Tucker Carlson is the best of them because he challenges U.S. foreign policy and has advocated for the release of Julian Assange. So you’re totally full of it bub.

  16. “At first, the predominantly liberal media’s unified blaming of the attack on Tucker Carlson appeared reasonable.”

    Utter and complete bullshit! Stating one’s ideologies, regardless of how hateful or otherwise repugnant they are, it is NEVER OK to blame political commenters for violent actions by some people (unless the commenters advocate violence). This statement amounts to advocating censorship.

  17. wow! [@jeff now ye defending tucker c., prince of lies? ye, who talk about “bringing truth to people” [which is not something tucker, or ye, has been accused of often..]

  18. so ye might wonder why JEFF, self-proclaimed radical progressive environmentalist, rushes to the defense of tucker ‘prince of lies’ carlson, who ridicules renewable energy, any and all progressive movements, while defending NAZIS and spouting the racist replacement theory… ye’d think this all should be anathema to JEFF… but see, that’s just the persona crafted for him by his handlers… his sole purpose is to push kremlin talking points, and since tucker is pro-putin, anti-Ukraine, JEFF must come to his defense even if this is entirely incongruent with his purported persona. that’s how ye know a shill…. in all the time i have read jeff’s posts, NOT ONCE has he said ANYTHING which would go against the official kremlin line… no independent thought. EVER……

    1. @arvo
      You’re just spouting CIA propaganda. I have no idea what the Kremlin talking points are, nor do I care.

      If you support free speech, you defend ALL speech, regardless of how disgusting you think it is. If you fail to do so, you don’t support free speech. Period. Carlson’s Replacement Theory BS (or whatever it is) is just racist and xenophobic crap. But again, if you want free speech, you have to defend his right to say what he thinks.

      And BTW, Tucker Carlson is the only mainstream/corporate/establishment anchor person who has opposed U.S. wars and advocated for freeing Julian Assange. So on those issues, he’s far better than anyone else in mainstream media.

  19. @jeff: i quote: tucker carlson IS THE BEST OF THEM…. jeff says so, it must be true….
    if ye ignore that tucker is a stinking liar who lies by distortion, by omission, and just straight up habitually to keep his audience outraged… anyway, my point was that no environmentalist would be praising him, and ye call yerself a “radical environmentalist” … makes no sense. tucker blamed the green new deal [and the supposedly resulting wind turbines] for the texas winter power outage, ignoring that a] the green new deal never passed and b] texas has its own power grid as well as c] wind turbines account for only 10% of winter electricity production in texas,
    this is a random example of a stinking lie yer favorite mainstream host spouts habitually, no environmentalist would EVER sing the praise of this asshole, but kremlin tell jeff to praise tucker, so jeff praise tucker. radical environmentalist my ass!!!

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