1. Except Lee Camp who discovered the Spooks were Coup-coup for CocoPuffs.

  1. And where does this philosophical mumbo jumbo leave room (and opportunity) to proclaim that our opponent should not be allowed to get away with their penchant for “double speak”?

  2. trouble is, they stink the whole place up and anyone you goes in, is fouled

  3. “Golly, gee-whiz, holy mackerel my fellow leaders, those humans actually smell with those 2 holes in the middle of their faces!”

  4. “Our competing political and economic ideologies” must mean the difference between the positions of the people and the position of the ruling class, because there is virtually no difference between the two major political parties in the US.

    1. Susan:

      One party wants totalitarianism and peonage through conventional Nazism and racism, and the other party wants totalitarianism and peonage through perpetual war and unpayable debt. The result is that we suffer both programs because neither has any acceptable opposition. It’s like death row in South Carolina where convicts can choose from the firing squad or the electric chair. By all means, I’ll take both, so shoot me full of holes while I’m frying.

    2. To Susan,
      I think that was rather the point of the cartoon – that the black and white skunks had to shut down the critics who suggested that the stench really came from “who and what they actually are” … folks like you and me, and any 3rd Party that dares to point that out

      Granted I had to read it a few times to figure that out – but a picture is worth a thousand words and i think all he had to do was label it “Congress”

      Have you seen Mouseland ? I put in a link above – don’t know how it wound up in 3 comments, but I had a hard time toggling and every time I toggled back the post seemed to disappear before i could “post” – guess it didn’t (smile)

  5. This is a lazy cartoon, and our comments are pitifully reactive to it.
    It is pitiful because of the pending extinction, and because so many hesitate to place blame where it is surely deserved, for fear of being cancelled, and so handicapped in the rat race. Even well-set Patrick Lawrence Smith whines to Bob Scheer about not being able to promote his pulled-punch books because his Twitter account has been closed. What was he thinking when he wrote the half-fast books under a disguised name?

    I was listening to CSPAN open phones this morning where a dope was defending the 2nd Amendment. He said our 4-fathers could foresee a government that would overstep by “taking our guns.” He said he’ll be prepared to “take out the Government” starting Monday morning if any restrictions pass, because the main purpose of guns is to limit regulation and law. I laughed at him, but then I remembered that “our leaders” are talking at least as crazy as he is, warning us that if we ask questions we could jinx existence. Banning and censoring are open ruthless threats in any society. I can’t open my mouth is pretty close to “I can’t breathe.”
    The people running this place obviously stink, but even if they “smelled good” the system we gradually assented to (while being deceived) remains in effect and will certainly end human existence on Earth. So, calling the boss a skunk will not significantly advance the struggle. But then maybe we could use the gun addicts against them like Ukrainian Nazis (pretty much the same species). Sometimes I embarrass myself. (And Scheer’s moderators embarrass themselves by doing the very thing articles complain about: censoring most of my opinions.)

  6. I would say “who and what we’ve become” instead of “who and what we actually are.” Humans don’t have to be a cancerous tumor on the Earth, but the vast majority have chosen to be so. The small fraction of 1% of humans who still live traditionally, and the tiny number of ascetic monks show that humans can be good. But whether consciously or unconsciously, humans made the wrong choices thousands of years ago, starting with agriculture. We can reverse this and start moving in the right direction, but it will take radical changes and will take a very long time.

  7. Real skunks have a greater knowledge of Grand Mother Earth than all of congress put together. So, don’t give real skunks a bad name.

    1. @Beeline
      Totally agree! Skunks are one of my favorite animals. Very friendly and hella cute, one tried to stick their nose in my ear when I was sleeping outside in a National Forest in Nevada.

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