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The Unbearable Reactions of Zelensky

By Éric Denécé / Cf2R.org

Alongside the continuation of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine, the media war continues to be in full swing and those who are at the origin of it – as well as their relays, conscious or unconscious – give more and more in the disproportion, as illustrated by the false and scandalous reaction of representatives of the pro-Russian forces following the death of Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff, journalist of BFM TV . But this camp is not the only one to be excessive in terms of communication, Zelensky and his entourage particularly excel in this area.

After the adoption by the European Union of a “sixth set” of sanctions against Russia, the Ukrainian president declared “unacceptable” the delay which was necessary for the Europeans to decree the embargo on Russian oil. “About fifty days separate the sixth train from the fifth, it’s a situation that is not acceptable for us,” he exclaimed during a press conference in Kiev on May 31. Once again, while he plunged his country into war, as much by his reckless policy as by having followed American directives, Zelensky still allows himself to criticize the Europeans.

Similarly, on June 4, Dmytro Kouleba, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, castigated France – which nevertheless supplies arms to Kiev – following Emmanuel Macron’s declaration that “we should not humiliate Russia in order to to retain a diplomatic option. Zelensky himself openly criticized the French president’s remarks, retorting, “Humiliating Russia? They have been killing us for eight years” (sic).

This permanent attitude of giving lessons and reinterpreting the history of the Ukrainian authorities is beginning to exasperate their support and public opinion.


If Russia is clearly the aggressor in this conflict, those who pushed it to this attack are undoubtedly the United States, NATO and the Zelensky government. It is essential never to forget it. If the American leaders had not reneged on the promises made in Moscow, if NATO had not been constantly expanding, if France and Germany had been able to force Kyiv to respect the Minsk agreements and if Zelensky and his clique had not listened to the disastrous advice of their American mentors, we would not be here. If there is no question of excusing Russia, to blame it alone for this conflict is a misrepresentation of reality, if not deliberate misinformation.

Since 2014, Kyiv has conducted a completely reprehensible policy towards the Russian-speaking populations of the Donbass, to whom it has prohibited the use of their language and refused any autonomy within Ukraine, multiplying harassment, embargoes and bombardments against them without let no one in Europe denounce this scandalous situation, on the pretext that it would have been in line with Russia’s arguments.

Similarly, the West has allowed Zelensky and the oligarchs who sponsor him – notably Kolomoïski – to finance neo-Nazi groups and reinforce his army in order to take over the autonomist regions by force, rejecting any attempt at conciliation. Worse, on February 17, Kyiv deliberately launched into military action in order to reconquer the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk with the support of NATO, knowing full well that Moscow could not remain without reacting, thus triggering the crisis. current.

If it must be recognized that the Russian discourse is excessive concerning the denazification of Ukraine, it is however not without foundation. Individuals and units with extremist values ​​– Azov and Aidar “battalions”, Svoboda and Pravy Sektor parties, etc. – are a reality that the West seeks to minimize in its support for Kyiv, despite the fact that their abuses since 2014 have been proven.

Europeans have therefore become unashamed allies and donors of a regime that protects and finances neo-Nazi groups while we fight in each of our countries against the extreme right. Because these Ukrainian extremists are not harmless nationalists as they would have us believe. Their speech is clearly anti-Semitic and their fighters wear on their uniform the insignia of the infamous Das Reich division , made up of a majority of Ukrainians, responsible for the massacres of Oradour sur Glane in 1944.

Let us note in passing the most glaring paradox: the support of Germany – in particular of its very militant Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock of the Greens party – to the Zelensky regime even though the latter integrates to the highest level of its army of supporters of an ideology born across the Rhine and believed to have been eradicated since 1945. But we are no longer on the verge of a contradiction…

It should be remembered above all that Ukraine supported politically and through its arms sales the totalitarian and genocidal regime of Azerbaijan in its military operation against the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020, who were demanding their independence after decades of persecution. Kiev even celebrated Baku’s victory by adorning its cities with the colors of Azerbaijan even though this country has resorted to thousands of Syrian jihadists during this conflict, who have committed numerous atrocities on Armenian soldiers and civilians [ 1] .

Thus, we have recklessly taken up the cause of a dubious regime, very undemocratic and shamelessly violating the right of peoples to self-determination. Under Zelensky’s injunctions, Europe thus found itself embroiled in a conflict which we continue to affirm should not concern us given the share of responsibility of the Kyiv government which knowingly played with fire …


On March 3, the Ukrainian president declared that if his country were defeated, “Russia will go to the Berlin wall” . He also kept harassing Berlin with his repeated demands to cut off Russian gas, infuriating the German leaders.

March 13, the Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament posted on its Twitter account a video-montage of about forty seconds where Paris was the victim of a bombardment in which the Eiffel Tower was in particular taken as a target and Russian planes flew over the French capital by sowing terror among the population. The clip ended with an announcement from Zelensky stating “If we fall, you fall too.”

On March 14, the Ukrainian President declared that it was only a matter of time before Russia attacked NATO. In a video address, he warned members of the Atlantic Alliance that Moscow was likely to invade their territory at any time, urging them to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine. “If you don’t close our skies, it’s only a matter of time before Russian missiles fall on your territory,” he asserted without blushing.

Since the start of the conflict, Kyiv’s strategy, with the support and advice of the United States, has been to make the European Union feel guilty and to seek to involve it more in this war, placing it today in a situation of co-belligerence. Zelensky’s main argument is to make people believe that Russian aggression “is not a war in Ukraine but a war in Europe” and that Ukraine is the “shield of Europe” against Russia. The Europeans, devoid of any objective vision, thus support, consciously or not, an American strategy whose effects are particularly negative for them, politically and economically.

The Ukrainian president, a talented comedian led by screenwriters never short of ideas, persists in dressing in military costume and sporting a beard for several days – even though Kyiv is no longer in danger as evidenced by the many visitors high-level people who go there safely – and strive by all means to impose their point of view on the West and to denounce those who do not adhere to it.

Communicators from Kyiv and Washington have thus succeeded in installing in public opinion the idea that everything Zelensky says is true, and that the declarations of Putin and Lavrov are necessarily lies. This is a Manichaean and false vision of things that need to be called into question.

Consequently, for three months any objective analysis of this conflict has become impossible. The simple fact of proposing a different reading of the events from that which Kiev and Washington seek to impose on the Western world, of having a lucid appreciation of this sad conflict – which inevitably leads to a finding that is not at all in favor of Ukraine militarily – is unbearable for Zelensky, his sponsors and his henchmen, who systematically accuse those who dare to formulate an independent opinion, or who do not blindly and fully repeat their Story Telling, of being relays of propaganda Russian [2] .

Fortunately, more and more experts, in Europe but also in the United States, rise up against this version of the facts in spite of the omerta media which reigns, and express the growing exasperation which Zelensky arouses by his speeches at all -goes playing on crude emotion, his regular criticism of Europeans, his ukases and his calls for help even as he forbids his troops to fall back against the Russian army.


Likewise, the hard-line policy shown by Kiev – everything shows that it is decided in Washington with the support of the very pro-American Baltic States [3] and especially of Poland, which finds advantages there and dreams to recover part of Ukrainian territory – is completely ineffective and dangerous, because it increases the risk of a major conflict.

Yet the United States and NATO deliberately push Zelensky down this disastrous path, encouraging him to refuse any negotiations or concessions vis-à-vis Moscow, thus contributing directly to prolonging a conflict that Ukraine cannot win and which daily increases the number of civilian and military casualties and the destruction of the country far more than it weakens Russia.

That is why it is urgent to achieve a rapid cessation of hostilities and a return to peace. We call for negotiations between the various parties (Ukrainians, populations of Donbass, Russians) and for their respective interests to be taken into account.

We recall that there is a geopolitical law that no one can flout without consequence: no State can ensure its security to the detriment of its neighbour, especially when the latter is more powerful. The United States has always applied it without anyone finding fault with it [4] . By ignoring it, probably deceived by the Machiavellian encouragement of Washington, Zelensky and his entourage were misguided.

We maintain that:

– this war should never have taken place if NATO, an organization which should have been dissolved at the end of the Cold War, had not violated the promises made in Moscow and extended its influence to its borders;

– it is a war that the Ukrainians cannot win, despite financial, political and material support from the West [5]  ;

– Kyiv’s stubbornness only increases the civilian and military losses, the destruction of the country and the territorial gains of Moscow.

Unfortunately, it is clear that the way out of the crisis is today compromised because all Europeans are in a situation of more or less pronounced co-belligerence which does not allow them to act as mediators. Above all, the Americans have no interest in seeing this conflict end quickly because it is profitable to them. They have also just added fuel to the fire by delivering to Ukraine four long-range M142 HIMARS rocket launchers, capable of reaching Russian territory [6] . The equally hawkish British also announced on June 6 that they would deliver M270 multiple rocket launchers to Kyiv.


To criticize Zelensky and his sponsors is not to ignore the sufferings of the civilian populations and the Ukrainian soldiers because they are the ones who pay, every day, the price of the obstinacy of their leaders. However, it should be remembered that almost all of the fighting is taking place in areas with a majority or large Russian-speaking population and not in western Ukraine, whose inhabitants have nevertheless fled en masse to neighboring countries.

If it is legitimate for the Ukrainians to take up arms in the face of the Russian attack and for the military to fight to defend their homeland, it was and remains so just as much for the populations of Donbass in the face of the intolerable aggression of Kyiv. and its neo-Nazi units since 2014.

That Zelensky has become a political symbol for part of the Ukrainian people is understandable. But let us never lose sight of the fact that he is only an actor and the spokesperson for a few oligarchs and the Americans, and that the communication war that he leads cannot hide his responsibilities, nor the growing rout of the Ukrainian army.

[1] Turkey, Baku’s main supporter, was grateful to Kiev, supplying it in return with plenty of combat drones.

[2]  https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2022/05/29/7349214/

[3] These three states, which admittedly had to suffer from Soviet domination, have between them less than 7 million inhabitants (Estonia: 1.3 – Latvia: 1.9 – Lithuania: 2.7), including many Russian speakers, that is to say that none of them has the importance of a French region. However, with Poland, they guide the policy of the European Union in this conflict.

[4] Cf. Cuba 1962. Moreover, the Americans, who proclaim loud and clear that any State can freely join the security organization of its choice, have just threatened the Solomon Islands if they signed a military cooperation agreement with Beijing.

[5] The States of the European Union have, since the start of the conflict, paid Ukraine 500 billion euros worth of military materials and equipment and must replenish their stocks (which the industry intends to benefit from). American armament). They have also spent 200 billion on setting up energy supply solutions to overcome their dependence on Russian gas and oil, 17 billion on welcoming refugees and 9 billion on emergency aid in Kyiv. , or nearly 726 billion euros (https://www.lefigaro.fr/international/guerre-en-ukraine-le-cout-eleve-de-l-autonomie-strategique-europeenne-20220529).

[6]  https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/what-himars-rocket-systems-can-and-cant-do-for-ukraine?

Éric Denécé

Éric DENÉCÉ , Doctor of Political Science, Authorized to direct research, is Director of the French Center for Intelligence Research (CF2R) and of its Risk Management consulting company (CF2R SERVICES).


  1. I take objection to the following comment by the author: “those who pushed it to this attack.”

    Hey, Russia didn’t have to attack. The reason they attacked to conquer Ukraine. But Ukraine wants to be independent. If they didn’t, those people wouldn’t be fighting for their lives.

    Now, I didn’t agree with the Vietnam War but the reason the North won was because the people in Vietnam, generally both North and South, wanted their own independence.

    1. Do yourself a favor Tom and learn something about the subject, BEFORE you comment. Things are a little more complicated then Russian man bad.

      1. @maverick oh do yerself a favor and shut up when the adults are discussing things ye know nothing of! RUSSIA DID NOT HAVE TO START A WAR, there was zero imminent threat to russia, putin just wanted to bring Ukraine zurueck ins reich, since Ukraine isn’t a real country as he is on record stating over and over again!
        is yer reasoning is that poor that ye have to put stupid false quotes int the post of Tom Calarco, to make whatever point ye were trying to make in yer typical evidence-free way? maverick man bad. this can be said with certainty!

      2. you forget that the fascist amerikan mind inevitably support ukrop nazis

    2. To Tom,
      They never intended to “conquer Ukraine” – if that had been their intent, they would have done so by now – I suggest you listen to an excellent presentation by Scott Ritter who has done an excellent analysis of what Russia planned to do – and he has been pretty spot on so far …

      1. @SH – yeah, the excellent scott ritter, on record to have made a lot of predictions concerning the war on Ukraine [which-before it started – he convincingly argued would never happen, then it was going to be over in 5 days, then 10, he has been so consistently false that for ye to praise him just exposes ye as yet another russian shill! no one in their right mind would rely on analysis by a man who has erred in such spectacular fashion so frequently. as for yer evidence-free “argument” that russia never wanted to conquer Ukraine, that is such a dumb lie i won’t bother to refute it….
        no, the russians just decided to have several thousand military vehicles and hundreds of tanks disassembled close to Kyiv, but they never, ever, wanted to conquer it! dream on!

    3. Aren’t you forgetting one thing?
      Ukraine was ‘independent’ at least from 1991 through the beginning of 2022.
      That was not independence, apparently!
      From 2008 already, against the interests of its continued independence, it began to dance to the tune of a foreign puppetmaster, to the detriment of all individual Ukrainians, Russians, and all of us other uncounted billions.
      And guess who lost in Vietnam?
      They wrongfully invited themselves in, in the first place; for their own interests, in opposition to what the majority of Vietnamese people wanted for themselves.
      Can you “smell the rat”?

      1. @em: yeah i can smell the rat and it is ye, ’em’ with yer lies and distortions…Ukraine, an emerging democracy with many problems, has nonetheless had plenty of elections deemed free and fair by ALL international observers. if the folks there wanted a russia-friendly government they would have elected one, yet they did NOT. yer hero putin the great, the merciful, the noble defender of free speech [just don’t call it a “war” or go to prison for 15 years], well putin the great just compared himself to peter the great [tsar], who did not ‘take’ from Sweden, nay he merely took back what was russia’s all along, just like Ukraine which putin has stated many times is not a real country. those damn Ukrainians, why do they refuse to accept that they do not exist!!! that is so inconsiderate!

    4. After the NAZIs and Nuland and VP Biden overthrew the democratically elected President of Ukraine in the Maidan Coup in 2014, Putin grabbed Crimea, traditionally Russian, and had no real interest in Donbas (although after 8 years of the NAZIs shelling ethnic Russian Ukrainians, the Duma and Putin admitted they had made a mistake in not recognizing the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in 2014.) With the increased shelling of the breakaway republics in February, Putin followed the Clintonian recognization of Kosovo– the breakaway republic from Serbia, to the letter of NATO law, and like-wise after recognition of the new states, started its “special military operations” as “collective self defense” with the new republics against the US-puppet state of Ukraine. Ukraine has been ruled by the US since the Orange Revolution when the CIA instaled Yushenko and his American State Dept/ CIA wife as President. VP Biden has been running Ukraine from 2009 to 2017 (and Trump’s impeachment suggested Biden’s “consensus policies” as Vindman put it, were still in play depite a new President.) And now Biden is back in the saddle building up Ukrainian NAZIs (with the same mindset and Black Sun symbolism as the Buffalo mass shooter) under Poroshenko and Zelensky to further provoke The Bear.
      As Obama noted never “‘underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up”.

  2. The Ukraine War is the bridge too far for the Empire of Lies. All of it’s greed, lies and evil machinations, it’s arrogance, hubris and incompetence have led the US and NATO into a self created, provoked, enabled, and entrenched clusterfuck of immense proportions and in doing so have driven a schism between them and half the world.

    It isn’t working out as planned. The bully has never met anyone who could stand up to it. Now it has and it has the west absolutely freaked. They should be freaked, they just gave up the global reserve currency, destroyed critical supply chains, while showing the entire world that the Emperor of Lies has no clothes.

    Now we all have to hope that in a fit of tantrum or a moment of sheer stupidity, the Empire of Lies doesn’t take us all down with it. A prospect with a very uncomfortably high probability.

    1. @maverick… surely the empire of lies is the one where ye can go to jail for 15 years if ye call a “WAR” an, err, “WAR” …
      and [i quote] “It isn’t working out as planned. The bully has never met anyone who could stand up to it” ye speak of putin here, right? his hopes of a quick takeover of Ukraine, which after all is not even a real country, sank faster than the MOSKVA
      if the west had supplied long-range artillery to Ukraine this would all be over already…
      mind ye, i am no fan of U.S. wars, but i do appreciate i can at least call them wars without a prison term…

      1. apparently you are monolingual and have never lived in a civilized nation….”amerikans bewilder Europeans”. Geoffrey Gorer

    2. Just A, we are an Empire.
      There are no wars that we do not Love.
      Have we been right in any war since WW2???
      Decades afterwards, we figure out that the wars were disasters and down right wrong…. W of M in Iraq was the biggest lie for a war in History that bombed Iraq to rubble and now Bush giggled that he confused Iraq with Ukraine.

      Once China is totally sanctioned like Russia, then there is no holding back PLA from scenting 100 battalions to wipe out Ukraine and Finland, maybe Georgia too.

      A nice large scale world War would be heaven sent for our Empire, we can rally our nation instead of breaking up into inevitable civil war.
      Furthermore, we profit hugely from war, unquestionably and proven that M I complex has wonderful profits extracted from wars.
      Our politi-tudes will get large donations and be reelected, because Joe is facing defeat for 2024.

      1. @Keith Mcmaugh
        Sanctioning China totally would be economic suicide for the U.S. The U.S. owes an enormous debt to China, and if China were to call it in, it would bankrupt the U.S. This scenario would be economic disaster for China too, as it depends on exports to the U.S. for much if not most of its economy.

        Even more important, a large scale war between Russia and NATO countries could easily lead to nuclear war, the absolute worst thing that could happen. This would be infinitely worse than crashing every economy on Earth, because it could very well end all life on Earth. Your scenario that this type of war would be “heaven sent” for the U.S. is therefore dead wrong, regardless of whether our psychopathic Dr. Stranglove & General Ripper leaders think it would be so.

    3. “and in doing so have driven a schism between them and half the world”…to their great advantage…

      The rouble is up, their trade surplus is at record heights, the road to China with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) firm in place and the first steps set toward an independent international monetary and financial system mean the inevitable death of the dollar hegemony. So why worry?

  3. Enough with this!! It’s like some sort of far-left litmus of both-sidesism to blame everybody else for Russia’s aggression. “They made me do it” isn’t an excuse when you beat your wife, abuse your kids, or invade another country.

    1. Exactly! It’s enough to blame Russians for Everything! UK and USA is the real aggressors…they bomb too many country’s all over the world and kill many many people! You’re just a Hypocrite!

      1. @tony_ ye have a mirror? it’ll show ye a hypocrite… frynella was not blaming russia “for everything”, just for a war they started. oh, sorry, let me translate “a special military operation” for ye….
        false generalisations just show ye have no interest in a real discourse, so shill off!!!

    2. Russia warned and warned the abusers that there was a line in the sand. Russia can only be abused for so long before the abused fights back.

      1. Steve, sounds like you are describing Russia as a very abused spouse.
        What, how are courts dealing with an abused wife who kills her abuser these days? Sometimes, a sympathetic outcome or not.

        Depp and Amber soap opera comes to mind.
        No matter whose more right or less wrong, let’s hope war does not expand too much but the huge amount of weapons Sent to Ukraine will eventually cause a backlash.

      2. The Breakaway Republics and Ukraine signed the Minsk II Accords in 2015, but the US puppet-state of Ukraine refused to honor it (since 2005, and with VP Biden’s Maidan Coup in 2014, Ukraine has been his own personal playground of corruption). According to the UN and OSCE, the Ukrainian Army killed more than 80% of the 14,000 people (including thousands of civilians) killed in the breakaway Donbas between 2014 and 2021. Despite Kiev, Western Ukraine and Galicia (which has lots of NAZIs but relatively few ethnic Russian Ukrainians relative to the East and South) obediantly following Biden, Ukraine has been losing election after election to peaceniks (including Zelensky, who received over 70% of the vote on his “Peace with Russia” campaign, but quickly reneged on his cam[paign promises. Sound familiar?) the US-backed NAZIs are trying to eradicate Russian language (spoken as a first language by a third of Ukrainians), Russian culture, and implementing genocide of Russian Ukrainians. The Ukrainians (and the US and particularly Biden) are glorifying white supremacists, NAZIs and corruption (he bragged about replacing Ukraine’s “attorney general by threatening to withhold $billions in funding– didn’t someone else try that?) It is beyond time for a partition of Ukraine.
        The US has their European poodles in line and Zelensky, their yapping chihuahua, pretending to be a general, but Biden’s sanctions will hurt the West much more than Russia, particularly if Putin is provoked into a real War.

      3. @michael888
        We had better hope that the U.S. doesn’t provoke Russia into a “real [w]ar.” That would be an absolute worst case scenario for the Earth and all life here, because nuclear war could destroy the entire planet.

    3. @frynella
      While the anti-war position is that there’s no excuse for invading another country, neither is their any excuse for maintaining NATO after the Soviet Union broke up, refusing to admit Russia into NATO, expanding NATO eastward past Germany, fomenting a coup in Ukraine, or attacking ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. The U.S. and its tool NATO are the ultimate and root causes of this war — actually the war in Ukraine started years before Russia’s invasion, with the attacks on ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine by the Ukrainian military — not Russia.

      1. ah, jefff still fighting so hard to justify the indiscriminate carpet-bombing the russians do to Ukrainian cities…. do riddle me this, ye russian shill, why is it that in yer world, american carpet bombing of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia was bad [i concur] but russian carpet bombing of Ukrainian cities is noble, necessary, justifiable? just kidding- i do not expect an answer from ye for ye have none, btw, is tucker carlson still yer favorite mainstream propagandist? it does make sense, he is very good at selling lies, too…
        radical environmentalist ye are? sure! any other tall tales ye wish to serve us?

    4. Yes enough of this frynella, enough of people like you who always see the odd but miss the even, your lame comparisons speak volumes regarding your provincial understanding of the current situation.

    5. @frynella this is called “blaming the victims” , israel pioneered it, the israeli “defense” forces never act aggressively, nay, they are always”provoked”, ” the Palestinians made us do it”
      “if their fighters would stand in an open field we would not have to level cities and villages”,
      “the 9 year old kid threw a rock so i had to shoot him” etc…
      so yeah, it is so obviously the fault of the Ukrainians how dare they fight for their freedom, their right not to be ruled by putin the great, putin the noble, putin the merciful , the champion of free speech and democracy!

      1. So Putin is a nine year old kid throwing a rock?
        Yes, its asymmetrical.

    6. You’re reading something into the argument at hand that doesn’t exist. I know you’re doing your level best, but really now.

  4. What if Europe stepped out of Nato and set up its own collaborative defence force…

    With Moskou’s main grievance out of the way, namely the US no longer on their doorstep, they could claim victory and leave Ukraine.

    The EU and Russia could then jointly help rebuild Ukraine.

    At last, the first step is set toward a pan European collaboration. To quote Macron: “We believe in a Europe which stretches from Lisbon to Vladivostok.” Yes so do I. Now that is a future well worth fighting for…without weapons.

    It’s high time Europe actively took her future into her own hands.

    1. @gerald yeah, russia rebuilding Ukrain e would be great… though, even greater would be if they were not detroying it with indiscriminate bombings of civilian cities in the first place! if ye were against indiscriminate bU.S. bombings in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos as i was, why does it not bother ye what russia is doing? blind in one eye is what ye are, blinded by yer dogma of the benevolent, noble, great leader putin….
      i would say Europe is actively taking their future into their own hand by standing up to a bully dictator’s dream of restoring the russian empire…
      one last thing, to help ye navigate the truth a bit better: ever heard of ESTONIA? Nato has had a presence there for 18 years. and – just to increase yer knowledge – Estonia is bordering russia, right at their”doorstep”… so let’s look at the provocation : Nato presence there [until this year] was under a thousand [european] troops and some 6 or 8 planes. that’s it -that’s the ‘encirclement’… now y e would cheer if putin invades Estonia, i would not. Estonians BEGGED to be admitted into Nato cause they are scared of russia. one wonders why…. i mean, russia would never attack a peaceful neighbor, right? RIGHT?

      1. Arvo, Why have Americans funded and operated Bio-labs in the Ukraine (Sec. Nyland’s Congressional testimony 2022)?

        When you live next door to a nuclear-armed adversary you are careful not to humiliate, intimidate or threaten them. When you do, you politely work out an answer that takes away the threat. Russia’s provocation in Cuba against US October 1962. No war.

        Same issue today with Russia and Ukraine. In 2014 the US helped to overthrow Ukraine’s elected leadership (Sec. Nyland again on the airwaves discussing the coup before it happened).

        All of this provocation has led to Putin’s line in the sand, much as JFK did to protect American interests. Russia withdrew and received an American withdrawal from some base in Turkey.

        Some argue the purpose of this provocation is to halt any financial benefits going to America’s citizenry, this war of billions further impoverishes the American Egalitarian Experiment in Democracy.

        No More War till we have Full Medical Care to protect us from society destroying itself with cowardly weapons….

      2. your routine admiration of fascism and ukrop nazis is tiresome===u bullies have 800+ military bases on foreign soil and today you fund ukrop nazis that since 2014 have murdered 14,000 in the donbas alone

      3. more argo….your routine admiration of fascism and ukrop nazis is tiresome===u bullies have 800+ military bases on foreign soil and today you fund ukrop nazis that since 2014 have murdered 14,000 in the donbas alone

  5. Thank you for this. States the case fairly and squarely.
    Could we not perhaps make use of the apparently very, very well known corruption in the Ukraine to swing public opinion and perhaps even educate the poor Ukrainian soldiers?
    Surely there are many bank accounts in Ukraine right now that are swelling enormously day by day – or in Switzerland or whatever, but traceable possibly as so much seems to be in this electronic age? Point the finger at these war profiteers right now, amidst the action, show what is actually going on..
    Of course the main profit is in the USA so perhaps using those figures an interesting influential and grim metric could perhaps be devised – how about ‘dollar profit per Ukrainian corpse’ ?
    Divide total estimated profits by deaths to date.
    Perhaps publish a graph showing the trend line pretending to be an ‘investors guide to performance’ ?
    We could spin this metric to suit our aim, plea for cessation of hostilities.
    If the trend line goes up and there are more deaths/dollar profit we can claim that ‘soldiers lives are getting cheaper’ and ‘it take x dead soldiers to generate x dollars in profit’
    and if the trend line goes down we can claim ‘they make a hefty profit for every dead soldier.
    It is a war of propaganda. We can play that game.
    Waged by the corrupt. We can expose that corruption as it happens.
    More: we should be able to corrupt the corrupt – i.e. buy them.
    One would expect them to be cowards, too so we ought to be able to intimidate them.
    Between bribery and intimidation we ought to be able to enrol sufficient ‘turncoats’ and ‘assets’ as I think the intelligence community calls them, to make transparent large chunks of the whole rotten edifice.
    And use it well, that window into the truth.

    1. To arthur,
      Here’s the problem – revelations about corruption don’t seem to help much – as evidenced by here in the US – we all rather know that the folks who run the show are pretty corrupt – it is not until we the people decide to “throw the bums out” that anything will change – I have been hoping for that for a good quarter of a century – but we seem to be getting no closer – we keep electing the same bums – the D/Rs

      1. To SH:

        We keep electing the bums because they are the only ones on the ballot. I am with you. Throw the bums out…. if we can, but how?

      2. To Robert,
        But they are NOT the only ones on the ballot – I have been voting 3rd party since ’96, hoping each time that more and more of us would do the same, but we don’t – the TINA (there is no alternative) is basically a lie – one of those lies that serves the purpose of the duopoly, following that old truism that if you repeat something often enough it is accepted as truth, even if there is no correspondence to such. And if folks discover there is an alternative, the next rejoinder is “3rd parties can’t win” – another lie, anyone on a ballot can win if enough folks vote for ’em. So then they regress to the “spoiler” meme – if we vote for a 3rd party it will “spoil” it for one of the 2 “major” parties, so even if we realize, as many of us have, that those 2 parties have spoiled just about everything else in our lives, we have sunk to the level of voting LOTE (lesser of 2 evils) – and we hit bottom

        The interesting thing is that the duopoly knows that this stuff is a lie – they just hope we don’t figure that out, and just in case we finally do they are 1) making it more and more difficult for 3rd parties to get on a ballot 2) keeping them out of debates if they do 3) making it next to impossible to get Fed’l matching funds that help them let folks know they exist and what they stand for without having to depend on corp money to do it – once a party has to depend on Corp money, the jig is up – as we have seen with both Ds and Rs

        There is a lot of concern expressed about assuring voting rights these days – to “save our democracy” – so that more and more folks get to vote – as long as they vote for 1 of 2 parties … But doing the same thing over and over, even in greater numbers, and expecting different results seems to me, a pretty silly thing to do to say the least …

        If we the people voted the same way in electoral polls the way we do in opinion polls, we would have a much different and, I suggest, better gov’t by now …

    2. @arthur brogard: Could we not perhaps make use of the apparently very, very well known corruption in Russia to swing public opinion and perhaps even educate the poor Russian soldiers?
      Surely there are many bank accounts in Russia right now that are swelling enormously day by day – or in Switzerland or whatever, but traceable possibly as so much seems to be in this electronic age? Point the finger at these war profiteers right now, amidst the action, show what is actually going on..like massive theft of grain, steel and other commodities stolen by russian invaders… ye blind in that eye, arthur? ye gonna tell us russia is not a super-corrupt country?

      1. more argo fascism…..well known by fake Mickey Mouse anglo liars….transparency international index 2022—US most corrupt nation on earth, Russia not in top 20

  6. “Propaganda does not deceive people; it helps them deceive themselves”. Eric Hoffer

    Zelensky’s just another puppet given a propaganda persona to “manufacture consent” for public opinion to support and send US/UK troops to a war they ALL need to escalate into Western Europe, so that Westminster and the UK media can use it to declare the National Emergency they desperately need to militarise their own *Putin* bankrolled #BrexitCoup on mainland Britain – by requesting US military assistance. #TickTockTroops

    ‘Tory Militarisation of UK Is Inevitable’ (2022)

    Johnny McNeill
    #GaslightingGilligan (© 2017) 
    Twitter: @GasGilligan (*free download*)

  7. Zelensky took office in 2019, when Trump was president. We talked about the buildup of US/NATO forces in Eastern Europe, along Ukraine’s border, and along a segment of Russia’s border. It was pointed out that this was in violation of the 1990 NATO treaty and created the possibility of a military conflict. We saw the surge of US/NATO forces in the region when Biden took office in 2020. Russia pushed back, and the West shouted, “Russia invaded Ukraine!”

    1. @d.h.fable: ye might not know this, but russia did not “push back” – no they done “ATTACKED”, they done “INVADED”, they done “CARPET BOMBED” cities and villages full of women and children who had nothing to do with nothing….
      ye want to insinuate, by using the term “pushing back” that this was a tit-for-tat justifiable reaction, and that is such a stupid lie on yer part!
      when USA invaded Iraq, in yer book, they was just “pushing back”, too, que no? do explain!

  8. The highest political fashion is eat, travel and be happy in Kyiv, but the historical disgrace awaits them.

  9. What was this all about?


    “..media war continues to be in full swing and those who are at the origin of it – as well as their relays, conscious or unconscious – give more and more in the disproportion, as illustrated by the false and scandalous reaction of representatives of the pro-Russian forces following the death of Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff, journalist of BFM TV .

    What “false and scandalous reaction” of pro-Russian forces.

    Leclerc-Imhoff was traveling to report from extremely dangerous Severodonetsk and Lisichansk frontlines where AFU in encircled from three sides. Entire area including only two remaining roads out in south west direction were in large part under LDPR and Russian fire control.

    He extremely endangered himself by traveling with AFU soldiers, not separately in a car marked PRESS as any other British or Russian reporters are traveling.

    What he perhaps did not realize that he was unwittingly taken hostage by AFU military as a part of potential provocation to blame Russians if they hit the car with the unmarked reporter inside.

    Leclerc-Imhoff after short visit in the city unbeknownst to him was put on a bus back to Dnipropetrovsk with soldiers intermingled with civilian hostages, human shields. A tactic often used by UkroNazis and AFU in Donbas as victims testimony prove.

    From the location of Leclerc-Imhoff body in the bus and direction of projectile that hit him, (hole in the bus side window ) as I saw on Ukrainian video, it is clear that it was not a shrapnel from Russian or any 155 or 122 caliber long range artillery shells all sides are using, but from much smaller projectile perhaps larger caliber machine gun or hi power sniper rifle with dumdum ammunition, AFU Nazi battalions are reportedly using.

    Why such scenarios is plausible.

    Simply because there was no reported shelling by civilian passengers present (nobody would have miss that) , no other window was broken or scratch in the bus. The projectile hit precisely Leclerc-Imhoff directly in the head while there was no other injuries in the bus including person who sit just next to him.

    The fact is that no Russian machine gun or sniper rifle was in the range from their positions making Leclerc-Imhoff death most suspicious and perhaps targeted.

    Leclerc-Imhoff was honest reporter and actually reported that Severodonetsk defense is on the verge of collapse, there is chaos and AFU soldiers are looting stores and that morale among AFU soldiers and territorial defense units is very low.

    This fact was confirmed by Sky News reporter who visited Severodonetsk earlier mentioning that local population is hostile to AFU as Ukrainian command refused to provide humanitarian help for predominantly ethnic Russian civilian population and that feeling of hostility was mutual as local residents wanted AFU to leave so they could be.. liberated sooner.

    In fact Leclerc-Imhoff previous reports from Izyum area described very similar collapse of morale, hunger, untreated injury exhaustion, PTSD, abandonment by command and Ukrainian military casualties up to 70% weeks before such information was ultimately confirmed by British reporters and others including Presidential advisors and even Zelensky himself as he stopped taking about endless victories.

    Needless to say Leclerc-Imhoff was not popular among Zelensky advisers, perhaps he became inconvenient.

    Not because Russians supposedly killed Leclerc-Imhoff but more likely because Leclerc-Imhoff death was very suspicious, was what prompted Macron, already conflicted with Zelensky to order independent investigation ofo Leclerc-Imhoff death.

    How this kind of evidence based educated guesses or speculations found on Russian speaking media would amount to “false and scandalous reaction of representatives of the pro-Russian forces” author insinuate I do not know unless author relates to something totally different.

    It is important to know however that as US itself admitted NATO and Ukraine are engaged in Total psychological warfare against Russia and that includes proliferation of complete lies and fabrications and committing despicable acts of provocation like Bucha, AFU ballistic missiles attack of AFU controlled Kramatorsk civilian railway station or accusations of mass rape by Russians with no shred of evidence as Ukrainian Verhovna Rada (parliament) declared itself and dismissed from government person who proliferated such lies.

    Zelensky conducts criminal total war. He is ready to send to slaughter entire Ukrainian population so Russians would Look like inhumane Barbarians in eyes of the west.

    All that’s while Zelensky sabotaged any military effort to repel Russians from Ukraine and fired any general who provided sensible defensive moves including organized withdraw from Donbas to accomplish that.

    Zelensky like Hitler ordered no even one step back. Amd US neocons love it.

  10. one note to all those who effusively praised the above article: let me quote a line from it:
    “Worse, on February 17, Kyiv deliberately launched into military action in order to reconquer the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk ”
    are ye all that dumb that ye swallow this obvious lie? ye think Ukraine waited patiently, in true sportsman-like fashion, for a year while putin was building up his invasion force along its borders, and then, ONCE RUSSIA WAS READY TO INVADE, they”launched military action” to give them a the pretense they so badly needed? that make any sense?
    truth is, shelling did increase on february 17th, and it was the russian/separratist forces who did it cause, well, a casus belli needed to be produced. y’all should try this thing called “LOGIC” it is an amazing tool if ye are intelligent enough to wield it… are ye?

    1. A:

      Get your facts straight. In 2021 Zelensky unilaterally declared Minsk I,II dead issued presidential order to take back Crimea and LDPR by whatever means available including by force. It was declaration of war on Russia and LDPR.

      That completely changed Putin’s attitude and persistent refusal to recognize LDPR as independent states or to join RF despite two formal attempts by LDPR officials between 2014-2020. Putin instead was promoting Donbas autonomy and peaceful reintegration of LDPR within Ukraine according to Minsk agreements backed by France and Germany within Normandy Group framework.

      Beside OSCE representative Russia was the only party except of Ukraine and LDPR warring parties that signed the Minsk agreements. The Russia commitment for peace in Ukraine was unequivocal.

      Russia was patient for eight years of AFU terrorizing mostly ethnic Russian people of Donbas trying to find diplomatic solutions while Kiev Nazi regime rejected it and instead chose confrontation with Russia and LDPR. It was political decision pushed by NATO for years and backed up by eight years of arming AFU and Nazi Battalions of National Guard.

      As a result in January 2022 130,000 of AFU Donbas group was formed against 40,000 of LDPR militias. According to military analysts like Scott Ritter and others assembling 3-1 advantage force near the contact line unequivocally implies formation of invasion task force not defense force.

      The flare up of shelling from February 16, 17,18… etc., up to 2000 shells a day according to OSCE record was overwhelming from big guns of AFU as AFU had at that time and even today huge advantage in artillery over LDPR militia. This is Russian artillery that does 90% of shelling of AFU positions today.

      For comparison in January 2022 average exchange of artillery fire involved 100+ shells a day from both sides according to OSCE record.

      RF armed forces military maneuvers and exercises in winter 2021/2022 were aimed as political message to Kiev to stop preparing to attack LDPR and Crimea.

      Unfortunately artillery preparation for imminent AFU attack against LDPR began on January 16-18 2022 and after that all the hell broke loose.

  11. It is interesting as an American to witness the wildly unjustified adoption of unlearned, one-sided public anti Russia bigotry over this crisis, exactly when our disastrous Wars of Choice of the the last 25 years should be setting off alarm bells in the public mind over hawkishness. This, even as US military assets are in place all over the world & on the verge of more ill-advised action, & as our government is a threat-machine against nations for their internal affairs, their economic choices, their politics. It’s history’s most powerful nation, run by an ensconced clique of maniacs, who are experts at manipulating a public opinion.

    Consider this disconnect from current popular thinking; from an ethical pov the best outcome for my country (USA) would in fact be what Douglas Macgregor has conjectured in recent interviews:

    1. Russia takes by force all of Donbas and North to Kharkiv &
    2. the land bridge to Crimea around Kherson &
    3. the whole Black Sea coast to and beyond Odessa.
    4. Russian completely land locks Ukraine, which becomes a rump version of itself.

    This set of outcomes creates a Ukraine that would be of no interest to the US, as it no longer holds the allure of a wholly owned client state with ports on the Black Sea, in a nation that owes us $billions and is open to our leverage. This model, of knocking Uncle Sam off it’s world hegemonic drug addiction, should then be repeated going forward in other geostrategic areas of the world; Latin American, the South China Sea, and the Mideast etc.

    Why? Because for the citizens of my beloved nation to become their best & make the best of this great place, they need the millstone of perverse Cold War aspirations taken from around their necks. They can then refresh the national direction, acknowledge Eisenhower’s warnings about the military industrial complex, & redirect the force of American power toward new ideas, presumably the greater good. Perhaps the we would just turn inward. But such a sea change cannot be tested until the US is knocked off the Neocon/Neoliberal war horse. I personally believe that Americans, who know & love a good deal, would adapt nicely.

    1. @c. can’t: real refreshing to see ye in true colonial-imperialistic-fascist fashion mentally chop up a country into pieces that suit ye and yer overlord,, putin the great, the noble, the merciful….
      the will of these stubborn people, the UKRAINIANS, who just don’t want to be russian, not even in the russian speaking regions like KHARKIV [ye may have heard of how the russians got booted out BY RUSSIAN-SPEAKING UKRAINIANS…], that don’t mean shite to ye…
      yer mindset belongs to the times of ‘the great game’, ye are but a shill from the past….

  12. Zelensky would be rise to study the history of President Diem of South Vietnam, and what happens to Yankee puppets who don’t succeed in carrying out their masters desires. President Diem found out the hard way, that a puppet can be changed with just a simple snip-snip from the puppet-master.

    Zelensky likes to echo the greatest hits of Adolf, with orders to his soldiers to “Stand Firm!”, “No Retreat!”, and “Fight to the Death for the Fatherland!”. But, I wonder if the comedian has figured out that he’s got the same deal? If this show gets cancelled, likely, so does he.

    1. @westy: and mebbe ye would be ‘rise’ to study history for ye surely have no clue what yer talking about… it was HITLER who invaded other countries, surprise! heim ins reich, look it up if ye can handle doing 3 minutes of research! [not holding my breath here] so the equivalent of hitler would be putin in this here feeble attempt of yers to make a flawed analogy. no need to thank me, i enjoy educating fools….

    2. Didn’t Stalin give similar orders to General Vasily Chuikov at Stalingrad?

  13. I think that the author of the above piece attempts to blame the victims. Enough to make my French ancestors roll over in their graves.

    And once again he does not mention anything about resources that Russia wants to secure. I guess capitalism of any sort is a sacred “cow” and those writers that put out all this sort of copy do not want to push into the real reasons for warfare lest they lose favor with the hierarchy that they fear.

    Tired of all this re-amplified , re-hashed opinionated stuff.

    1. @Beeline
      All wars are fought for resources, and every country wants to get them. Russia is not the cause of this war, the U.S. is. If you don’t know the relevant history, starting with the continued existence of NATO when the Soviet Union disbanded and continuing through eastward NATO expansion and the 2014 U.S.-sanctioned coup, I suggest you learn it. If you do know about all this and still mainly or only blame Russia, you’re part of the problem.

      1. @jeff… no, sorry, ye and all yer buddies who work so hard to justify the carpet bombing of ukraine are the problem, even if yer idol tucker ‘the prince of lies’ carlson disagrees.
        so let me put yer view into simple terms: USA carpet-bombing Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos BAD, VERY BAD. putin carpet-bombing Ukraine totally understandable and justifiable cause natonatonato, nazinazinazi, blahblahfuckingblah….
        RUSSIA WAS NOT ATTACKED _ RUSSIA WAS NOT CARPET_BOMBED so what in yer feeble mind gives them the right to kill woman and children by the tens of thousands? i do not expect an answer cause ye have none. just shilling for russian shelling is all ye do… so drop yer condescending tone ye are so thoroughly without honor and principle it makes me want to vomit!
        oh, jeff thinks, but i do have some honor? well then explain why carpet bombing becomes acceptable when putin the great, putin the noble putin the merciful does it.
        or do not answer [my guess] cause ye are a rent-mouth and yer handlers have not provided ye with a come-back on this one…

    2. @beeline: well spoken, now just watch the army of russian trolls who live on this site starting to attack ye, – Jeff, any thoughts on this? do lead the pack….

  14. Aren’t you forgetting one thing?

    Ukraine was ‘independent’ at least from 1991 through the beginning of 2022.

    That was not independence, apparently!

    From 2008 already, against the interests of its continued independence, it began to dance to the tune of a foreign puppetmaster, to the detriment of all individual Ukrainians, Russians, and all of us other uncounted billions.

    And guess who lost in Vietnam?

    They wrongfully invited themselves in, in the first place; for their own interests, in opposition to what the majority of Vietnamese people wanted for themselves.

    Can you “smell the rat”?

  15. arvo @maverick and the rest!

    Could you please shut up if you can’t follow up the real situation…child of 5 would understand it! You best bet to go to MSM new!

    1. @tony was there an argument somewhere in yer brief stream of verbal vomit?

      1. @Arvo Not sure what do you mean..but looking at your replays you definitely no right on the head. LoL You’re seemingly suffer from some kind of disorder…for example (natonatonato, nazinazinazi, blahblahfuckingblah….) did you typing while still asleep? with your left foot or something?

    1. @niko yeah, “global research” is a truly credible source, just read their articles on chemtrails, the faked moon landing and bigfoot…
      i have heard the russians entered ukraine with a kill list but how could that be with putin all great and noble and merciful, i mean what are they going to say next? that his political adversaries end up dead quite often, shot, poisoned, fallen out of windows etc….
      surely this could not be true, right ? RIGHT? cause putin, him great and noble and merciful, ain’t that what they pay ye to say? so say it. no one familiar with yer dia-tripe expects truth from ye…

  16. there is nothing surprising by the amerikan sympathy for ukrop nazis–amerikan imperialism always aligns with racist dictatorships–Saudi Arabia UK, Israel, Guatemala etc

    1. @george simple: sadly, once again ye lack facts, a common problem with yer posts. as a fifth-grader could ascertain in under 3 minutes, saudi arabia has taken russia’s side and israel is carefully sitting on the fence, they sympathize with russia cause they have their own program of extermination they just can’t carpet-bomb like russia does cause theirs is such a small country…

  17. @randolph liar: yeah, how dare Frynella question putin the great, the noble, the merciful, the defender of democracy and free speech [just don'[t call it a “WAR”], why, how dare she say that his aggression, this war [excusez-moi, “special military operation” in yer country] was not needed in any way? does yer own less-than-provincial understanding just block out the FACT that putin himself has stated multiple times that Ukraine isn’t even a real country and truthfully belongs to russia, ye are so dumb that ye can’t even process the speech of yer dear leader putin? go shill off instead of dishing up yer verbal diarrhea! enough of yer uninformed, goebbelistic shite already! i hope i was clear in me words here, ye seem a bit dense….

    1. @Arvo Regarding Global Research is a good informative site. If your stupid head can’t think then nothing going to help you. Chemtrails ?? Come on..I knew you’re stupid but not to that degree! Never heard of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection..?? You must have holes in your brains..bigger then Swiss Emmental cheese. LoL

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