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Mother of Buffalo Shooting Victim Says “This Is Exactly Who We Are”

By SP Staff

Zeneta Everhart, whose 21-year-old son, Zaire Goodman, survived the May 14 Buffalo shooting by a white supremacist that left 10 Black people dead, testified before the House Oversight Committee Wednesday that domestic terrorism exists in this country for three reasons, the first being that “America is inherently violent.” 

“The very existence of this country was founded on violence, hate, and racism, with the near annihilation of my native brothers and sisters,” she continued. “My ancestors, brought to America thorough the slave trade, were the first currency of America…stripped of their heritage and culture, bargained for…sold, beaten, raped, and lynched. Yet I continuously hear after every mass shooting that this is not who we are as Americans and as a nation. Hear me clearly: this is exactly who we are.” 

Everhart cited the failures of America’s educational system and its attempts to omit—or at least make it difficult to find — the real history of Black Americans and Indigenous peoples. She recounts, “the majority of what I learned about African American history I did not learn until I went to college, and I had to choose those classes…why is African American history not a part of American history?” 

“We have to change the curriculum in schools across the country so that we may adequately educate our children,” Everhart declared. “Reading about history is crucial to the future of this country. Learning about other cultures, ethnicities, and religions in schools should not be something that’s up for debate…our differences should make us curious, not angry. At the end of the day, I bleed, you bleed, we are all human.” 

Everhart, Director of Diversity and Inclusion for New York State Sen. Tim Kennedy, cited guns as a third cause of domestic terrorism. She pointed out that the Buffalo killer’s parents gave him a shotgun for his 16th birthday, adding “Children should not be armed with weapons, parents who provide their children with guns should be held accountable, and lawmakers who …allow these mass shootings to continue, by not passing stricter gun laws should be voted out.” 

“To the lawmakers who feel that we do not need stricter gun laws, let me paint a picture for you,” Everhart said. My son Zaire has a hole in the right side of his neck, two on his back and another on his left leg caused by an exploding bullet from an AR-15. As I clean his wounds, I can feel pieces of that bullet in his back. Shrapnel will be left inside of his body for the rest of his life. Now, I want you to picture that exact scenario for one of your children.”

She called on the lawmakers to draft “common sense gun laws…No citizen needs an AR-15. These weapons are designed to do the most harm in the least amount of time.” She noted it took the Buffalo killer just two minutes to kill 10 people and injure three others. “If, after hearing from me and the other people testifying here today does not move you to act on gun laws, I invite you to my home to help me clean Zaire’s wounds so that you may see up close, the damage that has been caused to my son, and to my community.” 

Everhart concluded by quoting Charles Blow’s “The Devil We Know:” “Race as we have come to understand it, is a fiction, but racism, as we have come to live it, is a fact.” 


  1. “Yet I continuously hear after every mass shooting that this is not who we are as Americans and as a nation. Hear me clearly: this is exactly who we are.”


    “Race as we have come to understand it, is a fiction, but racism, as we have come to live it, is a fact.”

    More truth.

  2. Mathematicians and statisticians have abundance of evidence to support Zeneta’s observations.
    We Americans do not believe in science and math but in our faith, entitlements and perceptions.
    We white wash, create conspiracy, and deny anything that is not to our benefit or pre conceived beliefs.
    Half of Americans still battle over Trump’s Election, no matter what the results and facts.
    Truth is what fits in the opinion and has nothing to do with data, facts, evidence, or proofs.
    American freedom for Mass shootings is exactly what we are.

    1. Did Jimmy Carter CERTIFY the elections of Joe Biden, first as nominee, and then as President? Why not? Because you can’t. You haven’t been able to certify the accuracy of US Elections, for quite some time, now.

      And there’s plenty of evidence of vote flipping, and ballot box stuffing, going-on. The Clinton/Obama/Biden machine had an “Election Integrity Project” in the works since 2019. The goal was to push the (DNCIA) Democratic Party Candidate through – regardless of the reported totals – allegedly because the claimed that Trump was going to steal 2020. But he doesn’t have that power. The CIA and Pentagon and DHS do, however. And they’d come out and announced their support for Joe Biden.

      I’m no Trump supporter. I wrote-in Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney. I could have voted for Gloria LaRiva, had there been no better options. But I find it hilarious that the BlueAnon Conspiracy Theorists – who spent 4 years claiming that our Elections are controlled by Vladimir Putin and the GRU, without a shred of credible evidence – now try to denigrate those on the right, who simply noticed that their Candidate (who was ahead went they went to bed) suddenly lost several States, at 4AM, while the Newsrooms were sleeping.

      The mass mailing of ballots was YET ANOTHER LAYER of Election insecurity. But they were always subject to RIGGING. Bernie Sanders’ supporters saw it clearly in 2016, and then again in 2020. How did a Candidate with an energized and enthusiastic base, lose 5% in California, on Election Day…to a candidate whose supporters couldn’t fill most high school Gymnasiums, with an enthusiastic crowd.

      There’s a ROT here, that Center-right NeoLiberal Corporatist Democrats are missing – just like they’re missing the connections between this Buffalo Shooter- and the US Support for NAZIS in Ukraine.

      1. Yes, the Russians were not behind Trump’s win in 2016. You let us know when you have proof that Biden was exalted by some kind of ballot chicanery. That nonsense has as much validity as Russiagate.

      2. The burden of proof is on the system, to prove that the occulted mechanics of the system are legitimate. Jimmy Carter won’t even TRY to certify our elections – for a reason. “2000 Mules” makes one case for impropriety with Ballot Harvesting – but a less partisan election integrity activist has made some valid critiques of it – none of which disprove the larger point of the film, just arguing that it may not have adequately proven its point. But that’s how Covert Operations actually FUNCTION, by not leaving behind large quantities of good evidence.

        The WAS plenty of evidence of vote flipping in the Primary Campaign, highlighted by – using exit polling. Do you not remember the SHADOW App, and the rigging of the Iowa Caucuse? A 5% flip in California – and NUMEROUS reported irregularities in California’s primary – is prims facie evidence of cheating. If you want to drill down into it, we can do that. But The Convo Couch on ScrewUToob and Rokfin covered lots of it, very well, in real time.

        Relative to the General Election in November – there was VIDEO of a Georgia precinct that had kicked out all the observers, claiming that they were shutting down the count, for the night. Once the witnesses were gone, they pulled put a box filled with unfolded allegedly “mail-in” ballots – and began feeding them into the machine.

        That seems like clear cut evidence of shenanigans – to me. Enough that it SHOULD HAVE BEEN properly investigated, and therefore nobody should be shamed, or Gaslighted, or censored, or deplatformed,for thinking or saying that something was amiss.

        There was tonnes of ShitLib and Corporatist STATE Media derision directed at the Maricopa County Audit. But not much coverage of what was actually found. So your your Dunning-Kruger effect and smugnorance can be forgiven, I suppose. It found that there were many violations of Elections laws, and Unlawful accesses to the database – including attempts to destroy evidence of the crimes. And thanks to that – WE NOW KNOW – that there was no actual forensic audit completed, prior to that investigation. And when they conducted one – they found plenty of evidence of improprieties.

        Like I mentioned – I’m no fan of Trump. But I can’t really sign-on to a blanket statement that Biden was the lesser, of these two VILE SCUMBAGS. If you haven’t noticed, the Constitution is under even greater threat now, than it was with Trump in charge… And the economy has been collapsed. And we’re also on the verge of Global Thermonuclear Annihilation.

        I can’t help but think, that if we had free and fair and secure elections in this country, that we wouldn’t be in these dire straights. Perhaps the WEF’s “Great Reset”/”4th Industrial Revolution”/”Great Narrative”, and a global takeover under the aegis of Bill Gates’ WHO wouldn’t be quite so imminent. Perhaps we wouldn’t be on the verge of a Genocidal Global Depopulation wave, conducted in accordance with Agenda 2030 goals, either…but who knows. Apathy is powerful. But nothing fosters that, more than knowing that the System is RIGGED.

      3. Allow me to revise and extend my remarks – by adding these links…

        That’s the “2000 Mules” critique that I mentioned.

        This seems like it discusses and refers to what was prompting you write that comment.

        And here is cute, fun little Substack Shih tzu and upstart.

  3. Have you ever wondered who’s pulling the strings? … Anything we touch is a weapon. We can deceive, persuade, change, influence, inspire. We come in many forms. We are everywhere.

    — U.S. Army Psychological Operations recruitment video

    As the military journal “Task and Purpose” explains, “Psychological warfare is all about influencing governments, people of power, and everyday citizens… PSYOP soldiers’ key missions are to influence ‘emotions, notices, reasoning, and behavior of foreign governments and citizens,’ ‘deliberately deceive’ enemy forces, advise governments, and provide communications for disaster relief and rescue efforts.”

    And so here we are . . . and the violence is exported to places like Mexico, Brazil, you name it. Then, these blue freaks pushing terror weapons on the world, and the red devils (Republicans) wanting even more weapons in the hands of thugs.

    Read: “Everything Is a Weapon — The U.S. Government Is Waging Psychological Warfare on the Nation” by John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead / June 8th, 2022

  4. I too did not learn the history of this country until college. That all the people living in this country are not included in the history is a travesty. History is so much more interesting with the inclusion of all the people.

  5. The cowardice exhibited yearly by Mitch McConnell & his gang, instigated in large part by the money they are fed through lobbies, has American citizens in a choke hold. Since the days of Reagan, we’ve experienced a clear increase in a LOSS of VOTERS’ RIGHTS. You just look at the patterns since GWBush ran for office in TEXAS with money from right wing extremist lobby groups, and you will see this pattern expanding, spreading like a spider web across the national election chains. The Koch brothers mapped out a method of installing power locally, then nationally through their backroom legislative deals with the RethugliCONS. That power spread and his kneecapped VOTERS’ power. Get money OUT of politics. The ALITO Supreme Court has killed all voter rights. Legislative thugs have taken over.

  6. As for the Lee Camp 6min. clip…i know we came close, & we could have had it, but the bankstaz, the brokers, the billionaires, the bourgeoisie, the bro-skie scumbags would not let us reach the promise land. They would rather end it all than resume their place standing in a queue like the rest of us. Now look here: this description of “who we are”, i never did want to be that. Eff you i’m vegan i don’t murder animals. Generally most of us want truth, justice, faith, hope, love, peace, & happiness. But you know we can’t have nice things. Now check the irony- only force will remove the bros. From my readings, People been waitin’ for the war in the streets since before i was born. Now i’m too old. We doin’ this or not? Save the planet & yadda yadda correct gender pronouns & whatever whatever? Yeeaaah, i’mma need you to stay late like that supervisor meme. That’s what i thought. You want praxis there’s decades of David Barsamian & Maria Gilardi to go listen to. Like Nader always said (paraphrased), the left is long on analysis, but short on wtf we’re gonna do about any of this. It really does look like it’ll take violence to end kleptocratic corporatocracy just so we can have a breather.

    1. 🎼🎶🎵hustlin’ to consume the news, they keep sayin’ we’re free, but we all just lose🎵🎶🎼

  7. Zeneta Everhart’s comments about the U.S. being an inherently violent country are spot on. Unfortunately, her call for stricter gun laws is wholly inadequate and wouldn’t solve anything. Work on the root of the problem, which is the inherent violence that started with the invading colonizers. Sure, enact sensible gun laws too, but that should be secondary.

  8. Even the European nation puppets of the U.S. know a country can’t move forward humanely until it owns its past. Everhart is right saying the U.S. is an inherently violent country. The U.S. was born in violence, continues in violence, and may very well die in violence.

  9. So it sounds like she thinks that only Ukrainian NAZIS should have guns…

    And the Police…Are they going to be disarmed? Every Cop car has an AR-15…I don’t see her mentioning anything about that.

    But she is correct about this being who we are – who the US MONOPARTY supports and promotes around the world. The Shooter wore a Sonnenrad “Black Sun”, a Nazi symbol – the same as those borne by the Azov Nazis in Ukraine – that the bipartisan US establishment has been promoting, arming, funding and training since the late 1940’s – but particularly since Obama/Biden’s CIA/NAZI Coup there in 2014.

    The Buffalo Shooter looked up to the New Zealand Mosque shooter – who trained with the Azov Banderite NAZIS during the US-backed Genocidal war against Eastern Ukraine and the people of the Donbass region. He got his practice at killing, using Eastern Ukrainian ethnic Russians as his targets.

    Now that the US and NATO have provoked a hot war against Russia – the Azov NAZIS are being joined by the US’ other ‘plausibly deniable’ terrorist proxy army – ISIS.

    It seems like she wants the American people to be completely at the mercy of the US Government, and it’s terrorist/NAZI proxies, whenever that blowback comes home.

    What percentage of AR-15 owners do things like these recently staged shootings? Does she believe in collective punishment? She clearly believes in collective disarmament, and collective vulnerability for the American people – just not the right to collective and individual self-defense, as spelled out in the 2nd Amendment.

  10. To understand the Plant you need to understand the seed from which it came.3/4 of Americans seem to live in a Mythological Hollywood fictional movie in totall denial as to who they are ,and what they have become.This tragic story by a broken hearted mother tells it in truth.
    The madness of allowing weaponry to be available let alone manafactured in a community already suffering with historically flaws must end in tragedy for all. Sadness beats loudly here . Ed

  11. USA #1 violent crime non violent crime rape per capita all nations—most not reported per experts…historians anthropologists etc have long written about the peculiar American enjoyment of violence—its sports—-“amerikans can only feel via crime and sports”. D Boorstin
    Gorer observed the immature violent amerikan nature as did Margaret Mead…Sennet produces various studies that show amerikans bully more than any people on earth. Gorer could find no society where the concept “sissy” exists except USA….amerikans enjoy picking on weaker people, small defenseless nations

  12. Yes history is important, however “who we are” is largely a consequence of where we direct our focus today. I am talking about the multi-billion dollar first person shooter industry, as well as the war for profit industry. The image of this man’s wounds is a disturbing notion, but the sight of our children engaged in virtual killing in a digital crack frenzy seems to be overlooked as harmless.

  13. Oh, yeah, Zeneta. This country was not founded upon principles, no matter how often we say it. It was founded upon genocide, land theft, and a slave labor economy. It was founded upon butchery, sadism and theft. Always the theft. Theft of land, theft of resources, theft of labor, theft of cultures, of languages, and destruction of them, too.

    We’ve been at it for longer than this country’s ignoble beginning. We’ve been at it since we’ve been Europe, the revived Roman empire, instead of pagan tribes. We’ve been at it for about 1200 years.

    We have an ongoing war against the weak in our society that the good people in the society never win. The good people in this society don’t even really try to win. They just try to tamp down the pain of the yoke when they need to, to make it bearable for themselves.

    They never try to get rid of the wealth and power seeking that drives the worst of human behaviors and the worst of this culture. They never try to get rid of it because they believe in it and they believe in the overall superiority of their way of life.

    So, what do “good” people do instead of bringing this whole lie and poohshow for money down? They convene, they regulate the wealth to make it “fair,” and they develop systems and processes to monitor and enforce all the regulating they do. It doesn’t do any good.

    To be clear on how it doesn’t do any good, in the past 1200 years, this society has treated everything and everyone but its own powerful members like prey or obstacles to be disposed of, with one small half-century exception of the New Deal in this country for White men, and the labor movement of the same era in Europe that established those socialist democracies.

    That was it. Out of 1200 years, we had the New Deal. As soon as the women and the people of color wanted in on the equality trip, well, the wealthy had been conspiring all along, and they won again in 1979, with Ronald Reagan. It was already over for the middle class in this country.

    But we have a terrible time admitting anything like the truth to ourselves. We never stop this centuries-long, nonstop depravity for money. We just embrace massive cognitive dissonance and other insanity and inanities to get through it as comfortably as we can.

    When it is so bad that it makes us uncomfortable, we do go to war long enough to tamp down the worst of the depravity, like getting rid of legal slavery, I mean, getting rid of secessionists who wanted to steal our stolen land, but we’ll say they did it to end slavery, while enduring Jim Crow and regular lynchings for another century, on top of more western expansion and more genocide for land.

    It’s why even the “good” people in our society piss me off a lot. They don’t really want to change anything. They just want to be the person who doesn’t suffer unbearably.

    1. @Tupe
      Sure it was. The U.S. was founded on the principle of making a lot of money, regardless of what you have to do in order to do so.

      1. Our cognitive dissonance is stupefying. How can anyone think Thomas Jefferson, for example, was some kind of great mind on the subjects of liberty and justice, for christssake? That is insane. It’s also very normal for us.

        Americans revere Jefferson the great by being trained, I mean socialized, to do it. Like Pavlov’s dogs. Real integrity is rationalized away before we are even aware it was possible to consider it. Their dead responses of mystification when anyone challenges the insanity of calling our worship of money everything but what it is are learned, also.

        I love Tim Wise for how he makes fun of Jefferson all the time.

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