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VIDEO: Ecuador’s Indigenous Revolt Against Their Neoliberal President

By The Grayzone

The Grayzone spoke with leaders of Ecuador’s indigenous movements, now engaged in ferocious street protests against the privatization policies of President Guillermo Lasso, a billionaire banker. The activists defended their demands and detailed the brutal repression they have witnessed as their rebellion spreads across one of the last right-wing controlled countries on the South American continent.

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  1. I’m an American jazz musician living in Ecuador for the past 10 years, and I also own the only jazz club in Ecuador. I’ve met and spoken with every US ambassador to Ecuador and have some information you may find relevant to your journalism. I’ve also communicated with Rafael Correa during his administration. Please contact me at:
    Regards. —Jim Gala

  2. I live in a small coastal community of Ecuador. I have lived here for almost 8 years. Fukushima drove me from CA & the “socialist” policies & the 2008 constitution that gave nature rights and banned GMOs to be grown or imported drew me here. Add that after Wall Street collapsed their economy and devalued their currency in 1999, Ecuador made the USD their currency. Brilliant!! Wall Street will not attack the dollar. So what that they didn’t print their own cash, most is created digitally without printing. A govt. employee told me she had just received a large increase in salary. I asked her if she was paid in cash. No it is direct deposited in her bank account. Does that money come from oil sales? No. So it is just electronic digits and not American currency. Yes. In the years from 2000 to 2014 Ecuador’s economy averaged 5% growth while the US was averaging less than 3%.
    The first encounter with a grocery store told me that the GMO policy of the constitution was not being followed. GMO soy and seed oils were evident in the yellow skin of the uniform chicken carcasses and the margarine. My friend said the constitution is just poetry. By the end of 2015 , it was evident that Correa, the pinko, and his government were becoming neoliberal. Infrastructure building and improvements was slowing, govt. employees were being fired, prices of phone, water & electricity, govt. owned enterprises were increasing at the same time services were deteriorating. All small changes that were mainly unnoticed or so small not worth considering, but the economy slowed and began to decline in 2016 and that has accelerated since.
    In 2012 Correa quietly signed a law that allowed international corporations to have free access to 25% of Ecuador’s natural resources. My friend who worked in govt. at a high level did not know until she was becoming a lawyer.
    Correa , part of the so called pink tide, was president and had given Julian Assange refuge in the embassy in London. Julian acquired citizenship while he was in the embassy. When the next president, Moreno, kicked him out in 2017 it was illegal according to Ecuadorian law. The HOUR that he was evicted the IMF released a loan of $4.5 billion. Part of the deal was austerity. Reduction in govt, spending on health by 2/3 and education. All the Cuban doctors and there were plenty were required to be evicted per the IMF. Good timing for the pandemic.
    One of the compalints of the Indians is gas price inflation. Ecuador like Venezuela owns its own oil from well to pump. In Venezuela the price is 8 cents a gallon. In Libya 12 cents, Iran 20 cents. There many Venezuelans in Ecuador so the people are aware and are pissed that gas costs them more than twice what it did 3 years ago while other costs are also going up and wages and the economy are going down.
    Ecuador imports 90% of its wheat. Before oil discovery they grew 90% so they are victims of the petrodallar scam also. They repeat the false narrative that the Ukraine war is causing food prices to soar. The war started 5 months after the harvest when most grains were already exported from Ukraine. Since the war the grain could be exported along the same route of the refugees into Poland or Hungary. A quick glimpse at a map tells me that. We are being scammed by Wall Street again. I could go on but I am boring myself. The Indians have legitimate grievances. If there are any protests near me, I will join. “An injury to one is an injury to all”

  3. benzene price doubles in ecuador—protests; gasoline triples in USA: nothing

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