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VIDEO: Senator Elizabeth Warren Challenges Fed Chair Jerome Powell in Senate Banking Committee Hearing


Senator Elizabeth Warren challenges and urges caution to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. During a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Sen. Warren warned about what a recession could mean for millions of Americans and how rate hikes will raise borrowing costs for families and put jobs at risk.


  1. It sounds like Lizzy wants it all, a strong dollar , higher employment , a robust economy and a lower cost of living.

    Although Chairman Powell realizes this, he cannot say it out loud that in order to achieve all those things, debt-free MARKET based liquidity would have to enter the economy in support of real economic growth. Debt, on its own , meaning legal tender, simply cannot do it.

  2. Biden reappointed Powell, who doesn’t care about you and me. Biden’s agenda illustrates his fear of alienating the corporation donors. He forgets that he needs votes to get reelected.

  3. I trust Sen Warren as much as you can trust politicians. And because of her professional background as a university teacher, I believe she knows what she is talking about. And why not expect an economy that can be more beneficial for all? There certainly is enough wealth in the US to do so. We are one of the most lop-sided countries in the world and unjust in so many ways.

  4. Here’s all we need to know about Warren

    Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Warren, different senators ship bipartisan letter to Biden urging him to maintain Trump’s China tariffs, saying they’re ‘not a driver of at this time’s inflation’

    Just another scumbag Clintonista neocon POS

  5. And add “war” to your littany of Lizzy desiderata.
    Her questions are captious and sophomoric. Truth is we need a radical redistribution of wealth. In order to do this we need to abolish the Warfare State and turn that wealth to medicare for all, 16 or 14 years of publicly funded education, and eco-infrastructure.

  6. Warren makes great Kabuki theater by acting like this in public. Unfortunately, her record of what she actually does, or more to the point, what she doesn’t do, is not good. Just another dishonest Democrat pretending to care about regular people.

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