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Michael Moore: EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM: Millions Must Respond

Abort. The. Court.
Beyonce and her army of women at the barricades. (From her “Run The World (Girls)” music video)

By Michael Moore / Substack


The choices we make in the next few hours will determine the fate of our democracy.

Minutes ago the Supreme Court ruled, once again, that women are indeed second-class citizens — stripped of their rights to control their own bodies, and forced to give birth should they become pregnant.

This is one of the worst abominations ever committed by this country. And if we don’t act, RIGHT NOW, they will get away with it.

So, on this day of infamy, I ask, I beg, I IMPLORE you — 



Join me and the other millions in the majority and PLEDGE TO FIGHT BACK — today, tonight, and EVERY DAY until full rights are restored to women.

Click here to find out where tonight’s protests are in your area. 

Remove all Republicans in November. 

— Mike

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Writer. Filmmaker. Podcaster. Eagle Scout. Citizen.


  1. Moore is so tedious. Remove all Democrats. Just remove Congress for not giving a shit. Obama seemed not to care about codifying Roe.

  2. You tell um Mike!
    Lets make this a disaster for the Republicans.
    Not that the Democrats are any better-but it least it will be Fun!

  3. Fear porn from Micheal Moore designed to divert your attention away from the utter failure and arrogance of the democratic party, from your already dead democracy, from the consequences of the raping and pillaging of the system by the power elite, from the endless profit driven horrors that are brought to the world by our military industrial complex, from our universal subjugation to a globalist order that would make Orwell cringe.

    Divide and conquer…get the people divided on social issues, ideally ones that can be stoked forever to set them against each other and therefore keep them conquered. In the not too distant future Micheal will be telling you, you got to vote blue no matter who….again.

    God it’s so predictable at this point…..

    1. @JustAMaverick
      I agree with you except that abortion is not just some minor social issue. It affects overpopulation, the biggest problem on the planet, and it strips the right of over half the human population to have autonomy over their own bodies.

      But how is Moore calling for people to get into the streets mutually exclusive from what you said? Getting into the streets isn’t about voting.

      1. Nobody is ever going to need an abortion, again. From the cradle to the grave they’re all going to be forcibly injected with a toxic slurry of Experimental Synthetic “mRNA”, which will make them sterile, and spontaneously miscarry anything that gets through…

        Don’t worry. Bill Gates and Ted Turner, Klaus Scwab and a handful of Technocratic-Totalitarian Megalomaniacal Plutocrats will be left with just enough enslaved, genetically modified drones to keep their jack boots polished, and their transhuman AI Robot Empire functional. So no need to cry for the WEF and Michael Moore – he got ‘his bridge’ back. And while you’re not going to be able to afford to go anywhere, and will be eating delicious bugs – they’ll be free to travel by private jets, to anywhere they like, while eating $1000 Filet Mignons.

      2. I understand and appreciate your point. It is a shame that the Empire of Lies inflicts so much pain and misery on so many people and I am sympathetic to the women affected everywhere. Illegal immigration is another one of these issues of division….and there inevitably are good people on both sides of the issue, which is why they are so perfect for diversion and divide and conquer. T

        Until you refuse to play their game and the people stand united on the many issues they can agree on and confront the power elite, everything else is at best pissing in the wind and at worst pissing on yourself.

      3. @JustAMaverick
        Yours is a strategy. But strategy is no good if you sell out your ideals. You first have to choose which issues are the most important, starting with peace and the environment, then make allies if possible on those issues. Issues that affect the natural world, issues that affect large numbers of people, are big issues and shouldn’t be compromised.

      4. Except that Abortion (in ONLY the less populated half of States, in a country where there’s no population explosion – by birthrates, perhaps immigration is raising it slightly, in some areas) doesn’t really affect the Environment, OR peace.

        If stopping overpopulation is really your goal, and your ideal… Why stop at on demand abortions for all, into the 9th month?
        Why not support “Suicide Booths” like in THX1138… YOU’RE ALREADY SUPPORTING forced drugging without regard for medical contraindications, or patient-specific risks, or contemplating patient medical history. And of course all the cattle get their digital tags, as soon as they take the shots, and become GMO Transhumans. Why not make Abortions mandatory? Why try to outlaw AR-15’s (for ‘little people’)? Why not assign them at 6 months, along with the Baby-Kill Shots®, and permanent AgendaID2020 Digital ID/WEF Property Identifying QR codes… After all, ‘Guns kill people’… and we have too many of them, already…

        But this also begs the question about Mass involvement in the Human Medical Experimentation… If tha’ ‘Rona is this super deadly disease that we should sacrifice all of our rights unto… And the shots actually save lives… Why is Bill Gates in support of the mandatory shots – and not just content to let nature take it’s course…? Like you – his “ideal” is Global Depopulation. If the official narrative is true…then his strategy runs contrary to his goals…🤔

        Meanwhile – we have travesties like THIS – still occurring.
        It seems like this kid is doomed and DAMNED (in reality) either way… Couldn’t we cure overpopulation just by denying people access to livesaving medical care? Maybe THAT’S why Pelosi and Biden oppose Single Payer…except for the TOTALLY “Safe and Effective ©” Covid Vaccines… It seems like they’re not being truly consistent with their ideals…or they have REAL PROBLEMS with their strategy.

        Maybe Nuclear War with Russia really DOES make sense, after all… Let’s send the Democratic Party another majority, in the fall… That’s the BEST STRATEGY, consistent with the ideal of fighting Overpopulation… If the shots weren’t poison, however…we’d need to work on them, to do the right thing, there…

      5. @Another+WorldView+Is+Possible
        Your ludicrous responses to the fact that humans are grossly overpopulated and are wrecking the Earth and killing the life here show that you are detached from reality. Your childish statements that I should kill myself and set up suicide booths evince a personal problem. I have no desire to continue this discussion with you. However, for the sane readers out there, I present an excellent discussion I just read about whether humans and/or their civilization can even survive past 2050 considering what we’ve done to the Earth:

      6. Oh good… Noam Chomsky – the mRNA injections Nazi – who supports concentration camps, for those who excercise their ABSOLUTE RIGHT to bodily autonomy, and to refuse forced Genocide, in the disguise of Human Medical Experimentation… We see you working there… And DRG = FASCISM in the guise of environmentalism.

        You made up some fantasy about me being a Republican – when I pointed out the Eugenic, Elitist, and Racist, origins of the abortion movement, with Margaret Sanger. The nicest thing that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could say about her, was that she was forthright about what she stood for… You can’t even make that claim – as you excite doom and gloom fantasies based upon the limitations on abortion, that will only be a reality in a handful of States. Yes we need everyone to be aborted – that will SURELY save the planet – for Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and Ted Turner to Lord over, in perpetuity… Sounds GREAT – for them. But doom isn’t the only possibility. And a few less abortions isn’t good make any difference, in any event… You should be demanding AR-15’s for all, if you want to make any real impact. But you don’t. You’re a shill… And you haven’t had an intelligent response to a single question – except to point to your demented messiahs, Chomsky and Biden… Good luck with those two.

        Imma let you in on secret. My goal has been less of an attempt at having an intelligent conversation WITH YOU… since from the start you made clear that wasn’t a possibility. Instead it was to EXPOSE you, and what you’re doing here.

    2. We need a massive march to address everything that’s wrong.
      Healthcare , wages, environment, censorship, surveillance … on and on.

      This is class war and we didn’t start it.

    1. Regarding your responses to “Another World View”, I’m amazed you can understand what he’s talking about…For me, it’s some unknown language.

      1. If you have a specific or intelligent question – I’ll be happy to answer it for you… Sorry if what I wrote is over your head. Jeff seems to get it – which is why the only replies he makes are DELIBERATELY OBTUSE and foolish, based in a fantasy – that abortions in Texas and Mississippi, are the solution overpopulation, around the Globe.

      2. I’m sorry… Where do you think I WENT? Too far to your left, too practical, or too far outside of your Nina Jankowicz-shaped Disinformationalist bubble?

        Bringing in a third sock puppet – this time with a more human sounding name, was a nice touch.

  4. I appreciate this call to action. Being in the streets is important. I just read another article here on SCHEERPOST which addresses another aspect of this . Here’s a quote: Why march to a courthouse instead of to the office of democratic member of congress and demand that they make abortion legal? In particular, senators have the ability to end the filibuster which would give the senate the ability to pass a Freedom of Choice Act with their small majority margin. Every democratic senator should be quaking in his or her boots for fear that they’ll be turned out of office if they do not act to protect abortion rights.
    I would also say that there are countless reasons to be in the street. Why not join together and demand that our government stop the systematic dismantling of our democracy. That’s a protest that would have an impact.

    1. @Eyde A.
      Getting into the streets with scattered demands would be totally ineffective, unless you’re trying to overthrow the government. Overthrowing the government would be fine, but that’s not what this discussion is about.

      1. It’s BECAUSE “that’s not what this is about” – that the Monoparty has you fighting against one another – over things that are essentially inconsequential to them and to you – while having you divided keeps you easily ruled, until you’re no longer essential, and can ‘benefit the planet’ by assisting in it being “depopulated”, yourself.

      2. @Another+WorldView+Is+Possible
        Abortion is NOT inconsequential. It is in fact a major issue. It affects overpopulation, the biggest problem on Earth, and it removes the rights of over half of all humans to have control over their own bodies. Just by making a disgusting comment like that you’re on the wrong side of this issue, just as bad as any anti-abortion Republican, or any phony Democrat who refuses to do what it takes to codify Roe.

      3. Oh…so like Margaret Sanger and Bill Gates – you’re a Malthusian Eugenicist Elitist Racist – hoping that the poorest and darkest will kill their offspring prior to birth, then… Got it…

        Except the California Legislature and several other blue states are considering legislation which protects peri-natal abortions. That’s also known, classically, as “Murder”…

        Maybe you should lead the way – if you think that there’s too many people, here…

        You know what else prevents overpopulation? Access to birth control, education and high standards of living all do that as well…but those don’t benefit Davos Trillionaires – so you won’t be talking about that…

        The Gates Kill Shots™ – now proven to cause increases sterility, miscarriages, spontaneous abortions, birth defects, still births, and “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” – also “prevent overpopulation” – involuntarily, be sure to start jabbing your infants before they can learn the word “NO!”.

        “Died unexpectedly” and “Died suddenly” (with no cause listed) appears to be “trending” in obituary columns, lately… Mark Crispin Miller has been hard pressed to keep up with the tidal wave, on his substack.

        The ruling class have moved beyond voluntary abortions… that’s why they allowed this to occur… That, and they want you fired up – to support NAZI COLLABORATOR Quislings, like Joe Biden’s Fraud Squad™ and the other NeoLiberal Corporatist Dems…quietly building the Technocratic Totalitarian Panopticon and Dystopia, from which neither you nor your offspring with emerge unshackled and healthy.

        You sound like Big PfharmaBro – Senator Richard Pan, and the other new Totalitarians. People are DISEASED…And they exhale CO2 and use energy… They must be censored and controlled and CULLED – for the good of the planet, that will be reserved for Trillionaire Oligarchs.

      4. @Another+WorldView+Is+Possible
        I’m neither. But you’re clearly clueless about the natural environment, how much harm humans have done and are still doing to it, and you obviously don’t care about it. I don’t know how out of it you people have to be to accuse people who raise the overpopulation issue for environmental reasons of being eugenicists or anything like that, but it’s pretty out of it. Go live with some hunter-gatherers and get a dose of reality!

        If your solution to everything is killing, then it’s quite obviously you who has a problem. Lowering population isn’t about killing anyone, including me. It’s about birth control and abortion, simple as that. And your anti-abortion position is both immoral and factually wrong. Murder is the illegal killing of a human, and fetuses are not humans by definition.

        You’re also totally wrong about making people into bigger consumers so they can further wreck the planet in order to lower birthrates. The FACT is that the most effective non-coercive way to lower birthrates is to educate and empower girls and women, which was proven in Kerala, India. From the highest to the lowest birthrate in India, but still poor. This making everyone rich so they don’t have a lot of kids BS is leftist baloney that was debunked decades ago.

        You’re also

      5. @Another+WorldView+Is+Possible
        I forgot to mention that I have no kids. That’s by far the best thing anyone can do for the Earth; the next best is having only one. That’s how I did my part to counter human overpopulation, no killing myself necessary.

      6. So then you’re COMPLETELY IGNORANT of the fact that at least half of the States, and the majority of the Country’s population will NEVER have their access to abortions, even threatened? You sound like the kind of soft-headed imbecile that the NeoLiberal NAZI COLLABORATOR Democratic Party relies upon, to stay in office (along with Vote flipping machines and increasingly insecure elections, completely with mass produced “mail-in” and harvested ballots.

        I can think of AT LEAST ONE being, currently alive on this planet, that we could do without. Why don’t you live up to your professed ethics – and Self-Abort for Freedom®, and the good of the species and the planet. Or just keep taking your mandatory shots, until they work right … How’s that Covid coming along? Is the Antibody Dependent Enhancement working?

        My Body My Choice – is a NUREMBERG PRINCIPLE (relative to Human Medical Experimentation)… Try being consistent with your belief systems, at the very least.

      7. @Jeff I don’t want to overthrow them, just get them to do their job or send them packing. I understand your meaning, but to me it isn’t scattered. The elite are well aware of our needs and have no intention of lifting a finger. What I’m saying is we should address the corruption as a whole. More people in the streets will have a greater impact. Change has only happened because people got in the streets. They fear our coming together and flexing our power. Without our willing ( or unwilling ) participation in this economy, they have nothing. Asking them doesn’t do anything but waste the time and energy of well meaning people. They are literally killing us with their inaction – social murder. If you have a more effective strategy to stop them from killing our democracy and us in the process, I am completely open to hearing it. We are out of time for half measures.

      8. @Eyde A.
        You’re way off topic. This is about the abortion issue, not general corruption.

        As to your question, the most effective thing people could do would be stop buying all the crap they buy. So long as Americans remain hyperconsumers, there will be no substantial changes for the better. Successful politicians watch what people DO, not what they say, and if they realize that they can keep people satisfied enough with cheap crap to buy, that’s all they need to do. Voting with your pocketbook is far more important than how or whether you vote at the polls, and even whether you get into the streets. The only time that street protests work is if people 1) disrupt business as usual and 2) stay in the streets until they get what they want. I don’t see that happening in this country at the present time, people here are still too comfortable to make those sacrifices.

      9. I think you’re trying to talk sensibly with DNCIA shill. Or some other lind of inauthentic being/actor. I’ve NEVER met anyone who’s truly PRO-abortion – certainly not like this guy. Pro-choice, sure … I happen to be as well – but none of that is going matter, once the sterilizations, miscarriages and birth defects/genetic abnormalities from the Forced Human Medical Experimentation mRNA injections become better understood.

        As long as we focus on the well planned and managed media cycle – and demanding things that make no difference to the powerful, and about which the country is nearly evenly divided – THEY WIN. The WEF, and Bill Gates have an elaborate series of Bond-Villian plans. Global Depopulation is their goal (same as “Jeff”, oddly enough), and a Technocratic Totalitarian Panopticon and Transhuman slave society for the survivors.

    2. The Filibuster is THE ONLY THING that prevents the Constitution from being repealed quickly… As it is we get that being done SLOWLY, piecemeal, on part at a time, by whatever party has power going after their own preferred targets. Our Courts have become a complete joke. Corrupt and Fraudulent – everything since the Santa Clara case, or perhaps even the start of the Civil War – has been clearly violative and fraudulent. It’s all De Facto and Emergency powers… There is no Republic – just a Mob-ocracy. In a situation like we had prior to the Civil War – neither STATEs nor the Fed would have any business intervening in your reproductive or healthcare choices.

    3. I realize your heart is in the right place….But your comment about “dismantling of our democracy” makes no sense to me at all….From what I can see, this so-caled Democracy is aleady dead….I can’t even remember a time it existed?

  5. A few things: 1) Women have always second class citizens, at best. 2) The Supreme Court didn’t suddenly make women that way. 3) Both the Democratic and Republican parties have sought to either eliminate or limit abortion rights. 4) If you’re going to fill the streets, fight for abortion free and on demand. And drop the term “choice” from your language.

    1. @Stuart Fishman
      Free, on demand, and no restrictions, including for minors. Yes!

  6. Is that obnoxious sack of gas and crap still alive?!?! He needs to keep taking his “boosters” until they work as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab actually intended…

    “Abortion”… How quaint … I guess Moore missed the 40% increase in All Cause Mortality – and the ever increasing list of potentially lethal, and definitely sterilizing, Adverse Events, that the handful of Genetically Modified Slaves of future generations will be dealing with.

    But at least that asshole got ‘his bridge’ back.
    ALL HAIL DAVOS! Viva Trudeau and Freeland and Biden… Nazis Forever!!!

    1. Cannot comprehend what this guy is talking about….Does anybody else?

      1. @maxine
        He seems pretty unhinged to me. I just had a rather unpleasant exchange with him where he said I should kill myself because I pointed out that there are too many people on the planet, which is an ecological fact, not my opinion.

      2. Your answer to overpopulation is encouraging women to terminate their pregnancies – which many regard as murder. When someone ELSE kills a pregnant woman that’s counted as two murders, typically. So you’re quite quick to sacrifice others for your twisted and hypocritical ideals, is my point – while showing no personal commitment to them. Some would call that hypocrisy. But having seen you here before, I’m aware that you’re just a dishonest political propagandist.

        It does sound a bit like the couples in those cheesy commercials unleashed against the Clinton’s healthcare reform attempts in the 1990’s – listening to “Jeff” and “Maxine” ‘dialoguing’, here.

        It seems like most of the other readers of this blog are hip to the DNCIA’s game and bullshit spreading strategies… But not you two…

      3. @Another+WorldView+Is+Possible
        This will be my last response to you, as much as I’ve tried to avoid it. But because of your psychotic obsession with me, you haven’t stopped, and have stated outright lies about me in addition to multiple instances of name-calling. If anyone should be removed from a forum, it’s people doing what you do. I have no medical or psychiatric training, but my personal opinion is that you’re psychotic, and I mean that literally, not as name-calling.

        – I never said anything about you being a Republican, and in fact didn’t even use that word on the thread on which you so accused me.
        – I never said that abortion is the solution to human overpopulation. It is ONE solution, but a necessary one, according to the latest study done on the matter. Regardless of the fact that your christian-addled brain considers abortion “murder,” it is in fact not so, either legally or morally.
        – There is another big reason to support abortion rights: women have the right to do with their own bodies what they see fit, and that includes aborting fetuses if they so choose. But since you don’t think that women deserve this right, you’re OK with over half the states outlawing abortion. Sheesh.
        – You also made some false claim that I support injecting people with COVID-19 vaccines. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t even support vaccine mandates or passports.

      4. First off…aww shucks…and you were such a great conversationalist and DISINFORMATION VECTOR. I’m going to miss our little chats… Give my best to “Louise” or “Maxine” or whatever her real name is.

        And that’s also too bad, that you won’t be supplying any informational and informative links – to substantiate this ridiculous assertion that Abortion is going to be an effective means of population control. Certainly Bill Gates didn’t mention that in his TED Talk… But he did mention the DEADLY, Toxic, ineffective (against the virus), but sterilizing (for humans) “vaccines” – as part of his Bond Villian plans. I wonder why he overlooked that crucial element, in meeting our Agenda2030 and 2050 sustainability goals…? If he HAD – then it would have fit right in, with Operation Rescue talking points about Millions and Millions of abortions constantly feeding and appeasing Moloch – as you would have them do, apparently.

        IN FACT – you actually did call me a Republican, and anti-abortion…neither of which is actually true. In fact as a Peace and Freedom voter, I’d lay ‘favorite’ ODDS, that I’m to your actual left, politically… The exact words that believe you used is “worse than… Republican…”. Which is just as lame, as the rest of what you were dispatched here to write.

        As for your oblique Calls for DNCIA/”Trusted News Initiative”/DHS/Big Tech censorship… While my initial tone was MOCKING (your foolish sock puppetry and posting habits) – you were the one who first descended to insult. When Paul Mason, the GCHQ/FCO/MI-6 Spook, pretending to be a Liberal, or a journalist was recently caught conferring on a plan to silence and censor the Greyzone, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Maté, Anya Parampil, Kit Klarenberg et al, he at least used the CIA NeuroLinguistic Programming buzzwords “conspiracy theory” and “Russian Disinformation”… It’s the EXACT SAME DNCIA CENSORSHIP PLAYBOOK, but I suppose you don’t want plagiarize his work or Nina Jankowicz directly…

        “Psychotic” wanders dangerously into the area of the unethical and unlicensed practice of Psychology/Psychiatry…and since it is you who appears to be having a psychotic break with reality – as evidenced by your insistence that abortions are an essential part of fighting climate change or overpopulation, or something, while denying that killing people, in utero, is murder…

        Well that kind of GASLIGHTING could backfire on you.

        Unlike you – I’m willing to acknowledge and address the positions of others. That doesn’t make me “Christian”, or “Republican”, or an enemy of the environment.

        Frankly, I seem to recall you doing the same kind of GASLIGHTING and DNCIA PROPAGANDA work around Jabs and Mandates and Covid policies, in other Sheerpost articles…but perhaps that was a different “Jeff” – it’s a common enough name after all. But if you REALLY want to end human life, to preserve the environment – then you should officially join up with the Bill Gates/GAVI/WEF team, then – and start $hilling JUST AS HARD for the toxic mRNA slurry shots, and mandates… Nothing short or starting a Nuclear War with Russia and China, will ever be as effective. As it stands (excluding the miscarriages, spontaneous abortions and sterilizations) the Jabs have already led to a ~40% increase in all cause mortality. That’s really advancing your professed cause… You should advocate as eloquently for those causes, as hard as you di for this one.

      5. He sounds more like a US politician, ie, doesn’t know what he’s talking about….Perhaps that’s why we have the kind of government we do.

      6. EXCUSE ME – “Louise”… or “Maxine”… or whatever you’re calling yourself … But from what I can see, you have problems understanding basic written English. If what I wrote was too hard to follow, I already offered to explain it to you (I won’t even use big words) and provide links to peer-reviewed sources – if that was needed… What did I hear? CRICKETS! And then more “Harry and Louise”-style professional Disinformationalist banter.

        https youtu be/Dt31nhleeCg

        If you want to know why you have crappy. NeoLiberal Corporatist Technocratic Totalitarian leaders, try looking in the mirror.
        I’ve been working as a reporter and moonlighting as an activist, for more than 20 years. What have you done, aside from becoming outraged on cue, whenever the DNCIA and DC Monoparty want you to?

      7. The Biden Administration’s Mandated injections FORCE abortions, and other lethal adverse events onto innocent Americans – under the fraudulent notion that prevent the spread and transmission of Covid. The peaceful Mass protest movement in Canada, against Trudeau and Freeland’s policies in Canada, resulted in a fascistic response by Trudeau and Freeland (whose father and grandfather were ACTUAL Ukrainian NAZIS), against a movement that he mislabeled as being rightwing and extremist.

        Trudeau, Freeland and their ally Zelensky are all connected to the WEF, and Klaus Schwab, the son of a Nazi – with whom Biden is also quite close. The agendas being advanced come from Davos. And coincidentally – they all supported the Nazi war against ethnic Russians in Eastern and Southern Ukraine – in the effort to draw Russia into invading… It’s not all that complex – once you understand the differences between the reality, and the propaganda that you’re being fed.

    2. ANOTHER……
      You obviously have a lot of mental health issues. Take your meds and get lost. You are a toxic, hateful troll and don’t belong here. No one is going to be persuaded by anything you have to write. Find something positive and constructive to do with your endless free time.

      1. First off – try speaking for yourself, and not for others.

        Secondly – save your GASLIGHTING routine, and stigmatization of the mentally ill, for people dumb enough to be persuaded by it.

        Did you NOT NOTICE – when Michael Moore attacked the politically broad-based, and very popular movement, against the tyrrany of WEF Apparatchiks like Trudeau and Freeland – over a series of very NOT – “My Body, My Choice” Mandates? Trudeau had dared to call out those truckers and common people “Nazis” and “Fringe rightwing extremists” – while ironically sitting next to a scion and active supporter of Nazis in Ukraine.

        He couldn’t be troubled by activists occupying a bridge for basic common law rights, to bodily autonomy and health freedom. Sorry if my condemnation of that scumbaggery and blatant hypocrisy isn’t to your liking.

        Personally, I don’t care for your failed attempts at condescension.

      2. It’s impossible to be persuaded by anything he has to write because he has nothing intelligible to write.

      3. Just because you’re too stupid to understand what I wrote – or are persistent in feigning ignorance, or are somehow incapable of asking an intelligent question, or making a substantial critique – doesn’t mean that what I wrote was unintelligible… Sadly there were a few typos, and some words dropped, in typing…but this site’s architecture doesn’t let you go back and edit for clarity.

        Do Nina Jankowicz’s Mary Poppins song, next!

  7. Moore is and always has been a Democratic hack. “Remove all Republicans….”? Yeah, that’ll make everything hunky-dory….neoliberals are the answer! You betcha…

  8. I’ve been saying what you are saying now , since 1990! nobody listened. I hope they will now!!!
    Al Wilson

  9. Democrats allowed this to happen so they could fund raise off of it.

    Within hours of the announcement, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden were already using it to ask for donations.

    People need to withhold their donations and votes until AFTER the Democrats pass abortion laws.

    With pro-choice Murkowski and Collins replacing Manchin and Sinema, and Harris as the tie breaker, the Senate could kill the filibuster and pass SJ Res 1 to establish the Equal Rights Amendment as the 21st, and then codify Roe.

    But, they won’t if the Left just blindly gives them votes without them earning it.

    Time to replace Democrats with Greens anyway.

    1. Perfectly put. Let’s not give one cent unless they take action and do what the citizens are telling them to do. Stop the money train and withhold your vote. I couldn’t agree more. They don’t deserve to be rewarded for empty rhetoric. Nancy was choking on her words, she can’t even fake it anymore.

  10. Moore and his fellow hypocrites are largely to blame for the country’s electoral mess.

    They could’ve denounced the Democratic Party once and for all back in 1996 and urged young idealists to invest their energies in a third party. They didn’t do it.

    They lined their pockets and sustained their “viability in the system.” Why anybody gives them the time of day any more is beyond me.

    1. That is a bizarre way to describe human life, and reproduction.

      But ironically the same Emergency Use Authorized, Experimental, unsafe and ineffective mRNA injections that were unlawfully being mandated, cause not only increased spontaneous abortions, birth defects, still births and miscarriages…but cancer as well … Weird how “My Body My Choice” – has such a narrowly interpreted meaning for some.

      1. All I’m trying to say is that once the government takes control over part of your body, there’s no telling how far they will go to take control of the rest.

      2. Great point – I hope to see you on the frontlines – standing up to Unlawful and Medically Unethical and Contraindicated Mandates, for Toxic, deadly, unsafe and ineffective injections – that DO cause an promote cancer.

        But I suspect that your activism will be limited to Pelosi-approved faux-outrages.

      3. A Tumor is a MALIGNANT GROWTH – and a legitimate threat to the life of the person so afflicted… That’s not the way most people talk about a pregnancy. While they CAN be life threatening, they are only rarely so.

        The good news – is that the Mandated Kill shots are now actually PREVENTING the dangers of pregnancy, while making the danger of cancers skyrocket… So while they make Abortions superfluous, they ALSO promise to threaten the lives of all who take them, including mothers and babies in utero.

  11. Ever heard of UR486 ? I seem to remember a summer of riots that caused quite a stir, when was that? I suppose if you are a Boy Scout film maker, this type of civil unrest is money in the bank. Somehow I can’t imagine MM as having much skin in the unwanted pregnancy game.

    1. I understand your cynicism. Regardless of the messenger protest is still the best option in my opinion. Calling them, petitioning them, even meeting with them does nothing. They are amoral. Stop the money train for both parties and then they’ll notice. Invest in mutual aid and starve the beast. I feel the same about the completely corrupt health insurance industry. Although that one is more complicated. Your benefits are mandated by your job in most cases. That’s why I’m encouraged by the union push that’s happening. Big picture though- corporations have bought our representatives, money is all they understand. We should make them fear losing it. Seriously, I’m open to hearing a better suggestion besides the same ol same ol that hasn’t worked. I truly feel that we are out of time. Respectfully, Eyde A.

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