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CIA, European Commandos Operating on the Ground in Ukraine: NYT

Previous reporting from the New York Times and CNN said the White House had incomplete intelligence about the war because of a lack of personnel in Ukraine.
A handout photo made available by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Service shows Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on his working visit to the eastern Ukrainian conflict zone, 9 April 2021. [Handout photo/EPA/EFE]

By Kyle Anzalone /

The New York Times reports CIA officers are in Kiev to pass intelligence to Ukrainian officials, and special operations forces from several allied countries are training Ukrainian troops near the battlefield. The covert operations in Ukraine are a part of a significant effort by Western governments to weaken Russia.

Citing unnamed current and former officials, the NYT explains the CIA has officers secretly deployed to Kiev to give intelligence about the war to Ukrainian officials. “CIA personnel have continued to operate in the country secretly, mostly in the capital, Kiev, directing much of the massive amounts of intelligence the United States is sharing with Ukrainian forces,” Eric Schmitt writes in the NYT.

Some Ukrainian military officers say the American intelligence is having an impact on the battlefield. The NYT describes the process as the CIA making satellite photos available to the Ukrainian forces near the front lines with tablets. Kiev’s soldiers can use the tablets to access a battlefield mapping app to assist in targeting Russian troops.

The report from the NYT is the first admission that Americans are on the ground in Ukraine. President Joe Biden has pledged not to deploy American forces to Ukraine and withdrew 150 soldiers training Ukrainian forces before Russia invaded on February 24.

However, several of America’s NATO allies have filled that void. According to the NYT, special operations forces from Britain, France, Canada and Lithuania are training Ukrainian forces near the frontlines. The role of the commandos is to train and advise Ukrainian troops and provide a conduit for weapons. Schmitt admits his article does not describe the complete activities of the CIA and European commandos in Ukraine.

The presence of CIA officers and commandos in Ukraine appears to contradict previous stories in CNN and the NYT. On June 8, Julia Barnes wrote in the New York Times that the US intelligence community had “blind spots” in Ukraine. On April 19, a CNN article noted the White House can only monitor weapons entering Ukraine for a short time before they enter into a “black hole,” and the US has almost “zero ability” to track the weapons. Both reports emphasize the US intelligence community’s lack of operations within Ukraine to explain their inability to collect more complete information on the war.

Kyle Anzalone

Kyle Anzalone is the opinion editor of, news editor of the Libertarian Institute, and co-host of Conflicts of Interest.


  1. Legit targets — All of ZioLensky’s staff and this wimp of a perversion himself. All of USA DoD and those who support it. All Klanadians. All EuroTrash.

    That photo of the perverse actor (he was on TV playing with himself using his thing on a piano) oh sick. Get this guy in the docks and then the wall. USA provides the bullets.

    Zelensky Will Be Tried As War Criminal if Russia Captures Him

    A senior lawmaker in the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic said on Wednesday that the Russia-backed region intends to try Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky as a war criminal.

    Speaking to Russia’s state news agency Tass, Yelena Shishkina said the DPR would bring charges against the lawmakers who had led Ukraine since 2014, when Russia’s President Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea. These include Zelensky, former acting president Oleksandr Turchynov and former president Petro Poroshenko, she said.

    “Perpetrators of military crimes are not just those who hold weapons in their hands and pull the trigger. Those are also generals, who issue orders, and presidents, too,” said Shishkina, who chairs the DPR parliament’s committee on criminal and administrative legislation.

    1. I understand that Merrick Garland is preparing to charge certain Russians with war crimes. I have a hard time understanding the cluelessness of such an endeavor. NATO itself is taking the rap on this one. Its military alliance has been revealed for what it is: a paper tiger. I appreciate your remarks Paul + Haeder.


    CIA advisors are involved? Well, that must be a great comfort to the Ukrainians!

    Look at the CIA successes:
    liberating Cuba,
    helping to achieve victory in Vietnam,
    forecasting the collapse of the USSR,
    providing accurate information about WMDs in Iraq (other than the ones they provided,)
    in contrast to Soviet Russia, actually winning in Afghanistan.
    None of that happened? Uh-oh.

    This stuff reads like something Lewis Carroll might write–Through the Looking Glass plus funhouse mirrors distorting everything even more.

    Ukrainian officers said “American intel is having an effect on the battlefield.” Notice they didn’t say a beneficial effect. Those CIA provided battlefield tablets are of course secure. And if things don’t go well, they can recycle the Dem strategy of blaming those dreadful cadres of Russian hackers.

    Already an excuse is being float tested–admitting there is no real way to track where weapons supplied to Ukraine actually go. Could there possibly be yet more corrupt foreign officials with whom the CIA is working? Does the US MIC care what happens as long as they are paid? Is there anything in this mess that can be seen clearly? Well, see paragraph #2 above.

  3. All information from anonymous sources as always aimed at propaganda and another provocation of Russia. The fact that Ukrainian CIA officers are in Kiev is well known as well as undercover special forces are there to extricate Zelensky regime needs be as otherwise he would have been so impudent and genocidal. Zelensky is a clown, puppet and opportunist and won’t do a thing if he thought he would face any responsibility for his crimes against his own people.

    Every kindergartener knows today that this war is not run by Ukraine General staff but by US General staff analyzing battlefields, directing tactics and strategies providing most intelligence and specific targeting of Russian troops and resources. Whole enchilada.

    Reported sporadic Ukrainian incursions on RF territories by missiles or aircraft is only possible by exploiting small gaps in Russian defense system impossible to detect by Ukrainians themselves.

    This war between NATO and Russia at this point is using capabilities of Ukrainian army as war in Poland would be fought using capabilities of Polish military but this time thousands of Americans in Poland may be dying as well.

    Today picture of solidarity with Russia at the end of BRICS summit or real G5 meeting of world powers constitutes Western defeat on economic frontlines which ultimately determine inevitable Ukrainian defeat with or without complete annihilation of Ukrainian state that is being self aborted at its birth.

    US in desperation is tying to put a wedge between China and Russia to provoke Russia to act in a way unacceptable to Chinese leadership. That is why Putin assures utmost compliance with UN charter, international law and law of war in dealing with this proxy war despite high cost of such strict compliance.

    Kaliningrad is a focal point as suicidal Lithuanian regime as Kiev regime founded on Nazism and hatred for Russia, pushing for dangerous provocation by violating international law and Russian Lithuanian binding treaty that was signed as a condition of recognition of Lithuanian statehood and Russian guarantees of Lithuanian territorial integrity.

    The treaty declares Lithuanian responsibility for unimpeded, customs free internal to Russian Federation movement of people and goods. It provides transportation line via Lithuanian sovereign territory without actually entering Lithuanian custom zone. Only declared Russian exports through Kaliningrad may be subject to Lithuanian customs inspections.

    In vast majority of cases It is not a transit of territory in order to leave Russia or export Russian goods which were covered by EU sanctions but internal movement of goods within Russia proper between two Russian cities.

    Is such interpretation unusual? Is such transport of goods and people within sovereign state but outside its custom or passport zone unusual? Not at all.

    For examples during worse tensions of Cold war rail transportation between West Berlin and West Germany was conducted on East German railroad tracks outside of East German custom and passport Zone. Been there saw that.

    Goods and passengers were sealed by East German guards in the train cars at leaving west Berlin and that included windows shut with shutters and then unsealed by these guards at the East and West German border and moved into West Germany with no border inspections whatsoever as it was considered internal German transfer not export.

    Similar arrangement was made between Poland and Soviet Union in East Carpathian Mountains where polish rail line (with Polish/ European narrow gage) was passing through Soviet Union sovereign territory while connecting two Polish cities without need of extraterritorial corridor.

    The equivalent of Lithuanian action would be blockade of internal American movement of goods by Russia between Los Angeles and Oakland ports to supposedly prevent US exports. It is nonsensical.

    It is nothing but a attempt at blockade the blatant act of war.

  4. Is it possible to deflate the ultra-inflated egos of the US “leaders” to the point that they will be able to “declare victory” or whatever lie they choose to tell and bring this disaster to a close? I doubt it. I cannot think of even one person in a leadership position (takes to laugh to even think of anyone in the US Congress as a “leader”) who even qualifies as an adult. Biden? Lloyd “Raytheon” Austin? The lying heads of the “intelligence agencies”? The warmongering neo-cons who infest the State Department? Nope. No One. It appears to me that the insanity and stupidity will continue. Those who place them in a war zone as active participants are legitimate targets, as previously noted in a comment above. I have no sympathy for them. They should not be there.

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