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Biden Says US Will Beef Up Military Presence in Europe

As NATO Summit Begins In Madrid, NATO is set to agree on an expansion of its forces in Eastern Europe.
U.S. President Joe Biden waits for the start of a round table meeting at a NATO summit in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. North Atlantic Treaty Organization heads of state and government will meet for a NATO summit in Madrid from Tuesday through Thursday. AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool.

By David DeCamp /

President Biden kicked off his three-day visit to a NATO summit in Madrid by announcing that the US plans to increase its military presence in Europe.

Speaking with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, Biden said the US will increase the number of US Navy Destroyers stationed at a naval base in Rota, Spain, from four to six.

The president said that this was the first of multiple announcements the US and NATO will make at the summit on increasing their forces in Europe, steps being taken in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“And as I said before the war started: If Putin attacked Ukraine, United States would enhance our force posture Europe and respond to the reality of a new European security environment,” Biden told reporters.

“I’ll be laying out additional steps the United States is going to take with our NATO colleagues as our — in our summit tomorrow,” he added.

The US currently has over 100,000 troops stationed in Europe for the first time since 2005. Tens of thousands of US troops were sent to the continent around the time Russia invaded Ukraine, and Washington is looking to make the number of assigned troops in Europe reflect those currently deployed.

NATO is set to approve a significant increase in its troop presence in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, although exact numbers aren’t set. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday that part of the plan is to increase its high-readiness force from 40,000 troops to over 300,000.

Stoltenberg described the alliance’s plans as “the biggest overhaul of our collective defense and deterrence since the Cold War.” NATO preparing for its largest military buildup in decades as it is pumping weapons into Ukraine also means the risk of nuclear war is at its highest since the end of the Cold War.

Dave DeCamp

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  1. I’ll bet Europe wants nothing more fervently that American troops telling them what to do /s, of course. This could finally get Europe to form a larger society (minus Britain, of course).

  2. Dave (AntiWar, Anti-Empire, but Pro-Wealth looting) — it’s not only about War, but also EMPIRE & the
    $ Big Money:

    The GINI Coefficient of Wealth INEQUALITY is a simple scale, where a GINI of 0.0 equates with all people in a country having the SAME Wealth, and where a GINI of 1.0 equates with ONE single person in a country having ALL the Wealth.

    The GINI Coefficient of Wealth INEQUALITY of China is 0.70 (below the global mean).

    The GINI Coefficient of Wealth INEQUALITY of Russia was (in 2021) 0.879 (highest/worst) in the world.

    The GINI Coefficient of Wealth INEQUALITY of America was (in 2021) 0.858 (the second highest/worst) in the world.

    The clear Projection of Russia’s GINI Coefficient of Wealth INEQUALITY for this 2022 year (when the figures are produced) — based on Russia having been dispossessed of vast oligarchic wealth, vast Russian/national wealth ‘currency reserves’, and significant beggaring of Russian citizen’s wealth — will IMHO, cause Russia’s 2022 GINI Coefficient of Wealth INEQUALITY to precipitously DROP to somewhere closer to China’s moderately low level near the 0.70 mean for all countries.

    However, the U.S. GINI Coefficient of Wealth INEQUALITY is likely to RISE precipitously to above 0.90 – “We’re #1”, “We’re #1”, “We’re #1” of our GINI Coefficient of Wealth INEQUALITY.

    Which proves that Our Oligarchs are the greediest in the World.

  3. Dead end society. And, as per usual, Sheared Off Post can’t really get its head around the rest of the world, the 80 percent of us in USA with crumbling walls, leaky roofs, no health care, dying post offices, amazingly broken food systems, the price gouging for everything. This is it for these criminals. So, Biden wants job growth, i.e. war war war machines, war personnel, war apps, war everything. Oh, the Chosen People in his administration. Oh, the Chosen People in the media. Oh, the Chosen People in every branch of penury-producing industry, and oh the Chosen People in every financial transaction on planet earth.

    Biden, Democrats, Rotten Republicans . . . the folly of this Zombie Nation!

  4. A fool. The otherwise ineffectual (at home) go for “the gun.” A real “man.” Along with those profit maniacs who don’t give a rat’s ass beyond who’s winning the competition. Forget people – just collateral damage. Forget the environment – it’s here to make a dime. Forget nuclear conflagration, what good is nuclear if you don’t use it. Obliterate the enemy whatever the cost. And we’re supposed to proud of our country? For this? Deep affliction with hubris-itis which the sages have said, goeth before the fall. So much for the creative response. Nada.

  5. As a European I, and many others, do not want US forces occupying our lands. It is clear they occupy their bases in Europe and beyond purely for US power projection and to position actual and potential conflict zones as far away from the US as possible.

    Europe as a geographical and political entity is more than capable to assess and determine its own security threats and responses without US interference. My guess would be these threats would reduce without the US interference and with wiser diplomatic statecraft regardless who sits in the Kremlin or wherever else.

  6. I want to say I’m incredulous, but disgusted isn’t even enough. This administration won’t lift a finger (well, apparently, the middle finger) against the criminal insanity being perpetrated by the Supreme Court. But. Hey. War. Military. Reminds me of Beavis manicly running around as the Great Cornholeo. But he needs weapons for his Warhole. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤬

  7. The EU supported by the USKhave done enough damage already and “plan” lots more. They do not need any help from the disastrous amount of interference the USA have already provided.

  8. The only upside to this : major resources will be diverted away from the Pacific and China to ‘defend” a continent in zero danger of being attacked by Russia.

    Plus the economic chaos unleashed by the US, which will harm allies such as Germany and France much more than itself.

    Russia and China both have many opportunities to arm proxy fighters: unnoticed by the dingbat press here is Bosnia’s determination to reject the “accord” place on it and detach itself from the NATO “accord.”

    I think China and Russia could be doing more to complicate the US’ goal of retaining primacy.

    Supplying advanced ship and aircraft-killing weapons to Iran would have two benefits: forcing the US and Israel to vastly upgrade their regional forces, and helping to prevent a war that would interrupt oil supplies to China from Iran.

    If the nuclear deal fails, quickly supply Iran with the tech to fashion nuclear devices that will fit onto their already-existing delivery systems. Possibly North Korea can handle this to avoid direct Chinese fingerprints.

    Russia, as mentioned, can help to stir things in the Balkans and both can aid forces fighting African puppets like Rwanda and nations trying to break loose from French neocolonialism. Helping forces such as Al Shabaab in Somalia can also help: the US is sending troops there.

    Africa is ripe for assisting the demise of white colonial imperialism, and has significant ties with both Russia and China.

    Regrettably, Russia supports reactionary, right-wing elements here. Perhaps China can assist the left in the US with advice, funds and even weaponry if a civil war breaks out. Lots of good stuff floating around in Ukraine, courtesy of Dopey Joe.

  9. The Biden Administration seems totally unwilling to take an aggressive stance against the current reactionary SCOTUS majority, yet it is willing to posture militantly against Putin increasing the possibility of nuclear war. Has Biden forgotten what he is president of? Let me re-word one of his recent statements related to Ukraine and ask you to imagine it coming from Joe Biden’ mouth…
    “If SCOTUS attacks the rights of Americans by allowing states to suppress the right to vote or by taking away the right to abortion or by reducing our ability to combat climate change, this administration will enhance our fight for policies the majoriey of American support. All attempts as voter suppression must end. We believe women have a right to control their bodies and to decide whether or not they want to have a child. They have this right under all conditions. The EPA will be given the power to fight climate change in whatever way will be effective. This is fundamental to my responsibilities as President.”

    1. Jim, you have considerable points.
      President Joe is hell bent on being a Super hero to the world but what about good Ole USA???
      America is now on its 6th and 7th major war (after WW2)—–
      1) Korea Civil War, 2)Vietnam Civil War, 3) cold War with USSR, 4) Iraq part 1 & 2, 5) Afghanistan, 6) Ukraine proxy war, 7) cold War with China hoping for hot shooting.

      Less than 6 months after another humiliating retreat from Afghanistan, America is right into another war( by proxy).
      We must be heavily addicted to wars. No sooner than one ends, another starts or we are gearing up for a war.

      Instead of battling other countries,
      How about we Americans have a War on our endless problems : record breaking mass shootings, deeply divided Red/Blue factions, inadequate health care for millions, inequality of wages, Rampant crimes, run away Defense spending, on and on and on.

      Maybe Joe should grow up, being a Super Hero to save the world is not in his job description. Faking the threat of the Russian family fight as dangerous to USA does not fool everyone.
      His spending of 600 billion for the rest of the world’s infrastructure to impress China is Ludicrous when our own infrastructure is collapsing. And Why, oh why is China a fearsome threat that we must spend billions to contain and diminish?? It seems over sold, over blown just to increase military budgets.

      So, hopefully Joe M will be sensible for long, long, over- due American interests.
      The results of all our wars are starkly evident, the bottom half of America is much, much worse off than before.
      And Trump’s election was the proof of our costly wars that benefits the rich, Bankers, M I complex but not the ordinary American people.

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