1. Absolutely brilliant!!!!! I love the way it reminds the adults, who are familiar the Dick and Jane books, of THEIR innocence. And HOPEFULLY realize that denying abortion, in cases of rape and/or incest of a child or teenager, is just as criminal as the original crime!!!!!

  2. It’s criminal to deny any person the right to make decisions about their health. Rape and incest? That’s it? If my spouse thinks it’s her body, and the zygote is not wanted, and she can have a safe removal of the cells, then it’s her choice. You want to call it a developing child, or person, or kid, in her uterus, then keep that bs to yourself. Again, forced vaccinations, which is against informed consent. Forced procedures, against informed consent. Forcing people to carry a cancer, against informed consent. If a person sees a zygote as a cancer in her life, then she has the right to remove it. Get over the mumbo jumbo of personhood. It’s a false defense of cells growing in a body.

    Caitlin J captures it well,


    For me the issue of abortion comes down to bodily sovereignty, not only in that the state has no business forcing unevidenced beliefs about metaphysical personhood upon people’s reproductive systems, but also in that it’s immoral to force anyone to let their body be used by anybody else.

    Leaving aside philosophical debates about whether a fetus is a person and all the faith-based mental contortions you need to pull off to make a small cluster of cells seem the same as you or me, bodily sovereignty means abortion should be a right even if we concede that the fetus is a person. No person of any age, whether six weeks in utero or sixty years out utero, has a right to use my body without my permission.

    If I needed to be hooked up to your kidneys for my survival, the fact that I would die without the use of your kidneys wouldn’t legitimize the state forcing you to let me use them against your will. In exactly the same way, it’s illegitimate for the state to force a woman to let a fetus use her body to gestate just because it can’t live outside her. Even if we grant both the woman and the fetus full bodily autonomy, a woman refusing to let a fetus use her body is not a violation of the fetus’s bodily autonomy because the woman isn’t at fault for the fetus’s inability to survive outside the womb anymore than you’d be at fault for my inability to survive without the use of your kidneys.

  3. Yessiree. Righteous fundamentalists included, this happens to more than many might think. Thank you Mr. Booth for the picture worth a thousand words that reminds us of the tyranny of this most un-supreme pious court.

  4. At the end of the day, it is ridiculous that abortion should need the OK (or Not OK) of politicians….It is a private matter, not a governmental issue.

  5. Absolutely gross and in bad taste. Do the facts mean nothing to you? The majority of American women will still be able to have access to abortion. The rest will travel or start using prevention like Plan B or contraception. Get a grip.

    1. The cartoon gets its cue from the grossness and bad taste of those supreme court members who insist on metaphorically putting their hands inside womens’ vaginas….In fact many of them would salivate from doing just that.

      YOU “get a grip”!….Their dirty minds will next ban Plan B AND contraception….Only the richest will be able to travel.

      Your comments suggest you just don’t give a damn about the crimes these evil-doers committed against girls and women.

    2. ‘the rest will travel’

      Ah yes with that money and time off from work that everyone has.

  6. Decorum is a shield used by the guilty to prevent others from seeing the true horror and repugnance of their deeds. This is possibly the most gruesome and disgusting political cartoon I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many. But it brings with it a sudden and visceral apprehension of exactly what the anti-abortion fanatics want: complete control over female bodies, whether women or adolescents (and, no doubt, children, too): to re-enslave one half of the human race.

    It hurts to look at this and it will stick with me a long, long time, but this is the kind of honestly we need if we’re to drag ourselves out of our comfortable delusions and start remaking the world as a better place for all.

    1. Wise observations. Very well said, Mr. Bob Dobbs. You nailed the power of this toon and of Mr. Fish’s art. Thank you. I, too, hope that we can “start remaking the world as a better place for all.”

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