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Western Imperialism Expands with New Military Bases and NATO Members

The NATO summit in Madrid has expanded the alliance’s footprint — a result of the U.S. and European role in the Ukraine war, and a big win for Western imperialism. Workers must use our power to fight the U.S. and NATO agenda, without giving any support to the Putin regime.

By Sam Carliner / Left Voice

Following the conclusion of the NATO summit in Madrid on Wednesday, June 29, the military alliance announced an expansion of U.S. and Western European imperialist foothold across the continent. One of the most notable developments is that Finland and Sweden have been formally invited to become member states, a move Turkey initially opposed but agreed to at the meeting of the 30 countries that make up NATO.

The United States used the summit to add to its sprawl of more than 750 military bases throughout the world, announcing it would establish a new permanent army headquarters in Poland. So much for “human rights”: Polish president Andrzej Duda has called LGBTQ rights an “ideology” worse than communism and has waged an aggressive campaign against the country’s abortion rights movement. In addition, the United States is deploying more troops, ships, and planes to Europe, even as Biden claims that workers in the United States will have to endure an inflation crisis exacerbated by the war.

It is clear that the United States and NATO countries are all in on escalating the reactionary war with Russia at great economic cost to workers in all the countries it touches directly or indirectly, including in the Global South where hunger is on the agenda as Ukrainian wheat exports come to a halt, and at the cost of tens of thousands of lives of Ukrainians and Russians both on and off the battlefields. And why not? Analysts across the globe have been saying for the last month or so that the United States — meaning its ruling class — is “winning” or will be the “ultimate winner” in this proxy war with Putin’s regime. 

Another development from the summit is that NATO listed China as a security challenge and the military alliance will be focus on the “serious challenges it represents.” Military competition with China in the Asia-Pacific has already been the main focus of U.S. imperialism for several years, but the NATO consensus is new and shows how the United States is using Russia’s invasion to attempt to restore U.S. hegemony.

The plans for base expansions and the rearmament being undertaken by countries such as Germany also raises other threats. Activists in Germany were attacked by police for protesting the recent G7 summit. These attacks are not limited to protesters against the war. As these imperialist states place greater emphasis on expanding their power internationally, we can expect them to use greater repression against all domestic opposition and instability. Since the U.S. Supreme Court stripped away the right to an abortion, protesters in the United States have also been attacked by cops. 

The capitalists of NATO countries, the United States, and Russia will continue to double down on their brutal bids for control over Ukraine, killing as many people as they need to in the process. The stakes for the Ukrainian people are especially grave. Russia’s reactionary invasion has targeted civilian populations, flattening entire towns, destroying apartment buildings in cities, and bombing locations such as theaters and hospitals. The United States and NATO offer no hope for Ukrainians, though; their less direct intervention is part of an intentional strategy that uses the pro-Western Zelenskiy regime and the Ukrainian state to control and escalate the fighting. Western imperialism’s end goal is to weaken or eliminate Russia as a geopolitical rival, not liberate Ukraine from oppression. It sees the country as an important buffer to Russian expansion and as a source of profits for U.S. and European companies. And, of course, war itself is always a profitable business for capitalism.

Workers do not need this war. Workers always bear the brunt of war, whether in the direct line of fire or as collateral damage from how capitalism uses war for its economic and political interests. 

We cannot allow this war to go on. In every country where it’s possible, we should be working hard to halt and even sabotage the war efforts of our own countries or those using our countries to “pass through.” In countries across the globe, workers have taken various types of action: withholding labor, protesting, making it impossible to move equipment, and so on. This war feeds our higher costs of living and the attacks on our democratic rights in the United States and communities internationally.

There is still a need for an international anti-imperialist movement against this war that says clearly: No to war and imperialist rearmament! Russian troops out of Ukraine! U.S. troops out of Europe! No more NATO imperialism!

Sam Carliner
Sam Carliner

Sam Carliner is a socialist with a background in journalism. He mainly writes for Left Voice about US imperialism. He also tweets about imperialism as @saminthecan.


  1. No more NATO if the US exits the obsolete organization. Europeans would learn to live with each other,

    1. Sam Carliner, we provoked this war and everything we have done since has only reinforced Russia’s decision to take military action. They simply had no choice, so enough with the brainwashed idiotic and childish drivel about the evil Russian Orcs. The blood of each dead Ukrainian is on the hands of the US and NATO, not Russia. In fact considering the ever irrational and even psychotic behavior of the west, Putin has shown remarkable restraint.

      Probably because on every level, he is kicking NATO’s asses.

      If your looking for the people to stop this conflagration you can forget about it. The people won’t do anything, nor can they within the existing system. They would actually have to bring that system down to stop what is coming and that just isn’t going to happen.

      World War has already started.

  2. angloshere/NATO colonies now isolated pariahs—-dead cultures, dying economies, irrelevant militaries, degenerate people. This century will see the ascension of Russia, Asia, ME, Latin America, Africa—-the immoral amerikan imperialists —expected suicide

  3. You are not being realistic if you put Russia and the USA in the same basket. The major danger in the world at present is the USA, working through NATO and effectively controlling Europe in the process. This totally uni-polar situation is the main problem and the only slight hope of reducing this extravagant and abusive situation is by other powers, or groups of powers developing to the point where a multi-polar situation prevents us all being dominated by the USA.
    There are the BRICS and other minor groups which may provide this necessary balance of power one day but objectively at the present tho only counter powers that exist are the Russian Federation and their allies and China.

    1. The international community has been turning to China and Russia to bring an end to this long era of US aggression – wars, theft of resources, etc. – one way or another. Our government’s hubris results in a series of extraordinary miscalculations.

  4. The things you mention that are happening are VERY dangerous trends . I am already worried about nuclear war, and it makes me worry even more , when a very very ruthless oligarchy like ours is behind all this. They have shown themselves to be so very ruthless and care nothing about people. They have been willing to be responsible for the deaths of millions and care not a wit!!!
    What I wonder is how they believe that they would survive a nuclear war. do they think that no nuclear bombs would be sent in their direction?

  5. While Western Imperialism Expands with New Military Bases and NATO Members — this “Empire-Thinking” and “Empire-Acting” also employed the deadly and destructive forces of these modern tools like Facebook et. al. — which IMHO is the greatest purveyor of ‘Negative Externality Cost’ pumping and dumping scheme of ‘divide and conquer’, in the world!

    Which, BTW is the seminal deceit of this damned Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Racist Propagandist Criminal Ecocidal Child-Killing & War-Starting EMPIRE, controlled by the ‘Ruling-Elite’, UHNWI, <0.003%ers, TCCers, arrogantly self-appointed "Masters of the Universe", and "Evil (not-so) Geniuses" [Kurt Andersen] — which hides Empire behind their totally corrupted dual-party Vichy-facade of faux-democracy.

    Imperialism and EMPIRE itself can only be overcome with:


    1. Just Google a map of NATO bases around the world. This shows why most of the world now regard the US as the greatest potential threat to all life.

  6. Obviously, both Russia and China recognize this as an act of Western aggression, a direct threat. When Russia (China) responds, the US shrieks, “Russia’s (China’s) invading Ukraine (Taiwan)!” and so on. Familiar scenario to anyone who has been around a while.

    Give some thought to the sanity of those currently in power as they double-dog-dare two of the three world’s nuclear super-powers.

  7. It used to be that when a country A tries to conquer another country B, A would be, rightly, branded as imperialist aggressor, regardless of excuses, invented or real, it has for invading B and depriving it of the most fundamental political right of a people – that of self determination.

    From the pile of demagogic propaganda bile above, it seems that left-ish, Neo Progressive pundits, true to their newly found Orwellian identities, have abandoned that simple, straightforward truth, and adopted a bizarre amalgamation of Russian propaganda talking points, insane anti-liberal creed and the Orwellian maxims ‘lies are true’, ‘truth are lies’, and ‘if you lie, lie as big as you can’.

    For the umpteenth time, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – from the militarized conquest of Crimea in 2014 following the ouster of a Russian patsy from the Ukrainian presidency, through the militarization of the ethnic tensions in Eastern Ukraine, to the full scale invasion in 2022 – is a classic case of imperialism, while any and all actions taken by the US, the EU, the UK and NATO are first, responses to it, and second, an attempt to ensure Ukraine has the option for self-determination – political, economic and military. Period!!!

    1. D G A,
      the umpteenth time Nato expansion is the only cause of this family fight.
      How is this conflict not like the Cuban missile crisis???
      USSR were forbidden to put offensive, evil missiles in the Caribbean but America and Nato are perfectly admissible to install righteous, godly missiles in Ukraine that would be 5 minutes to Moscow.
      Every thing and the entire World was going good and stable until Zelensky and his desire to join Nato. – – you don’t remember or consider that history??

      Our Pres. Joe is no Kennedy, Joe is not even a Donald when it comes to handling Putin and negotiating with Russia.
      Most of the world fears a nuclear exchange but you belong to the fearless : ” dare the Ruskies” to puss the nuclear button.

      ” lies are true “…. Do you also believe America should have wasted 2 trillion in Iraq searching for W M D?? Or that an entire country, Afghanistan, must be bombed to rubble over a terrorist, Bin Laden, when maybe a more effective, efficient effort should have been made that did not cost about 2 trillion?
      4 trillions would have done many wonderful things for ordinary people such as you.
      Believe it or not but America was wonderful 50 years ago but not so much in these days of mass shootings, monkey pox, the most covid deaths, a near vanished middle class, school shootings, addictions, homeless, lies that tax cuts benefits the whole economy, on and on and on.
      So, keep in mind that 4 trillion wasted on war, bases, constant military spending, when our old power grid fails in this summers heat wave.

      1. @Keith

        If you are not outraged by the above text’s attempt to call the efforts to help an invaded country maintain its independence as ‘imperialism’, then there is very little I can do for you. Similarly, if you are incapable of distinguishing between Missile defence systems (NATO’s) and nuclear warheads (USSR in Cuba), especially when the latter was done at the height of the cold war, while the former is little more that the inferiority complex of a megalomaniac Russian dictator and his neocon-like paranoid, war mongering generals (and their western left-ish, Neo Progressive echo chamber), furthering this exchange is pointless.

        Rhetorical food for thought:
        How come the likes of you, who decry the destruction of Libya or Iraq do not accord similar courtesy to Ukraine, or similar criticism of Russian Imperialist criminality?

  8. D G A.,
    Why was there no war when Poroshenko was president only after he was deposed for Zelensky??
    Leaders such as Poroshenko who is not acceptable to USA are always toppled, everywhere around the globe.

    Do you decry the atrocities committed by Ukrainians on Russians in southern Ukraine??? These finger pointing could be endless and forever.

    This war is mostly a family fight not much different than our own civil war, Korean Civil War, Vietnam Civil War, and the coming Taiwan Civil War.
    How about if you yourself put any type Russia missiles in Cuba or any Caribbean country and see what becomes of you??? I will certainly voice my defense for your noble and distinguished distinctions.

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