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‘Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas’ Petition Nears 1 Million Signatures

"He has shown he cannot be an impartial justice and is more concerned with covering up his wife's coup attempts than the health of the Supreme Court," reads the petition.
Photo of Clarence Thomas

By Jake Johnson / Common Dreams

A petition calling on the Democratic-controlled House to launch impeachment proceedings against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is on the verge of reaching one million signatures, an indication of growing public outrage over the right-wing judge’s proximity to efforts to overturn the 2020 election and his role in the ongoing attack on constitutional freedoms.

The petition, posted to the website of progressive advocacy group MoveOn, currently has more than 989,000 signatures after a surge following the Supreme Court majority’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which ended the constitutional right to abortion.

In his concurring opinion in Dobbs, Thomas plainly stated his desire to reconsider other landmark Supreme Court rulings, including those establishing marriage equality and the right to obtain contraception.

“Thomas—who sided with the majority on overturning Roe—made it clear what’s next: to overturn high court rulings that establish gay rights and contraception rights,” reads the petition. “And if that’s not enough: Recently, Justice Clarence Thomas voted against a Supreme Court decision to compel the release of Donald Trump’s records regarding the January 6 insurrection and attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.”

The petition also spotlights recent reporting exposing Thomas’ wife Ginni’s role in attempts to invalidate the 2020 election and keep former President Donald Trump in power. Despite his wife’s efforts, which have drawn scrutinyfrom the House January 6 committee, Thomas did not recuse himself from Supreme Court cases involving the 2020 election.

“Thomas’ failure to recuse himself warrants immediate investigation and heightened alarm,” the petition states. “And it’s only the latest in a long history of conflicts of interest in the service of a right-wing agenda and mixing his powerful role with his conservative political activism. He has shown he cannot be an impartial justice and is more concerned with covering up his wife’s coup attempts than the health of the Supreme Court.”

“He must resign—or Congress must immediately investigate and impeach,” adds the petition, which is titled “Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas.”

Days after the high court’s ruling in Dobbs, two prominent progressive lawmakers—Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)—called for impeachment investigations into Thomas and other right-wing justices.

“I believe that violating federal law in not disclosing income from political organizations, as Clarence Thomas did years ago, is… potentially an impeachable offense,” Ocasio-Cortez said in an appearance on NBC‘s “Meet the Press” last Sunday.

In a profile of Thomas earlier this year, The New Yorker‘s Jane Mayer reported that the justice’s wife “was an undisclosed paid consultant at the conservative pressure group the Center for Security Policy, when its founder, Frank Gaffney, submitted an amicus brief to the court supporting Trump’s Muslim travel ban.”

Mayer noted that Thomas also had to amend years of financial filings after the watchdog group Common Cause discovered that the right-wing Heritage Foundation paid Ginni Thomas nearly $700,000 between 2003 and 2007.

“We have a responsibility to protect our democracy. That includes holding those in power who violate the law accountable,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “Without it, rule of law can slip through our hands like sand through loose fingers.”

Hours after the New York Democrat’s interview, Omar argued in a series of tweets that “we need an impeachment investigation into Clarence Thomas’ role in the January 6th coup, as well as into Gorsuch, Alito, Barrett, and Kavanaugh’s testimony on Roe during their confirmation hearings.”

“Congress,” she noted, “has the authority to impeach members of the Supreme Court and has done so before.”

But with much of the majority party, including its leadership, apparently unwilling to support impeachment proceedings, other Democratic lawmakers such as Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J.) have called on Thomas to step down voluntarily.

“Clarence Thomas cannot possibly be seen as a neutral actor but instead as a corrupt jurist who has poisoned the high court,” Pascrell said in a statement last month. “Clarence Thomas should have dignity and final respect for our democracy and resign.”

Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson is a staff writer for Common Dreams.


  1. Not that he hasn’t earned impeachment, but the problem is much bigger than just him. Money is speech and corporations are people. They have also decided it’s unnecessary for police to read you your rights and next is Social Security. In the end, both parties are paid off by the same people. I feel impeachment would be an exercise in futility. I decided to take a hard look at my spending habits. I canceled everything. It may be a small step, but if everyone joined in, it would hit them where they live – their precious money.

  2. OMG! LOL! That and $3.50 (unless the price has gone up) will get them a cup of coffee …
    Do they honestly think that a Congress that wouldn’t impeach Trump, twice, would impeach a Justice that is carrying out Trump’s agenda? And do they honestly think that trashing Thomas’ wife will get them any Brownie points with the Court?
    They are getting more and more bizarre all the time … but I suppose they have no choice – because after all their failures to “produce” for “the people”, the only logical choice for the people is to dump them and vote for a 3rd party that would actually fight for, and not betray, them – and that is the last thing the DP wants and has been fighting against, using all the dirty tricks in the book, to keep from happening ..
    The Ds persistent failure to do anything that resembles what “the people” want and need is what got us Trump in the first place and may well do it again

  3. I can’t see what impeachable offense Thomas has committed. This looks like an impeach Earl Warren effort from the other direction.

    Samuel Chase came close to an impeachable offense for political activity and would have been impeached under todays standards for musician behavior.

    For Thomas to be impeached for his wife’s conduct you better have recordings of some damning pillow talk.

  4. the fascist occasional cortex that votes for all military appropriations —how much does she receive from CIA
    CD is fascist media that celebrates lgbt degeneracy —the rotting angloshere is near collapse. Paglia compares USA to 5th century Rome. Galtung predicts US collapse before 2030. nothing can reform an immoral population…..

    1. Sorry but I don’t understand this post but I was wondering if you included yourself in your reference to an “immoral population.” I’m sure not and I’m sure not your family and your friends.

      What percentage of the American population do you consider immoral?

      Who are all these immoral people of who you speak and what morals are they violating?

      1. “from the inception of amerika it has been informed by ubiquitous sleaze and hustling”. Walter MacDougal
        not one anglophone philosopher has produced a moral philosophy that didn’t side with the ruling class
        most recent IPSOS Study—only 15% US adults moral enough to believe torture never justified—2/3 support the use of torture only exceeded in 1 mAfrican nation in the midst of a civil war

      2. Actually, the six year old poll you cite showed a luke warm support, at best, of torture. Only 25% said it was often justified.

        And there was about a 2-1 difference in Republican approval compared with democrats.

        I’m not surprised at the results after many growing up watching Jack Bower save the world by shooting terrorists in the knee and the Bush administration feeding us a line for eight years that torture works when it doesn’t. ( See Ali Soufan)

        I suspect that if you polled every nation on earth about the use of torture you would get results similar to the IPSOS poll.

        Is all the world immoral, by your standards? I guess at least 15% are not. I think hardly anyone is immoral, in the sense that they have absolutely no abiding decency and values at all. Under 5% for sure may be immoral by this standard.

        By the way, in your quote from Walter McDougall, did he really spell America with a K?

  5. This country has gone collectively insane.

    We are done. The center cannot hold.

  6. I have said this in the past. Here it is again: Since money is speech, make your voice heard by withholding your taxes from this totally corrupt system. Do not continue to help finance the wars and the business subsidies for multinational corporations. It’s the same approach used by Henry David Thoreau. His idea of a way, as he discussed in his treatise on civil disobedience, to protest US warmongering. If enough people join in, it will definitely get their attention. Something needs to be done before we end up taking up arms against each other.

  7. Sartre in his famous “Elections: a trap fro fools” wrote, “those that vote abdicate their power”
    Orwell famously wrote, “a liberal is a power worshipper without any power”
    the most intelligent in USA are in Arkansas—fewer vote there than in all states

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