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Tom Engelhardt: Life in This Literal Hell

There’s so much heat that we seem endlessly in the fires of this political moment. To top it off, our planet is already overheating not just politically or militarily, but in the most literal way possible.
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By Tom Engelhardt | TomDispatch

In recent weeks, a newly emboldened right-wing Supreme Court struck down a more than century-old New York law restricting the carrying of concealed weapons and a nearly 50-year-old precedent on abortion.  Meanwhile, the January 6th Committee has been laying out in graphic televised detail how our last president tried to subvert the 2020 election.  Inflation, of course, continues to run riot; gas prices have soared to record levels; the brutal war in Ukraine proceeds neverendingly; the Biden administration looks increasingly hapless; and the president himself ever older and less on target. In sum, our world seems to be in headline-making disorder, while our fate here in this country — thank you, (in)justices Alito and Thomas, not to speak of The Donald and crew! — remains remarkably up for grabs by the worst of us all.  

There’s so much heat, in other words, that we seem endlessly in the fires of this political moment. It’s hardly surprisingly then if, talking about heat, by far the most significant story of our time, undoubtedly of all time, is barely on our radar screens.  I mean, let’s get one thing straight, if you hadn’t quite noticed: you and I are already on a different planet.  And no, I’m not thinking about being in a new cold war, or Donald Trump and the last presidential election, or Ron DeSantis and the next one, or even the latest round of the never-ending Covid-19 pandemic.

I’m talking about being on a planet already overheating not just politically or militarily, but in the most literal way possible. I’m talking about climate change, of course. And don’t think I’m just focused on the future over-heating of this planet either. What I have in mind is this very palpable present. I’m talking about a country, the United States, that, with heat domes over significant parts of it recently, has been breaking seasonal heat records like mad. Phoenix (114), Tucson (111), El Paso (107), and Las Vegas (104) all set June heat records, as did Birmingham, Chicago, Little Rock, Jackson, Memphis, Shreveport, and Nashville. That’s just to start down an ever-lengthening, ever more broiling list, even as the Supreme Court just acted to ensure that ever more greenhouse gas emissions would continue to pour into our atmosphere.

Only recently, itself undoubtedly a first, the National Weather Service Prediction Center warned 100 million Americans — and that’s not a misprint — from the Gulf coast to the Great Lakes and east to the Carolinas that they should stay indoors due to a dangerous heat wave. And, lest you think I’m ignoring the Southwest and West, let me add that those regions are now in the third year of a megadrought unlike any in at least 1,200 years. Consider, for instance, the two record-setting mega-fires in New Mexico that just won’t stop burning two months later (with the main Western fire season still ahead). And don’t forget those record 500-year-floods in Yellowstone National Park similarly connected to this overheated season, sudden deluges of rain, and the melting of mountain snow.

And yes, I’m thinking about an Arctic that’s heating (and melting) seven times faster than the rest of the planet. I’m thinking about a China that’s grappling with record heat waves and devastating flooding. I’m thinking about a Japan experiencing its worst heat wave ever. I’m thinking about a spring heat wave in India that produced its warmest March since records were first kept there; broiled much of South Asia; and, according to scientists, is now 30 times more likely to recur than once would have been true. And don’t forget the extreme rainfall and record floods in that region either.

I’m also thinking about a scorched Horn of Africa that’s living (or dying) through a devastating drought. I’m thinking about a provincial capital in southeastern Iran where the temperature recently hit a record 126 degrees Farenheit. I’m thinking about heat waves in southern Europe that arrived historically early — in the case of Spain, record-breakingly so.

And that’s just to start down a longer list. And mind you, what I’ve been describing here is a nightmare of heat waves and other forms of extreme weather that’s just beginning and that, barring surprises, will only grow ever more severe in the decades to come. We’re talking about parts of this planet potentially becoming uninhabitable and undoubtedly turning hundreds of millions, possibly a billion or more of us into climate refugees on the road to… well, hell.

What If American Democracy Were History?

I’m also talking about a country where, in elections this November and in November two years from now, American voters could easily seal not just our own fate, but much of the world’s. We could ensure at least six more utterly fossil-fuelized years in which the globe’s second-largest greenhouse gas emitter (and, historically, the greatest of all time) would be locked in a Trumpian embrace, similar to the one now enveloping the Supreme Court and all too many lower ones as well, thanks to the former president and Mitch McConnell. We could, in other words, guarantee that nothing — not a single thing — would be done nationally to offset the overheating of this ever more tormented planet of ours.

In addition, give the present version of the Republican Party control of Congress and the presidency and there would be other problems ahead. For one thing, consider it possible that, in a distinctly Triumpian fashion, its leadership would take a shot (and yes, it would probably be from an AR-15) at turning our former president’s mad theories about the American electoral system into a potentially autocratic reality. American democracy would, at that point, be history and then, bring on the heat!

Or rather, welcome to America, Vladimir Trump! (Or Vladimir DeSantis! Or you fill in the blank yourself!)

Hell on earth? That used to be nothing more than a phrase used for extreme situations, a first-class metaphor. Increasingly, though, it’s becoming an ever more accurate description of our lives on this planet and something we would have to get used to. Except that, for many of us in such a future, there would be no way to do so.

There’s no need to focus on present-day outliers like those 120-degree spring temperatures in India and Pakistan or that 126-degree day in Iran, since ever more extreme weather of so many kinds will simply be life on Earth. In fact, sooner or later, we’ll have to stop calling it extreme weather, wouldn’t we? Increasingly, it will just be the weather. Period.

And here’s perhaps the most unnerving thing of all: somehow, in this country, climate change has yet to become a significant part of the national debate or mainstream politics. It’s not a subject Democrats seem capable of running successfully on yet. And that couldn’t be stranger because, barring a nuclear war, it’s our very own apocalyptic future right before our eyes, written not in the stars, but in the very world we’re now living in. What could be more convincing? Except, for the fact that, explain it as you will, it isn’t.

Yes, it was briefly part of Joe Biden’s long-sunk Build Back Better bill (thank you, coal baron Joe Manchin!), but now it’s simply gone. Worse yet, ever since Biden hit the White House, his foreign policy team has been focused on promoting a new cold war with China. Its goal: rallying allies and others against a rising China and further militarizing the relationship between the planet’s two superpowers. I mean, you might think that the two greatest greenhouse-gas emitters of the present moment, China and the United States, would feel a natural urge to work together to change the energy structure of this planet. But no such luck. (In fact, when was the last time you even heard anything about John Kerry, the Biden administration’s special presidential envoy for climate change?)

And then, of course, add in the war in Ukraine (thanks a heap, Vlad!), which is only fossil-fuelizing this planet yet more and putting off significant movement toward green and clean energy to an unknown future. In fact, in the absence of Russian natural gas and oil, some desperate European countries are even considering turning back to coal, the worst of the carbon-emitting energy sources! It seems self-evident that an end should be brokered to that war immediately and not just for the suffering Ukrainians in an increasingly rubble-strewn land, or the miserable Russian soldiers fighting the Vlad’s war, but for the rest of us, for the planet itself.

The Greatest Disaster in Human History?

Excuse me a moment, but I’d like to scream!

Honestly, don’t expect climate change to be much of an issue, if any at all, in the November election. And the six conservative justices of the Supreme Court, not going anywhere soon, are already working hard to ensure that no future American government will be capable of taking significant action to mitigate the effects of global warming.

In short, I’m talking about a planet I didn’t even expect to be living on and one I certainly don’t want to hand on to my children and grandchildren. What in the world did they do to deserve this?

And it couldn’t be stranger that we just don’t get it. Yes, there are lots of scientists and a certain number of young people who have fully grasped the problem and are trying their best to rise to meet it. But this country as a whole (no less the world), not a chance in… yes, I might as well say it yet again… hell.

Otherwise, we would be mobilizing now to deal with global warming the same way President Franklin Roosevelt mobilized us for World War II. For the truth is that, if we don’t move so much faster than we are now, the climate, the weather, could indeed prove to be our World War III (and IV and V). If so, it will put the Russian president to shame. It will be, to use Kurt Vonnegut’s old phrase for World War II, a “slaughterhouse” of a new sort. And yet, logical as it might seem, such a mobilization doesn’t yet appear to be faintly in the cards and, worse still, if American politics follows its present course, it might not be in any imaginable future.

And yet, in the end, that simply can’t be, can it? At some level, it’s just so obvious and not very complicated either. We — and that means much of the planet, not just those of us here in the United States — need to mobilize not against each other for once, but against what’s clearly becoming the greatest disaster in human history.

Stop and think about that for a moment. Given our history, that’s saying something, isn’t it?

And yet the men — and they were men — I labeled terrarists years ago because they, and the giant oil companies they ran, seemed so utterly intent on devastating the planet (something I called “terracide”) for the most immediate profits and an all-too-high-flying life for themselves still seem to be in the saddle. Yes, in this century, Washington conducted a disastrous 20-year war against terrorism, but never, whether Republicans or Democrats were in office, against this planet’s true terrarists.

As I wrote about them almost a decade ago,

“Those who run the giant energy corporations knew perfectly well what was going on and could, of course, have read about it in the papers like the rest of us. And what did they do? They put their money into funding think tanks, politicians, foundations, and activists intent on emphasizing ‘doubts’ about the science [of climate change] (since it couldn’t actually be refuted); they and their allies energetically promoted what came to be known as climate denialism. Then they sent their agents and lobbyists and money into the political system to ensure that their plundering ways would not be interfered with. And in the meantime, they redoubled their efforts to get ever tougher and sometimes ‘dirtier’ energy out of the ground in ever tougher and dirtier ways.”

And, in truth, all too little has changed to date, as the giant energy companies in the Ukraine moment prosper, while the price of oil and natural gas only soars and the rest of us continue to swelter.

It’s not that there’s nothing to be done. The price of renewable energy has been falling steadily for years. Were governments to focus the sort of attention on changing our energy environment that now goes into wars, hot and cold, and the sort of money that now goes into the Pentagon and its global equivalents, don’t for a second doubt that we could move toward a genuinely renewable world.

We’ve been warned, again and again, by the leading scientists of this planet, that it’s not only getting bad but, unless humanity refocuses in a big-time way, that it’s only going to get so much worse. The question is: when will the pain of climate change become too great to ignore any longer and will it then be too late? I hope to hell not!

Copyright 2022 Tom Engelhardt

Tom Engelhardt created and runs the website He is also a co-founder of the American Empire Project and the author of a highly praised history of American triumphalism in the Cold War, The End of Victory Culture.  A fellow of the Type Media Center, his sixth and latest book is A Nation Unmade by War.


  1. The war in Ukraine has contributed to climate crisis because all wars do. The Pentagon is the leading consumer of fossil fuels among all organizations on the planet. Discussing climate change without noting that is kind of ridiculous.

  2. I agree with everything the author says, but there is one linguistic issue that really helps to blunt the punch of his column and that is the use of terms like “climate change” and “climate/global warming”. Most reporting and left commentary on climate issues make the same mistake.

    Republican campaign and communications consultant Frank Luntz came out a year or so ago to apologize for years ago coining the term “climate change” for the Koch brothers and oil industry as a way to emotionally soften the brutal reality of what they were doing to the planet. It was very intentional and is the kind of nuerolinguistics the Republicans/Right have mastered and the Democrats/Left haven’t a clue.

    George Lakoff’s book, “Don’t Think of An Elephant”, explains nurolinguistics — the emotional framing — of messaging. Neuroscience shows that around 95% of our decision making is emotionally-based. The right understands this completely and stir up hate and violence and dissension through masterful use/manipulation of language.

    If we are talking about a billion refugees that is not “change”. That is a “disaster”. It is a “crisis”. It is a “calamity”. It is a “tragedy”.

    Those are the kind of words that need to be used to emotionally drive home to people the “catastrophe” we are facing from the climate “collapse”. I hope Scheerpost will also take this information to heart in it reporting and commentary.

    In fact, how about an interview with Lakoff or asking him to write something.

  3. Our present leadership is not capable of lessening the effects of global warming, or even addressing that it exists at all. If it were, we would stop all this nonsense of blaming Mr. Putin for a war that the West started by its action and fanning the flames for its continuance. That’s only one issue. The complicated nature of our activities on this planet that is causing global warming needs a complicated list of priorities in order to combat it. That doesn’t mean shooting people which we seem to do with relish. Covid was a clue when economic activity slowed, like the world was on our side. We need a new kind of leadership that extols cooperation above all else.

  4. Please give detailed, descriptions of home life, family life, social life, financial life were the people to force their corporate owned governments to cease and desist, and to put in place alternative forms of energy. These reports of Hell simply do not dent the denial psychology of humanity, except for a relative few whose instincts of survival still function well. What would houses be like? What would replace plastic pipes? What would transportation be like? What would work be like? What would fuel bills be like? What would grocery stores be like without plastic food packaging? What would replace all the plastic packaging? the plastic childrens’ toys? I lived pre-plastic as a child. You could buy 3 nails at the hardware store instead of 15 in a plastic package. What would painters and plumbers do without plastic sheeting? How would you send fragile goods without plastic? Recently, David Lindorff published a terrific essay “What Would a Real Opposition Party of the People Do?” (Counterpunch; also in Scheerpost). Its list of solid, substantive, constructive things focuses the mind and affirms these things are actually do-able by us today. Not just do-able, but are basic “normal” realistic tasks to begin solving our material needs and problems. Reading such a practical list drives home the awareness that were the government not owned by corporations, banks and Big Money we would already be launched into doing them. That “the people” are not discussing the climate elephant in the living room stems from the fact these entities do not want us talking about it. Their deep pockets rely on you and me NOT talking about these requirements. Just like Larry Summers solution to todays inflation is to up unemployment. Decrease wages because wages bite into the gross (obscene) corporate profits. King Summers cannot think of any other solution to inflation because his pocket depends on him serving the masters. Anger is a force for change when it is channeled creatively.

    1. Selina…….thank you. Countless articles are being written by highly talented journalists on more media sites than any one person can possibly read on an hourly basis. All of them are primarily bitching about the obvious. Yet few of them lay out the details for the FIX. Plus, how to neuter those who make it their life’s purpose to block any and all efforts to FIX.

  5. Fuck off with your bullshit demo-rat, try growing someballs or brains

    1. Your contribution is as short as your fuse. Is it your demonstration of a real man with balls and brains? Adding substantively to the discussion?

  6. Let’s not kid ourselves, we never made any serious attempt at all to confront climate change.

    Now, climate change has gotta take a number….

    The existential threats are piling up quickly now. Those who make the decisions are irrational, ignorant, arrogant, incompetent and to a person, absolutely devoid of anything that could be called a moral or ethical center.

    Rational thought and critical thinking? They are no longer allowed. Because the truth is treason now in the Empire of Lies.

    We stand at the abyss.

  7. Another evil-doer, Joe Biden, has just leased out new oil wells in the sea.

  8. Time to fade away, Tom. Your imperialist-lite nonsense is just offensive.

    Vladimir Putin didn’t start the war in Ukraine. Barack Obama and Joe Biden did. Actually, we could trace it all the way back to Bill Clinton — Democrats all. You know as well as anyone that the goal of the US parasite class is, and has been, to rape, plunder, and enslave Russia (as it was the USSR before that). The US has been attacking Russia in one form or another since, oh, 1918.

    As for this nonsense about climate change, you must know by now that other than plundering other nations and destroying the future for their children, inaction on climate change — or rather action to make it far worse — is utterly bipartisan in the US. Of course, those two activities — imperialism and destruction of the biosphere — are part and parcel of the same goal. That would be the goal that the parasite class and their minions have had since white Europeans first set foot on the “American” land mass: all for us, and nothing for anyone else.

    Democrats or Republicans in office makes little difference. It’s just squabbling among the parasites to see who gets the juiciest cuts. The only chance humanity has is to take back the resources from the parasites and ensure that everyone has just enough to live — until we can get the planet back on its feet.

    But you won’t say that because you’re not really interested in justice. You’d rather virtue signal and present yourself as a sage who cares about humanity while offering no plan at all beyond lesser evilism. A more discredited plan is difficult to imagine.

    Shame on you, Tom. Step up or shut up. And let’s not pretend that what I suggest is not pragmatic. It is the only pragmatic thing. Continuing to do effectively nothing while the world burns cannot possibly be described as pragmatic, and neither can doing things that amount to little more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    1. “Of course, those two activities — imperialism and destruction of the biosphere — are part and parcel of the same goal. That would be the goal that the parasite class and their minions have had since white Europeans first set foot on the “American” land mass: all for us, and nothing for anyone else.”

      Painfully accurate. We think exploitation of anything, including other humans, is a sacred right. Because we believe we have this right, we are always at war. We are at war with other people, with the Earth, with other species, and now, we are at war with a future for anyone and everyone. We will win this war.

      “The only chance humanity has is to take back the resources from the parasites and ensure that everyone has just enough to live — until we can get the planet back on its feet.”

      This is absolutely correct. Thank you. We would also have to find a way to remove millions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere, a technology that at the moment exists only in our fantasies.

      The people in this society aren’t going to do that. I see no evidence that we have ever backed off of our parasitical way of being for the good of anything or anyone since we’ve been a “civilization.” We have been run by rich sociopaths for centuries, and they don’t back off.

      We are going to kill it all so a small portion of people can be rich beyond measure, and we are going to do it much faster than most people dream. We are an evil society and a psychopathic culture that will NOT honor any moral or material limits if we can make money (be creative and greedy) instead.

      Prepare to disappear into the sunset for some rich White guy’s hubris, just like all the indigenous societies and animals that have disappeared because of us. The whole place is soon to be either (1) a dead rock revolving around the sun, or (2) a nearly dead rock that won’t be able to support biological life for a few hundred thousand years.

      That’s it. Those are the two options we face. There are no words for how perverted and evil it is.

      1. Octavia Butler was right. Love of hierarchy is our tragic flaw. We believe that if we push some psychopath up on a pedestal (higher = more powerful) and genuflect, if we add a crown or pointy hat to make them taller still, if we cover them with colorful ribbons or shiny bits of metal, then they will become godlike and we’ll just have to do whatever nasty shit they tell us to do. And we can’t be held accountable because we were just following orders, right?

        We are the one killing ourselves. The so-called leaders are just a means to an end. There is never any shortage of psychopaths willing to order us to our doom in exchange for baubles and the appearance of power.

        What we and they fail to understand is that it is the universe that will hold us accountable for our depravity and stupidity—all of us. There is no escape. It doesn’t matter how many resources one has hoarded: when the planet becomes unlivable, we all die. We can’t fool the universe with our propaganda. We can’t talk the universe out of it. It will crush us without pause like the juggernaut of old.

        I agree. We’re screwed.

  9. I was struck by the comment that Americans (and humans in general) seem unable to mobilize against the approaching climate change disaster the way FDR rallied the country in WWII. One of the great unfathomable mysteries of humankind is that humans need a common enemy to hate in order to mobilize – and that enemy has to be other people. It’s the main tragic flaw of our species. America held together really well when we had those Germans and Japs and Commies to hate… but look how poorly we came together over Covid. Why? You can’t hate an invisible virus. Same with climate change. You can’t make hot air and carbon dioxide numbers into “enemies.” I wish it was otherwise, but I think hate is the great motivator that brings people together. I’d really like to be proven wrong – if we all live that long.

  10. 26 years into the Democrats’ war on the poor, as US job losses long surpassed job gains. The life expectancy (see UN report on US poverty) of the US poor fell below that of every developed nation, but this has not been regarded as an “issue of concern.”

    On elections: Remember how Russiagate began? In an effort to overturn the election, the Clinton team weirdly accused Russia of “election interference.” It sold so well that they kept beating the drums, even after the Mueller investigation found no evidence to support their claims, bringing us to the brink of nuclear world war.

    As for Ukraine, much more will come to light over the next few years. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became an independent country in 1991. The country has been split between those who want to align with NATO/the West and those who want to maintain their alliance with Russia. Putin had stepped back for some years, saying that this was a decision only Ukraine could make. Zelensky (right wing multi-millionaire, former comedian) took power in Ukraine in 2019, Joe Biden elected in 2020, and together, they turned the conflict into war. As soon as missiles went over the border, hitting Russian towns, Russia responded, and Democrats shrieked, “Russia invaded Ukraine!”

  11. Recognizing “global warming” as cuddly, ignorance-fostering propaganda, I have long called it what it truly is: “terminal climate change” — the self-inflicted collapse of modern civilization — with the Capitalists’ ecogenocidal theft of our resource base eternally prohibiting any restoration of its electronic technology, thereby forcing the few human survivors to permanently return to village economies supplemented, as in the 18th Century, by subsistence agriculture and hunting-and-gathering.

    (Perhaps at long last we will reject patriarchal misogyny and allow our First Nations cousins to teach us how to stop raping our Mother Earth. Perhaps then we will learn again to live cooperatively — and ultimately in contentment — with our Mother Earth.)

  12. Good to read a heartfelt article. As a former journalist/editor I appreciate emotionality in editorial commentary. The majority of “comments” however – (some are more rants and diatribes) – remind me of good FB policy: Come for the post, leave before the comments….plus they serve to prove the author’s point.

    1. Thank you Jacqueline Thalberg….well said….about the heartfelt article and the quality of the majority of the comments….in proving the author’s point. As though the essential ornery ness of corporate capitalism and Gingrich’s pitch to treat the opposition as the enemy with a no-holds-barred approach have seeped deeply into the psychology of the citizenry. All power. And as some wise person long ago said, where there is only power there is no love. There’s that. And The Sibling Society propositions. There’s no honor in meanness. No wisdom in ridicule. No understanding with all black-all white split thinking. Little maturity in lugging around chips on shoulders and refusing to come to terms with them. No dignity in an identification with victim. Then too, there seems to be a loss of interest or mere disinterest in character.

      1. @Selina and @Jaqueline Thalberg:

        Let’s try a thought experiment to test your hypothesis.

        Suppose the topic is the rape and murder of little children.

        Now, if I read you right, what you are arguing for is that we should take an argument FOR raping and murdering children as having equal value to that against. I mean, no understanding with all black-and-white thinking is bad, right? It would be immature of us to lug chips around on our shoulders (maybe we were raped as children, eh?) and refuse to come to terms with the apologists for rape and murder—many of whom are, no doubt, actual rapists and murders.

        We need to dignify ourselves by identifying with the rapist murderers. We need to take an interest in their “character”.

        We should just accept that some are gonna rape and murder, right? Who are we to judge, or to speak for the children? Let’s embrace the sociopaths with love. Hey, it’s OK. You’re an OK person even if you do rape and murder kids.

        No doubt, they are simply misunderstood.

        I’m guessing that you are under the misapprehension that I’m using rape and murder of children as a metaphor for imperialism, war, and the climate apocalypse. I am not.

        Imperialism, war, and the climate apocalypse are not “like” rape and murder, they are rape and murder, and theft as well. And torture and enslavement and the complete destruction of all life on Earth. Those who promote imperialism, war, and continued destruction of the environment are promoting, if not engaging in, rape and murder. Of everyone, including children.

        They seek—and are rapidly accomplishing—misery and death on an unimaginable scale, one that make’s the Nazis pale by comparison.

        And apparently that’s OK with you. We wouldn’t want to let Robert Bly down, would we? Let’s just be nice and try to see the rapist’s point of view. Maybe raping kids is fun, no? Maybe we’re just not looking at it right and the destruction of all life on Earth is a good thing.

        Personally, I get a bit ornery when people try to justify rape and murder, especially of children. But maybe it’s just me.

    2. @Jacqueline Thalberg,

      I’m not sure what you think Engelhardt’s point is, since you didn’t say. Your own vague in specifics but snide in intent point is clear.

      I think Engelhardt’s point was the majority of his final paragraph:

      “We’ve been warned, again and again, by the leading scientists of this planet, that it’s not only getting bad but, unless humanity refocuses in a big-time way, that it’s only going to get so much worse. The question is: when will the pain of climate change become too great to ignore any longer and will it then be too late? I hope to hell not!”

      What have you got? You admire “emotionality” and like to insult other people, but apparently have zero comment on the subject matter of the article, climate science and environmental collapse.

      I bet you’ve been pulling that crap all your life. Every single person who commented on this piece and discussed the subject of the article – climate science – instead of defaming the other posters made a more intelligent comment than you did.

      1. “You’ve been pulling that crap all your life”..”like to insult other people”…Huh?


    Hasn’t anyone at SP read Kim Stanley Robinson’s //The Ministry For The Future//?! Bill McKibbon’s assessment in the NY Review of Books 12/17/20: “It’s not science fiction.”

    It’s not some easy dystopian view such that there’s no point of doing anything at all either pre or post. It’s realistic–what happens when the point of no return is reached?

    Non-action => inevitable disasters. Then different nations try different mitigations. Turns out there are alternatives to capitalism; thousands of local variations. Add the outright eco radicals all over the world whose tactics ensure the 1% can’t exempt themselves, and voila! Over a few decades, green transportation, green cities, green nature.

  14. Speaking as someone who has no preference, as to the continuation / extention of human life on the planet, or not, I respectfully assert that “climate change” does not present as a “problem / solution” issue. When the data is unbiasedly examined, it is clearly not a “problem” but a “predicament”. This planet will soon be unable to support the set of living arrangements needed to sustain our dangeriously insane species, in its current state of overshoot. Stories like this are evidence that not many are willing to accept the fact that “it’s game over”. There is no sense in playing the blame / shame game, or the stubborn denial game. This is not a hollywood production where all we have to do is steel our resolve to not go quietly, to “rage against the dying of the light”. That is all this piece is doing.

    1. “There is no sense in playing the blame / shame game, or the stubborn denial game. ”

      Maybe not, but reality is that people aren’t free to decide the consequences of their actions. Everyone is not equally responsible for the current mass extinction event. Being on the receiving end of the “blame game” for said event, or being held responsible, as some people might see it, is one of those built-in consequences that the people who made the mess and got rich off of it aren’t going to be able to control. Thank goodness.

  15. @Selina,

    Jacqueline doesn’t debate points anyone makes, she just insults people for writing “rants” and “diatribes.”

    Her only point is to be mean. Oh, and to tell us that she appreciates emotionality (whatever that is to her), and she was an editor. She doesn’t have anything to offer on the subject of climate collapse, itself, which is why she doesn’t even bring it up. She’s just wants to dump her load on other people for “ranting” as she defines it.

    I think her post was an insult “rant,” and yours is creepy apologism for the same, with an emphasis on the creepy.

    1. My condolences to you suffering as you are the projected creepiness of your own occluded self perception. You could make a dollar or two at Charlie Brown’s psychiatric help stand with your clear crystal ball as to others’ meanness. Free of self-accountability.

  16. I was just wondering if I could post under two names and two different emails, and write something in support of myself. So, this is a test.

    Does anyone have an answer to that question?

    1. Oh, look Jacqueline/Selina, I can post under two names at two different emails and support my comments like I’m two people.

      My spidey creepy sense was tingling.

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