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YouTube Host Demonetized for Challenging U.S. Government on Ukraine

Jackson Hinkle is Big Tech's latest target in the establishment's pursuit to censor dissenting voices.


  1. Let us remind ourselves: nothing is free. If it’s marketed as free, then YOU are being sold.
    So we have to use platforms that give us the freedom we thought we had before all the sensoring.
    We know what they are.
    This is just the way it is now.
    I love Jackson. I will find his podcasts wherever they are!

    1. Yes, only for the better-off. Of course, millions are priced off the Internet, and millions can’t afford to pay separate subscriptions for each site. So, not surprisingly, capitalism works to block any potential legit “public forum.”

  2. Am I supposed to agree here? OF course. But this is old hat. Anybody with any truth to them, who truly go against the empire of lies; were taken off youtube a long time ago. These were moderate platforms, not strong powerful voices. They still follow the narrative. Trump was stifled. No, we don’t know who we really voted for in many decades, the ballot machines are owned by the Bush family and operated by CIA affiliates. Trump was another puppet, he gave us Operation Warp Speed, he shut down the economy, raised the nuclear armaments by a trillion dollars. Those who go against the establishment media are far gone from most platforms, and many will be incarcerated as I was. I gave Dore my books to read, he is aware of what I speak, but plays the ignorant one, he goes along with the deception, he will not step out into the “conspiracy theorist” world, while knowing the truth. He is an establishment controlled opposition, no bals.

    1. Jimmy Dore is many things, but establishment controlled opposition he is not. You can tell because the establishment would never allow even controlled opposition to say the things Jimmy does, not in a million years. Every word that comes out of his mouth is anti-establishment bordering on rebellious.

      That is why I like him, despite his emotional frailty.

      1. Excuse me, but do you not realize that both spectrums, right and left wing, are controlled by the puppet handlers? Dore comes against politicians, giving them legitimacy even in his criticism. Because of him, who knows what I have exposed (and despite that, plays their game), he still pretends that votes count, that politicians have power, that they have some truth and make mistakes, when the fact is, we have been played big time. The puppet masters, basically the Vatican, specifically the Jesuit General, current one Sosa Abascal, who controls all banking, freemasonry, and secret intelligence of every nation.

        Rothschild (research this yourself) owns the central bank of virtually every nation- printing up currencies at cost of paper and ink, and sells them at face value. HE wields great power with his money, buying sysems.

        I could go on and on. And no, as somebody with alternative facts, I do not censor opinions. I have vital information, with solutions that are outside the boxes of thinking, and am not given any platform, but am known by tens of millions of people, as my newsletters go viral.

        We dont need people bordering on rebellion. WE NEED REVOLUTIONISTS, not those who pretend to be a little angry. Dore is an actor, a comedian, he makes money doing that, he enjoys his fame and popularity and platform. My only platform is my newsletter, but the truth is so strong that i am twenty times more read than he is seen.

      2. Actually Dore kind of is part of the establishment. The right-wing establishment when it comes to the standard right-wing views on vaccines, covid, Ukraine, Russia, Democrats,etc…

    2. I don’t want to particularly pick on Dore but I agree that he and many others, even those who were removed from YT are still controlled opposition even if they don’t know it.

      They think they say what they freely think not realizing that what’s controlled is what they can think about, their thought horizons are being controlled one way or another.

      As Deleuze wrote describing propaganda/educational framing: paraphrasing “you cannot escape prison if you don’t know you are in one. “The others pointed out that most enslaved minds think they are completely free.

      Example: Chomsky. Hardly anyone can argue that he is or was unaware of US politics and admittedly rigged in many ways US anti democratic electoral process and yet he actively argued to engage in voting for number one operational neocon, Hillary Clinton, for POTUS in 2016 after she stole nomination from Sanders. Chomsky by that publicly denied his own credibility and denounced his public convictions of fatal flaw of US political system and most of all about danger of neocon extremists in power as we experience now under Dems when senile President controlled by neocons is looking frantically to press the nuclear button.

      When it was emergency, time to act, to denounce bipartisan sham that denies people’s democratic rights, aspirations and are main mechanism of complete disenfranchisement of people from political process Chomsky was silent.

      When was the time in 2016 to push for mass electoral boycott and a mass movement outside US political framework or at least promote political show of power of dissent by endorsing local third party he betrayed his legacy of rational political thought and showed his controlled frame of thinking playing into discredited by himself two party extortion racket and idea of lesser evilism that is aimed at preventing good.

      It is disappointing that Dore is still in this two party extortion frame of mind by acknowledging any even minute divergence of Dems and Reps as any real political issue while US ruling power is a monolith controlled by oligarchic elites that make sure that fundamental US imperial goals and policies continue substantially unaltered for 240+ years.

      Wittingly or not they both and many others promote to varying degrees political defeatism and by that are ultimately tools of proliferation of US imperialism they confess they deplore.

      Mind de-framing starts from acknowledging that US sociopolitical and economic system is designed specifically to serve oligarchy and hence is unfixable. It cannot be fixed or improved to serve 90% of population. It must be overthrown like Jefferson posits in Declaration of Independence.

      US imperial regime is brutal. I knew real opposition lest and right and they are mostly dead, sick, economically and socially marginalized or imprisoned as they refused their thoughts to be framed by propaganda of ruling elites.

      1. Kalen, you are 100% correct. But let us make it very clear. Chomsky is not stupid. Dore is more informed than he puts on. They are keeping their money and fame, and maybe even their lives are at stake. Certainly their freedom. I, as an uknown, was incarcerated for EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE. In prison they watched me closely, I had a military intelligence bunky, they told me that they were researching all about me, and my affiliates, were seeing how my book was selling, etc… If a well-respected person gave the kind of revelations that I had, there would be great consternation, and a grand questioning of the narrative. It is happening, and I am one reason, but if Chomsky had revealed it earlier, we would not be in the pickle we have. But fame, fortune, and position trump truth and courage.

  3. America claims to be the land of freedom ,where if anything, it is anything but. Hand held communications give the illusion of freedom of speech and access ,but actually it’s used to harvest info ,data and identities ,with intent to isolate ,Im afraid this is going to get much worse ,
    Many people recognise the Ukraine war as a proxy war ,and the more Ukrainians that die the happier the military industrial complex is as it will be used to fuel their own agenda !

      1. I am far from middle class, but many of those where i live don’t even have mobile phones, never mind computers. I have no vehicle, no stove, live in one room, and live off a government check, small but sufficient. I work 80+ hours a week, and have been in and out of institutions since I started writing. But the warriors amongst our poor folks will matter. Yes, black rifles matter.

    1. Freedom is a big deal in the US. So much so that the average Joe on the street enjoys one freedom only, that of buying junk. Tocqueville observed that Americans claim to have freedom of expression but when they speak they all say the same thing. The Media is not free–it is under the firm control of the corporate world. In fact the Media has killed comment sections on a lot of websites. The Guardian is one example of comment only allowed on trivial issues. Mind control is not the exclusive realm of communist countries. It thrives in capitalist oligarchic environments……

  4. These platforms appear to be totally ignorant as to how things really work. Two sides of the same coin, no democrat or republican politician gets any significant position without proving loyalty to the Vatican and globalists. Most actually know, including Dore, but the audience won’t, because money and position are more important than truth. The real powers (and it is not the puppet president) are controlling the actions, and the narrative on all sides. We are headed towards a totalitarian fascist world technocratic police state of 500 million survivors by 2025- and most will be Chinese, who are already obedient sheep. The people remain ignorant, due to the media, including controlled opposition like Dore, who will complain of censorship while avoiding it by not speaking truth. To give him any ear is too much. I have no love for him or the other journalists who deceive. The establishment news media, including the alternative news media that play along the game to keep on the air are contemptible. Rumble, bitchute, brandnewtube, Rokfin, and many other outlets are there for them to speak truth uncensored, but there is less money there. I have no sympathy for sold out bland “journalism” it is not really journalism, it is whitewashed old hat propaganda.

    1. The Vatican most specifically called in the US to aid its own poor, and to work for peace. The US, of course, does the opposite. So, convince me that anyone in govt. listens to the Vatican.

      1. Do you believe what politicians say? But you believe the damn chief of the pedophiles? You shall know them by their fruits, not by their words. The pope in his royal palace full of gold. Why doesn’t he aid the poor, the RC church demands huge tithes, and gets it. Furthermore, it is the Jesuit general, current one being Sosa Abascol, who is really running things. The pope is a figurehead. Even the current Jesuit one. That just shows that Jesuits really run the show.

        The majority of the following information regarding the Jesuits was gleaned from a Chick publication “The Secret History of the Jesuits” by Edmond Paris. I have permission to use the information from that book from Chick publications, as the author is deceased.

        It has an introduction by Alberto Roberto, a former Jesuit priest who was trained in the Vatican. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Roberto’s introduction: “The most dangerous men are those who appear very religious, especially when they are organized and in a position of authority. They have the deep respect of the people who are ignorant of their ungodly push for power behind the scenes.

        These men, who pretend to love god, will resort to murder, incite wars and revolution if necessary to help their cause. They are crafty, intelligent, smooth, religious politicians who live in a shadowy world of secrets, intrigue, and phony holiness.

        The bible puts the power of a local church into the hands of a local pastor. But the cunning Jesuits successfully managed over the years to remove that power into the hands of denomination’s headquarters, and now have pushed almost all of the protestant denominations into the arms of the Vatican. This is exactly what Ignatius of Loyola set out to accomplish: a universal church and the end of Protestantism. ….

        Mr. Paris reveals the penetration and infiltration of the Jesuits into the governments and nations of the world to manipulate the course of history by setting up dictatorships, and weakening democracies such as the United States of America, by paving the way for social, political, moral, military, educational, and religious anarchy.”   
        End Quote. Remember that an ex-Jesuit who may have an interest in deceiving wrote


        YOu may want to research the oath that Jesuit initiates make. VEry serious evil.

  5. Scheer- I don’t expect you to allow this to be seen, it is for you to read. You would not allow my comments to be seen, and now I figured out why. I had commented that the news platform DEMOCRACY NOW should not be funded. I am all for good news journalists. They are not that. Most journalists refused to tell the truth of the covid vaccines, and as a result the majority of people took them . Along with graphene and spike proteins that destroy the immune system, masks and distancing that are scientifically useless, and much more vital information did not go out from them, as the establishment news platforms, including that one, are dominated by the CIA. I still hold that nobody should fund them. They are not interested in truth or our wellbeing, their god is money. After my newsletter went out telling people to fund some good journalists, you restored my ability to comment, that is how I figured out why you had censored me. I don’t think that many people would read your posts if they knew you had censored me. CENSORSHIP IS A DIRTY TRICK USED BY MANIPULATIVE POWERS AND ENTITIES. DO YOU GET THE DRIFT? i AM COPYING THIS MESSAGE AND WILL USE IT IF NECESSARY. I DON’T LIKE HOW YOU ROLL. I have the right to suggest that bullshit media not be funded by people’s hard earned money.

    1. So who should people “fund” ? the people that agree with you or that you agree with?

      Do you believe that Covid is real, that it can kill people? Do you really think that the only people who died were the ones who got vaccinated? What about the unvaccinated folks who died? The ones who died before there was a vaccine?

      “Spike proteins that destroy the immune system” – are you aware that the virus itself has Spike proteins ? I have my issues with the current vaccines – mainly that they all focused on the Spike protein that the virus has been mutating like crazy – and that other tried and true platforms have not been sufficiently tested.

      As for masks – they are common sense – Covid is a respiratory disease, you get it by breathing it in and transmit it by breathing it out – an “air pollutant” and we are the source of the pollution. How does one deal with any source of air pollution – either shut it down or put a filter on it – considering what the former implies I would much prefer the latter –

      If your “information” is an example of the ” vital information (that) did not go out from them”, I confess, I am glad it didn’t –

      1. Masks are common sense?
        Common sense medicine?
        F*ck science, when you have common sense.
        Masks, and six foot social distancing, are common sense, but contrary to scientific evidence.
        Gain of function mRNA?
        You know nothing!
        Hope that you wake up, before you run out of time.

      2. Do your research regarding masks. The breathing goes right through the masks, including germs. For the record, though, viral pathogenicism is being questioned, the whole allopathic medical system, which had been almost totally created by John Rockefeller, and is not so affective as holistic medicine, has been promoted as more profitable. YOu put your trust in capitalists who have no concern for the people> read my book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, it debunks allopathic medicine, the media, the theory of evolution (my book THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY debunks the bible), the education system, and shows how recorded history has been altered. You would call me a conspiracy theorist, but in reality, I am a conspiracy factist. I showed the evil of all vaccines, but I also, in EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE my book first published in 2016, foretold that GAtes would depopulate the planet using vaccines.

        As this was being implemented and working in overdrive, the Office of Strategic Services and the Office of War Information recruited the “best and brightest” from American intelligentsia into secret “intelligence,” and after training, were placed into powerful positions of mass media, politics, and universities. In the 1950s, the CIA and the American mass media began to be interlocked, the agency feeding information to journalists in exchange for their own intelligence developed at home and abroad. Many American journalists currently work for the CIA. That is the explanation for the “fake news” in the media. Intentional fake news is very real, and manipulatively deceptive.


        William Casey had been chief counsel and original board member of CapCities, and became CIA director in 1981, later CapCities  acquired ABC during Reagan’s second term. Casey had also been Securities and Exchange Commissioner under Nixon, and owned much CapCities stock until his death in 1987. He advocated covert operations, and was part of a network of spooks who used American companies, especially mass media, as tools of espionage.

        GE, owner of NBC, had a contract with the CIA to estimate Soviet military strength-while GE accumulated huge profits as a key player in the military industrial complex. Now, they wouldn’t lie, would they?

        Ever since the CIA was formed in 1947, publishers and executive management of the media have volunteered their services for the agency- page 114. On page 115, we find some revealing quotes: “One journalist is worth 20 agents” a high-level CIA agent told investigative reporter Carl Bernstein. Former CIA Deputy Director Ray S Cline called the American news media: “the only unfettered espionage agencies in the country.”

        In exchange for career-enhancing scoops and leaks, reporters alter stories and disseminate propaganda at the request of the CIA. For decades, hundreds of journalists have maintained covert associations with the CIA, and are paid for their services to it. Former CIA director William Colby stated: “Let’s not pick on some poor reporters. Let’s go to the managements. They were witting.”

        Tom Braden headed the CIA’s Global Propaganda Operation; after leaving it, he worked as a syndicated columnist and co-host of CNN Crossfire. He once wrote an article in the Saturday Evening Post, called: “Why I’m Glad the CIA is Immoral.”

        Embarrassing revelations by Carl Bernstein in Rolling Stone magazine in 1977 included the following statement: “There is ample evidence that America’s leading publishers allowed themselves and their news organizations to become handmaids to the intelligence services.” The NY Times ran a three- part series on the CIA and media shortly later, disclosing that at various times, the CIA owned or subsidized over fifty newspapers, news services, radio stations, periodicals, book publishers and news entities, most of which were overseas. A CIA official told the Times: “We had at least one newspaper in every foreign capital at any given time.” Page 117.

        CIA documents display that the US public was targeted by CIA propaganda. A July 13th, 1951 memo stated the CIA’s beginnings of mind control operations: “broad and comprehensive, involving both domestic and overseas activities.”

        Another CIA document of that time explained that CIA officers met regularly to exchange ideas regarding “the broader aspects of psychology as it pertains to the control of groups or masses rather than the mind of an individual.”

        The CIA and the press appear to have an attitude in common. That it is okay to deceive the public. Philip Geyelin, a CIA agent who became an editor for the Washington Post, said: “We will get nowhere without first stipulating that while circumstances alter almost any case you can think of, the President has an inherent right- perhaps an obligation in particular concerns-to deceive.”


      3. the virus has never been isolated. There were found several curatives which were proven effective, not least vitamin C, which was found sufficient by April 2020. Hydroxochloroquine and Ivermectin also. But you really think the government and pharmaceuticals want to help us? the vaccine is a death agent, a depopulation agent, and I knew it would be. IT also contains graphene, which is a conduit of electricity and radiowaves. There are no 5G chips or cards in the new smart phones or any phone. That it is to make internet quicker is a sham. The graphene travels to the brain, and surrounds the brain cells. Lots of vaccinated people are dying, many young vaccinated athletes are dropping dead of myocarditis. I have tons more information. Fauci himself at times said that face masks are useless. You follow the tv news as if it is true, and don’t research if you believe that garbage. You trust an evil government, even knowing that every politician is a liar. And Trump, who gave us Operation warp speed was no exception

      4. The vaccine was patented in 2017 and tens of millions of PCR test kits were bought by many nations in 2018. THe inventor of the PCR testing said that it should not be used for diagnosing. HE called Fauci a fraud. Do not call me uninformed, ignorant, or stupid. I hope you were not vaccinated, but if you were, it was not due to an oversized brain.

    1. The degree of political censorship we’ve seen with the Biden administration is truly unnerving.

  6. The biggest threat to freedom of the press is fake news, and the bigoted fanatics who insist on absolute truths that reside with their presets of ‘alternative facts’.

    1. I am guilty in being knowledgeable of many absolute facts. Why are people so careful to not show dogma? Because they know their information is not absolute, they are aware that there are holes in their theories. I have done the research, connected the information, seen the truth, and report it. I do not make money on it, I am not making myself a fortune or a celebrity. I have served humanity 35 years with 45000 hours unpaid volunteer service. I seek to change and help humanity, not make millions feeding the bewildered herd more candy information. I tell it like it is, and do not pretend to not be sure of what I am saying. And you call me “bigoted” =please show me where I am bigoted, and please give proof. you are a shining example of what you speak. I am no fan of trumps, I found the information on fake news in the book UNRELIABLE SOURCES by Lee and Solomon of FAIRNESS AND ACCURACY IN REPORTING. i never fell for rump, nor bernie, nor biden or the rest. I am fully knowledgeable, have filled in the puzzle pieces, and cut through the bullshit.

      And the biggest threat to freedom is really ignorant masses aligned with evil power.

      IF you can’t see that, you fall into the category of ignorant.
      I agree that the constitution’s amendment of freedom of speech, of the press was created to allow for deception, as was the idea of freedom of religion. The ability to deceive and to mislead intentionally was enabled by the founding fathers, most being freemasons, lawyers, landowners, and many were slave owners, including Jefferson, who wrote ‘” all men are created equal,… life liberty and pursuit,… ” and he owned 180 slaves.
      Our nation has been led by lying hypocritical rich evil people from the start, and you promote the ones who deceive the best.

      Free speech would be better if filtered of lies. But now the government, hijacked by evil people, decides (with the fourth branch, the news media) what is true or not, and have no desire to prove anything they say.

  7. which US site does not censor?—-per comments at popular resistance sheer post bans numerous dissidents
    “censorship reflects a society that has no confidence in itself”. Potter Stewart

    1. The comments were not allowed to even be seen, they were erased as I submitted them, due to him doing this because I had made the comment to not fund people he likes. To me, it seems that he wanted to remove my voice because of money reasons, not due to lack of truth or of disagreement, but because he has no love for truth. Other commenters had also shown the lies of DEMOCRACY NOW, that it has been misleading people for years. but I suggested cutting funding.

    2. I was banned from POPULAR RESISTANCE two years ago, due to debating and putting to shame Margaret Flowers, and COMMON DREAMS has the same software that removed my email submissions of comments. How many of her readers took the death vaccine is unknown, but I would have prevented that.

      1. One more thing, we have the ping there from today’s article. My complaint goes back a couple of days to the article on DEMOCRACY NOW and I protested here, finally able to comment, after an inability for a day or two since then. That Scheer addresses this wrongly is either suspect or he really was innocent of what happened, and it was a technological error.

  8. Attempts to curtail the spread of fake news and politicized propaganda, which regrettably and unfortunately include most of the left-ish Neo Progressive ‘narrative’ about Russian proxy war against NATO, the EU, the US and western liberal democracy in Ukraine, IS NOT CENSORSHIP ! ! !

  9. I frequently post what many would call radical views here on SheerPost, including occasional criticisms of SheerPost itself. None of it has ever been censored. It is nearly the only publication I can say that about.

    1. I give him credit for allowing this thread. As we see now, there may have been another reason. My submissions did not have time to be read, they were automatically removed. Only yesterday was it restored, after my newsletter saying to fund other alternate news. My assumption may be wrong.

  10. I have watched many segments of Jackson’s program and can see why he would be demonetized by a system looking to control perception by imposing a blatantly false narrative. Those who have been paying attention know that the “official” mainstream media coverage of the US/NATO’s perilous, insane proxy war in Ukraine has been nothing but outright rubbish from the start. I have become a huge fan and admirer of this young man for the intelligence and integrity of his journalism and for the accuracy of his reporting. Along with a group of his colleagues including Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate, Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald and others, they are the only ones telling the truth about the gross and continual misdeeds of the western hegemon. They are to be applauded and respected, not demonetized and deplatformed. The treachery, complicity and total corruption of the mainstream media is truly shameful.

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