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Patrick Lawrence: Zelensky Purge Ignored by Western Media

Zelensky’s purging of top officials as "traitors" ignored by Western media cheerleaders.

By Patrick Lawrence / Original to ScheerPost

Under Every Bed

It has been quite a week for the regime in Kiev. On Sunday Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suspended the head of his domestic intelligence service, Ivan Bakanov, and the Justice Ministry’s chief prosecutor, Iryna Venediktova. The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s legislature, ratified these suspensions Monday. These two officials are now fired. They both failed, it seems, to root out what the regime is calling treasonous collaborations with Russians. 

This is an important development, a push-to-shove moment warranting a careful read. Oh, stop, you are not going to get a careful, contextual read out of The New York Times or any of the other major dailies. The Times is calling this a symptom of “Russian infiltration.” Horse droppings. Infiltration has nothing to do with what appears to be a national crisis. It is a question of what Ukraine is and who Ukrainians are. 

Let us go back to where the American media do not care to tread. 

The U.S.–cultivated coup of Feb. 21, 2014, was, as a matter of record, the work of a very small minority of Ukraine’s 44 million people—tens of thousands at most. This event instantly alienated the eastern provinces (Donetsk and Luhansk, together the Donbas) where ties with Russia—historical, cultural, linguistic, religious, familial—are long and strong. When they declared themselves independent of the new regime in response to the undemocratic coup that put it in power, Kiev began an eight-year campaign of shelling the cities and towns of the Donbas.  

This campaign is mentioned very elliptically, and rarely, in Western media. It resulted in roughly 14,000 civilian fatalities, by the count of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, more than 80 percent of which were on the Donbas side. There were many reports at this time of Ukrainian soldiers refusing to fire artillery on their compatriots.  

I would call the divide between western and eastern Ukraine a fault line, but it did not have to be a fault. It stood to be a fine thing, indeed, if managed properly. This is what the two Minsk accords, signed September 2014 and February 2015, attempted. They were to transform Ukraine into a federated state, although “federal” was a slightly taboo term at the time. The Donbas would enjoy the autonomy it asked for after the coup, its enduring ties with Russia would be recognized, and Ukraine would remain a unified state. It would also enjoy a functioning, inclusive democracy.  

But the west-east divide was not managed properly. Among Kiev’s first legislative acts was to remove Russian—spoken by 40 percent of the population—as a national language. Minsk I and Minsk II, long story short, failed when Kiev refused to implement—with Europe’s silent approval—even the most easily achieved of its provisions. The Ukrainian military’s shelling of the east continued without abatement—this while NATO trained 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers a year.  

Now we can think about this business of treason and collaboration with clearer minds. 

As I read this week’s news reports, I thought back to last August, when one Konstanin Pavlov, the 48-year-old mayor of a small industrial city called Krivoy Rog, was assassinated while sitting on his verandah one evening. Pavlov was a member of a party called Opposition Platform—For Life, whose leader, Viktor Medvedchuk, had recently been arrested. Pavlov’s sin was that of Medvedchuk and their party: They supported improved ties with Russia. 

There was no war with Russia at the time of Medvedchuk’s arrest or Pavlov’s assassination, it is worth noting. Medvedchuk was nonetheless charged with treason and Pavlov was nonetheless dead. Starting to get the picture?

Last summer, alert readers will recall, was an eventful season in and around Ukraine. Reports circulated that Ukraine was planning a major offensive—and this would have to be very major—to retake all of the Donbas as well as Crimea. A short time later, as if to confirm these reports, Russia began amassing troops along its southwestern border with Ukraine. 

The Times likes to praise American intelligence for its precise call as to when the Russian intervention would begin. This is a game played with mirrors. What indications are available to us suggest persuasively the Ukrainian offensive was to begin in late February; the U.S. knew this because it was directing the endeavor, and the Russians, those dumb, no-neck Russians, understood the moment to move had come. 

To be noted: Minsk II legally expired on February 21, eight years to the day after the coup, three days before Russian forces moved.  

Zelensky has gone Draconian since the start of hostilities on Feb. 24. The regime has shut down all media it considers “pro–Russian,” censored 100,000 social media accounts it says spread misinformation—and we know all about the disinformation of “misinformation”—and banned no fewer than nine opposition parties, among them Opposition Platform. 

In the spring, a small-town administrator in charge of local sports programs, another local bureaucrat who favored a settlement with Russia, was assassinated. Last month the southeastern city of Nikolaev banned the Russian language at all public gatherings. Events such as these give an impression of the prevailing atmosphere. 

And now the purge. Apart from Bakanov and Venediktova, Zelensky fired the deputy chief of domestic intel, Bakanov’s No. 2, along with the heads of five regional offices. This is a lot of blood to spill. Safe to say, there does appear to be an extremely rampant problem with Ukrainians who, one way or another, entertain sympathies for Russia, favor negotiations to end the war, or have deep attachments to Russia of the kind earlier suggested.

Those just sacked are accused of not doing enough to find and fire the symps in their organizations. Now we are talking about treasonous Ukrainians in the many thousands. Kiev has already opened nearly 700 investigations against police officers, intelligence operatives, and others. “Russian sympathizers”—The Times’s phrase—are accused of sharing intelligence, reporting potential targets to Russian forces, and sabotaging Ukrainian operations. There are priests—Russian Orthodox priests—giving succor to Russian officers in areas under Russian control. 

But, take it from The Times, “Ukrainian society as a whole has rallied to the country’s defense.” I always love these flimsy statements The Times breezily sends our way as if they are beyond dispute. Ukrainian society as a whole, to be perfectly clear, is plainly and profoundly divided in its support for the war and, indeed, the Kiev regime. I have suggested sufficient history such that this cannot be a matter of much dispute.  

I do not know what kind of things Ukrainian spooks and ordinary citizens get up to when their sympathies do not lie with the Kiev regime and the NATO–sponsored war it now conducts. And I am not taking The Times’s word for this because The Times gets all its information from the fanatically Russophobic regime—the very height of journalistic delinquency. 

However extensive these activities, I will say, they cannot be understood separately from the social and historical context I have pencil-sketched. I begin to suspect the treason and collaboration bit may be cover: So far as I can make out, we are watching what has become a police state extinguish all dissent. 

“Such an array of crimes against the foundations of the national security of the state, and the connections detected between the employees of the security forces of Ukraine and the special services of Russia,” the apparently freaked-out Zelensky said Monday, “pose very serious questions to the relevant leadership.” 

Big Volod is absolutely right on this point. There are indeed serious questions at issue, but there is no chance whatsoever that the relevant leadership will pose the right ones, given there seem to be Russian-symps under a great many Ukrainian beds. 

This mess is the sour fruit of many years of reckless miscalculation, of ignoring the sentiments, preferences, and the very consciousness of half or more of the country.

Disloyalty x 3 

When are Joe Biden and Antony Blinken going to cut out the pretense of support for a free press and freedom of expression? If I am not mistaken, the secretary of state was in London last May 3, celebrating World Press Freedom Day with his insipid Tweets while Julian Assange sat in a cell at Belmarsh Prison a matter of miles away. 

Joe Biden has just aced our inane top diplomat. This guy spent so many years selling his constituents snake oil he seems to think what he got away with in downstate Delaware will do perfectly well now that the whole world is watching. As a friend remarked the other day, “The problem in America is the dumbs outnumber the smarts.” I give Americans more credit than this, but it is certainly true of the regime now running Washington.

Biden’s tour of the Middle East brought him to two nations that have recently murdered American journalists. In Israel he seems to have had nothing to say about the fatal shooting of Shireen Abu Akleh, the distinguished Al Jazeera correspondent and an American citizen, who was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier in May. Abu Akleh did not have a constituency in America of sufficient size and voice such that Biden was required to make any display of concern.  Passively offensive and bad enough.

In Jeddah, Biden’s handling of the more infamous Saudi murder of Jamal Khashoggi four years ago was actively offensive. Khashoggi had a column at The Washington Post and thus a name. This large, unresolved question was reduced to whether Biden would bring it up with Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince, who was responsible for the Khashoggi murder according to a CIA assessment. 

Will he mention it? Will he say anything? I was not on the edge of my seat.

“I raised it at the top of the meeting, making clear what I thought at the time and what I think of it now,” saith the man from Scranton. “I was straightforward and direct in discussing it. I made my view crystal clear. I said very straightforwardly for an American president to be silent on an issue of human rights is inconsistent with who we are and who I am. I always stand up for our values.”

Wow. Biden certainly gave MBS what for, as my father used to say. 

Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, given that a senior Saudi official present at the Biden–MBS encounter told Reuters afterward Biden said nothing of the kind. But do you see what the White House has done with this story? The Biden regime has reduced the murder of an American journalist to what the president may or may not have said during a state visit to the monarchy responsible for the deed.  

You cannot possibly miss the point here. Whatever he said, it had nothing to do with what he or anyone else in Washington will do in response to Khashoggi’s death and gruesome dismemberment. That comes to not a damn thing.  

And do you see what the press has done? American media are 100 percent complicit in putting this dodge across. This seems to be the end of the Khashoggi case. Biden said something, so all finished up justly—assuming Biden said anything, we now must add. 

In this case, The Times had the good grace to point out that, if you will excuse my French, Biden is a serial bullshitter in such matters, with a long record behind him of false accounts of his bravery and integrity before others. 

I saw a variant of the Khashoggi routine coming in the case of Abu Akleh. As soon as the Palestinians decided, after much resistance and in my view unwisely, to turn over the fatal bullet for inspection by Israeli scientists, you just knew the game was up—or was just getting going.  

“The bullet that killed Shireen Abu Akleh, the Palestinian–American journalist shot in the occupied West Bank in May, was most likely fired from Israeli military lines but was too damaged to say for sure, the State Department said on Monday.”

That lead is the work of Patrick Kingsley and Lara Jakes, who report for The Times from Jerusalem and Washington respectively, and let these bylines be noted. Apart from reporting what the State Department had to say with no mention of its bias in all things to do with Israel—and I do not care how routinely this occurs, it remains wrong—they went on to report: “U.S. officials ‘found no reason to believe that this was intentional but rather the result of tragic circumstances during an I.D.F.–led military operation.’” 

Just a sec. Will one of you please tell me how under the sun the State Department could possibly judge intention on the basis of the condition of a bullet—and a bullet, I will wager big, that was not too damaged to establish culpability? But note the trick in the wording Kingsley and Jakes thought nothing of reproducing. The State Department “found no reason to believe Abu Akleh’s murder was intentional” because they couldn’t possibly have found any such reason. This is what it was like to read Pravda from all I understand of life in the Soviet Union.  

One grows heartily tired of the waffle-waffle routine at The Times, previously deployed during those dreadful Israeli attacks on Palestinians as they ethnic-cleansed neighborhoods in Jerusalem last year. Well, it may have been this way, but it is awfully hard to say, there’s another side to the story, it isn’t what it looks like, and so on infinitely. You take your places in a long tradition, Mr. Kingsley and Ms. Jakes. I understand. You wouldn’t last at The Times if you didn’t.

I count the media’s betrayals of their own more offensive than the Biden regime’s day-in, day-out nonsense on the press freedom question. And I cannot but consider these two cases in the context of Julian Assange’s case. You have read next to nothing about the WikiLeaks founder’s fight against extradition since he was imprisoned at Belmarsh three years ago. This, the most egregious of betrayals, is simply too shameful for words, although it deserves as many as we can summon. 

To fill you in briefly and with reference to the excellent work of Tareq Haddad, a friend in London following the case with exemplary diligence, Home Secretary Priti Patel approved of Assange’s extradition on June 17 after long-running court proceedings. Assange’s lawyers have since filed papers requesting leave to appeal the ruling on 16 counts. High among these is that the British government has broken the terms of the U.S.–U.K extradition treaty, which stipulates that political cases cannot fall under it. 

Leave to appeal means Assange’s defense team has asked to bring its 16 objections to court. High Court judges will now determine if each objection has enough merit to be heard in an appeals proceeding. 

You have read or heard  nothing but nothing of this momentous case in  corporate media. I still cannot quite register this sin of omission for its magnitude. Tareq’s latest piece on this is here. He is worth following for all those interested in the Assange case.

By my best surmise, Her Majesty’s government will rule on this case in whatever way and when the Biden regime prefers. As to the when of the case, I speculate—all I’ve got—that Biden’s people are waiting until they can order Assange brought to the U.S. for trial without risking a domestic uproar. They do not seem to have much to worry about given how extensively Assange has been demonized—and lately erased from public discourse—but may there be such an uproar when Assange is finally put on a plane. 

Khashoggi, Abu Akleh, the egregious case of Assange: Three instances of profound disloyalty to colleagues and, at the horizon, the profession. I am reminded of the case long ago of George Polk, a CBS correspondent covering Greece during the civil war in the late–1940s, which became the Truman administration’s first Cold War crusade. Polk was assassinated in 1948, just as he was about to expose the Greek foreign minister for embezzling a large whack of the funds the Truman administration had sent to support the fascist monarchy. 

Faithful to the Truman–Acheson whitewash, the American press covered up responsibility for the assassination until years later when the coast was very clear. They instead created the Polk Award for outstanding broadcast journalism, which is conferred annually. I have always attached a weird irony to the Polk.   

It is always good to know the history, so your expectations remain within the bounds of the plausible.

Patrick Lawrence writes a weekly media criticism column that appears every Thursday on ScheerPost.

Patrick Lawrence
Patrick Lawrence

Patrick Lawrence, a correspondent abroad for many years, chiefly for the International Herald Tribune, is a media critic, essayist, author and lecturer. His most recent book is Time No Longer: Americans After the American Century. His web site is Patrick Lawrence. Support his work via his Patreon siteHis Twitter account, @thefloutist, has been permanently censored without explanation.


  1. Jamal Khashoggi was with the CIA and in support of the brother of Mohammed bin Salmon who was competing for the Saudi Arabia leadership. Great story about this by Ben Norton also at Patreon.

    1. True, Khashoggi unlike Shireen Abu Akleh was NOT an American citizen. He was a Saudi, and by their laws a traitor to the Kingdom, working withe the CIA. He was also related to infamous gun runners as well as Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana’s paramour who died with her, flying low without seatbelts in Paris. Of course the Establishment would honor pedigreed Khashoggi over an American journalist working for Justice against apartheid Israel.
      Also Lawrence fails to note that Zelensky received over 70% of the Ukrainian vote for President running on the “Peace with Russia” platform. No one wanted war with Russia, but the Americans and their Puppet President; very Bidenesque of Zelensky, who understands campaign promises and what they mean.

      1. Ze mainly was elected by western ukraine and promoted by the oligarch komolovosky, not because he is admired but because during Poroshenko conditions deteriorated–3.5 million emigrated to Russia, 1 million to Poland, Moldova etc…the only other choices was the corrupt disgraced timoshenko

    2. Add to this that Jamal Khashoggi (JK) was the nephew of Adnan Khashoggi the most clandestine billionaire business operative of Saudi Arabia of his time – in constant cahoots with the American business (MICC) community.
      Perhaps JK too was the one Saudi journalist, beginning to tell the truth about the corruption of his extended family-owned country, and they had decided to make an example of him, similar to the slower carving up of the life the US is perpetrating on the one Australian journalist who came before him; for making public the international crimes the hegemon has been perpetrating now, unchallenged, as we speak, for too many years!
      Think too of the sudden tragic end of Adnan Khashoggi’s understudy, the specimen, Jeffrey Epstein, at his own hand, in isolation, in ‘soilitary’ (appropriate Freudian neologism slip) confinement.
      Perhaps JK had begun to uncover the truth about the Saudi oligarchy and their ties to MBS – yes, the one who was just visited by you know who, who was fulfilling his own commitments to his sponsors.
      Oil, the wellspring of the First-World countries’ – US (NATO) high-flying living; and water, obfuscate the truth, just as much as the narratives’ smoke in front of the mirrors, is supposed to do!
      Just freedom of thought, if this is still permissible!

    3. Tongue-in-Cheek, or from the perspective of the powers-that-be, Cheek-in-Tongue, or the Kettle calling the pot black, whichever is the preference of the particular opinion giver.
      However, it’s the same Orwellian nightmare!

  2. There will be no uproar when Assange is put on a plane. The Democrats and the media have made him an essential component of Russia-gate, Trumpism, and the defeat of Hillary.

    In Ukraine, you left out the underlying nationalist and fascist tendencies driving the conflict and attacks on the people of the eastern provinces. Zelensky himself let that cat out of the bag in his speech, where he described the purge operation as “self cleansing”.

  3. More fodder for more “horse droppings”!
    When an actual truth is single-mindedly flaunted about by the person telling it, this is when what s/he is saying becomes nothing more than narrow minded, arrogant, and therefore, surplus “horse droppings”.
    If, in the Ukrainian boondoggle “Infiltration has nothing to do with what appears to be a national crisis, (i)t is a question of what Ukraine is and who Ukrainians are”, then so too is it the case of what, and who Britain’s are, given the ‘parliamentary’ processes taking place there currently.
    It could be said that “Bozo the Clown” was removed by his peers in ‘parliament’, for similar (t)reasonable actions against the 67 million Britain’s he was leading up the garden path with his one-sided affinity for things Ukrainian, to the neglect and detriment of his own people.
    Since at least the late 1990’s and the ‘collapse’ of the Soviet Union, truth has always been the flammable fuel in the hands of the arsonists among us.
    For them the conflagrations of chaos and disorder have always been their maintenance strategies, as well as the trigger for the divide and rule policies of their ‘rules based’ hegemonic order.
    Proxy wars are one of the major tools at their disposal.
    Now, without naming names, that’s who they are, and they know who they are!

  4. When I was in college, a professor said that The NY Times was considered an “Historical Document “ because of their accurate reporting!!!! boy have they gone downhill. I can’t believe anything they say now!!!!

    1. The professor who called the Times “an historical document” probably said a “paper of record” but in either case the claim was always bullshit.

  5. It’s good to realize what Zelensky dismissal of his own childhood friends and top figures of his own regime really means.

    SBU is huge 30,000+ agents organization dealing with crimes, including economic, financial crimes, as much as with crimes against national security. The dismissed Ukrainian equivalent of US Attorney General dealt with prosecutors office and courts.

    SBU was infiltrated by CIA long before 2014 Kiev coup. Since then it was completely cleansed of any pro Russian sympathizers.

    Thousands of them fled to Russia and in fact became a core of opposition to Kiev regime in Russia among over 5 millions of Ukrainian expats (immigrants) and political and economic refugees since 2014. Hundreds stayed on territories taken over by Russia for sabotage or collaboration.

    There was no single Russian sympathizer in Attorney General office, in any courts or in SBU left.

    Zelensky narrative is a lie.

    So who are those who seek to challenge stability of Zelensky so far seemingly unmovable position?

    It must be unstoppable force of dawning reality of national catastrophe caused by blind following of US dictate for nearly decade and being effectively abandoned by the west as Afghan puppet regime was just a year ago.

    It seems that Zelensky who is not sharpest knife in a drawer believed or made Ukrainian Nazi elite believe that when time of Donbas liberation war comes NATO would at least paralyze Russian military movements via threats or moves on their own.

    For example by establishing No Fly Zone effectively enough for him to reconquer Donbas and Crimea with his huge, third after US and Turkey, NATO trained and equipped army It was under wrong assumption that Russia supposedly would not dare to risk broader conflict with Ukraine backed all the way by American superpower.

    But that did not happened.

    NATO advisors on the ground in Ukraine whose protection would have been a great excuse for more NATO troops deployed Ukraine with anti air missiles systems fled instead.

    The NATO navy which could have protected Ukrainian coast from potential Russian Marine landing in Odessa or Nikolaev frantically fled to Mediterranean or to its own ports in Romania and Bulgaria hours before Russian intervention begun.

    Such move humiliated and forced Ukrainian navy to self annihilate by sinking or damaging their own ships not to fall in enemy hands.

    Zelensky and his clique of entertainers and NATO brainwashed General Staff officers realized that Ukraine was betrayed and on their recommendation sued for peace via negotiations with Putin.

    It culminated with Istanbul talks where for immediate ceasefire Ukraine went so far as to agree to neutrality, rejected aspirations for future NATO membership (while still wanting to join EU ) and agree to enter into ten year process of negotiations of status of Crimea and Donbas.

    This proposal, supported by Erdogan, would have been a starting point for real negotiations of peace.

    However even before it got on Putin desk was suddenly sabotaged by Zelensky himself who publicly stated that Crimea is non negotiable at all and must return to Ukraine.

    It derailed floating Ukrainian ideas around Russian reparations to Ukrainian state (Putin agreed to before) and special economic arrangements including access to Crimean ports.

    Somebody (WH) must have told him that still there is a way to reach some of the original objectives so Zelensky could declare victory and become national hero. It was all he wanted to hear.

    In fact he was deceived as decision has been made to turn Ukrainians into Russian cannon fodder just to politically weaken Putin.

    It likely was promise of a wunderwaffe, thousands of ATGM systems and Stinger missiles as the west assured Zelensky’ closest collaborators.

    It was another lie as were old dilapidated Soviet era Tanks and APCs dumped to enable NATO rearming , or miraculous western air defense systems or counter battery radars, or new Howitzers or recently HiMARS that would for sure defeat Russians and push Russians out of Ukraine.

    None of that happened. Zelensky ran out of lies to tell his cliques who start seeing writing on the wall and started to feel vulnerable unprotected unable to count on lying west.

    Zelensky made tones of enemies inside for his catastrophic ideas and blind following of NATO lies as much as among NATO that accused him of incompetence, not inflicting enough pain to Putin’s leadership standing to allow for regime change amid complete failure of western economic war against Russia.

    More Zelensky becomes political liability more paranoid he will be looking for enemies under every bad and by that further alienate his own clique including Nazis who may as well decide to put him away on their own.

    1. yes, Kalen, Zelensjy is an alien clown dropped on this planet to wipe out the noble russian race with putin the magnificent, the merciful, the savior at their helm…
      just curious, ye ever get tired of lying, lying. lying? in yer world, there are no kids dying in Ukraine for putin’s dream of being the new tsar, there were no russian war crimes in Bucha [insert kalen screaming ‘azov, azov, azov here, without a shred of evidence], the failed attempt to attack Kyiv has become a ‘brilliant feint’, there are no burning wheat fields in southern Ukraine, , no bombed out opera houses, apartment buildings, shopping malls, no torture, no forced abductions of ukrainian citizens to russia, no salvos of notoriously inaccurate GRAD rockets on civilian targets, no thefts of grain and general plundering, no obvious land grab of an invading army… i mean i could go on, everything i say is documented ad nauseam, but to kalen the serial liar this don’t mean shit. nazi nazi nazi he screams… yeah, Ukraine so full of nazis them do not hod A SINGEL SEAT of the 500 in their parliament which was elected fairly and freely… and in kalen’s warped world, putin NEVER INTERFERED IN UKRAINE, i mean he would never, ever, apart from the odd medieval brutal war of aggression designed to grab land…
      and when putin says, as he does frequently, that Ukraine isn’t even a real country, well that’s because it ain’t, it is but a colony of russia that rebelled and is to be taught a lesson.
      looking forward to yer imporent response, kalen, stinking up the room with lies even ye know for what they are, trying to stink up people’s minds, believing if ye repeat a lie often enough it will become ‘truth’ for some and in that ye are right, as GOEBBELS proved. so go one, stink some more…
      a post scriptum here : [quote]How free is Ukraine of antisemitism? – The Jerusalem Post
      Jan 13, 2022 — Ukraine today boasts the lowest rate of antisemitic sentiment in eastern Europe and probably most of western Europe too.
      kalen i seen that facts don’t mean shite to ye, caught up in yer web of lies, but to others they still matter and they expose ye as the stinking liar ye are….

      1. When Petro P was President, all was peaceful, stable, and no war. BUT with ZELENSKY, the world is plunged into a deadly war that could be WW3.
        Nothing changed in the whole world except Zelensky took a different direction that of Petro. Repeat, nothing changed, only Zee was the difference.

        Now we have sky high inflation, interest rates that will broke a lot of ordinary people, famine threatening the world, the war mongers on both sides ready to go ballistic or maybe another 2 decade / trillions $$ war.

        Trump is not perfect but he is perfect about his perspectives and realism regarding Ukraine and Zee.
        Ole Joe on the other hand is a super Hero intent on destroying all enemies regardless of any consequences ( such as nuclear catastrophe).
        Donnie’s simple mindedness – – – don’t mess with some one with thousands of nukes— is a tactic that safely leads to diplomacy and not to wars like our failures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam, Korea.

        If Ukrainians could turn the clock back in time, would they have ousted Petro in a Coup for Zee, and this war??

      2. Arvo, you have been brutally lied too by those you trust. You should be more careful.

      3. obviously you have never lived in Ukraine and likely speak no language except American

  6. to patrick lawrence: smoke and mirrors is a well chosen title to yer mendacious article, i will just pick yer claim that OSCE reports purportedly mention a death toll of 14000 civilians, 80% of which on separatist side… this is pure, mendacious invention, great propaganda but poor lying cause everyone can call up OSCE reports . which say 14.000 deaths indeed [spoiler alert – civil wars mostly aren’t] of which ‘only’ 3500 or so were civilians pretty equally divided on both sides.
    bu the time putin the great, the noble, the merciful attacked Ukraine , meaning in the 2 years before, there was an average of 1.8 [as in, under 2, to help ye with yer math] civil-war-related civilian deaths per month in the separatist areas – AS PER OSCE RECORDS- and anybody can look this up so why stink up the room with lies?
    fake numbers, Patrick, propaganda of the poorest quality, i am sure ye can do better.
    GOEBBELS would be ashamed of ye for this pitiful effort… ye can lie better than this, i have faith in ye!

    1. arvo lies are despicable–14000 murdered by ukie nazis in donbass
      200,000 ukie troops on line of separation with daily artillery into civilian areas before Russia denazification

  7. @patrick lawrence: ye know what they say about broken clock right twice a day… as far as yer laments about the death of Shireen Abu Akleh go, murdered by the Israeli [frigging so-called] ‘defense’ forces go, ye could have been more forceful. the whole stinking bias of AIPAC -dominated american politics stink even more than yer obvious, and mendacious, falsification of civilian casualties in the Ukrainian ‘civil’ war.
    it might have helped the shreds of integrity ye might have left if ye had included some of the journalists executed in Ukraine by invading russian forces, but ye are blind in that eye, we all know. still, thanks for keeping Shireen Abu Akleh’s name alive. may her killer rot in hell, with the zionist-fascist leaders who give those orders.
    DEFUND ISRAEL… now there’s a theme we can all get behind…

  8. @patrick lawrence: like, Maks Levin, dat ring a bell? of course, not… he was murdered by RUSSIAN soldiers this spring, shot twice while wearing a ‘PRESS’ jacket… kinda like Shireen Abu Akleh, just one more bullet… except his death don’t count for ye, cause him Ukrainian, shot by the noble, the great, the merciful russian forces which mean it was justified, cause why else would the noble, the great, the merciful russian forces have done it? do go on, patrick lawrence, and tell us how Maks Levin was shot TWICE ‘unintentionally’, for ye shill for the russians like the state department shills for israel.
    stinking liars y’all…

    1. keep your spies impersonating journalists in nebraska where you prefer fake news—so you are a racist—anti-semitic and Russophobe

  9. I thank all those commenting.
    And I stand corrected in my omission of Khashoggi’s true identity. An error on my part, pertinent to the case as readers have made it.
    — P.L.

    1. yeah, patrick lawrence, and ye stand exposed as a russian shill, and shamed, in yer omission of the death of MAKS LEVIN . what is it that makes Ukrainian lives matter as little to ye, as palestinian lives matter to israel? how can ye look at yer sorry self in the mirror, ye hypocrite? if Shireen Abu Akleh mattered, and she did, what racist ideology drives ye to deny MAKS LEVIN the same person-hood? he be yer nigger?
      looking forward to ye avoiding answering me and doing the josh hawley. i can see ye running….

    2. A very revealing article. It needs to be stressed that prior to the US-funded “elections” in 2014, there was no Russian takeover in Crimea, nor any of the battles now raging in eastern Ukraine. There seems to be little recognition that what precipitated all of this was the neo-con led state dept. spending $5 billion to overthrow a government which was getting too cozy with Russia.

      At the same time, the horrific savagery of the medieval-like sieges in Ukraine, perpetrated by the Russians, is utterly unforgiveable. As usual, it is mostly the innocents who suffer.

  10. anti-semitism is best measured by scholars not polls…Adorno and Gorer found Americans far more anti-semitic than ordinary Germans of WW2 era—worse today. anti semitism is most observed today besides USA in Armenia, Poland, Hungary Ukraine—in Russia JEWS respected considered “stylish”….the numerous nazi celebrations in Kiev lvov etc where photos of hitler and bandera are prominent is not accidental

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