1. Yes, it’s worse. That’s one reason that the US public knows so little about the background of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. MSM never mentions the coup the US pulled in 2014 resulting in the Nazu murder of 14000 Russian-speaking citizens in the Donbas. The endless lies about Putin and Russia instigated and kept alive by the Clintons who never fail to use the words, “Soviet” and “KGB,” neither of which has existed in over 20 years. The old cold war is carried on by not only by the Clintons’ lies and the MSM but by the Pentagon, the MIC, the war weapons-makers and the congress people who get richer daily by perpetuating war. When I was recently in Russia, the openness was a nice surprise when compared with the censorship of everything Russian in the land of the “free” press. Will things change? No, witness the slow murder of Julian Assange who revealed the truth about the criminality of the US in war crimes.

    1. Somebody needs to write a play (tragedy, of course) about Assange. This is SO representative of what our ‘society’ has become.

    2. @ rob roy : -good old rob bot back to stinking up people’s minds with his stinking lies…
      there was no ‘murder of 14.000 russian speaking civilians’, ye have read yer stinking GOEBBELS well for ye think if ye repeat yer stinking lies often enough folks won’t smell them no more…
      but go ahead, list yer ‘sources’ for yer stinking lie, will ye? the kremlin’s talking points bot factory, that’s where ye from.
      truth is, that in a civil war in southern Ukraine, incited and supported by putin to make nato membership impossible for Ukraine, about 14.000 people died. between 11.000 and 12.000 of them were COMBATANTS [ do look up the word, rob, don’t be scared] so ‘only’ about 3500 CIVILIANS were killed, and that number is FOR BOTH SIDES!
      [see, rob bot, civil wars usually aren’t, and folks get killed on both sides]
      but do take me on, ye stinking liar, and give me some OSCE or any other reputable source number for yer stinking claim.
      can’t do it? why, shill off and stink somewhere else, rob bot!

      1. These are not kremlin talking points. In fact they are supported by marxists and marxist-leninists the world over who rightly despise Putin and his capitalist empire but they also know that Biden and the US empire is many times worse. You’re not fooling anyone here arvo except yourself.

      2. Since 2014, about 14, 000 Ukrainians have been killed in the Donbas region due to shelling from the nationalists, fascists and Nazis. It’s not really relevant whether they were civilians. The shelling is murderous and criminal, being conducted by the aforementioned Nazis who think Russians are sub-human. This is not in dispute, except perhaps by you. And, really, Goebbels is one of the heroes of the Nazis in Ukraine–a person you might want to not allude to in any way in your incoherent and semi-literate ravings. You’re the bot here, son, and have been since the Russian invasion at least. You’re ravings are more desperate now of course, what with the US proxy Ukrainians dying to the last man, as predicted and hoped for by their masters in Washington. Maybe you can explain your man Zelly’s Vogue photo shoot to us and the young Ukrainians he’s sending into the meat-grinder. Cmon! Try it. Use those “ye’s” and “yers” you imagine make you look clever or down-home or whatever and give us a couple of stanzas about the great Zelly and his “strategy” behind the Vogue shoot.

  2. I believe the key difference was that everybody in Soviet Russia knew they were being lied too.

    In America the same people who have continuously and consistently lied to the people for decades can be immediately unquestionably believed again whenever a new war or a new enemy is desired. It’s twisted and disturbing.

  3. For me the whole world is based on lies,and it does not seem to matter what western country you live in.I think today that corruption is at epidemic levels,whether you are a Democrat or a Republican,i would say 99% of them have their fingers in the pie right up to their elbows,the political system is a mish mash of individuals trying do make as much financial gain for themselves as possible at the sacrifice of the people of America.To be honest i have not heard a word on anything that might improve ordinary peoples live,just bullshit after bullshit,there does not seem to be any accountability,and the voter is never asked if they should have a say in how much money is spent on weapons of mass destruction instead of health care or housing,poverty,and just simply human rights.The prisons are full because they are run by money making syndicates to make a few individuals more wealthy,has nothing to do with crime or crime prevention ,most people who are locked up today are petty criminals blacks or just innocent people,if your looking for justice in America good luck.Now it looks like these psychos want to start with China as well,they have no idea what will happen if this eventuates,but it wont be good for America for sure,for me now i hardly every watch or read main stream media because i know its all bullshit,if you really want to know whats going on in Ukraine read some of the articles posted outside main stream by individual journalists on the ground,like German journalist Alina Lipp reporting from the Donbass region in Ukraine,just do some research

    1. Don’t know, Barry.. Linguistics comes in, here. Words could well be ‘lies’ that we accept in order to imperfectly communicate. No verbal utterance is totally understood by anyone who hears it (except, perhaps, a scream of pain).

  4. Chomsky is nothing more than a ruling class apologist, a disgraced linguist that has no awareness of USSR. 3 years ago Georgi Derlugian wrote, “american academia is far more effectively censored than was Soviet academia”. After Geoffrey Gorer examined Soviet school curriculum and Soviet media, he described the censorship in US schools/media as “ludicrous”

    1. Sorry. I disagree. Although Chomsky made a career of associating with East Coast schools, I don’t think his promotion of anarchy quite fits your charge.

      Chomsky is about to die. He has no reason to hold back and support anyone at this point.

  5. Right.

    And where is the US Gulag?

    Pray tell.

    When Chomsky was confronted about his past position on Pol Pot – The Cambodian dictator who massacred nearly 2 million Cambodians – he defended it by saying that based on the available information at the time, he was right in his support of Pol Pot. So while the entire world had already known Pol Pot was one of the worst murderers in world history, Chomsky’s ‘facts’ allowed him to maintain a level of ignorance that would enable him to maintain his imaginary world view.

    The idea the so called ‘censorship’ in the US is worse than that of Soviet Russia is not only laughable, but white washes the horrors of the the Soviet persecution and prosecution of dissent and, perhaps more important, is a dangerous red herring, meant to induce ignorance with respect to the horrors of the contemporary Russian real censorship (Russians can be thrown in jail for touting views not sanctioned by the Kremlin; all independent journalism was shut down, and all main TV stations are under Putin’s state control), as well as with respect to the most acute and real threat of fake news epidemic – the abuse of the availability and popularity of the internet in general, and internet giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many other information dissemination systems, by political actors, primarily an insidious and unscrupulous ones like the Putin Regime, to perpetrate an alternate reality with ‘alternative facts’, Conway style (Judging by the material in left-ish, Neo Progressive publications like Scheerpost, and their commentary sections, the Russian alt-fact, fake news campaign has had a great degree of success).

    1. Do you have historical dementia?

      There were many gulags all over the world including gulags created by Britain (Australian gulags), France (Guyana Gulags ) Spain (Colombia) and .. US as American gulags killed in millions of American Indians in their reservation gulags, hundreds of thousands of slaves died in American labor gulags.

      Tsarist Russia had gulags mostly in Siberia since 18th century incorporated into penal system like in many places worldwide.

      Putin or Soviets did not invented them.

      When church ruled in the west any criticism had you condemned to torture, gulags or killed, censorship was enormous. Copernicus book was condemned and banned. Giordano Bruno was burned at state, Galileo was put in prison for proliferation of ideas contained in Copernicus book. Political persecution was and is ubiquitous.

      Even Solzhenitsyn refuted leading theses of his own book “Archipelago Gulag” after he emigrated to US as lacking global perspective, exaggerating Soviet atrocities and excessively whitewashing supposed victims of Soviet penal system as he later found such government abuses common in the so called western democracies.

      Solzhenitsyn often experiencing such abuses in Soviet Union still called America and the west as soulless, brutal, narrow minded consumed by inhumane greed and hatred, undemocratic society as he publicly regretted emigrating to US.

      Nobody here is whitewashing Russia but they did not invented gulags, they didn’t invented censorship and they did not invented propaganda and were not first to put people’ in jail for what they said or thought.

      It was the west who did it.

      Today in Louisiana, like in reconstruction times, gulags still exist for convicts full of brutality, torture and abuse in a country that incarcerates most of their people in the world, over two millions in a system of federal state and corporate gulags spread all over the country and abroad like Guantanamo gulag.

      There should be no gulags at all for people’s opinions or attempts to defend their political, cultural, economic and social rights worldwide.

      Gulags directly result from autocratic power structure open or hidden that must suppress and isolate from society any opposition also in the realm of thought and ideas.

      1. @Kalen

        A typical Neo Progressive response: full of words, none to the point.

        Again, Where are the US Gulags NOW?

        I’d take my dementia over your delusional fantasy, alt-fact world any day. At least it is anchored in real life and real facts.

      2. @ kalen: wow, nobody else uses as many meaningless words as ye do to avoid a simple question! so as people are getting 10-year prison sentences in russia cause they dared call a war an actual ‘war’ [the gall of it!] ye sing the praise of putin the great, putin the democrat,, putin the noble, putin the merciful! i have personal experience in protesting against wars like the war on Iraq, and HERE i could call it a WAR just fine, and a needless, stupid and illegal war to boot, plus could call bush an asshole and worse, and yet there was no gulag for me…come to think of it, i did not even get poisoned!
        why don’t ye go to red square moscow and yell ‘putin is an asshole and his war is stupid’ and see what happens. the red square is easy to find, just exit yer russian troll/bot factory through the rear door, take a left on spasskaya ulitsa and in 3 minutes ye there. do write us from prison, extolling the virtues of russian society, ye hijo de putin!

    2. You are a very well trained apologist for the American Empire. An MSNBC contract is for sure coming soon.

      1. @Bob

        I’d rather be an apologist for American democracy than for imperialist autocrat dictatorships like China and Russia like you, Chomsky and Brand.

        And incidentally, unlike China and Russia, MSNBC doesn’t need apologists. It has reality and real facts (as opposed to left-ish, Neo Progressive alt-fact delusions) on its side, not to mention the noble and just cause of promoting democracy in fascist autocracies…

      2. @bob the bot : do ye ever do arguments or facts, or did yer russian handlers only train ye in insults? and even there, ye do very poorly. keep yer day job [taxi driver? ] i say! ye clearly lack the verbal, or intellectual, skills to become a paid kremlin apologist!

  6. hey i have an idea – let’s ask Brittney Griner what she thinks of Russia? and, btw, when was the last time the US jailed a foreign athlete for a miniscule amount of drugs meant for personal consumption and then gave a 9 year prison sentence to blackmail the athlete’s country into releasing a merchant of death arms dealer?
    Brittany is just lucky she did not accidentally call putin’s brutal war a ‘war’, that would be 10 more years right there. truly a magnificent society, this country of kalen and rob ‘bot’ , or ‘bob’ bot… so much freedom, so much democracy in russia! not a trace of corruption either and the freedom of speech is just stellar!
    and yes there are many things wrong with our system – but to come on here and praise russia as the better country to live in, well that’s delusional, or in the case of rob bot and kalen, just more stinking lies….

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