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Nancy Pelosi’s Reckless Trip to Taiwan: A Decision That Could Get Us All Killed

Even the foreign policy mainstream thinks Pelosi's Taiwan trip is a dangerous gamble. Why won't Biden stop her?
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) answers questions during her weekly press conference on May 13, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

By Norman Soloman / Salon

The arrogance of power is especially ominous and despicable when a government leader risks huge numbers of lives in order to make a provocative move on the world’s geopolitical chessboard. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to visit Taiwan is in that category. Thanks to her, the chances of a military confrontation between China and the United States have spiked upward. 

Long combustible over Taiwan, the tensions between Beijing and Washington are now close to ablaze, due to Pelosi’s desire to be the first House speaker to visit Taiwan in 25 years. Despite the alarms her travel plans have set off, President Biden has responded timidly — even while much of the establishment wants to see the trip canceled.

“Well, I think that the military thinks it’s not a good idea right now,” Biden said about the prospective trip on July 20. “But I don’t know what the status of it is.” 

Biden could have put his presidential foot down and ruled out Pelosi’s Taiwan trip, but he didn’t. Yet as days went by, news trickled out that opposition to the trip was extensive in the upper reaches of his administration.

“National security adviser Jake Sullivan and other senior National Security Council officials oppose the trip because of the risk of escalating tension across the Taiwan Strait,” the Financial Times reported. Overseas, meanwhile, “the controversy over the trip has sparked concern among Washington’s allies who are worried that it could trigger a crisis between the U.S. and China.”

Underscoring that the U.S. commander in chief is anything but an innocent bystander in terms of Pelosi’s trip, officials disclosed that the Pentagon intends to provide fighter jets as escorts if she goes through with the Taiwan visit. Biden’s unwillingness to clearly head off such a visit reflects the insidious style of his own confrontational approach to China.

More than a year ago — under the apt New York Times headline “Biden’s Taiwan Policy Is Truly, Deeply Reckless” — Peter Beinart pointed out that from the outset of his presidency Biden had been “chipping away” at the longstanding U.S. “one China” policy:

Biden became the first American president since 1978 to host Taiwan’s envoy at his inauguration. In April, his administration announced it was easing decades-old limitations on official U.S. contacts with the Taiwanese government. These policies are increasing the odds of a catastrophic war. The more the United States and Taiwan formally close the door on reunification, the more likely Beijing is to seek reunification by force.

Beinart added: “What’s crucial is that the Taiwanese people preserve their individual freedom and the planet does not endure a third world war. The best way for the United States to pursue those goals is by maintaining America’s military support for Taiwan while also maintaining the ‘one China’ framework that for more than four decades has helped keep the peace in one of the most dangerous places on earth.”

Now Pelosi’s move toward a visit to Taiwan has amounted to further intentional erosion of the “one China” policy. Biden’s mealy-mouthed response to that move was a subtler type of brinkmanship.

Many mainline commentators, while critical of China, acknowledge the hazardous trend. “The Biden administration remains committed to being more hawkish on China than its predecessor,” conservative historian Niall Ferguson wrote on Friday. He added: “Presumably, the calculation in the White House remains, as in the 2020 election, that being tough on China is a vote-winner — or, to put it differently, that doing anything the Republicans can portray as ‘weak on China’ is a vote-loser. Yet it is hard to believe that this calculation would hold if the result were a new international crisis, with all its potential economic consequences.”

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal summed up the current precarious moment with a headline declaring that Pelosi’s visit “would likely sink tentative rapprochement between U.S., China.”

But the consequences — far from being only economic and diplomatic — could be existential for all of humanity. China has several hundred nuclear weapons ready to use, while the U.S. has several thousand. The potential for military conflict and escalation is all too real. 

“We keep claiming our ‘one China’ policy hasn’t changed, but a Pelosi visit would clearly be precedent setting and can’t be construed as in keeping with ‘unofficial relations,'” said Susan Thornton, a former acting assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs at the State Department. Thornton added that if the speaker goes to Taiwan, “the prospect of a crisis goes way up as China will need to respond.”

Last week, a pair of mainstream policy analysts from elite think tanks — the German Marshall Fund and the American Enterprise Institute — wrote in the New York Times: “A single spark could ignite this combustible situation into a crisis that escalates to military conflict. Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan could provide it.”

But July ended with strong indications that Biden has given a green light and Pelosi still intends to go ahead with an imminent visit. This is the kind of leadership that could get us all killed.


  1. You are right to say that Pelosi’s grandstanding decision to visit Taiwan is a very dangerous and stupid decision. Unfortunately, stupid decisions are the only kind which we can expect of the “leadership” found in Washington, D.C. I cannot think of a single important policy decision made by any administration during this Century which has not been stupid. None have been made for the benefit of the people. The launching of the Global War On Terror which killed innumerable people(well over a million), mostly civilians and drove many millions from their homes into refuge camps has been rightly described as the greatest policy blunder in the history of the Country. The neoliberal economic policies then crashed the economy. Instead of helping the people who were living in precarity due to the fraud of the Wall Street bankers, Obama gave the thieves the key to the treasury and told them to help themselves. The huge unsustainable debt was left in place and remains in place, constantly threatening to again crash the fragile economy. More bad policy. The dire threats of nuclear war and climate catastrophe are barely given lip service. Instead, the US continues to bully the rest of the world, using all available power (military, economic, illegal sanctions. political power, torture and murder) to get its way. Wisdom is not a commodity found in Washington “leadership”. In fact, I cannot think of a single person in a leadership role in either political party for whom I have any respect whatsoever. Pelosi is a fool. So are the majority of her colleagues in the Congress.

    1. I don’t disagree with the author’s opinions on Pelosi, but I completely disagree that the Wall St Journal has any inkling of what is good v. bad on any subject other than their own right wing extremely prejudiced ideas. No author of good journalism should be referring to them in any way whatsoever as important to the discussion.
      Pelosi’s arrogance is over the top, as you indicated, but that is nothing new to Americans. She & other leaders in the Demo Party have for decades now held themselves above accountability, in ways as deeply troubling as the entire RepubliCON Party holds themselves. We have a one Party system – CORPORATE CONTROL of AMERICA is it’s name. I left the Democratic Party after what they did to Mr. Sanders. Thousands others did the same. There is not a chance in hell we’ll get out of this mess, if we cannot unhinge the lock grip DARK MONEY has over our nation’s Politics.
      Thank you for your post.

    2. As others have variously pointed out, this trip by Pelosi achieves the rare feat of capturing two profoundly stupid and reckless decisions in one decision. Our political “leadership” led by the power-drunk Speaker literally seeks to endangering lives and economic welfare , while simultaneously resulting in the opposite of the vote-getting diversion objective that is her only plausible explanation for this absurd decision…

    1. Best, most rational comment of the year…..perhaps the decade.

      Unfortunately we won’t and they will kill us all, if not tomorrow, next month or next year.

      America has gone insane.

  2. I’ve long wished for San Francisco to be intelligent enough to vote someone in who cares for people like workers and is gifted politically and replace her. For a purportedly progressive if not politically radical, enlightened City, your shadow side sure is showing in Ms. Pelosi’s political longevity. What exactly has she accomplished? Here as always, she’s a walking power complex, a walking 3rd finger. Strutting her self-importance, others be damned. Oh! for the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt! Wherefore art thou?

    1. She appointed the January 6th Committee which has been doing a superb job of uncovering truths and getting through to the US public. The individuals on the Committee were carefully chosen, reflecting Pelosi’s wisdom. I doubt if any other leader could have chosen such an effective group of individual representatives.

      She also got the Affordable Care Act through, and many, many other accomplishments that benefit workers and families especially. She is the most skilled Speaker of the House we have ever had, in my opinion, and I am not the only one who holds that opinion.

      Her advocacy for children is fabulous! I loved it when she invited all the kids up to the podium! She raised five kids, for Heaven’s sake!

      I will not opine on international relations, as that is not my expertise. She plans to resign soon and I’m sure has been giving careful thought, encouragement, and tips to successors.

      1. “She got the ACA through…” What an accomplishment. This was a bonanza for the already bloated insurance industry. The result is still unaffordable healthcare for the vast majority of Americans, 70k Americans a year still die of a lack of access to health care and this is your paragon of US leadership? Another corrupt democrat that makes the Republican Party appear progressive in comparison.

      2. ?!?!? WHAT? I just fell over reading your delusional comment.

        J6 Committee is unfunny distraction theater, that like everything Dems do is designed as bread & circus so they don’t have to confront Wall St or the M.I. complex. The folks on that committee are the worst the US Congress has on hand, just purebred, dishonest political hacks. The ACA is a welfare program for insurers that gives cover to Democrats too owned by Wall St. to come up with real healthcare. I can’t name a damned thing that vicious, intellectually corrupt woman has done for kids, which should be to take a couple hundred $billion from the pentagon to invest in schools starting tomorrow. Your post is stunning, but is a useful reminder that we have a serious delusion problem in blue check America.

        I appreciate you admitting you don’t understand overseas issues currently wasting hundreds of US $billions, but must say your expertise is in fact not American politics. And for the record I’ve been a real Liberal, of voting age, for almost 50 years

      3. The most recent report I read is that Pelosi has no intention of resigning.. Source: Ballotpedia “Pelosi (Democratic Party) is running for re-election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 11th Congressional District. She is on the ballot in the general election on November 8, 2022. She advanced from the primary on June 7, 2022.”

        The U.S. needs no more “lifers.” By the way, do you care about the expense of this Asian tour? It has to be into the upper-end millions. And she should stay the hell out of Taiwan.

      4. I’m very glad to hear she is going to resign soon. It can’t be too soon for me. She’s an embarrassment.

      5. Pelosi cares about one thing only: her celebrity status. Good God, have you ever heard he speak? She’s a nincompoop, and those wonderful accomplishments you think make her great are nothing. She’s raised 5 kids. Really? That’s your benchmark for greatness? She’s the WORST Speaker, ever, and that’s saying something. She blindly, stupidly supports every war that comes along, every regime change that the US recklessly supports (Venezuela, for instance), and this stupid China provocation is more proof that Pelosi is a war monger and an arch rightwinger. Spare us your staggering naiveté about her. Oh, and you don’t need “expertise” to “opine” on international “relations” to figure out that Pelosi is a goddamn fool in this case. How could you not know about Taiwan and China and the US’ endless provocations?

      6. You left out Pelosi’s support of Russiagate which saved us from Putin, and her support of AOC’s New Green Deal which saved us from Environmental oblivion.

  3. Kindly name the names of the Democratic party legislators who are opposed to Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. And where do all those “progressives” stand on this issue.

    When it comes to historiclly supporting American aggression, there appears to be little difference between the two major parties.

  4. Career warmonger Bitten is, well, a career warmonger. He snd his psychopath neocon State Department crazy car came out of the gate in 2021 poisoning the well of diplomacy: especially with China. He provoked the Russian incursion in Ukraine: a work in progress for the last 8 years following The O’bomb-a-nation’s destruction of Ukraine’s sovereignty. Bitten has supported every illegal invasion and bombing from the late 20th century to the present. Do you think it was an accident that the second 2020 presidential election debate was cancelled? It was supposed to be the “foreign policy debate”. A nice chunk of Bitten voters have stated that they would not have voted for him if they knew Hunter Bitten’s laptop was the real deal. The electorate was lied to by the police state agencies and the corporate lamestream media they control. In the hopelessly irredeemably corrupt US system the fascholes who are deposited in the Offal Office are puppets, anyway. Observe how The Doofus continuously caved to the neocon psychopaths in his gang. Would it have made a diifference?

    1. The CIA has LEGALLY controlled the Official Narrative and State Media since “modernization” of Smith Mundt anti-domestic propaganda law under Obama (the last UniParty candidate I voted for, but only his first term).

      Media Coverage is night and day for idiot Trump and the corrupt Biden. Ukraine is his Prize: If anyone in State Media had thoroughly questioned his policies in DC over the last 50 years, he could not have been President or even the Democrat nominee. But the neocons/ CIA/ Wall Street (not exclusive categories) got their man!

  5. Arrogance? These people — these multimillionaires like Pelosi onward and backward — they are insance. Solomon comes from a different tradition, and if he was honest, he’d call them, all of them, beyond insane. Sick, demented, broken, retaliatory, murderous and villanous.

    Arrogant? This is it for 2022? Salon? Come on, Salon is a purveyor of many many lies.

    Then this concept of USA setting sparks? USA is the gasoline drenching, napalm drenching United Snakes of Terror.

    Does Solomon believe his mincing words and playing nice with his superficial editorial, that he accomplishes anything?

    New Atlas: A breath of air, in a polluted political and capitalist and warring world!

    Solomon [ Jedidiah a fabulously wealthy and wise monarch]. He might be wealthy, but not so wise!

  6. Let’s deal with reality.

    US de-facto considers Taiwan as a state separate from China so it de-facto considers Ukraine to be a NATO member.

    This is reality. Everything else is nothing but false labeling and Orwellian constructs and word plays like strategic ambiguity. There is nothing ambiguous about US containment of Chinese influences in Taiwan.

    If US has a right to build political economic and military relations with whoever they choose regardless where the country is located so Russia and China has the same right to do so. Any argument that denies such reality is simply false rejects idea of sovereignty and equality among nations on which UN Charter was founded and shows US imperial bias justifying American world domination .

    If this is the real justification of US foreign involvement in Ukraine and Taiwan it has its logical consequences US keeps rejecting. To mention few.

    US reciprocally should not oppose if China or Russia has friendly military relations with Venezuela, Nicaragua or Cuba, should not oppose Chinese and Russian weapon supplies to friendly nations, should not oppose join navy and Air Force exercises in Gulf of Mexico including strait between Cuba and Florida which are international waters. US also in the same vein should not oppose deployment of Russian or Chinese weapons to Caribbean nations including those weapons that can reach US shores.

    Do they? Or did they? Not at all. In fact US is continuously engaged in military backed regime change policies in those countries for many decades including US invasions, interventions, military coups, assassinations, funding terrorism and death squads navy and air blockades for one reason alone namely to prevent such political, economic military relationships with Russia and/or China from developing.

    Imagine top Chinese legislators airplane landing in Puerto Rico for a visit without US permission or awaits US will. It would have been prevented from landing and shot down. And that is what Chinese have right to do according to international law.

    In such context of US attitude of global hegemony Pelosi, a daughter of Italian mafia boss turned mayor of Baltimore, wife of a kidnapper and trafficker of young Vietnamese girls to slave in Guam’s sweat shops controlled by her billionaire husband, evil person who refused to include Guam in a bill raising federal minimum wage in US is simply a provocateur aimed at creating crisis that somehow would save Dems from obliteration at polls in November. She in her eighties is ready to physically obliterate America to avid her political obliteration.

    Right now Chinese Aircraft carrier left Hainan base and steams toward US aircraft carrier Ronal Reagan approaching Taiwan. All that while WH claims
    that Pelosi is not a representative of POTUS like it makes any difference. It is another of many provocations leading to seemingly inevitable US Chinese war as Scott Ritter pointed out three months ago while saying that US people’s will lose big catastrophically first time in history.

    If we want to live overthrowing warmongering, suicidal US imperial regime is no longer an option but immediate imperative.

  7. I’m betting Pelosi will not got.

    But, in order to spare her from the embarrassment of cancelling the trip, nothing will be publicly announced, thus allowing uncertainty to risk confrontation until she returns.


    1. And the non-disclosed, (anywhere I can find), expense of the whole trip is almost as abomdinable.

    2. We’ll see. Lavrov has stated that “nothing will happen” one way or another. I suspect he’s right. I hope he’s right.

  8. I think Pelosi going down in flames would be good for wall street, and whatever is good for wall street, is done with blessings by DC.

  9. Pelosi is an ass, and the visit is, as is most of what Pelosi does, theater. It is not “dangerous” because the Chinese are not given to unwise reactionary decision making in the face of missteps by the West. They are in fact of the opposite temperament; given to taking advantage of a teaching moment for the opportunity it offers to advance good relations, mitigate aforementioned missteps, or just demonstrate wise alternatives.

    The way to handle this would be to ignore Pelosi, not give her endless attention. Alas the broken media, including this character Solomon, are desperate to get an article out that rattles some minds and gets some attention even if they have to rehash the overtired unfounded “the end is near” theme (“get us all killed”).

    A worthless visit by a geriatric alky has been turned into front page news by msm hacks desperate to protect their jobs through inappropriate agitation. Attaboy Solomon, you successfully inflamed some people!


    P.S. It is dismaying how many poorly informed individuals who have jobs writing make hyperbolic/apocalyptic declarations re an impending nuclear war leading to the annihilation of life on the planet blah blah.
    The fact is; even in the completely undesirable event a nuclear weapon were used in a military action, there is no basis to then claim it would lead to a larger nuclear exchange, and even if that were to occur no basis to then claim improbably the end of life on the planet. These type writers simply don’t know much about weaponry.

    1. I think you’re right. Where is the Taiwanese leadership on this? I’m sure the Chinese have spoken to them. It would be funny if no one shows up to great the simpleton Pelosi. I can’t imagine that Chinese leaders will not lower the boom on Taiwan’s leadership. Sooner or later the Chinese will have to occupy Taiwan, in a manner similar to the Russians’ going into Ukraine to protect Crimea and stop the US from turning it into a NATO base. The US wants to turn Taiwan into a base too.

      1. The Chinese do not have to “occupy Taiwan sooner or later.” The Chinese will allow Taiwan to come to them naturally, just as they have for nearby cultures and peoples for a few thousand years under the general rules of Chinese military thinking, winning the war without fighting it. If you “cannot imagine” them not “lowering the boom,” I suggest you could if you broadened your exposure to history, including how Mao defeated both the Japanese & the Nationalists with endless patience. The Chinese play the long game.

        The only reason the US can project power into the South China Sea is the disparity between our outlandishly large Navy and the relatively less capable Chinese. It’s a bit like the Falklands, except the Argentines did not demonstrate patience, they acted rashly. In the case of Taiwan the Chinese will take the time to build an monumental Navy just like ours. They know that future US administrations will not necessarily be larded with Neocon/Neoliberal fools, and instead will be more interested in not upsetting the China/Taiwan cash cow so that it no longer gives milk. You can make America do anything by telegraphing to Wall St that there is more money in cooperation than in conflict. The Chinese will do that.

  10. “The arrogance of power …”


    But whose? The one who supports the right of a country to define itself politically, or the militant imperialist, who threatens military action without (military) provocation, who responds to diplomatic and political actions with invasions, bombardments, and destruction (or the threats to use them)?

    Like Russia, China is planing to become a pariah state that intends to use its military as a political tool rather than as a deterrent to its use.

    And like with Russia, left-ish, Neo Progressive pundits (like Solomon) and flock are in full (and fool’s) swing to support the aggressive war monger rather than its victim…

    1. Because Taiwan thinks the US actually cares about their attempts to be independent. However, as I asked above, are the Chinese not leaning (hard) on the Taiwanese President? Sooner or later the Chinese will be forced to make a move they would rather not make.

  11. Oh, darn, all those lobbies, all that money behind her, on top of her, inside her. Arms merchants and lords of war are Pelosi’$ brethren.

    A country run on the power and the whims and laws and legislation and externalities forced upon the masses is a country that could be better run by a new El Chapo or Pablo Escobar. WIth a little diversity training, work on trauma informed care, and dealing with microaggressions, those drug lords might be better legislators than a wimp of a thug (contradiction in terms, this is not, because these people are worthless, wimps, but thugs with power, lot$ of power) Pelosi. Or Trump and Company, LLC, or Biden and His Quota Team, or Obama and his Orielo Cookie Team or Bush Baby or Bush Senior or Clinton or Nixon . . .
    or . . . ..


    Getting politicians to bend policy to your company’s will is a fine art – requiring a combination of charm, dogged persistence, threats and bushels of cash. But corporate lobbyists know just which buttons to press in order to get politicians to stuff human rights, public health and the dear old environment – and put business interests first.

    Much as they shrink from the limelight, we feel they deserve a bit of exposure. So here’s why we think these 10 lobby groups have earned their place in the hall of shame.

    Koch, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, Tobacco, Bio-fuel, Mining, Food, Carbon Trading, Arms Industry, Israel First, Law, Pharma, Chemical, Ag, well, you get the picture. Pelosi is just another frayed perversion.

  12. It is absolutely at our best interest to defend Taiwan’s democracy should China invade, however, this is just not a good timing. Not only we are not prepared, but also we are misreading the world.

    Lots of what is going on right now are full of conflicting signals – the situation is far more complex than what we see. I am just guessing, and I hope this is wrong, that Speaker Pelosi is leveraging this Taiwan trip for her own political interest. It is every American’s understanding that politicians should put the country first, before them, but for many career politicians, what they do is for their own sake, and not for America’s sake.

    No one wants to see a war, especially when we are not fully ready to enter it, yet.

    1. “Defending democracy”? Are you kidding? The US has no right to interfere with what is legally and morally well established as a Chinese province. A recent example of what the US regards as “spreading democracy” is its coup in Ukraine which overthrew the democratically elected government and installed an illegitimate US puppet. That is what the US is trying to do in Taiwan. Anyone who has been paying attention for the last seven decades recognizes this pattern. Those who don’t, like you, just believe the Washington lies and follow the American Exceptionalism myth. Wake up. Turn off you tv and learn the facts.

    2. How is it in “our” interests to defend Taiwan’s democracy? It sure isn’t in mine. The US is utterly uninterested in ANY democracy, let alone Taiwan’s. I would have thought this would be crystal clear by now. The Chinese are absolutely NOT going to allow the US to establish a “democracy” (that is, a neoliberal US naval and air base) right off the shore of their mainland. Even as big an idiot as Joe Biden knows that. Pelosi? She has the political sophistication of an 8 year old, so likely doesn’t understand what she thinks she’s doing.

  13. Does anyone really believe that Pelosi’s visit is anything other than Biden’s idea? Biden is very very actively trying to start a new cold war first by provoking the Ukraine war and now trying hard to stir up China. Biden’s behavior with Russia was exceptionally provocative, but he tells us there was no provocation. We all know otherwise because it is so clear and ham handed.

    Ukraine is a proxy war, maybe starting a war with China with fall to Biden’s proxy, Pelosi. Then he can say he didn’t provoke Chine, Pelosi did it.

    And we thought Trump was a complete disaster. Of course he was. But I’m not sure we are in any better hands. And that is really hard for me to say.

  14. perhaps she will sacrifice herself on the pyre of US global aggression – let’s see which provocation they muster

  15. Norman, I’m sorry for not being in class yesterday, but I’ll try to make up for that by sharing what I wrote to, “these ‘Times’ they are a-changin” (but too slowly), and which I got NYT approved for posting a comment yesterday on Tommy Friedman’s column, re. ‘Ginning Up War Against Chinah’, as fat-assed, Mike Pompous, would say:

    While I’m certainly no Diplomat, I have worked for both Dr. Wang at Wang Laboratories, in the 1970’s and Dr. Kobayashi of NEC in Japan in the 1980’s.

    Both brilliant and liberal men of science, whose younger years had lives that crossed in the 1940’s — Dr. Wang in occupied China, and Dr. Kobayashi in the Japanese Empire.

    I trust that both of these men of science and truth hold strong convictions that Empire is, as Winston Churchill might have said the inverse of, “the worst kind of government, after you have tried all the others, is Empire”.

    I know, from my direct contact with Dr. An Wang, that he was always strongly committed to liberal democracy, and believe that Dr. Kobayashi, was likewise. Although, Professor Michael Porter [HBS], was closer to Dr. Kobayashi.

    On the other hand, I’m hopeful that Nancy Pelosi is not as much of a ‘war-starter’ as Victoria [eff the EU, Kagan, PNAC] Nuland has been, vis-à-vis the Russian Ukraine war.

    Xi Jinping has consistently committed at the two previous party Congresses upped his non-war making commitments from “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, then to “socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics” —- which would seem to suggest that Xi is not a loose gun.

    In fact, Biden might ‘call’ Xi’s hand, with an American commitment to “democratic socialism with American characteristics” — which could well be a ‘winning hand’ for all of we citizens of our small fragile world, against a deadly showdown at ‘NOT OK’ corral.

  16. Interesting, our kowtow to China is now so prostrate that we are afraid to send an American official to Taiwan.

    Can we blame Nixon for this mess?

    He and Kissinger were such supplicants that it was embarrassing. Nixon got 20 minutes with Mao and gave him the seat on the National Security Council.

    Yes, Nixon “opened China” so the it could become a colossal manufacturer that made American consumers bend to its will.

    Nixon could go to China but Pelosi can’t go to Taiwan. Now that’s progress.

  17. more evidence US liberals more fascist immoral than the conservatives; obvious to all Marxist-Leninists

  18. A fraught afterthought!
    Light at the end of the tunnel???

    If Biden had “put his presidential foot down” he’d probably have broken his other ankle, and then where would we be; with him already tripping all over his broken mind!

    Does the author truly feel that Biden would have put his presidential foot down, “and ruled out Pelosi’s Taiwan trip”, even if he wasn’t always the duplicitous double dealing lying American hawk he has always been?

    Perhaps, if he was actually the ‘head’, in full command of the government! Let’s not forget, America is a democracy and the “buck” is literally spread around as much as possible, among the echelons of power, with no one ever taking responsibility for their scamming and plundering.

    So, let’s not, once again, vote for the “least-worst” candidate when the next general election comes around in 2024; if America, as it has actually operated in reality, in the past has, somehow, faded into history as only a bad dream.
    What kind of an observation is that, you ask? Ever since, at least after the 1980 presidential election, we have seen that it really makes no difference which party’s candidate one prefers; for that’s the year the ship of state, well and truly, began to list to starboard – to the ultra-right wing of the duopoly party; when Ronald Reagan took over the helm of USS Corporate State.

    The U.S. may certainly have had a longstanding “one China” policy’ however, it amounts to virtually the same thing, in reverse, as the U.S. having had a long-standing commitment to a two-state solution in Palestine/Israel. The duration of the committed policy there has endured for 75 years now.
    What’s the likelihood the Palestinians will ever live free in their own sovereign national state?

    Answer: Identical to the likelihood that the U.S. will ever upturn Chinese rule over all of its sovereign national territory, by way of a highly controversial ‘visit’ by the 3rd in line to the aristocratic, oligarchical American throne of democracy!

    How does this form of rule, in fact differ from any other type of autocracy, wherein the powerful reign supreme?

    “It’s too late baby now, it’s too late”! Laughing at our youthful selves is all that remains, other than “crying over spilt milk” and staying politically, socially, and economically “wet behind the ears” – gullible to a fault.

    “Will I ever awaken from the afterburn of the perpetual wars forced daily down my throat”?
    Every day, lived in vain attempts at staving off the fear of this constant traumatization, while holding back the tears.

  19. Chinese response already significant—USA is now a failed state—mocked by both Russia and China

    1. Really? China spent a lot of money to blast a lot of ammunition because an 82 year old women visited a relatively small island off their shore.

      Xi looks like a wimp to me .

  20. The world has witnessed America’s questionable democracy and TAIWAN would be nuts to want the same.
    Bush and Trump got in the WH with minority of votes.
    Our unbalanced Electoral College rigs the power to GOP and likely to govern forever until there are huge resentment.
    Our Supreme Court is not representative of most Americans. The conservative right wing are yearning to return to the Confederate era as much as radical Islam yearns for a 16th century caliphate.
    Nato and G7 needs American imperialism to economically suppress the rest of the world.
    And the rest of the world does not need ‘ my election was Stolen’, or ‘ it was rigged like never before’, or ‘ it was not a riot, it was peaceful hugs and kisses’. A
    Shameful democracy based on lies and lies and lies.

    1. Anybody who believes any of the propaganda that the US media puts out deserves the enslavement they have earned with their collective passivity and ignorance.

      1. Mr. Ignatin, that’s quite a broad condemnation of people who you feel deserve enslavement.

        And their crime, by you, is ignorance and passivity.

        I can think of a couple of other groups who were thought to be justifiably enslaved or, indeed, exterminated because they were passive and ignorant.

        The end must be nigh.

  21. Anybody who believes any of the propaganda that the US media puts out deserves the enslavement they have earned with their collective passivity and ignorance.

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