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The White House Will Approve New $1 Billion Weapons Transfer to Ukraine

The package likely includes long-range rockets and air defense ammunition., CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

By Kyle Anzalone /

Reuters reports unnamed officials in the Biden administration say a new $1 billion weapons package is waiting for the president’s signature. The next arms transfer will be the 18th since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

President Joe Biden will use the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) to fund the security assistance package. In May, Congress placed billions into the PDA, allowing the White House to send Kiev increasingly sophisticated weapons with little oversight. According to the Department of Defense, the new package will bring the total military aid for Kiev to nearly $10 billion.

While the details of the new aid package have yet to be finalized, it is expected to include more long-range rockets and air defense ammunition. The US has shipped 16 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) to Ukraine. A Ukrainian official recently said the US was consulted about an attack on Russian forces using the long-range rocket system.

Moscow claims that Washington’s assistance for Kiev now amounts to direct war between the two countries. Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, said, “Washington is directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has repeatedly warned the transfer of HIMARS to Ukraine will cause Moscow to take more territory.

The White House has not commented on the package. The anonymous officials speaking with Reuters said National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS) and as many as 50 M113 armored medical transports will likely be included as well.

Kyle Anzalone
Kyle Anzalone

Kyle Anzalone is the opinion editor of, news editor of the Libertarian Institute, and co-host of Conflicts of Interest.


  1. What good is a trillion dollars in weapons, if everybody who is meant to use them are dead. The US and NATO are running out of Ukrainian Soldiers to die for them. They die in large groups and small. They die in their beds and in their foxholes. They die of shrapnel, bullets and fire. Rivers of their blood flow to feed the MIC and the death machine that is the US government. Yet those rivers of blood are not enough to satiate the beast. The beast wants more….

    1. amazing…Wall Street and their political allies still fighting Russian socialism since 1919. and with taxpayer dollars too. why? weapons making has always been good business, especially in the US since the Uncivil War.

      1. @eddie krall
        I think they forgot to update you that Russia is a very capitalist society now, with no trace of socialism.
        The MIC is also very alive and kicking there, as Russia is the second largest arms exporter in the world

  2. Important to note: Bernie Sanders and the faux progressive “Squad”all voted for this. They are nothing more than a venus fly-trap for contributions from people who think they are any different from Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or any other chan-jerked submissives of the Pentagon and war/death industry.

    Without direct military intervention from the West, Russia will eventually crush the Ukranian Comedian, who’s already visibly cracking up — annex the south — landlocking the country — which will be left in ruins. Just think of that area as the Russian Golan. Poland is already mulling sending “peacekeepers” to the rump state’s western areas, which its nationalists considered Polish territory ripped from its bosom.

    Once part of Russia, the south will be under the Russian nuclear “umbrella, and will be happy to allow Poland to pick off its non-NATO “protectorate.” The Poles remember Bandera, even if American twits have no idea who he was.

    Anyone stupid enough to think I’m a Trump supporter needs to check their micro-brain in the lobby and play rectal/oral “switchies “with their thumb.

    The Democratic party and its fake “progressive” wing have given the anti-war message over to the right and loons like Rand Paul, and Scholz has done likewise for the AfD in Germany.

  3. No surprise here! Diplomacy, negotiation, good faith, honest discussions, truth, mutual respect words never heard in Washington diplomatic circles. Instead hatred, war, weapons all in favour of the military industrial complex: Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, General Electric, Honeywell etc. This of course all in the name of freedom, democracy, and American exceptionalism. To bad Ukrainians refuse to wake up to the fact that they are being used as cannon fodder to bleed Russia white and have been sold a bill of goods that they will pay dearly for, all this could have been avoided through an honest recognition of NATO’s overreach and western greed and foolishness. Now we will all pay the price as the world descends further into climate chaos witness forest fires now raging in rainy, cool Newfoundland of all places. My bet though is the climate crisis will be beaten by militarism’s victory as the “great” war leaders of our time plot their great victories! Yes we people of the west worship Mars the god of war! Pity us!

    1. @Jeremiah
      “Diplomacy, negotiation, good faith, honest discussions, truth, mutual respect words never heard in Washington diplomatic circles”
      When have been heard in Moscow???

      1. altey= the resident fascist
        all transport, energy nationalized inexpensive–internet USD 8 monthly hi speed, universal health free, state paid parental /maternity leave, free university education, virtually no homeless …89% own habitat no mortgage, 50% have dacha, income tax 13% except for the rich, .001 property tax except for rental property…you know zero

  4. Saying you are appalled at the continued largesse for Ukraine – and with no oversight – while crumbs are afforded to our own people after a grinding Manchinized and Sinema-ized controlled so-called legislative process is but tinkling into the wind. No wonder China’s rise. An interviewer recently asked a Chinese official what the government’s vision for China was. Strengthen the economic conditions of the people was one aspect of the reply. Hahaha!. Can you in your wildest dreams imagine anyone in Biden’s administration even thinking that as a major part of the government’s vision for our people of the USA? This must change.

    1. The only way this will change is when we stand up and force it to change. That’s the only way positive change has ever happened throughout history: when the little people stood up and demanded it.
      Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary (it’s not what you think) and read From Dictatorship to Democracy, the book by the late Dr Gene Sharp.

      1. I agree, Susan M. Having been over several decades a dissident, activist/advocate, organizer, leader, and often deeply involved with both electoral and policy politics, and given the urgency of converging existential threats to humanity and the Earth’s present biota generally, it’s my studied conclusion that any real chance we are to have for a livable and humane future won’t come from the capital-corrupted political systems. Rather, our hopes rest on our collective willingness to move out of comfort zones, organize strategically and use our only remnant collective powers. The latter are primarily economic in scope; i.e. our ability to strategically use our influence over, and ability to perturb, the economy and thereby the economic interests of the ruling elites who control both sides of the American duopoly.

        From personal experience I have no illusions about our chances of success there. The obstacles to such organization and collaboration are immense, and the ruling elites – even the ‘good cop’ side that is the Democratic Party – will react harshly to any and all challenges to their power and structures. But I’ve concluded that it is the only reasonable path remaining for preventing the most catastrophic ends of our civilization.

    2. Let’s not get upset about a few billion here or there for more weapons. At least we’re not going to subsidize people who need insulin and can’t afford it.

  5. Machiavelli perceived that corrupt people require incompetent leaders. that USA has been at war 95% since 1787 is no accident. Hegel or Durkheim are not needed to know the state always reflects the values/desires of the population; Gorer or William Appleman Williams is not needed to know that only Americans believe differently.
    the misadventure in ukraine signals the acceleration in the decline of US influence and social fragmentation —ultimately the failure of americans to address the most essential domestic needs

  6. Imagine what $10 billion could do in the US if it was spent here at home…
    Congress could do it. There is only one reason why they don’t: lack of political will.

  7. Only a third of these weapons sent by the West Ukraine reaches the front lines to be used by inexperienced Ukrainian soldiers. The other two third are siphoned off by the corrupt Ukrainian officials in the black market for cash.

    1. Zelensky and friends accumulating riches to purchase mansions in Beverly Hills and Monaco..Russian troops liberating more territory each week as thousands of ukrop soldier casualties registered each week

  8. Ten billion dollars in military aid to Ukraine is a small price to pay for a proxy war with Putin. It’s not like Americans will be suffering and dying. And the returns to the defense industry will support jobs and the economy.

      1. Why surprising? Just because the national debt is $30 trillion and unfunded liabilities are $170 trillion? Americans love spending other peoples’ money. That’s what elections are about.
        Americans love making war on the world. That’s why the defense budget is over $780 billion. We love to poke the Russian bear and the Chinese tiger. And we love to shoot each other. It gives some excitement to our jaded middleclass lives.

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