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Biden Officials Reportedly Assure Israel That Revived Iran Nuclear Deal Not ‘Imminent’

Iran has accused the U.S. of "procrastinating" on its proposed return to the nuclear accord that former President Donald Trump violated.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, left, shakes hands with Israel’s caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid. [U.S. Embassy Jerusalem / CC BY 2.0]

By Jake Johnson | Common Dreams

Biden administration officials have reportedly been attempting to assure their Israeli counterparts that a U.S. return to the Iran nuclear accord is not “imminent,” despite apparent signs of progress toward a final agreement in recent days.

Axios‘ Barak Ravid reported over the weekend the Biden administration has told Israel that it “hasn’t agreed to new concessions with Iran” and that the U.S., European nations, and Iran are not on the verge of a deal, even after Tehran engaged with and offered its response to what E.U. leaders characterized as a “final” offer.

The U.S. has yet to formally respond to the E.U. text or Iran’s written reply.

The nuclear talks, which have proceeded haltingly for months, are aimed at bringing the U.S. back into compliance with an accord that former President Donald Trump violated in 2018, escalating tensions with Iran and risking all-out war.

“A deal might be closer than it was two weeks ago but the outcome remains uncertain as some gaps remain. In any case, it doesn’t seem to be imminent,” an unnamed U.S. official told Axios, offering a description of the message that Biden administration officials have conveyed to Israel.

While some Israeli officials have expressed support for a revived deal in during internal discussions, the Israeli government has publicly opposed any return to the Iran nuclear accord and threatened to attack Iran in a purported attempt to stop the country from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Iran insists it is not trying to build a nuke.

In the U.S. Congress, Republicans and some war-hawk Democrats have voiced opposition to reviving the nuclear accord, a potentially significant obstacle in the way of cementing any eventual deal.

A final accord would involve the U.S. lifting at least some of the sanctions that have hindered Iran’s coronavirus response and badly damaged its economy. In exchange, major constraints would be placed on Iran’s nuclear activity.

On Monday, Iran accused the U.S. of stalling progress toward an agreement, with a spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry saying that “the Americans are procrastinating and there is inaction from the European sides.”

Biden spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday, a conversation that touched on “joint efforts to deter and constrain Iran’s destabilizing regional activities,” according to a White House readout of the call.

Middle East analyst Sina Toossi wrote on Twitter Sunday that he hopes the European leaders “pressed Biden to revive the Iran deal.”

“The E3 leaders talking directly to Biden on Iran—which is a rare act—seems to indicate that Washington’s initial response to the Iranian proposal last week is not positive,” Toossi added. “Europe stands to play a decisive role in convincing Biden to not lose this opportunity for a deal.”


  1. sooooo…just want to make sure I have this right: trump’s ‘a threat to our democracy’ but biden continuing trump’s policies (and censoring anyone holding dissenting views) is ‘saving our democracy?’

    1. This is a stalling.tactic to.give their.ducks in a row in attack Iran and wipe.out the biggest threat to Israel’s Genocide.

  2. Is Biden president of the United States or Vice President of Israel?

    He can’t seem to recognize that we may not always share the same interests.

    1. Israel is a defacto state of USA.
      Both are making nice with kingdom of SA for oil but Xi is visiting with MbS this month. What are they conniving??
      Xi does not waste time traveling unless it is of utmost importance, so, a discussion about buying oil with yuan or Euros instead of US$??? A stake in ownership of Armco?
      Increase Saudi oil to China to reduce available barrels to the West which drives up prices and inflation.?

      Iran oil is brought not using US$, any surprises here.
      Maybe a talk of naval base in Oman?
      Europe, especially Germany and France can not endure a lengthy war that causes energy costs to be prohibitive.
      UK expects to pay 5,000£ a year for heating, about 5x more than us.
      If kingdom of SA joins BRICS, we certainly will be pissed.

  3. When will the media ever tell the truth about Zionist Israel and call it what it is a Military Regime that is drunk on power and influence in the USA. That will stop at nothing, all the while having nukes themselves and a doomsday plan called the Samson Option! If they ever lose a war the rest of the world will be brought down with them in a last action of revenge for the Holocaust! Their strategy of “going crazy” was even used by Grandmotherly Golda! I think it was Robert Fisk who noticed how arrogantly Israeli politicians talked to the Americans as if they were afraid of them. Ironically the Ayahtola took the Iranian nuke program apart and called it the devils work. The USA , Israel and France were supplying the Shah with the technology. Biden has gone along with all of Trump’s insanity be it nukes or the capital in Jerusalem. Yesterdays man Joe just keeps on giving! Even if the Israel lobby billionaires give most of their money to Trump loving Republicans!

    1. Do some Americans really think this way? Strange. Did you know that Israel, the sole Jewish nation, is roughly the size of little New Jersey, some 1% of the Mideast region, with the remaining 99% consisting of the various Arab countries? Not exactly a military aggressor state mega-power. Do you know what Zionism is? It had long been about the restoration of the historic Jewish nation of Palestine — conquered, the people slaughtered or driven in exile, etc. The Jewish nation was finally restored via the UN in 1948, and renamed Israel. Today, Zionism is about the right of the Jewish nation to survive.

      1. drivel—-Israel routinely violates international law, attacks Syria, occupies Golan, attacks Lebanon, Gaza, attempts to provoke Iran, Egypt, Russia, Lebanon

    2. This a disgrace to.humanity. While.Biden and his fascist followers dither.over Oil,Guns,Abortion,Race the world is crumbling.due to.Militarism and Climate Change.We only.havev a this planet.I am not.betting on a positive outcome.

    1. How should the rest of the M.E respond because Israel has at last count between 160 to 200 nukes in a state the size of N.J. With the most powerful army too. The Arab countries were weak and poor after WW2 and Israel had been building up their army and had strategic plans for a greater Israel for Jews only which included parts of Egypt and Jordan. They have even killed fellow Jews that hinted at an early peace long before 48! Rabin fell to the same Zionist fascists that are in power today even though his military career included war crimes and land theft! Einstein’s letter to the N.Y. Times in 48 warned of Menachim Begins fascism and his “Freedom Party” todays Likud. The Zionist myth of a weak Israel has paid dividends for years! Pre-emptive sucker punches are the norm “Rise early and kill first” has been an IDF moto for years! Shin Bet and Mossad are the Assassination award winners of the world and should be called “Murder Inc”. To quote Ze’ev Jabotinsky a Zionist philosopher ” we are colonizers, do not bring God into the argument” we want the Arabs land, why should they accept it” but my most powerful weapon is “Indifference” it cannot be conquered! The most important point of Zionism is they had no plan of co-existence. How else could it be a Zionist Jewish only nation? Mr. Fabian your willful ignorance is astounding.

  4. obviously the American liberal is a liar, immoral and fascist–otherwise by 1 feb 2020 the Biden criminal would accepted the original terms

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