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US To Send Ukraine $3 Billion in New Military Aid as Part of Long-Term Support

The new weapons package is expected to be announced on Wednesday.
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By Dave DeCamp / Antiwar.com

The US is expected to announce a new $3 billion weapons package for Ukraine on Wednesday as Washington is shifting to a longer-term campaign to support Kyiv in its war against Russia, US officials told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The new military aid will be the single largest weapons package that the US will be providing Ukraine since Russia invaded on February 24, and it will bring the total of direct military aid for Kyiv since the war started to about $13.6 billion. The $3 billion is being pulled from the $40 billion Ukraine aid bill that President Biden signed into law in May.

The $3 billion weapons package will be given to Ukraine under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), which enables the US government to buy weapons from arms makers and send them to Ukraine. The US officials told AP that the money will fund contracts for drones and other weapons that may not see the battlefront for a year or two.

The majority of the US military aid for Kyiv has been authorized by the Presidential Drawdown Authority, which allows President Biden to send weapons to Ukraine directly from US military stockpiles, enabling the US to ship the arms to Ukraine almost immediately. Since the USAI involves purchases and contracts, the process of getting the arms to Ukraine takes longer than the Drawdown Authority.

Unlike previous arms packages, the new $3 billion one will focus on Ukraine’s medium to long-term needs as opposed to their immediate needs on the battlefield. As the US and NATO have made clear that they want to support Ukraine in its war against Russia for years to come, there are no signs that the conflict will end anytime soon.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday that the Western military alliance “must sustain our support for Ukraine for the long term, so that Ukraine prevails as a sovereign, independent nation.”

The announcement of the new weapons package on Wednesday will coincide with the day Ukraine celebrates its independence and also marks six months since Russia launched its invasion.

Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of Antiwar.com, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.


  1. American self hatred, racism —-and stupidity. how did that 4 trillion $ deter Taliban victory?

    1. I recently came home from 2 days in the hospital following surgery. I promptly came down with Covid. I called my provider to see if I could get some tests at their pharmacy to track my progress. I was told it was on a ‘first-come’ basis, as the tests were in short supply (2 1/2 yrs+ into this pandemic!). But somehow, there is no hesitation to find billions to prolong a savage, unnecessary war, even amongst the ‘progressives’ in Congress. This country is sleepwalking into the abyss.

  2. The US investment in military aid for Ukraine will mean more job security for defense contractors if not regime change in Russia.
    The downside of Regime change in Russia could mean less job security for the defense industry should all countries become client states of the United States.

      1. Are you 100% sure that the threat of regime change will not trigger a nuclear Armageddon that will eliminate intelligent life on earth?
        Survivors of a nuclear war could be limited to cockroaches, Democrats, and Republicans. The possible upside could be a nuclear winter that could check climate warming.

  3. Hmm, lets see $3 billion more to kill Russians in Ukraine at the same time we are cutting Monkeypox vaccinations to 1/5 of the dose ’cause we don’t have enough of it ….

    Clearly shows where the priorities of our “representatives” are – more important to kill Russians than to protect folks at home

    Please, remember that at the polls ….

  4. This article starts with a false premise: that the money is going to Ukraine. They’re not going to see a dime of it – will ALL go to the soulless corporation that will provide those weapons & other material. Ukraine will be on the hook to repay our government, something they’re unlikely to ever be able to do. The whole point of this is to transfer $ from the American middle-class to the soulless corporation, using taxes as the intermediary.

  5. We know that Biden’s 2023 “defense” bill comes in at a shocking $775-$800 billion. Figures concerning just how much of this goes toward Zelensky’s war have been “all over the board.” I assume that, because of the significant uncertainties of this war, the government intends to keep this spending “flexible.”

  6. forester wrong—-US geopolitics; stave off immediate decline, 4th world status—partly correct that US political economics is a corrupt kleptocracy inefficient but. effective for billionaires, weapons related jobs etc

  7. If Americans received a bill in the mail to cover this warmongering imperialis “cash down the toilet” they’d end it in a month.

  8. Yore rite of course. But there is near unanimous support for Ukraine and against Russia /China— exactly the same as all the wars. Except for the last years of Vietnam Civil War when white Middle class colleges kids returned home in thousands of body bags.
    I too am complicit by doing nothing, if only there were spontaneous demonstrations and anti war movement like in 1971,…. A one man riot achieves nothing.
    Usually nothing changes unless there are massive suffering by a lot of ordinary peoples.
    However, the trend is more and more of the same.
    MSM and M I complex is too powerful and progressing faster than covid virus.
    Maybe a small ray of hope in that Australia and Murdoch Media Empire are In a court battle over ‘ unindicted co-conspirator’ for Fox News ‘ promotions of Capitol Hill insurrection.

  9. If we are serious about aiding Ukraine, we must also give UK and all of Europe many, many billions to pay for their gas that they bought very from Russia.
    Energy executives are warning of civil unrest as UK energy bill will put 1 of 3 into poverty, remember Poll Tax riots, 1990???
    UK protesting unaffordable energy will spread uncontrollably through out Europe like covid and monkey pox.
    Printing money out of thin air for war always causes plenty of other problems – high inflation, – crashing stock markets, – lower employment, – higher consumer prices, – more debt that will never be paid.
    Tom Scott organizes a ‘Stop Paying’ movement in the UK.
    So, of course we must subsidize the whole world from high energy cost to defeat Russia because why should India, China, others benefit??? They would get ahead of us, economically.
    Don’t think of it as costly trillion$$, but a priceless weapon.

    See…… https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Energy-Executives-Warn-The-UK-Could-Face-Civil-Unrest-As-Power-Bills-Rise.html.

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