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Congressional Negotiators Agree on $12 Billion in New Ukraine Aid

The funds will be included in a government funding bill.
72nd “Black Zaporozhians” Mechanized Brigade’s mobile aerial reconnaissance group showing their DJI Matrice 300 improvised ‘bomber’ with a mortar mine and a technical. Mil.gov.ua, CC BY 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

By Dave DeCamp / Antiwar.com

Congressional negotiators agreed to include nearly $12 billion in new spending on the war in Ukraine in a stopgap spending bill that will likely be voted on this week, Reuters reported on Monday.

Sources told Reuters that the $12 billion will include $4.5 billion in funding for arms being sent to Ukraine and $2.7 billion for other military and intelligence support for Ukraine. The funding also includes $4.5 billion in direct budgetary aid for the Ukrainian government.

A source told The Associated Press that the stopgap bill is meant to fund the federal government through mid-December and could be brought to the Senate for a vote as soon as Tuesday evening.

The funds for Ukraine largely fall in line with a request made by President Biden. The White House asked Congress to authorize $11.7 billion in spending for Ukraine and for $2 billion for energy spending to offset the cost of the sanctions campaign against Moscow.

If the measure is passed, it will bring the total US expenditures for the war in Ukraine to about $65.6 billion. Including the $2 billion in energy spending to offset sanctions brings the total to $67.6 billion. To put the figure in perspective, Russia’s entire annual military budget for 2021 was $65.9 billion.

The Ukraine aid is not meant to last very long. When requesting the funds, the White House said it was needed for the first three months of the 2023 fiscal year, which starts on October 1 for the federal government. Ukraine is preparing to launch more counteroffensive next year and has asked the US to provide more advanced weaponry.

US support for this proxy war on Russia’s border is entering extremely dangerous territory as Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Moscow could defend its “territorial integrity” with nuclear weapons. Russian territory is set to expand into Ukraine as referendums are being held in Russian-controlled areas.

Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of Antiwar.com, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.


  1. America’s arrogance, stupidity, and utter disregard for life is nothing short of dumbfounding! Biden a supposed Catholic Christian. No wonder Christianity has so little credibility in the world today.

    1. Remember the Crusades. They’ve always been this way, those oh so loving Catholics.

  2. How lucky for the peaceful and well- paid, well housed, well educated and healthy majority of the HUGE democracy which is the USA, the bastion of freedom, so that there is spare cash to send to a corrupt, indebted, militarised (massive call-ups of all ages) entity claiming to be in need of help against its next-door neighbour which the USA just happens to hate.

  3. All of this because the US wants Ukraine and Georgia to become NATO members, while their aim is being shielded by lying to its citizens. And we call our government a democracy?

  4. The headline I am looking for goes something like:

    US sabotages Nord Stream pipelines, destroys European Economy. World on the Brink of WW3.

    But I guess that would be too much to ask for in the Empire of Lies.

  5. No words for this lunacy……..meanwhile our
    City schools are in terrible shape, the environment continues to suffer……food shortages are evident through out the world……..but the arms dealers are making lots of money………

  6. Not a penny for peace.

    Where have all the flowers gone?

    A major difference between the baby boom generation and the millennial’s is that WE didn’t believe anything from the Government (the “Man”), millennial’s pretty much buy into every narrative promoted by Government. Hence, there are no more flowers and we’re doomed.

  7. I’ve given up on humanity. Far too many are outright sociopaths and/or simply willing to go along with the world’s biggest terrorist organization, namely the USA. The same goes for other countries as well, but none of them rise to the outright evil the USA is. And no I am not supporting Russia by saying that. I will go to my grave never understanding how humanity allows such murderous rage in this day and age. Voting for either political party in the USA is voting for your own demise. From my perspective humanity was doomed the day the concept of abstract wealth and the ability to hoard it was created. War mongering is the most profitable business and a few a$$hole$ have managed to convince their damn idiot citizens to cheer it all on. Endless money for war and destruction and nothing for those who truly need some help and to make the world a better place. Man-made climate catastrophe will render us extinct in due time which will be far sooner than not. The world’s flora and fauna deserve no less, assuming any of them survive our oh so clever though not so intelligent species. We will not be missed. Stupidity is our legacy.

  8. Ritter calls this aid a “game changer”. It is! But no for Russia. Rather, for Europe and especially Germany, and ultimately the US which needs resources if it is to compete with China and BRICs countries and prevent its own demise as a society. It is a kind of suicide. Leave guns all over the house and someone will get killed. Goodbye family! This money is, in this sense, a gift to the East which is winning against the West, keeping mind that the world is round and there is no “west” or “east” really, just points of reference.

  9. Meanwhile, the Amerikan city of Jackson Mississippi has been nearly without water for 2 months. Estimates to fix the cities water infrastructure are around $1.5 billion.

    Unfortunately Jackson is largely populated by people of color. Ukraine, not so colorful.


  10. It’s mind boggling how we let this so called representatives of ours so shamelessly give this vast amount of money to Ukrainia which was determined – before conflicts start- by EU to be the most corrupt country in Europe continent! This crooks in congress even did not allow an oversight and inspection into how the funds are spent!! How can I tell them that I don’t want an even damn penny of my taxes sent there? They are more than welcome to spend their own ill earned money, but not mine.
    If you have extra Why not divide that funds between Americans here to help with extra expenses?
    Why not renew said Jackson’s total water system?
    Why Puerto Rico still suffers after last hurricane almost 2 years ago? Why not give to recently hit Floridians?
    Have you recently looked at the infrastructure of your own city? Bridges, roads, roadsides, hospitals. It’s like third world country.

    I’m sure even Ukrainian are astounded and laughing at our stupidity. Why shouldn’t they? They sure would not have given a damn if we asked them one day for help.

    1. Well, if you want an answer, it’s because money ‘spent’ on Ukraine is spent on weapons that enrich owners of our ‘defense’ industry (the already wealthy). It’s kinda like a shell game.

      However, I totally agree that we should be helping our neighbors in Florida and Puerto Rico, instead. WTF!?

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