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Fossil Fuels Subsidized at Rate of $11 Million per Minute

A study by none other than the IMF found that the planet collectively spends $11 million per minute on subsidies for fossil fuels, all while the world barrels towards an impending climate catastrophe.
This Oil rig in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol. Babymestizo, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

By Lee Camp / MintPress News

Eleven million dollars per minute! That’s how much all the countries in the world spend to subsidize fossil fuels. That’s what we pay.

We know we’re in a climate crisis now. Hopefully, you know that and if you don’t, then stop licking the bottom of the public pool. That’s not good for you.

Even Bloomberg News admits that “…in three decades, more than 100 million Americans will live in an ‘extreme heat belt’ where at least one day a year, the heat index temperature will exceed 125° Fahrenheit (52° Celsius)…”

And of course, many more days will be a completely unbearable 100° Fahrenheit. It’s like how being punched in the face is awful unless you’ve just been pounded in the balls. Getting hit in the face is downright neighborly after a testicle tackle.

And in case you think 2050 is a long way off, we live closer to the year 2050 than we do to 1990. I don’t know why, but that makes me feel old. That and the fact that the first “Home Alone” came out closer to the Vietnam War than to today. Macaulay Culkin needs to answer for that.

So hopefully, by now, you understand how dire things are.

By the way, my favorite idiot climate deniers are those who say it’s clearly not happening because Leonardo DiCaprio flies in a private jet sometimes. Who cares about Leo? All the plants are dying. Leo doesn’t matter! That’s like if you were in the middle of a blizzard, dying of hypothermia, and refusing to build a fire to survive because you saw Tom Hanks without a jacket on.“

The point being, we need to stop fossil fuel use and large-scale animal agriculture immediately, as those are the two biggest drivers of climate catastrophe. But instead, we’re going in the opposite direction.

Project Censored’s new book comes out soon, and in it, they list the 25 most censored stories of the past year. One of them this year is that the “Fossil Fuel Industry is Subsidized at a Rate of $11 Million per Minute.”

This is a quote from the book:

A comprehensive study of 191 nations, published by the International Monetary Fund in September 2021, found that globally the fossil fuel industry receives subsidies of $11 million per minute, … fossil fuel companies received $5.9 trillion in subsidies in 2020, with support projected to rise to $6.4 trillion by 2025, according to the IMF report.”

So we’re helping pay for our own planetary death to the tune of $11 Million a minute. Isn’t it strange that if you met a guy who was funding your death – like you personally – you’d hate that guy? You’d be like, “Hey asshole, stop paying to have me killed.”

But if it’s a company that is killing the future for all of us, we’re like, “Yeah, who? Exxon? Let’s give them money. I like them. They have my favorite kind of beef jerky in the little store. So it’s fine that they’re killing us all. I’m cool with it.”

Lee Camp
Lee Camp

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  1. T. Thomas Moray in the 1920’s developed a achine, a box filled with electron vacuum tubes, a crystal and an 80 foot antenna which generated 5000 megawatts continuous, so what happened to this great device. We are told the Russians stole it and destroyed his lab. A pure lie. It was taken by oil industrialists and shelved until the day (Now) when they could charge us for the free energy it generates. This is how sick and psychotic these people are. The people must rise up and demand and take back what is rightfully theirs. Free Energy for all.

  2. With all of the abundance on the planet we could make a paradise of equality for all very easily if the people united. That is all that is required, unite as to all basic necessities of life for every person on the planet and you have a better planet.



    Figure 3 are more specific:[17] and includes historic ‘Stages of Glaciation’ over the past one million years. This shows that “Now” is completing a warm period illustrated by the lowest LHS grey line, and is about to enter a new stage of cold, and is consistent with the low eccentricity and cold patterns of 350 and 750 thousand years ago.
    This sequence is well described at YouTube video[18]
    It is reasonable to conclude that sea temperatures are controlled by core activity, and land temperatures which are dropping in many regions, are mostly affected by solar activity. The interaction of these two drivers ensures that no two “ice age” events will be identical.
    The impact of a new ice age could become critical as soon as 2025.
    8) Ice Age Consequences.[19]
    What would happen if there was an ice age today?
    — if another one came it would have pretty big consequences for human civilisation. Besides the fact it would be an awful lot colder, huge regions where hundreds of millions of people live would become completely uninhabitable. They’d be covered in
    thick ice sheets and subject to an inhospitable climate.
    “Assuming it was similar to the last one, then north America would be covered in ice, the whole of northern Europe, the whole of northern Asia would be covered in ice,” Dr Phipps said.
    There would be a lot less agricultural land available, so it would be very difficult to support the human population, Dr Phipps warned.
    And the physical shape of the continents would look completely different across the whole planet.
    A huge drop in sea level of up to 120 metres would close down marine channels – the Mediterranean Sea, Torres Strait, Bass Strait and Bering Strait – and create new areas of land that could be used for habitation or agriculture.
    Ocean ports would no longer be on the ocean, and anyone wanting water views would need to relocate large distances.
    These consequences would be truly horrendous for life on Earth as we know it today. The very least we can do is to develop an emergency plan to mitigate some of the worst side effects of an Ice Age event.

    1. Absolutely excellent sarcasm, Thomas W. Adams.
      What’s your genius plan to keep being hot?
      Are you gonna set off some nuclear bombs and dance in the blast wave?
      You and Biden are two of a kind, like Larry and Balki.
      Wild and crazy guys!

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