Chris Hedges Jimmy Dore Video

Our Democracy Was Stolen A Long Time Ago w/ Chris Hedges and Jimmy Dore

"American democracy has been steadily eroding since the Reagan administration, Hedges says, and if you think Donald Trump’s arrival on the political scene is what killed democracy you have not been paying attention."

By Jimmy Dore


  1. My two favorite people. Thank you. The comments about the rail industry are interesting. The rail unions have been bought off and do the bidding of the rail industry and the corporate state. They need to strike and not come back until the Railroad Labor Act is abolished.

  2. OK, Chris, massive strikes and then what …. Oh, we’ll figure that out later …

    1. Actually it’s been figured out. I’d refer you to the area your local library labeled, “History.”

  3. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense in Canada in his later years as part of the UFO disclosure movement. He wrote many books in the last 10 years. One, “The Money Mafia” addressed the issue of an International Cabal existing since WW2 and controlling all governments by controlling the money. It is a very good read, very informative and compelling. He approached the Prime Minister of Canada shortly before his death but got nowhere of course because Trudeau is in the pockets of the Cabal, will not answer to the people, and cares not about the general welfare of Humanity. All countries going forward must put Humanity’s interest first and foremost and forget about Nationalism etc. The times that come will test humanity like no other period in our history, and we must Unify if we are going to survive it. We must stay positive, expose all evil and all darkness, and promote the human condition worldwide.

    1. I’d advise you, if not being laughed at is important, that you not use “UFO disclosure movement” as a credential for a person. Just say’n.

      1. That’s more a reflection of ignorant discomfort than familiarity with the issue though. Of course effective communication is important and one has to decide how much to coddle your audience but the UFO issue itself is one of concern to many “important” and “credible” people, from astronauts and generals to scientists and politicians.

  4. the profoundly immoral moron hedges—-cares nothing about freedom or justice; typical liberal fascist. democracy is a a scam —only stupid peasants want a democracy

    1. And you’re a smart-


      Wallstreet banker, pulling down multimillion $ salary + bonuses?

      Sheet metal worker who listens to Clear Channel Radio all day at work and shops at Walmart for his 8 children?

      Trust fund baby, never worked a day in your life?

      Bot run by some nameless sailor in the Pentagon’s homeland related operation?

  5. THEIR democracy, as opposed to OUR democracy, is like a mantelpiece. Decorative, rather than functional.

  6. The only freedom and democracy Americans have ever known is the freedom to go on shopping sprees, the freedom to vote for the same corporate candidates from Red or Blue, the freedom to cheer the military that is bankrupting the nation and getting them closer to nuclear dawn. And the freedom to drive their huge pickups and saying F you to anyone else. They have been taken for a ride for the duration and continue to sing the praises of their masters.

    1. Giant overpowered loud pick-ups are a ball and chain (consider the payments, and the fuel). The military is like a hundred pound pack on every person. Elections are shopping sprees in a store with no inventory. We should all drop out and ignore the show.

  7. Any semblance of U.S. democracy was murdered on a street in Dallas in broad daylight and the nation continues to ignore the truth.

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