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Jeffrey Sachs: US Biotech Possibly Behind Covid Origins and Cover-Up

Jeffrey Sachs alleges a vast cover-up of Covid origins, including by former members of his commission, and details the personal attacks he has incurred for speaking out.


  1. I cannot help but think that Covid, was just a warm up.

    One way or another, these psychotic bastards are going to kill us all.

  2. Great, great reporting for people who aren’t afraid of the truth.
    That excludes most Americans, unfortunately.

  3. Sachs- the Chicago School Friedmanite lead vampire of
    The crapitalist economic exsanguination of 90s Yeltsin
    Sachs who has been on the wrong side of the Clampdown
    Masquerade since Ides of March 2020?
    Now Sachs has a come to Jesus moment as the overwhelming evidence of the death jab nature of the
    Spike Protein injections & good Regressives endorse him
    as though his opinions have any legitimacy?
    Tell GrayZone and Rabbitpunch to wake up and smell
    Uncle Scam’s rectal discharges again.

    1. I am.not sure it matters who.created Covid.If it was labs in the US fine.After is not the first or the greatest sin the US has committed against humanity and it certainly.will.not be the last.

      1. “I am.not sure it matters who.created Covid”

        Perhaps, just perhaps, the most idiotic self centered statement I have ever read.

        Instead of voicing it here you would have been better served addressing it at your local graveyard, to all the dead people killed by Covid. I think it mattered to them.

  4. According to a “technology report” Chinese scientists have tested 50,000 animals and have NOT found a match to Covid-19. It has also been reported that there is a strong military presence at Wuhan. That does not make me feel comfortable at all.

    Mr. Sachs is right to request that a thorough investigation be conducted.

  5. I listened to this excellent interview last night, through Aaron Mate’s/Grayzone’s Push Back podcast. In it and other interviews, Sachs seems to me a former true believer in (and promoter and beneficiary of) a fictionally benevolent American Empire, now having a Come to Jesus moment about its true nature, having been bitten by it personally being a member of the Lancet Study Group re: Covid1984. I’m glad he is. He seems to me a genuine person in shock and disbelief about how the Empire operates. Better late than never.

    Where Sachs goes with his newfound enlightenment is something we’ll have to wait to see.

  6. The nature of high tech bureaucracy is that it’s modus operandi is to engineer problems that are threatening to humanity and then to market solutions that have been developed in tandem to the threat. Add the capitalist profit motive, the quest for sure social control and the strategic application of enforced secrecy and you have the formula for all sorts of operations (mass brainwashing, targeted assassinations, false flagged attacks, preemptive invasions and biological warfare). The creation of artificial needs in advertising is closely akin. The United States (most modern states) has a high potential for such malicious and manipulative because of increasing concentration of wealth and political power. Once a few vested interests make all the consequential decisions there are no safeguards, no checks and balances. It’s difficult to come up with any effective remedies.

  7. My opinion of Anthony Fauci is that he is a career apparatchik caught in the bureauscientific machinery, much the same as Robert Oppenheimer with the nuclear industry. Because the USA is a militarized empire all research is mobilized into violent conflict and private profit for the dominant minority.
    Because of the advanced demise of Capitalist empire and the intense repression that accompanies the crises we will not expect Fauci to confess or to turn whistleblower. THANKS Jeffrey Sachs for the incriminating evidence and the heads up.

  8. I second one of the above comments: “Sachs- the Chicago School Friedmanite lead vampire of the crapitalist economic exsanguination of 90s Yeltsin Russia?”

    Despite occasional internet searches and questions posed to various people and fora when his name appears,* there has been no response to when, how, and why Jeffrey Sachs’ reputation has been rehabilitated.

    During the mid-late 90’s, as the damage caused by neoliberal shock therapy in the former Soviet bloc came to light, Sachs was widely regarded on the left as an economic war criminal of the worst sort, loathed and reviled for his pivotal role in creating the blueprint that led to so much suffering and death.

    The lingering resentment against what can only be described as punitive foreign policy is also a component of a resurgent Russia’s stand against years of Western provocation and violence in Ukraine.

    Jeffrey Sachs and those who allow him a contemporary platform should answer to a greater or lesser extent, for but so far none is forthcoming.

    * Michael Hudson, Jimmy Dore, Grayzone’s Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal, assorted twitter threads, and now here at Scheerpost.

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