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WATCH: Art Exhibit Delves Into WikiLeaks’ World

The “NoisyLeaks!” show at the Projektraum 145 gallery in Berlin “aims to collectively expose and celebrate the historical and cultural heritage of WikiLeaks,” say the organizers. CN Live! reports.

By Cathy Vogan and Joe Lauria / Consortium News

The shows runs through Oct. 30 at P145 Gallery, Invalidenstr. 145, Berlin. The artists:


  1. Brilliant!!! Yes!! Thank you to Consortium News….Thank you the artists!!! Its an unbearable witness to this shoddy criminal pretence of Western values …the numbing mind control of American media circus and its puppet ringmasters…

  2. Pressingly urgent and important. Will of course share and urge others who may travel to or live in Berlin to support and attend the show.

  3. This exhibition is critical educational and has far reach thus should be installed in every public library in Europe.

  4. A sit – town and reflection moment, add a jail cell environment with noises from other cells. The moving exhibit of his jail cell is a good idea. Goood artwork, I want a poster?? FREE ASSANGE, pass the word. I feel ashamed of what the so-called rulers of the USA are doing, friends in Europe will blame Americans, not the nitwits in charge.

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