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Mark Fiore: The Republicans’ Closing Argument

By Mark Fiore / Original to Scheerpost

According to some polls and pundits, it’s definitely not looking too good right now for the Democrats in the midterm elections. Republican candidates are leaning into inflation, gas prices and crime in an attempt to undermine the electorate’s confidence in Democratic candidates.

There are a few (hundred?) flaws in their argument. The most glaring one is that the Republicans don’t have any viable solutions to these problems. Additionally, inflation and high gas prices are occurring globally and are not limited to the leftie hellscape of the United States that Republicans like to portray. (And on the crime front, well, that began to climb back in 2020 thanks to the pandemic and other factors that cut across partisan lines.)

Of course the most glaring point Republicans leave out of their inflation-gas-crime closing argument is that theirs is the party of insurrection and anti-democracy. (Although they use insurrection and authoritarianism as a selling point when they speak to the MAGA base.) 

Let’s hope Democratic candidates have enough time remaining to point out recent economic wins while they simultaneously show the Republican Party for what it really is: a collection of anti-democratic nut jobs and demagogues.

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  1. What is the point of this partisan polemic? Whatever the relative merits of voting Democrat vs voting Republican, this post is completely devoid of interesting information or informed argument. Scheerpost should be embarrassed to have published it.

    1. Modern politics. You just described the entire modern political system …. ‘devoid of interesting information or informed argument’. Everything is either “Team Red Good, Team Blue Bad” or “Team Blue Good, Team Red Bad”. That is the sum of American political thought.

      Let me point out what is almost certainly missing from your ballots. It was definitely absent on mine.
      1) A national referendum on the war. (Isn’t that what a ‘democracy’ would do?)
      2) Any real anti-war candidates for a federal office.

      … and I don’t mean the warlike Republicans who want to bomb, bomb, bomb and throw money at the military to create problems, but who also oppose anything that Biden is doing and thus they make an occasional antiwar noise. Where is the candidate who is talking about de-escalation, or other things one used to hear back when there was an actual, living Peace Movement in America? Where are the candidates talking about the huge Peace Dividend that we could choose to apply to our nation at this time of crisis?

      We are starting World War III in the name of ‘democracy’, but the question is not on the ballot. Only Team Red and Team Blue fighting for who gets to push the Big Red Button and proclaim themselves the greatest Patriots of all time for doing so.

    2. I agree with you totally. This happens every mid term the dem had the majority for 2 years did absolutely nothing for the people to lose it in the midterms then they say the repubs made us do it or the repubs won’t let us do it, same thing happened in clinton and obama’s terms too.

  2. Well, your democrat candidates can point out economic wins all right, with the next perpetual war being pushed on in Europe – Biden actively opposing any peace talks – and the sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines which forces Europeans to buy American gas and oil at outrageous prices, as well as forcing European economies to the point of breakdown. As I write German companies are openly invited by US agents to move to the US. Which will mean poverty for millions here. Enjoy your winnings, Democrats. But remember where they come from.

  3. The reason I (a communist criminal defense lawyer for 1/2 century)am going to vote a straight Republican ticket in California for the very first
    time since I began voting in California in 1968 is that no democrat and
    no regressive (formerly allegedly “progressive”)opposes the death jab mandates(corona flu is not deadly for 99.7% of the population)which
    spike protein jabs are killing and maiming millions worldwide for the financial benefit of Bill Gates and Big Pharma.
    No California democrat opposes the mandated death jabs.
    Only rational republicans oppose the mandates.
    Your argument completely avoids -also- the fact that only rational republicans are not warmongers – as every democrat is.
    The ACLU supports the mandates -a clear first amendment violation –
    which is why this former ACLU chapter president of the Pasadena/Foothill branch has completely disowned the erstwhile ACLU.
    In summary, your defense of Democrats fails the smell test and avoids the
    Real war issue: why are Regressives supporting Nazism in Ukraine?

  4. The Democrats have no solutions either. Both parties are irretrievably corrupt and the future of our democracy requires the revolution neither will tolerate.

  5. So, the liberal, enlightened, for the people Democratic party ignores the desperation of the populace which leads to the rise of right wing populism and scary demagoguery, so elections roll around and liberals become frantic and plead with the voting public to support the blue corporate, donor beholden war party that ignores the desperation of the populace. Doesn’t seem like much of a choice.

  6. The Dems are lucky I don’t run a Repub campaign …. I’d be running a re-make of the famous “Daisy” ad from the LBJ campaign.

  7. liberals just dont get it. the MAGA base cannot be reasoned with. your words mean nothing. non maga Republicans would vote for john Gotti’s corpse of it were on the ballot. we tribal now…

  8. Liberals maintain their “bold resistance” against reality. As Bill Clinton once put it, “It’s the economy, stupid.” NAFTA, TPP. US job losses long surpassed job gains — most of our former family-supporting mfg. jobs now in foreign countries. Pandemic, the number left jobless went from an est. 10 million to 13 million, many left with $0 incomes. Now 26 years into their war on the poor, we watch as Democrats senselessly, insanely, push for nuclear world war. How did you think this would turn out?

  9. We have no choice the D AND R offer no choice. It is a choice between aids and gonorrhea.

    1. Two Party Fascism.

      Team Red is the Cult of Personality style of Fascism.
      Team Blue is the traditional Fascist Power Base of Bankers, Military, Police and Spies.

      The new innovation over traditional One Party Fascism is that the new, improved Two Party Fascism incorporates the Blame the Other Party feature. Thus, instead of the Thousand Year Reich crashing after a decade, now the people can blame the other party for everything that is wrong, and thus rotate one fascist party into power after the other fascist party is rejected by the people.

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