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Mark Fiore: The Republicans’ Closing Argument

By Mark Fiore / Original to Scheerpost

According to some polls and pundits, it’s definitely not looking too good right now for the Democrats in the midterm elections. Republican candidates are leaning into inflation, gas prices and crime in an attempt to undermine the electorate’s confidence in Democratic candidates.

There are a few (hundred?) flaws in their argument. The most glaring one is that the Republicans don’t have any viable solutions to these problems. Additionally, inflation and high gas prices are occurring globally and are not limited to the leftie hellscape of the United States that Republicans like to portray. (And on the crime front, well, that began to climb back in 2020 thanks to the pandemic and other factors that cut across partisan lines.)

Of course the most glaring point Republicans leave out of their inflation-gas-crime closing argument is that theirs is the party of insurrection and anti-democracy. (Although they use insurrection and authoritarianism as a selling point when they speak to the MAGA base.) 

Let’s hope Democratic candidates have enough time remaining to point out recent economic wins while they simultaneously show the Republican Party for what it really is: a collection of anti-democratic nut jobs and demagogues.

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