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Dirty Bomb Accusations Fly Between Russia and Ukraine w/ Scott Ritter & Aaron Maté

Aaron Maté and former Marine intelligence officer and arms inspector Scott Ritter discuss just what a "dirty bomb" is, and what it means for the combatting nations of Russia and Ukraine.

By Jimmy Dore and Aaron Maté / YouTube


  1. I get so tired of these war games. I appreciate being kept informed and understand but that the world has to deal with this is inexcusable. One friend told me she is withdrawing from politics and it is in great part a world weariness. And is definitely in part about Ukraine. She is instead writing a book about spiritually. She is no right wingnut waiting for the rapture. But many are seeking rest in spirituality of one type or another after the pandemic and now inflation and now this war and the climate crisis and threats of nuclear war. One common reaction to the threat of nuclear war is “I don’t want to talk about it.” It is so frightening they shove thots and info about it aside.

  2. We have been conditioned by our literature, movies, and media, that in war there is always a good nation and a bad one. And of course that the good nation will always win, and we Americans will always identify with that winner.
    But what happens when both sides are despicable creeps with no redeeming qualities whatsoever? Why, we choose the one that will make us the most money in the future (and purchase the most weapons from us, of course)
    We are, after all, capitalists. And in the end, isn’t that what this is all about?

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