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White House Asks Congress for $37.7 Billion in New Ukraine Aid

If approved, it would bring total US spending on the war in Ukraine to about $105 billion.
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy took part in the ceremony of hoisting the State Flag on the central square of Kherson. President Of Ukraine from Україна, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

By Dave DeCamp /

The White House on Tuesday asked Congress to approve $37.7 billion in new aid for Ukraine, which would bring total US spending on the war to about $105 billion.

According to The Hill, the request includes $21.7 billion in military aid for Ukraine and to replenish US military stockpiles that have been sent to the country.

A total of $14.5 billion in budgetary aid to directly fund the Ukrainian government is included, as Kyiv is expecting the US and its allies to pay its budget deficit for 2023.

The request also includes $626 million for the US Strategic Oil Reserve and for nuclear safety for Ukraine and $900 million for healthcare and other services for Ukrainians.

The request comes ahead of the swearing-in of the new Congress in January. Republicans are expected to hold the majority in the House once all midterm elections have been called, and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has clinched the GOP nomination to be House speaker.

McCarthy raised concerns among Ukraine supporters when he said a Republican-controlled House wouldn’t write a “blank check” for Ukraine. While the majority of Republicans still support spending on the war in Ukraine, McCarthy’s comments may have prompted the White House request during the lame-duck period.

It’s possible Congress will increase the White House requests as media reports said lawmakers in both parties were looking to pass a Ukraine aid bill of about $50 billion before January.

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Dave DeCamp

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  1. Does anyone ask where all this money and aid goes? Does no one question any of these policies? Why is there no money for American universal healthcare? No money for education in inner cities, no universal access to higher education for young post-secondary students, no programs to eliminate poverty in the United States, no legislation to meaningfully end gun violence in the US, no money for clean water in cities with toxic water, no money for decaying infrastructure especially in American cities, no money for addressing climate change and the ravages it threatens to wreak on the US in the future? No money for reparations to First Nations and African Americans who live with the results of violent colonialism and white supremacist and systemic racism? But for WAR money hand and fist unlimited, open the treasury, we have unlimited billions no questions asked, for one of the most corrupt regimes on earth, rejoice WAR is here! Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Honeywell, Northrup Grumman, corporate welfare for the leeches of humanity! When will Americans wake up and see they are the most indoctrinated, brainwashed and intellectually exploited people on the planet! Good luck America you are going to need it!

  2. This is a total outrage. Our current administration has gone around the world picking fights where there need not be one, while REAL problems around the world are not addressed. The only winners here are NATO and US warmongers and the American War Machine – all the rest of the world, including Ukraine, are losers.

  3. Deep State, Deep State, have you any wool?
    Yes Sir, Yes Sir, 105 billion bags full.
    Some for the Master, some for the Dame,
    Some for Zelenskyy, who lives in Ukraine.

    Consider in connection with Scheerpost lede story:
    FTX Partnership With Ukraine…

  4. The US Government is dumping money down the Ukraine black hole while our citizens are told we must do without. We must stop this madness.

    1. Yes. This madness must be stopped. We have no business over there.
      We have had sanctions on Russia since 2014 in this stretch.
      The United States funded the coup that put Zelensky in power. We funded proxy riots and protests.
      Zelensky’s predecessor was going to take out a loan with Russia.
      The EU made a counter offer. XX amount of money. Okay.
      But Ukraine had to cut programs, put caps on others. AND raise fuel prices by 40%. Snd then Ukraine was supposed to put in social services for those no longer capable of taking care of themselves.
      According to the EU, this was supposed to “stimulate the economy”.
      Russia’s offer, on the other hand, wasna larger loan, no stipulations, a teduction in the price of fuel ftom the popeline that runs thru Ukraine.
      Which Zelensky will not buy fuel from until it exits his country because he doesn’t want to support the Russians.
      They had an offer to join a trade bloc consisting of Russia, Belarus, and some other countries that had tariff free movement between the members.
      The only time tariffs were paid was crossing into the trade bloc or crossing out of the trade bloc.
      And cheaper fuel.

  5. Whilst scrutiny of public spending is always to be applauded, it is heartening to see the US standing firm in supporting the Ukraine against Russia’s military aggression.

    An important point of consideration is that negotiations at this stage will not end the war. They cannot. They can only pause it. Hostilities will resume as soon as Russia has replaced its casulaties and restocked its inventory (so that it is once again effective against military targets instead of civilians).

    Negotiations are indeed indispensible to finish the war in the Ukraine, but they can only do so if and when Russia agrees to remove all of its military presence from Ukraine and re-affirm Ukraine’s sovereignty over its territory. Including the Crimea.

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