Big Oil Corporate Greed Lee Camp

Steven Donziger & Lee Camp: Big Oil Owns the US Justice System

By Pamela Drew via Flickr.

By Lee Camp / MintPress News

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Lee Camp
Lee Camp

Lee Camp is the host of the hit comedy news show “Redacted Tonight.” His new book “Bullet Points and Punch Lines” is available at and his stand-up comedy special can be streamed for free at


  1. As an Attorney in Connecticut hearing of Mr. Donziger’s story made me sick to my stomach. Now the Entire Judicial Sysytem is Corrupt to the Core, and all because of the God Damned Dollar and Greed.
    It just goes to show the people are not in control of anything and it may be a cold day in hell before any change is seen. I hold out hope that a wave of pissed off Americans will shut the Judicial System down ASAP because of this grave injustice. And in the process the main stream media propaganda outlets must be shut down as well, or at least not watched. As Americans we should take our flat screens off of the walls and send them one way to MSN, CSNBC, CNN etc. with notes letting them know we condemn their corruption and demand their resignations.

    1. Totally agree with your comment EWC – thanks for making it. I was also sickened by this story, but I sat and watched it because of the integrity of Steven Donziger and what this story represents in this Land of Make Believe, this Land of the Casi Libre and the entire planet.

  2. “Big Oil Owns the US Justice System”

    Nominated for the “Dog Bites Man” Headline Prize for 2022.

    1. It is not a dog bites man story, any more than January 6 was, any more than the prosecution of Julian Assange. They are all unprecedented assaults on the very idea of law. Donziger’s tribulation is beyond malicious prosecution. It’s somewhere in between a legal lynching, a show trial, where the forms are followed without their spirit . . . and an outright lynching.

      If one wants to call it dog bites man – then the whole story should be “Dog growls at man for 100 years. Man relaxes vigilance and dog bites him hard.”

  3. Thank you for this illuminating piece. Steven Donziger — you give me cause for hope knowing there are individuals like you out there. Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with your family.

  4. many have written that justice is despised in USA—-the only nation w a constitution written by aristocrats in the 1700″s

  5. The dilemma is not that Law has lost legitimacy but that Capitalism has lost viability. For the Oligarchy to keep winning, their customary rules are no longer adequate, so they have to cheat.
    When the authorities defer to corporate appointed prosecutors, that’s an obvious perversion of Law. It’s similar to gerrymandering, propagandizing and voter suppression after the Duopoly Parties fail to acknowledge public needs, in service to the Oligarchy. So we can’t have a dependable court proceeding any more than we can expect a representative election or referendum. Looking at the market as a household faces it (medical bills, higher education, housing, cost of the basics) we can all see how it is rigged in favor of wealth, and how regulation is fading, repealed , selectively enforced. It’s way beyond “buyer beware” because of monopoly power and generalized structural corruption (as well as accumulating debt). So any “social contract” we ever enjoyed is as expired as an Indian Treaty. Crime prevention is ludicrous if rulebreaking is required for survival.

    Can you imagine the Donziger proposition on a smaller scale, if say, some ambulance chaser winning a whiplash case were jailed in retribution? I can see it, and in fact it happens all the time. The most blatant example is when violent police are excused for abuse and murder. I think that’s why people are more often failing to demand justice, that it’s so expensive and so doubtful. If we calculate that it is futile to complain that can only accelerate the cheating.

    When Empire collapses (seen as history) it is because viability is lacking. Usually this happens because the real dangers are ignored and necessary adjustments are never made. It happens because cults like Chevron (Texaco) displace accountability. The daily tragedies we are experiences are probably typical in a late stage situation, but that doesn’t make injustices tolerable. In a human time scale the oil wastelands of Equador can never be reclaimed and we are all the lesser for it. Law can’t change that.

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