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Senate Candidate Diane Sare Reveals How She Ended Up on Ukraine’s Notorious ‘Info Terrorist’ Hit List

Senate candidate Diane Sare has been very outspoken against US funding and arming the proxy war in Ukraine, landing her on the Ukrainian government’s notorious list of "information terrorists."

By Lee Camp / MintPress News

Diane Sare ran for Senate this year in New York against Chuck Schumer and was very outspoken that the United States should not be funding and arming the proxy war in Ukraine. She didn’t know that would earn her a spot on the Ukrainian government’s list of “information terrorists.”

Ukrainian government officials said they were also looking into bringing war crimes charges against those on the list, which included Senator Rand Paul and musician Roger Waters. Some believe Chuck Schumer had something to do with this attack on Sare. Some also believe her vote numbers were altered on the night of the election this past November. These are all topics we get into during my hour-long conversation with her.

Sare lost the election but announced she will be running for Senate again in 2024 against Kirsten Gillibrand. This interview is not a campaign event supporting Diane Sare. Do I agree with every word she says? No. And I feel I make that clear. But do I agree with every word any guest says to me? Almost never. If we want to create a better world, a world in which humanity can achieve sustainability and equality, then we must work together on the ideas and concepts on which we do agree. Sare and I agree on ending the proxy war in Ukraine, we agree that there must be a revolution of the mind in order for humanity to move forward, and we agree that third parties should be given a fair chance to win an election.

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At the same time, we disagree on nuclear power, we disagree on why many Americans have failed to stand up and fight back, and we disagree on certain aspects of capitalism. But that’s okay. These are the types of conversations that should be had for humanity to move forward – conversations that debate ideas and bring forward different thoughts on where this world needs to go.

Those who want to drive us apart want you to believe that people can only work together if they agree on 100% of issues. It’s an old technique. It’s called “divide and conquer.” Criticizing the ruling elite is not threatening to them. Criticizing the ruling elite while calling for everyone else to unite IS threatening to them. This is why Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Eugene Debs and so many others were assassinated or imprisoned.

If those of us who want to stop the American empire from destroying the world all came together and planned together and fought together, we would be unstoppable. But if we all proclaim, “I will only work with or speak to those who agree with me on every single issue,” then nothing will ever be achieved. And that’s the goal of the ruling class.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

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