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Bill Gates Sees ‘China’s rise’ as ‘Huge Win For the World’

At a forum in Australia on Monday the 23rd, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates described China’s rise to a leading global economy as a “huge win for the world.”

According to Forbes, Gates stated:

“I do think the current mentality of the U.S. to China — and which is reciprocated — is kind of a lose-lose mentality…

If you ask U.S. politicians: ‘Hey, would you like the Chinese economy to shrink by 20% or grow by 20%?’ I’m afraid they would vote that ‘Yeah, let’s immiserate those people,’ not understanding that for the global economy, the invention of cancer drugs (and) the solution of climate change, we’re all in this together. We’re humans. We innovate together, and we have to change the modern industrial economy together in a pretty dramatic fashion…

I’m very aligned with (Australia’s former prime minister) Kevin Rudd on this…In the U.S., we’d be in a minority, where people are kind of hawkish. I think that could be self-fulfilling in a very negative way.”

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