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Mark Fiore: Freedom Liberry

By Mark Fiore / Original to ScheerPost

The movement to ban certain books is gaining traction in Florida and around the country. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is riding the book ban bandwagon to national fame (after first riding Covid misinformation bandwagon) as he prepares to run for president. 

Organized groups have popped up over the past two years to work with right wing politicians to enact book bans and push back on diversity and, um, history, in school and library books. Politicians, legislatures and conservative leaders are helping push the clock back to when we had good ol’ fashioned ‘Merican history and book learnin’ — before education was complicated with things like inclusion, gender issues and a reckoning of our nation’s racism.

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Florida, with its ridiculous “Stop W.O.K.E.” and “Don’t Say Gay” laws is ground zero for the book banning rampage. In addition to books, DeSantis and his pals in the legislature are keeping an eye on what you sayhow you train your employees and how you invest.

And here I thought Republicans were for small government that stayed out of people’s business. (Guess that only applies to guns and taxes.)

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Mark Fiore

From hard-hitting satire to animated explainer videos unlike any others, Pulitzer Prize-winner Mark Fiore, who the Wall Street Journal called “the undisputed guru of the form,” creates cartoons from the San Francisco Bay Area. His work has appeared on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website, Newsweek.com, Slate.com, CBSNews.com, MotherJones.com, NPR’s web site and is is more recently seen on The Progressive, KQED and Daily Kos. Fiore’s political animation has appeared on Al Jazeera, The Recount, Frontline, Bill Moyers Journal, Salon.com and cable and broadcast outlets across the globe. Mark Fiore won the Pulitzer Prize for political cartooning in 2010, was a Pulitzer finalist in 2018, received a 2016 Herblock Prize, a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in 2004 and has twice received an Online Journalism Award for commentary from the Online News Association (2002, 2008). Fiore has received two awards for his work in new media from the National Cartoonists Society (2001, 2002), and in 2006 received The James Madison Freedom of Information Award from The Society of Professional Journalists.

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