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‘Stop Cop City’ Week of Action Begins in Atlanta

By Unicorn Riot

Atlanta, GA – Atlanta-area forest defenders, community activists and their allies from around the country and the world are initiating a ‘week of action’ against a proposed ‘Cop City’ urban warfare campus and a movie industry facility that would demolish much of the largest urban forest in the country. 

The upcoming week of protests and direct actions comes less than two months after Georgia State Patrol shot and killed Manuel ‘Tortuguita’ Terán in suspicious circumstances at a defense encampment near the proposed site on January 18, 2023. 

The week of action is kicking off with a rally at Gresham Park, with a music festival scheduled for the rest of the weekend. The coming days will feature more rallies, direct actions, and press conferences. 

Sunday, March 5: Police Action near ‘Cop City’ Opponents’ Gathering:

After the largest march to date through the Atlanta Forest, police have mobilized near an anti-Cop City music festival along Constitution Road, near the R.C. Field. Some protesters were arrested in the woods, as armed state police swept the area. At the music fest there are about 500 people.

Earlier in the evening a group of people headed for a security outpost used to surveil parts of the forest construction area, were able to overrun the facility and burned at least one vehicle.

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