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The Rights of Asylum-Seekers are Under Attack by Biden Administration

Don't let cruelty win. Rush support to protect migrant rights.

 By Amnesty International

President Biden is preparing to revive disgraceful Trump-era policies that will viciously strip asylum-seekers of their rights.

We must act right now to prevent this from happening. Make an emergency gift to protect migrant families at risk.

President Biden plans to revive the cruel and illegal Trump-era asylum ban, and reports indicate he is also considering reinstating the inhumane practice of family detention. Both of these proposals would violate human rights and will directly endanger the lives of people and families — including babies — who are fleeing horrors and persecution to seek safety in the U.S.

With your help, we’ve already helped to end family detention once before and, if we make our opposition loud and clear, it’s still possible for us to block these harmful policy changes.

This has quickly escalated into an urgent priority for Amnesty, and we need more resources to fund expansive grassroots advocacy, press lawmakers to challenge these policies, spotlight the dangers of detention and asylum bans, and mobilize communities of welcome.

We have come too far to let President Biden turn back to the exact kind of Trump-era inhumanity that we fought so hard against. Will you make a donation today to fuel our work to protect families and children seeking asylum?

Your support is essential right now as we fight with all the power of our movement against these cruel policies and defend asylum-seekers and migrant families.

For years, when family detention was a common practice in the United States, detained families were subjected to dismal conditions, abuses, and trauma. Any amount of detention can cause trauma in children and can compound the trauma that many children already faced in their home countries and on their journeys to the U.S.

These proposed policies are deadlyxenophobic, and sickening. People who come to the U.S. seeking safety must be met with respect — not inhumanity — and it’s on us to demand that human rights be upheld. Make an emergency donation today.

When President Biden took office, he promised to end family detention for good, restore the asylum system, and center human rights in immigration policy. But the proposals he’s considering right now would abandon human rights and make him the new “Detainer-in-Chief.” We need to make him reverse his course immediately.

Right now, migrant families and asylum-seekers are counting on us, and each of us must do our part to protect them. With your gift, you’ll help us do even more to push back against these devastating border policies.

Thank you for all you do to defend human rights,

Amy Fischer
Advocacy Director, Americas
Amnesty International USA

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