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Julian Assange, WikiLeaks & War Crimes | Peter Mertens Meets Stella Assange

Peter Mertens of the Workers’ Party of Belgium spoke to Stella Assange ahead of the four year anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of Julian Assange

By Peter Mertens / Peoples Dispatch

With his media platform WikiLeaks, Julian Assange exposed war crimes committed by US and European armies against Iraq and Afghanistan. Once grounds for a Nobel Peace Prize nomination, today his journalistic work is rewarded with a witch-hunt and imprisonment. On the outside, his wife Stella is fighting for his freedom.

Peter Mertens meets her for an in-depth conversation to discuss how his imprisonment serves as a cover-up of state sponsored crimes, how wars start with lies and can only be ended with the truth, how Julian Assange’s case sets a new standard for criminalizing journalism worldwide, and Stella’s plea against powerlessness in the fight for democracy.

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