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Journalist Details 15 of the Most Damning Allegations in Sexual Misconduct Complaint Against Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani in 2020 (Creative Commons).

By Alex Henderson / AlterNet

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Rudy Giuliani’s admirers in the mainstream press hailed him as “America’s mayor.” Giuliani, in those days, had a reputation for being a moderate Republican who had no problem making bipartisan deals with Democrats. When he gave a very nuanced speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention, the former New York City mayor’s presence was obviously designed to make then-President George W. Bush seem more moderate than he actually was.

But Giuliani took a far-right turn the 2010s, closely allying himself with President Donald Trump and the MAGA movement. And in 2020, he aggressively promoted Trump’s false, thoroughly debunked claim that the presidential election had been stolen from him.

Giuliani’s reputation took another hit on Monday, May 15, when a former employee, Noelle Dunphy, filed a complaint against him. In the complaint, Dunphy accuses him of sexually assaulting her in addition to failing to pay her a significant amount of money she was owed. And she is suing him for $10 million.

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In a listicle published by Mediaite on May 16, reporter Charlie Nash lays out 15 of Dunphy’s most disturbing allegations.

Dunphy, Nash reports, alleges that Giuliani: made her “perform sex acts ‘against her will'”; “‘demanded oral sex’ during calls with Trump and others”; was “recorded making racist, sexist, and antisemitic remarks”; made her work “naked and strip during video meetings”; and “groomed ‘several’ women, including a 19-year-old staffer he kissed.”

According to Nash, Dunphy also alleges that Giuliani “made sexual advances towards” her “from her first day on the job”; “was obsessed with BDSM and ‘violent sex'”; “was an ‘alcoholic’ and ‘rarely sober'”; “took Viagra constantly”; “became ‘aroused’ when Dunphy spoke about how she was abused”; and “violated attorney-client privilege.”

Dunphy’s allegations come at a time when Trump is facing multiple criminal investigations as well as a 34-count criminal prosecution by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Jr.

Dunphy, according to Nash, alleges that “Giuliani told” her “that Trump’s team would cry ‘voter fraud’ if they lost the election” and that “Giuliani claimed Trump was selling pardons for $2 million and bragged he had ‘immunity’ from the law.”

Mediaite’s full report is available at this link.

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