Censorship J4S Kit Klarenberg

J4S: British Police Detain and Interrogate Journalist for Grayzone Reporting (w/ Kit Klarenberg)

By Diego Ramos and Max Jones / Original to ScheerPost

In today’s episode, co-hosts Diego Ramos and Max Jones talk to journalist Kit Klarenberg about his detainment by British police at London Luton Airport, in which he was invasively interrogated about many things, but mainly for his extremely revealing and courageous reporting for, hilariously according to Wikipedia, the first ever “far-left and far-right” publication, The Grayzone. The conversation was as frightening as it was captivating, as Kit astutely broke down the devolvement of the United Kingdom into an Orwellian state, and the increasingly repressive measures its government is taking to silence and persecute dissidents — effectively imposing self-censorship and state censorship in blatantly authoritarian ways.

Read Klarenberg’s piece on the despotic DSMA:

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Diego Ramos

Diego Ramos, ScheerPost managing editor and New York bureau chief, is a journalist from Queens, NY. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has previously worked at BuzzFeed News and was managing editor of Annenberg News at USC. He’s covered and researched myriad topics including war, politics, psychedelic research and sports. 

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