Briahna Joy Gray Medea Benjamin Peace Movement Russia-Ukraine

Why There’s No Peace Movement From the Left in America (w/ Medea Benjamin)

By Briahna Joy Gray / YouTube

Briahna Joy Gray speaks to Code Pink co-founder and anti-war activist Madea Benjamin as she returned from Ukraine about what peace really means, and how to distinguish good faith anti-war commitments from mere political rhetoric as we evaluate 2024 candidates. Also, what’s going on with the lack of a peace movement from left elected, and what exactly went wrong at the Rage Against the War Machine rally?

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Briahna Joy Gray

Briahna Joy Gray is an American political commentator, lawyer, and political consultant who served as the National Press Secretary for the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign. Gray is the host of the Bad Faith Podcast and a co-host on The Hill’s “Rising.”

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