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Amira Hass Speaks on Gaza Slaughter

Israeli Journalist Amira Hass: How Can the World Stand By and Witness Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza? – YouTube

By Jewish Voice for Labour via Larry’s List

Amira Hass, descendant of Holocaust survivors, author and journalist with Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz speaks to Democracy Now on the current situation; she discusses the context, the dangers facing everyone in the area, the increasing likelihood of expulsion.  In the first, broadcast on 19th October, she has come from the demonstration at the US Capital Building in Washington and is close to tears.  In the second, longer interview broadcast on 20th, she is more analytical.  Highly critical of Israel, she also asks whether Hamas has realistic goals and political aim. But her ire is focused mainly on the disproprotionate response to the ghastly Hamas attack and to the atrocities Israel has carried out in Gaza and the West Bank over many decades.

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We encourage you to watch both videos; Amira Hass is the only Israeli journalist who has lived in the West Bank for 30 years and has a deep understanding of the Palestinian experience.  The links below are directly to You Tube but they are also available on Democracy Now’s website.

This article was originally published by Democracy Now (YouTube) on Thu 19 Oct 2023. Read the original here.

Israeli Journalist Amira Hass, Daughter of Holocaust Survivors, Calls for Gaza Ceasefire Now – YouTube

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